Despite Nova Scotia’s authoritarian, unconstitutional ban on support for the convoy, protest is still possible (and is continuing)

Photo taken January 31st, 2022

This photo was taken today (Jan. 31st, 2022) in a small town Nova Scotia, despite the recent ban, which True North reports on here: “Nova Scotia bans gatherings along highway in support of trucker freedom convoy.” I reported on the ban as well, here.

79 year old Rev. Dr. Vincent Tobin, a life-long resident of Nova Scotia is Professor Emeritus of St. Mary’s College, Halifax and a retired Orthodox Christian priest. He is an opponent of the restrictions of the last two years. To his credit, he has not been deterred by Houston’s authoritarian ban against protesting or support for the convoy.

Tobin says he’s disappointed in Houston, despite having voted for him. Houston passed a discriminatory ‘vaccine passport’ (innocuously named the ‘Scotia Pass’) shortly after taking office — which some Nova Scotians considered a betrayal. They had voted for him over the Liberal incumbent who had campaigned on passing such a law.

And like so many other politicians in Canada, Houston has supported getting the mRNA injections, despite increasing evidence that they’re neither safe or effective, and despite the fact that mandating them violates human rights and puts people out of work and has caused unnecessary mayhem, suffering, and division.

Tobin said, “I’ll never vote for Houston again.” He added: “It’s absolutely essential for this country to get Trudeau out of office.” Several cars honked support for the signs that Fr. Tobin held up, which read Trudeau, resign and The media lies and End mandates. One man yelled from his car, “Thank you for supporting freedom!”

Tobin has a large anti-Trudeau sign on his yard in front of his house, in Pinehurst, Nova Scotia. I featured this photo below in my article “20 reasons not to vote for Trudeau” from last September’s election.

While the sign has many supporters who honk approval as they go by (they want Trudeau gone too), it has also generated a few complaints from neighbours who found the sign “offensive.” However, Tobin is determined that it should stay up until Trudeau is gone from office. He cited the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in defense of it staying up.

Recently, a court case was won by a woman who was told to take her sign down by a local municipality in Ontario. That sign was also against Trudeau, who is easily the most corrupt and most divisive Canadian leader in history. She won the case with the help of the Canadian Constitution Foundation.

Is supporting freedom and opposing Trudeau a “blockade” that interrupts traffic? No. But the supposedly conservative Premier Houston (who is what in the U.S. would be called a RINO, like Liz Cheney or Mitt Romney) said to the media: “My message to anyone planning a blockade of a highway is — don’t do it, Houston said (according to the Toronto Star). “Nova Scotians have no patience for highway blockades and, personally I have even less, so just don’t do it.”

I believe this ban is actually meant to deter people from protesting in support of freedom at all. It will have that effect. If anyone is fined under it, the media will report it in order to deter more protest. It’s a tactic they’ve perfected. Few people are willing to risk a $10,000 fine — though if the fine were incurred, there are good lawyers willing to represent people, such as those affiliated with Rebel News Fight the Fines, which has a good track record of getting these fines dropped. The CCF is another advocacy group that takes on such cases.

The legality of continued protest under the ban

Standing on an overpass on Jan. 27th was NOT blocking traffic. I was on those overpasses and traffic was flowing on them just fine. Judge for yourself. In this photo you can see traffic going freely and people at the side. Here are photos from that day. So what is Houston referring to?

The allegation of ‘blocking’ seems like an effort to scare Nova Scotians into submission — especially the bit about prohibiting support for the GoFundMe campaign. What does that have to do with traffic? The entire ban stinks of censorship and desperation, as does Trudeau’s and the CBC many disgusting attacks on the convoy.

Standing up for freedom Jan 27, 2022, Nova Scotia

This ban is just another example of government overreach, stifling freedom speech and flagrantly violating the Charter — just like the illegal injunction from May 2021 against a nonviolent protest on Citadel Hill, approved by Houston — which health commissar Robert Strang openly admitted was to stifle free speech he disagreed with. That’s what tyrants do in third-world countries. It’s unprecedented in recent Canadian history. It’s shameful.

Left: Premier Tim Houston. Right Health commissioner Robert Strang. Both petty tyrants.

Technically, if you’re standing on public property side as a sidewalk and not ‘blockading’ traffic, you’re not in violation of 1 (as) of the Highway Blockade Ban. But of course this ban is actually illegal inasmuch as it violates Section 2 (b) of the Charter, which guaranteed “freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, and also (c) freedom of peaceful assembly.

Brian Peckford says that the Charter still stands and the Emergency Orders of the last two years are illegal because Section 1 of the Charter (which seems to give the medical tyrants a loophole for bypassing the other sections) is being misused. It’s really meant to be used when the state is in peril, war, or suffering insurrection, he says. But “a virus with a 98.5 percent recovery rate and a fatality rate of 0.08 percent hardly qualifies as a peril to the state.” He’s right.

Government officials drunk with power they should not have, violating the Charter so flagrantly. That’s perilous.

Former Premier of Newfoundland, Brian Peckford, has been tirelessly defending the Canada for the last two years while other politicians and elder statements were complicit with its destruction, or silent

The reality is that there is no scientific consensus on the correct medical approach to SARS-CoV2, or even that it constitutes a pandemic worthy of emergency response. We now know beyond a doubt that the case and death counts were wildly inflated for political reasons. And that governments ignored real solutions, such as natural immunity and alternative treatments. And that lockdowns didn’t work and that the so-called ‘vaccines’ don’t work either. Now Omicron, the dominant variant, poses no lethal danger to the public. So why are mandates still in force in Canada?

The approach favoured by Strang has been proven to be scientifically wrong and medically inept. It constitutes malpractice and medical maleficence. It has destroyed the economy and people’ lives and divided the country. It has driven suicide and despair through the roof. None of has helped anyone, except the elites who profited from it.

The NS injunctions against free speech and assembly are not reasonable and are not consistent with free and democratic society. This principle — freedom of speech — is an inalienable right. The state cannot take it away. It can violate it (and has done so) but cant remove it.

Restrictions on free speech are always morally and legally wrong. As Peckford noted, they should be bypassed only the most extraordinary circumstances, such as war, and even then sparingly. Violating it as they have done for the last two years and in such a flagrant manner is more characteristic of totalitarian regimes.

Many Canadians are stunned by the degree of ineptness and outright evil they’re witnessing in their own leaders and news media — and even healthcare professionals. Many others still seem trapped in the mass hysteria and scapegoating they’ve been indoctrinated in by the media and Trudeau. There are a lot of parallels with the way Germans fell under the sway of dictatorship in the 1930s.

The medical reasons given by Houston and Strang are completely disingenuous and deceitful. It’s tragic to witness Canada slowly losing what has made it a great country.

Canada’s founding fathers

Government officials who violate the Charter should resign

Trudeau should resign. His whole cabinet should resign. O’Toole should resign. Tam should resign. Houston and Strang should resign. All the premiere and health commissioners should resign in shame for what they’ve done to Canada.

The police have a moral and legal duty to not enforce such unconstitutional orders. In fact, they should be arresting these tyrants for violating the law of the land!

Houston appears to hate patriotic support for freedom, as evidenced by the ban. He reminds me of the Mayor in the 1984 film Red Dawn who goes along with the Communist general in subjugating the citizens.

These men want to help destroy the Canadian tradition of liberal democracy. Why? Not all are ideologues like Trudeau. Most are just unprincipled careerists who go along with power out of self-interest.

I would advise them all to go to North Korea and stay there until the realize why a free country needs to be defended and how wrong they’ve ben for trying to destroy freedom here.

We all know these restrictions have nothing to do with disease control; they never did. This is and always has been about power.

Above: Scene from Red Dawn (1984) when the Communist kill the townsfolk and the Mayor, who has been cooperating with the Communists turns his head away. Is something like this eventually going to happen to patriotic freedom-loving Canadians?

People who say it could never happen here are not paying attention and haven’t studied history. We are well on our way to a real dictatorship, but it’s occurring in stages to socially condition people to accept it. Now Trudeau says he won’t back down or rescind the mandates.

None of this should be a revelation: Yuri Bezmenov in the 1980s indicated it would happen in this way. China has admitted it engages in asymmetric war with the West in pursuit of world domination.

All the lockdowns and restrictions and injections were for nothing, at least from a medical standpoint. No good came of it. This has been the darkest moment in Canadian history, when petty tyrants and propagandists violated fundamental freedoms for sake of their own careers, at our expense, and at the expense of future generations. And as Trudeau increases his attacks on freedom, it threatens to get even darker.

This is why it’s important for good men and women to come to the aid of their country as Fr. Tobin did today and as so many people are doing in Ottawa right now as they continue to protest these tyrannical mandates and this corrupt leadership.

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