Testimonies from those who suffered discrimination and segregation due to medical tyranny

Over the last two years, there have been deaths, injuries, suicides, jobs losses, family separations, despair and suicide, lack of access to medical care — the result first of the lockdowns then later the the segregation and discrimination suffered by unvaccinated Canadian at the hands of the government. And of course children have been traumatized. They have suffered the most in all this.

The astounding thing is that none of it was necessary, from a medical standpoint. It accomplished nothing. The segregation and discrimination make no medical sense if infection and transmission occurs even if you’re triple-injected as Trudeau is.

Insofar a the disease receded, it did so naturally, not as a result of anything the government mandated. Lockdowns and mRNA drugs had no effect. But they made life miserable for billions and they killed a lot of people. And hey made a few people very rich and powerful. At this point, continued mandates are all about about power, about punishing people for not obeying the state.

Four times as many Canadians (under age 65) died from indirect causes of the lockdown than the number that died from COVID itself. They died of suicide and drug overdoses. Since the mRNA shots have been introduced, there has been an excessive number of young people dying in nations where there was a high rate of vaccination. The mRNA shots are killing them. Or they killed themselves.

A study from 145 countries found that mRNA shots are doing precisely the opposite of what everyone hoped they would accomplish. They’re associated with a 38 percent rise in the number of Covid cases per million in the U.S. One study estimates 150,000 deaths in the U.S.

Vaccine passports and mandates are wrong because they are both ineffective and discriminatory. It’s not just about lack of access to restaurants as this person says below. There are far more serious harms, as the tweets below should serve to indicate. Being cut off from family members and losing one’s job and being shunned in social circles are common themes.

These statements serve as a prelude to a more formal type of victim impact statements that attorneys will be collecting for class action cases against governments for years to come. The lawsuits have already started in many places.

One can cite statistics but to put a human face on it, take a look at the personal stories for people here.

A lot of the pro-mandate people think our only “inconvenience” is not being able to go to a restaurant. Let’s start a thread of all the things we’ve be banned from, missed out on, excluded from, etc so maybe they will start to comprehend how these mandates are affecting Canadians.

The Twitter thread:

Several members of my family have lost their jobs, unable to attend university, unable to play on a sports team, unable to volunteer at church, shunned from certain friends, banned from attending a wedding & a funeral, cant get on plane to visit fam in BC, please add to the list.

My daughter was denied access to her classes at Humber College and was not allowed to stay on residence. My son lost 2 jobs as proof of vax was required on the job site. I went to emergency room by ambulance where the doctor would not examine me as I was not vaccinated.

My sister got vax’d under the threat of removal from university. Became extremely ill. Is now unable to attend university from illness.

Watching a 25 year old successful small business plummet to less than 50% of revenues, 2 of my bosses small business locations closed for good.

It’s not even about me… it’s about my daughter. She’s four, and I can’t bring her anywhere to have fun.

My husband had to go to Mexico for treatment for cancer. He needed emergency treatment & was close to death. No offer of treatment here (though he was offered the shots) & we had to send him to Mexico days before the unvaxxed were denied ability to travel.

Travel in-out of Canada. Isolating you from family and friends. Telling you how many people you are allowed to have at home. Masking kids all day in School and urging them to be quiet at recess. Shaming people bc sneezing or coughing. Having a cold is forbidden. Etc…..

feeling of being completely rejected by society, even after vaxpass ends we will still feel very uncomfortable about going back to the gym for example, how can we re-merge with the people who’ve shown us no love, we don’t think they’ll stop it even if mandate is dropped

Seeing my family. Getting my son for the summer. Haven’t seen them since August 2019. My son is 15 and not vaxxed. He can’t cross the border to see me.

I cannot enter at Home depot or Reno depot without QR vax pass here in Montréal so therefore it is getting difficult and almost impossible to earn my living to put some bread on the table as renovation independant contractor.

I’m not worried about my inconvenience but I am damned worried about the effects on my 5 and 3 year old children. I got a mask exception for my kindergarten son and the teachers told him he can’t play with his friends because he isn’t safe. He now is adamant on wearing one.

And I get why he feels that way. He’s 5 years old and only wants to play with his friends. He’s not neurotypica and has sensory issues. Its either suffer the mask and have friends or no mask and play by himself. We are destroying our children.

My daughter had to quit her last semester in University and I stopped my over 20 years carrier and left my job. Small things like my daughter has asthma and can’t wear mask so she barely goes anywhere inside for two years.

Also, thought it worth mentioning: I don’t know of one single person who died of covid. Not one. I heard about one who was pretty sick in bed for about a week but she recovered just fine.

Western Australia, my 13 year old daughter will be the only girl not going to a birthday party.

One of my best friends is watching her mother slowly deteriorate – they’ve had to accept that her fate is now death. She was removed from the transplant list and is not eligible to receive the life saving organ she needs because she declined the covid’vaccine’ #TruckersForFreedom

No ski trip to Montana now for two years in a row. No birthday celebrations with friends. Limited parents/grandparents watching hockey games. A full year and a half of no hockey. Just practices with 8 kids on the ice. School with masks. No facial expressions allowed. Shame

Five friends (1 firefighter and 4 nurses) lost their jobs because they didn’t want the vaccine.

have family that left to Florida and can’t come back . I have friends who lost their jobs. can’t sign my kids up to sports, can’t eat in restaurants, can’t go to gym, can’t go see a movie , can’t shop at Costco, can’t go to Home Depot, can’t visit someone sick at hospital

My friend hasn’t been able to see her husband for 8 weeks since he’s been hospitalized. He has cancer and was told (by oncologist) the vaccine was too risky for him since his wh. Bld cells r so low. He needs to see his wife and children to heal

no longer allowed to work in healthcare, and not allowed to collect unemployment to be able to feed my son because “its your choice weather you lose your job or not”

No eating in restaurants No taking my kids to the movies or arcade No watching kids play hockey No going to the gym No concerts No travelling or leaving the country No taking a train List goes on…

I know someone who recently gave birth at a hospital (fully vaccinated). Tested positive while being there, and the hospital separated her from her newborn because of the positive test. For three weeks they kept them apart. A horrible protocol that needs to be re-evaluated!

I’ve lost work, been harassed, bullied and threatened for not wearing a mask, my kids have been unable to visit relatives for two years, I’m on non speaking terms with my dad, unable to travel, I’ve lost complete faith and trust with politicians and governments

This is a very important, and heartbreaking, thread. Thank you for this. Medical coercion to access civil liberties is not democracy. I’m not an anti-vaxxer. I’m anti-coercion. It’s all heartbreaking.

I would bet almost all of the people who commented on this post are not anti-vax, they probably have all their other vaccines, but being forced to take this one has impacted people’s lives in such a deep way, it’ll take a long time for many of us to recover from the pain of this.

It is not preventing spread here. All it does is segregate and agitate our society. Medical choice should not be discriminated against, and currently there is not enough proof to justify excluding unvaxxed from society.

Will loose my job in 2 weeks even though I work from home . Missed birth of grandchild. Haven socialized in 2 years ..living alone… Christmas office party , could not attend….I feel segregated at work….lost family members that are vaxed and have been terrified by media….

Due to border closures, parents couldn’t attend the funeral for son’s stillborn son. Funeral had to be held outside only, cap at grave was 10 people which included the grave diggers and the funeral director. So 7 people. That meant 5 visitors. Trauma, little support, cruelty.

I can’t enter a hockey arena to support my 9 year old. In 3 years if these mandates continue he will no longer be able to play hockey without being jabbed. Certain specialists (dr) are refusing to see family members who are unvaccinated. It’s not about a stupid restaurant

Sadly I think they’ll make 5-11 year olds get jabbed to play hockey next season if we don’t get rid of these mandates soon. Shameful

Travelling. My almost 3yr old daughter doesn’t even know her grandmother (78yo), aunts and cousins in PEI because of this BS. It’s heartbreaking and NEEDS TO END NOW!

I can’t visit my boyfriend of a couple years unless I submit an essential reason for travel, he must have it notarized, it must include the place I quarantine for 14 days and then it all much be approved by the Canadian government. I’m American. He can’t fly to see me at all. I can’t fly into Canada, only drive. The border agent must approve of all the paper work once I get there bc it’s no guarantee. I can’t see him during quarantine. They can send law enforcement to check if I’m quarantining. They video call you to take a day 8 covid test.

Missed two of my friends weddings. Unable to attend meetings with clients. Friend who wants to finds wife and start a family agreed to Pfizer shot so he could go on dates again….got seriously injured. Has not been mobile for five months and running now.

Been verbally abused & physically threatened. Lost independence. Denied medical care. Denied entry to outdoor events bc I can’t wear a mask. 18 months. Can’t get mental health app’t. Some ppl matter – some don’t. New Canada.

My daughter got blurred vision in one eye that lasted about 6 hours. She was 6 days post Pfizer booster shot. I am afraid when they offer the Omicron vaccine in March she will take it and have a stroke that will kill her STOP this madness now!!!! Trucker Freedom!

At the office, I’m discriminated. No 5-7, Christmas party or team-building activities for me. Some colleagues look at me with an awkward eye. But I can’t complain as I still have a job.

I have friends who have told me their teenage sons had tried to or are threatening to commit suicide due to seeing no future in this world. Also, Several friends have teenagers that have dropped out of high-school unable to cope with the online teaching and being ostracized.

My healthy father-in-law got the Moderna jab so he could visit his daughter. Started going downhill after the second shot. Vertigo, transverse myelitis, ended with a fatal heart attack. Never even got to take his trip.

Lost my job n threatened with coercion that I wouldn’t see the birth of my first son. Lost a grandparent and couldn’t see them or have a funeral for them. Used 2go2 the ymca and play sports and go out. Couldn’t help my mom when she needed to get home from Mex for an emerg.

My entire family lives in a different province and I am not allowed on a plane, train or ferry to visit them. Me and my 2 small kids usually fly home at least twice a year to visit family and now we aren’t allowed. They are too young to understand & they miss their Nana and Pa!

Son lost his job and has not worked for a year. Could not see the birth of my grandson. Can not visit my grandmother in the home. Travel. Get my mail outside and at the back of the post office would not serve me inside.wait outside of the clinic when I has to go for an MRI. Etc

Work safe BC told to rehabilitate from a distal-bicep surgery by lifting milk, this was to get me prepared to return to drywall. Long story short, after they closed up the gyms again here (most recently) , I’m broken again. And no, I’m no slacker or slouch. End this please!

I can’t take my daughter to the library. She can’t play sports, go to a museum, the theater, the cinema or any other fun thing. My husband hasn’t been able to go to his home country. I’m happy to sit at home, but it hurts me that my family is suffering.

Missed my best friends wedding (was supposed to be best man), my other best friends first child birth, no date nights out, being forced to wear masks at work which are causing some respiratory and skin issues but doctors are too scared to issue exemptions.

Most important thing to realize is that those who didn’t take the vaccine will never live with the uncertainty as to what was put into their bodies and the potential unknown ramifications this will cause the vaccinated down the road.

Special Needs clients initialy unable to attend the day programs, which progressed to not being able to go out anywhere, which progressed to not being able to have Family visit due to CONGREGATE CARE restrictions to passing away, all alone…NOT of coVID-19!

I’m a momma to two littles and we homeschool…we have been banned from THE LIBRARY…yes, THE LIBRARY!! Since September 2021…my kids have also not been able to attend their swim lessons since Sept since we are also banned from pools. #TruckersForFreedom

My best girlfriend won her fight with cancer last year. (2021) in the summer. She is a medical worker and had to vaccinate for her job this July. Her cancer came back in October, stage 4, metastatic.

A sympathetic Aussie here, but same rules. My mum had a stroke after 2nd dose. Hospital scared by herself. Wanted to return from abroad to support her, but couldn’t because if I did, I wouldn’t be able to leave Australia and return to my daughter.

no restaurants no swimming no theatres/orchestra can’t afford weekly testing no seeing grandparent no planes can’t leave country banned from dream job uncertainty of employment loss of friends children isolated children muffled by mask I’m Covid-recovered and don’t need it.

Being demonized getting called an anti-vaxxer. Pro-vaxxers in my town and my FB friends said “round them up” “lock them up” “starve them into compliance”. I was scared my kids would get bullied. I hid, changed my SM name, left online social groups.

Lost 75% of income as a single mother. Lost tremendous amount of clients due to divergence of vaxxed/unvaxxed. Lost faith in humanity

This is separating unvaccinated Canadians from the rest of society for exercising their constitutional rights.

Speaking of church, our church has been excluded from virtually all suitable meeting places due to vax passport (we don’t have building of our own). Our numbers have dwindled, and we meet in a tool shed, with little in the way of suitable amenities for families. 2/2

Kids in masks all day. They can’t socialize so they watch movies at school. Can not accompany any one including kids into hospital. Can not leave my country. Can not visit any gym, pool, social event. Can not fly interprovincial. Can not continue career.

This is an important thread. How regular Canadians have been impacted by mandates. Ostracized like I have a disease. Losing clients so after 25 years I will close, missing family and friends. Lots more.

I was separated for 9 months from my partner because he’s American, our wedding was postponed multiple times, when we finally got married, there were no guests allowed. His stuff is still in the US and I still haven’t met my in laws.

My mom has needed surgery on her arm after breaking it last year, it keeps getting pushed back because of covid, I have a family member who works in the same hospital and they said there’s usually only a few covid patients at a time.

Pro-mandate people want to go to restaurants, but are all restaurants even open? Paying money to go to a restaurant where servers are covering faces and people are cooped up. Where is the logic? Are those getting a good ambiance? No We need things back to normal

1) Masks in schools. 2) Closed universities. 3) PCR tests when flying back to Canada. 4) Refusal of hotels to house people from other health regions in same province. 5) Closed events like theatres, movies or sports venues.

My Dad passed away in Aug 2020. Lost so much time with for the last 4 months of his life. He was in hosp with bone cancer and dementia. He cried all the time to go home. He was lonely all the time. Cant get that time back

My kids can’t attand any indoor playgrounds. Lost a 23 y.o. extended family member after the booster (her heart just stopped). My brother became blind on a third day after 1st jab

My non neurotypical son has a mask exemption. When I raised a concern that his care worker had forced him to wear a mask in a public library,( librarians knew and were fine) ALL of his supports were removed and he was effectively imprisoned in the house. Now mental health issues.

I’m not allowed to come home to Canada to see my family, my parents spent Christmas alone because of the rules, my bother is losing his job and the mental health of my niece is in the toilet and she can’t get help because of Covid (yea they’ve tried).

Working at the local food bank over December with more than double the number of people in need over 2020. Kids whose parents lost jobs to mandates and trying to figure out how they are going to pay the rent. All CRA, Service Canada, AISH and AB works offices closed. Suicide.

My oldest daughter can’t teach swimming lessons- can’t even get recertified. She needs to make money for post secondary. My younger daughter was kicked out of hockey. My friend was uninvited to her niece’s wedding. My friend was called a leper at a work party.

Not being able to go to the hospital to feed my father when no one was allowed in. He came home a skeleton of a man and was unable to eat anymore and eventually passed.

We’re vaxxed but didn’t travel to visit in-laws at Christmas bc no way we could make our 2 yo wear a mask for 5-8 hours of flights. Her grandma on that side is unvaxxed so can’t fly to visit, is thinking about driving 3+ days to visit when we have a new baby in spring.

We also should care about the competence of authority figures making live or death decisions. In Canada, The Prime Minister is a school teacher, the Minister of Health an economist & the head of the Public Health Agency is a vet.@HRWcanada@CBCHealth@CMA_Docs@ONThealth

I spent on average between $5k-$7k on travel a year. About $2000 on restaurants, $3500 on sporting events, $1500 on concerts or shows, $1000 on movie theaters. I guess they don’t want my healthy person money.

excluded from my child’s sport events, not being able to travel to see my family, my husband losing his job, being escorted by police for peacefully not consenting to mandates, having men yell expletives at me while I was pregnant because I can’t wear a mask due to asthma.

Lost my job and denied employment benefits. Single father of 3 who

spent the last 10 years supporting high needs families in the GTA. The school board implements their new policy in the name of “public safety”. Colleagues continue to work remotely for the foreseeable future…

Not being able to meet with my psychologist, being treated poorly by my doctor meaning I’m not getting the proper care I need, the fabric of my family being torn apart, not being able to see friends/family in the hospital

My mother in law died alone in her LTC home because they wouldn’t allow her family to be with her in her last hours.

My provincial government has been actively encouraging GROCERY STORES to ban unvaccinated patrons from shopping for FOOD!! Those who enforce vaxpass are rewarded with less restrictions and those who allow us to shop are penalized with more restrictions. #TruckersForFreedom2022

My grandma died on her 80th birthday, a birthday where she wasn’t allowed to have guests. She died in front of my grandpa, and my grandpa died less than 6 months later, alone. There hasn’t been a funeral, and so only their children were able to get together to spread their ashes.

Serious delays in medical and dental treatment. Months of pain due a broken molar, over 2 yrs and counting to see a Urologist, no live music, unable to travel etc etc

My dad died in October 2020 and we still haven’t had a service for him because we know 200 people would show up and the limit for funerals isn’t enough to cover our family and all his brothers & sisters.

Im a veteran with a medical mask exemption due to injuries sustained through out my career at home and abroad, and I missed out on, family gatherings, medical treatment, shopping, some restaurants, haircut, VA visits, and travel, not to mention being yelled at, and shamed.

Don’t care about restaurants but lost both my jobs, can’t go to the gym, can’t travel to see family

I got diagnosed with an anxiety order and generalized depression after an accident a few years back. The gym was my therapy…they shut them down. Drop in the bucket of how evil these people are ‘it’s for your own good’.

My oldest is now in HS (grade 9) & my youngest is in the same grade (7) that my oldest was in when this started. I have loved all the time I got to spend with them, but I grieve the time they lost to be kids. My youngest was in grade 5 when this started. Let. That. Sink. In.

cant take my girl out to a movie or a date.

I have the rights of an African American woman in the early 1900s right now.

Adverse reaction after 1st shot, unable to take my kid to any activity, unable to work without coercion, unable to exercise in a gym where I have been a member for over a decade……and the list goes on, not to mention the anxiety that this has caused.

The one that broke my heart; My daughter loves going to the arcade. I took her before the passports came out & I wouldn’t be able to take her anymore. She’d ask a lot, I’d have to explain to her every time.

My 5 homeschooled kids lost ability to have contact with other kids as all extracurricular activities in rec centres require vaxx pass, and home groups are restricted. My extended family also stopped seeing us because “kids are vectors for virus”. Our family feels very isolated!

The travel ban meant not being able to visit my wife in Thailand for almost two years, and when I was able to, it was under heavy restrictions, including quarantine and multiple redundant and expensive PCR tests at both ends.

I get to feel like a police officer demanding people’s medical information before they enter my place of work. I hate it.

100% I am having 0 empathy for people in Ottawa for the inconvenience caused by truckers when they have demonstrated 0 empathy for the past 2 years to people living by the border in their ongoing support to close the border because they don’t like the red states.

After my husband had a stroke he was banned from: 1. Speech Therapy 2. Physio Therapy 3. Occupational Therapy 4. Gyms 5. Haircuts I had to step into the gap and pretend I was all of these professions, of which NONE, I was qualified to do.

I cannot take my kids to swimming lessons which make them infinitely safer.

Have family members who are not jabbed for health reasons but refused exemptions by MD. They have been yelled at, publicly shamed, called “infected”, harassed, job loss, ostracized by family and friends, shut out by church community. Their well being deeply affected on all levels

Could not visit my grandmother. Missed many funerals for close friends. Weddings were canceled. Nieces and nephews could not play sports. My daughter missed a college experience and had to learn online. I lost several jobs. Eating in a restaurant is the least of my concerns.

Missed 2 children graduating from high school. Not even photos. Not able to visit with friends because even though they are 3x “vaxed” WSIB won’t let them leave their home. College won’t let students visit any non-students.

My daughters 14 and 12 are not allowed to play indoor volleyball on their OVA teams. They are not allowed to go to the movies, library, gym or any recreational facility. Girls this age often quit sports. They are depressed.

I lost 2 jobs because of mandates. My family fled the country to Mexico. I can’t travel to go see my family. Even when I had a job, people would invite me to events/ bars and I would awkwardly have to politely decline or divulge my private medical information as the reason.

I can’t walk into our local skating arena(that I pay taxes to) and tie my daughter’s skates. I am president of the skating board and I can’t go and have a board meeting without submitting my DNA in a useless test.

Not being able to go to resturants made me unable to see friends. I became very isolated and lonely, which caused a serious break in my mental health. I have had to increase my medication, and am back in therapy because of how little point I see in going on

Daughter graduates highschool this year, but Colleges/Univ require vax – plans to travel abroad gone. Father in Victoria/Family in Brazil, but Planes/Ferries require vax. Wife runs an art school, Vax mandates may require her to discriminate students (including kids).

1. Daughter cannot participate in any sports – she is an avid swimmer and golfer. 2. She also cannot attend uni or college next year. 3. We cannot travel on a train, or a plane. 4. And I cannot cross the border to see family. Couldn’t care less about eating at a restaurant

I can’t travel to see my family in other country. I can’t take my kid to indoors activities like sports, swimming, etc.a job was denied to me because I didn’t have it. I lost my job because I didn’t want to do the antigen test every day paying from my pocket

Trapped at home for 10 days for a cold and if you don’t test positive then 10 days per person starting one after another meaning a family of 4 is at home for 40 days is they are a close contact and don’t test positive

My grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s last year. Disease is growing fast she sometimes doesn’t remember who I am. She has also never got to meet my wife, who I got married to last year and she couldn’t come

Get tested twice a week while not being allowed to even go watch my 4 and 5 year old sons play hockey. All the vaxxed can come and go from work as they please, free of testing because apparently their ability to catch and transmit the virus is ‘very unlikely

I had to go to a different city for occupational rehabilitation because the physiotherapist in my town uses the gym and pool in the community center for the occupational rehabilitation program and it’s a public gym/pool. 2+ hours of driving every day.

3x jabbed as required & still subject to all the lockdowns & measures. Can’t socialize, can’t shop without a mask, no library, no movie, no dog shows. Job gone when company revenues dropped. Haunting images of closed stores/businesses. Isolation & suspicion all around us

I missed my best friend’s wedding. My wife left me because we were separated at the border and I’m pretty sure the vax killed my grandmother

Being able to be with our mother who is currently in palliative care and not being able to be with my wife for her cancer surgery earlier in the year and may need another one which I may not be able to be with her … these mandates have to stop … GO TRUCKERS !!

The biggest one is no jab no work and no EI, if that’s not punishment what is. Plus it clearly goes against our charter of rights.

Swimming, restaurants, watching my grandkids Christmas concerts, ge to play sports, watch them play sports, birthday parties, Easter, theater, leaving people in hospital and long term care alone…want me to keep going ??

My brother got his first shot. Got so sick thought he would die. Still not 100% normal a year later. He can’t go anywhere or take his kids to hockey who were all double vaxxed and fine. The government gives no exemptions and really doesn’t give a shit.

Autistic son, 5 years old, denied schooling for more than a year. Paid private in-home therapists & teachers for a year. Cost a fortune.

My vaccinated 14 year old still can’t eat lunch with friends in another home room. Two years later.

Denied job. Denied food. Denied decency from people. Minor inconveniences but it’s a slippery slope w this stuff when u start segregating people.

My gr. 12 daughter will not be able to attend her prom this year or be able to attend post secondary school. She was a leader on her hs student council, but couldn’t serve her school or attend indoor events.

Can’t fly for funerals loved ones. Planned work Xmas party/couldn’t attend. On Unpaid leave at work. No Grade 12 Grad. Kids missing school experience- dances etc. Can’t attend church functions. Can attend kids’ performances. Can’t volunteer for charity

Let’s see… Can’t apply to NAIT’s film program, not vaxxed Can’t get a job in my trade due to vax requirements Had to sell my truck due to being broke from not working for 2+ yrs Can’t afford therapy Would be homeless or worse if it wasn’t for family14

My sons graduation my sons 18th birthday, funerals

i cant go to my kids school and pick him up and to be fair its not just where you CANT go its how people treat you once they realize your not vaccinated. and im not vaccinated and havent been sick and even if id o get sixk i use common SENSE and self isolate

About to lose my ten year career

Transport Canada already forced out all unvaxed employee’s from the Marine, Rail, & Air Industries.

Taking my boys to Jiu Jitsiu. Their Sensei thinks the vax passport is terrible, but the man is lucky to have made it through this far and still have a business. Looking forward to freedom.

Mental & especially physical health hurting. Haven’t been able to attend my local swimming pool for water therapy since Dec 1st. It’s the only thing that keeps me moving / able to walk, and some health issues under control. It’s not recreation, it’s health therapy, and a must.

Can’t watch my son play basketball. Can’t go to work conferences. No weddings or funerals.

Can’t go visit my mom

For me it is about the elderly who aren’t able to have their family around. The Mental Health of human kind who have felt ostracized from other ppl!

I have a family member whose mental health has declined severely due to isolation early in the pandemic. Our family has not seen or spoken to him in a year despite our many attempts to reach out.

Couldn’t go see my 97 yr old Grams & she passed away alone with no one, VERY small funeral service at graveside. My 18 yr old can’t go to movies, out for supper with friends. 4 grandbabies can’t do any swimming lessons or play sports & if they could, none of us could go watch.

Freedom from fear about what will be taken away next. Banned from having family fly out to help with the birth of two of our children through this mess. Taking my kids to the pool, indoor playgrounds, shopping freely without masks so I can enjoy my kids in the shop ect…..


4th term plumber in Ontario. Cannot go to school in order to get my ticket. The whole country cries for more trades but deny me my education.

Not just the unvaccinated but in general Toronto has had the longest lock down and other provinces literally made us quarantine in our own country if we went there….

As a vaccinated person (mostly against my will) I could tell you right now it’s very concerning that I have to be stopped to prove what’s in my body and identified. Though QR codes no less.

I can’t travel and see my parents who are sick (cancer and parkinson disease).

Visiting in a hospital Going to medical appointments Exercising Going to child’s sports games

I just sold a listing in a building, I wasn’t permitted to enter.

earning money, feeding, clothing, housing myself. eye care, dental care and on and on it goes.

Smiling to our students!

Banned from getting swimming lessons with my 2 year old kid.

You can‘t go watch your kids play a game, go to a pool or a restaurant. No movies, theatres, clubs, concerts. Society, encouraged by government, blames unvaxxed for jab failure. On and on and on. No lessons learnt. None.

Kids not practicing any sports + it’s freezing cold outside and they want us to tell them it’s for their health!!!

Organized sports, travel, job opportunities and the ability to workout in a gym or public pool.

My mental health has taken a big hit. Haven’t seen my kids for 2 years we arent “allowed” to travel. Essential travel only.

Attending my aunts funeral. Seeing my aunt before she died in palliative care. Discrimination is wrong, I am vaccinated and supporting choices.

I just miss my friends.

Seeing my son across the border for two years. My brother’s wedding. My sister’s wedding. Seeing my grandma after she had a stroke.


@IKEACanada just kicked me – a vet with PTSD btw – out of Ikea in Burlington. Was there with my daughter who was masked. Nice dad daughter day out. Then they said they don’t follow the bylaw permitting medical exemptions and insisted I leave. Amazing. #ontariohumanrights

Children not allowed to play sports. Gymnastics. Go swimming, movie or friends birthday party. Attend weddings. Funerals. Go on a plane to visit grandma. Cancled our trip to Disney world and visiting relatives abroad. Our 12 yr old son diagnosed w depression. Shit is real.

Wife’s ultrasound clinic Gym Work Brothers family Movie theaters Couldn’t visit my dying grand mother in the hospital Stay at home orders causing an increase in mental health and substance abuse. domestic violence

I had the police on me at INDIGO for not wearing a mask. As it turns out, I have a condition that prevents me from wearing a mask, and certainly don’t deserve the police being called on me for that. I can’t go to a gym. I can’t take my kids to a restaurant on their birthdays.

The one big thing I have missed out on is my 7 grandchildren always came to country n spent summer on farm with me. Now my kids r scared to expose us so no more grandbabies! Sort of heartbreaking for me!

I miss my grandbabies n they r missing the life long lessons of growing up on a self sufficient farm!

visiting my sick brother in the hospital, visiting my grandmother in the nursing home, using the gym to help with my chronic pain, using the swimming pool at the municipal recreation centre to also help with chronic pain. I’ve lost my job also.

I’ve been denied medical for a cancer screening and an immuno screening, major dental work, mental health, grocery shopping.

Losing loved ones to CANCER because their MRI showing 3 aggresive brain tumors was “accidentally” filed and a potentially life saving call never occurred. Why? Because of COVID mandates fear and their narratives. COVID kills by association

Friends’ cousin committed suicide when his classes went back online and his sports opportunities were canceled.

I’m so sorry to hear that. There are way too many stories like this. When the truth finally comes out one day people who supported mandates should hang their heads in shame.

{True. They’ll say, “why didn’t you tell us?” And we’ll say “we tried to but you wouldn’t listen”]

My unvaccinated wife has to wait in her vehicle while our unvaccinated son plays minor hockey in our local arena ! She never missed a game or a practice in his life until….. he’s allowed to play minor hockey but not allowed in building otherwise

What we wont get back: My sisters time with her late husband. She couldn’t see him in the hospital and he died alone from cancer.

Unable to watch kids play hockey. Actually told me my youngest couldn’t play because he wouldn’t have a guardian in the building. #EndTheMandates

Father incapacitated after horrific accident in hospital. Needed 24-hr bedside family support.We were allowed few hrs/day. Constantly harassed by nurses- leave his bedside “due to covid”. Asked to hire a private nurse? denied! Private therapist? denied! Suffered 4 months. Died.

We left our house, gave away possessions to get out of Canada before Hater In Chief’s Nov 30 deadline. This ex-CF vet/peacekeeper and his wife now live in Ecuador. Denied exemption despite prior heart attack. Req’d to risk death/further heart injury to regain full citizenship.

Wow. And you are not alone. Imagine having to flee CANADA. Of all places. I could never have imagined.

How about being 19, just graduated and unable to go to the gym for mental health, out with friends or meet people for mental health…my 19 yr old son is not doing well with the bs imposed on him because of his choice to not get jabbed. This resulted in a suicide attempt.12

I wasn’t allowed to visit my father in hospital after a heart attack almost took his life

The biggest thing is my friend in the old folks home I can’t even go in and visit him because at this new variant And gathering and assembling in God’s place of worship

Higher education Jobs Travel Organised Sports Fitness Leisure Entertainment I think that pretty much nails every category of normal societal living.

My own mother missed my daughters funeral because she was terrified of Covid. The fear mongering crippled her and she will never have a do-over. That’s pretty freaking awful.

Freedom of assembly freedom of association Freedom to gain a lively hood freedom of travel freedom to leave and enter Canada and under the emergency declaration the suspension of our charter of rights and the constitution #FreedomConvoyCanada2022 #TrudeausTruckStop #FalseFlag

I know a child who was going to be taken off transplant list if vaxed, then government said she had to be vaxed or off list got vaxed and just last night they said she doesn’t qualify because she “could” have been near someone with covid ( nurse) they are literally killing her!

My children have all had a covid over the holidays and still cannot play their sports unless they get vaccinated. Even though they have likely more antibodies then even a vaccinated person they are being discriminated against and had to quit their sports and school teams.

Well many have missed out on life itself due to death by suicide and unnecessary dangerous vaxxing, sports, jobs, seeing loved ones, freedom of choice, private medical history no longer exists. Students couldn’t finish school and now lack ability to start a career @JustinTrudeau

A federal employment opportunity in a program where they train & promote you to a 6 figure income within two years. Because I won’t take the jab.

I’ve had three relatives die. Two from heart attacks and one from cancer and none could have a proper funeral.

My wife lost her job, my mother-in-law hasn’t seen the inside of a grocery store for more than 18 months (unable to handle mask or face shield), my 3 year old daughter has been excluded from children’s ministry due to my church not having one anymore… 1/2

Some of us are young,healthy and have beaten covid naturally. Would rather not risk myocarditis even if the risk is small it’s still a risk. I have a family that depends on me being alive and healthy.

I’ve lost dear friends, not allowed around some peoples children, parents. Losing my job, my home, my retirement money and can’t pay my bills. I’ve been told I’m ignorant, selfish, going to kill people and or I should die, racist, misogynistic, shouldn’t be tolerated, shouldn’t be allowed healthcare and my personal favourite letting me around v’d people is like letting a pedophile look after children. My family rarely talks to me and had to go on suicide watch at the hospital for the first time in my life.

It does not matter what what our inconveniences are the fact that we are not treated as equals should be enough, Justin preaches equality and yet Segregates the country between vaxed and unvaxed. he is by far the worst prime minister we have ever had

Ask a pro-mandate supporter if they would inject themselves with heroin, if the government ordered it. They’ll say, “No” without even realizing that they already surrendered their right to make that kind of decision.

They would still do it unquestioningly even after you just walked them through that. Defying the government is like defying God for them.

I took my ex-wife to court to keep our 13 year old from being vaccinated against C-19. I lost. Every day I worry about the longterm health implications this could cause

1)Watched as my mental health nurse daughter left home..to protect us..as she volunteered for the Covid ward at the hospital where she works in April 2020..then they turned on her when it was convenient..she hasn’t had children yet, she has a recognized blood disorder..no jab, no

2) stood by while they sent notice after notice to my engineering student daughter whilst she was trying to attend classes online…threat after threat..and they wonder why students take their own lives?

My hubby was fired from his job in October. They were legally allowed violate his contract and cheat him out of most of the severance he was owed. I’m not allowed in my parents home, my 2 yr old daughter doesn’t know anyone from my side of the family – except from photos

My kids don’t know any of the extended family outside grandparents and my sisters.

My wife’s family lives overseas and are not allowed to visit her in the United States without proof of Covid vaccination We can go over there because Japan isn’t crazy

The simple fact that the government wants to stick 4 needles a year in my arm without showing me the ingredients in the vax I’m ok with the truckers blocking anything and everything. #TruckersForFreedom2022 I’m not the government’s pin cushion.


What would the be the world that Trudeau wants for us? He is a would-be Communist — so a bleak one. As Anna Akhmatova, a poet who suffered under Stalin, wrote “only the dead were smiling, glad of their release.” You can see the whole poem here.

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