The convoys in Canada and Australia bring much-needed hope against medical tyranny

In the last few weeks the the convoys — first in Canada and now in Australia – have given people much-needed hope and brought them together against the threat of medical tyranny — a tyranny which has been destroying the world for two years now.

In Canada they have succeed in turning the country around. It was headed toward mandatory ‘vaccination’ for all people (starting in Quebec) but now Quebec dropped it! And a day later the province of Saskatchewan said it’s dropping restrictions.

And a poll says that opposition to mandates went up 15 percent to 54 percent in the nation in a couple of weeks. The convoy did that.

People are starting to see through the media lies. More and more now get that Trudeau is a lying dictator. The so-called ‘vaccines’ (which are not vaccines) failed. The data proves it. Their imposition on us has been an exercise in authoritarianism and government overreach. Now if only Trudeau would resign!

I have high hopes for the convoy in Australia. The convoy and the movements that support them are tangible symbols of hope at a time when they’re solely needed to fight back against the threat of autocratic totalitarianism now spreading over the world.

The great irony is that they are what Marx would called workers seizing the means of production and uniting against the bourgeoisie. In this case, the bourgeoise are the limousine liberals and champagne socialists with with their virtue-signally ‘luxury beliefs’ (i.e. identity politics) and their pretensions of moral superiority.

Their Utopian soulless vision for the world will only end up making it an dystopian hell. A lot of Leftists don’t get that, but the truckers and working classes do. They live in the real world..

The new socialists are (ironically) the ruling class — but in reality that’s always been the case with socialism. It never was for the workers, as the USSR showed. The dictatorship of the proletarian was in fact just dictatorship period.

The globalists plan is to subjugate and enslave all of us for our own good and to live off the spoils, to become the new rulers, wealthy beyond belief. They look upon the people with contempt.

GoFundMe FREEZES Australian Convoy fundraiser | VERITAS ...

The new socialists — the corporate Communists and globalists such as Trudeau and his ilk at the WEF and in the EU and UN — want to rule over and subjugate us. Their allies are the evil CCP, who are outright mass-murderers, and Big Pharma and evil corporations that want only profit at any expense.

But the convoy freedom movement is in their way. And will continue to be. It is the greatest thing I’ve seen happen in many years. This is a true story of good versus evil. No scriptwriter could write a better one.

That moment, for example, when the truckers held fast at the Manitoba border against the threat of arrest was amazing. The police backed down. That is still going on. They’re still there, despite the cold and discomfort. True heroes, one and all.

It has made all the difference, despite the best efforts of the lying, corrupt media to defeat it. It’s so inspiring! It gave me — and millions of others — hope at a time when hope was waning. The truckers deserve our eternal gratitude for the stand they’ve made for human freedom.

And I thank God too who is involved in all this and has entered men’s hearts and given them the courage to stand for good.

The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me,
because the Lord has anointed me
to proclaim good news to the poor.
He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,
to proclaim freedom for the captives
and release from darkness for the prisoners.
— Isaiah 61:1

Did You Know

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The Aussie spirit was in full force, as thousands of everyday Australians came together in the nation’s capital to have their voices heard.

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Convoy to Canberra crowds reject violent action, as they come together and voice their desperation to put an end to vaccine mandates and harsh restrictions.

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I advise when you go to the page below, copy and paste the Freedom of Information requests and replies from all the sites and save them to word or what ever file. When you get to the sites just right click. The page will highlight. then copy the entire page at one time. Go to the file you want to keep it in…

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