Canadian freedom movement news & views for Feb. 5, 2022

Tractors for freedom from mandates in Toronto

(1) Letter to provincial politician urging an end to mandates
(2) Coutts, Alberta update
(3) On Quebec scrapping the ‘health tax’
(4) About the term Chinada
(5) It’s really a class war in disguise (analysis by Think for Yourself)
(6) 12 Countries Roll Back COVID Restrictions
(7) Mike Huckabee on Trudeau’s desperate woke attack on truckers
(8) Miscellaneous items
(9) New study showing lockdowns should not have happened
(10) Just as in the civil right movement, nonviolence is paramount
Trudeau and the MSM want the protest to be violent.
(11) One example of the smear campaign against the truckers by Trudeau and the media and why they’re wrong
(12) The freedom to say that 2 + 2 = 4 can be likened to the freedom to say that so-called ‘vaccine’ doesn’t work and all restrictions need to be lifted immediately
(13) A rundown of all the lies Trudeau has told about Canadian truck drivers
(14) In defense of the freedom movement against mandates, and a thank you note to Trudeau, the enemy of freedom, for reminding us why freedom is worth defending
(15) The power of protest (Brownstone Institute/Epoch Times)
(16) Rebel News commentary on GoFundMe’s poor decision
(17) Toronto sees massive freedom convoy protest packing city’s downtown
(18) No More Lockdowns Canada summary of situatoin


(1) Letter to provincial politician urging an end to mandates

[Yet another letter to a politician asking for their repeal (the first is here). Feel free to use any part of this to draft your own letter. The list of MLAs is here]

Since we wrote to you a few days ago, we note that several provinces have indicated a willingness to scale back the restrictions (Alberta, Ontario), in addition to Saskatchewan getting rid of them entirely in a month’s time. The Alberta and Ontario notices were timid and partial but a start.

Mask mandates and vax passports and vax mandates to keep one’s job should come to an end all across Canada. People are free to get injections and wear masks if they want, but should not be coerced. Freedom of medical choice is paramount for a good and decent society. We know that now. Has this province begun to move in this direction? It’s overdue.

Yesterday it was in the news that John Hopkins U. published a study showing that lockdowns did not work at all. Isolating people against a respiratory disease doesn’t appear to work. This is yet another reason to repeal the vax passport here. We also know that standard masks are ineffective — especially for children. In fact, the masks harm them psychologically.

Some cities in the U.S. — such as New Orleans — are now being sued now for violating constitutional rights by imposing such restrictions. As the truth slowly emerges from behind the iron curtain of misleading legacy media obfuscations and deflections, you can expect a backlash from citizens angry at learning that their numerous sacrifices over the last two years were for nought.

Politicians who speak out now, like Premier Moe did, win the favour of the people. Those who delay or impose more restrictions or turn against the people (as Trudeau did) only incur their wrath and inspire their contempt.

Governments imposed restrictions only served to rob us of our rights, separate us from our loved ones, deprive many of their livelihoods, and punish people for no good reason. It was thought to be of value at the time by those in power, but now we know better. Some have said these things from the start, but were censored. That was wrong too.

All that was accomplished was the further enrichment of unscrupulous pharmaceutical corporations and the advance of Trudeau’s “Great Reset” agenda – though that’s now backfiring due to the emergence of a populist freedom movement in opposition to his tyrannical agenda.

Apparently, the Omicron variant is not lethal to healthy people and is in fact just another commonplace respiratory disease – and thus not worthy of such extraordinary measures. It’s certainly not worth the violation of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms!

The Charter should only be suspended in times of war and under the most extraordinary conditions (or maybe not at all!) As the law suit from Mr. Peckford et al states, a disease with a low mortality rate that was treatable by ordinary measures does not qualify. The Emergency Orders should never have been issued in Canada.

Our province’s health commissioner was consistently wrong throughout this. The Emergency Orders especially. When Covid-19 waned it was not due to restrictions, but due to the normal ebb and flow of respiratory disease infection. Numerous physicians said this but were ignored. Dr. _____ thus did much harm by advising lockdowns, mask mandates, vax passports. The media might say otherwise, but the truth is emerging.

We are glad to see former Newfoundland premier Brian Peckford’s effort to sue the federal government for violating the Charter. We hope and pray that this province will move to repeal these odious and discriminatory measures immediately.

The fist step is to repeal the Emergency Order. These restrictions have not accomplished any medical good, and have in fact harmed a great many citizens, unjustly. It’s time the come to an end. The sooner that you as our representative do this the better. Thank you for listening.


(2) Rebelcopter heads to the Coutts, Alberta border blockade (Rebel News, Feb 3)
The truckers demand? An end to vaccine mandates — not just for now, but forever.

In response to the story below one comment read: “A safe plan to lift the restrictions… just until we remove the protestors and then we lock them out! I don’t trust this piece of trash at all! He has to go!” This is in reference to Premier Jason Kenny who broke his promise to not impose a vax mandate. He was obviously told by the ruling class to do so, and was obedient.

Kenney also cracked down on Pastor Artur Pawlowski (who was arrested multiple times for standing up the government) and has generally been an instrument of oppression over the last two years, like all the other politicians. He has lost the truth of Albertans who voted him in. They don’t believe he’s acting in good faith in this, but it remains to be seen.

There are many other, even more, similar written below the vide at this link. I like this one: “This is a common cold… influenza…. the disease is in their minds. Shove your Reset up your asses” and “HE CALLED THE COPS ON PASTORS!!!! THIS POS EVEN CALLED THE POLICE ON LITTLE KIDS!!! Now that he’s under pressure? He’s trying to get the protests to stop so everyone goes home and he doesn’t have to listen to the peasants whining about accountability anymore! He will say whatever he can to take the heat off. He will do ANYTHING to get the pressure down but once everyone swallows the B.S.? HE WILL RETALIATE! He will send his goons in the middle of the night to kidnap everyone who organized the protests!”

(3) On Quebec scrapping the ‘health tax’

Protest response to Quebec’s repeal of health tax idea (see video below). It is clearly the convoy and people’s protests in Quebec — and thousands of letters and petitions — that led to the repeal of the so-called “health tax” there. The fundamental problem is the segregation and discriminatory nature of it. One person says “Trudeau has divided Canada, but the truckers are reuniting us.”

They repealed the tax idea because in the words of one woman “because they [the government] knew they were going to be run out of town if they didn’t” repeal it. “They’re cowards, and they’re trying to push us as far as they can, as quick as they can, and every time they take a step forward, unless people stand up to them, they’re going to keep going and stepping on our rights and our freedoms. You can’t, as Canadians … allow them to do that. Our future as Canada, instead of Chinada, remains in our hands until we let the government take it away from us.”

Another man says, “if they really cared about humans, if they care about rights, they would not have started this in the first place” i.e., the lockdowns and mandates. Another man said “we’re angry … we’re not going to let them disappear into the crack and strike again.” Which is good — that a freedom movement has been started. Of course that’s why the ruling class is constructing a narrative in the media to attack them/us.

(4) About the term Chinada

It’s a reference to the fact that Trudeau wants to make Canada more like China with it’s ugly social credit system and repression of religion and human rights. He saw the pandemic as his opportunity to bring about the Great Reset — which is essentially the Communization of Canada using globalist rhetoric. One could also call it a move towards fascism, meaning the ethic of absolute state power and ‘might makes right.’

In 2014, Trudeau said he wants Canada to be like China. A few years later he got his chance by pushing the vax passports and health tax, which condition people to accept a social credit system. He wants a Great Reset. He admits he bought off the media to lie for him. Dismissed by the CBC as mere gaffes, they are actually admissions.

The “pandemic” was really about shifting massive amounts of wealth and power to the ruling elite (as all socialism, in practice, is). Trillions of dollars were stolen by the elites and individual rights thrown out the window under a false pretext. Meanwhile, Trudeau is okay with the Uighur genocide: he refuses to call it a “genocide” — even though it is.

During the last election, he attacked the unvaccinated and admitted that he’d never seen such anger at government polices before (anger which he’d caused) but dismissed it as the views of “racists” and “white supremacists.” He continued with the politics of division, which is right out of the CCP playbook: they attack and repress the Falun Gong, Christians, the Uighur, Tibetans, pro-democracy activists, and anyone who stands in their way.

Trudeau is a tyrant. Were it not for the truckers he would destroy Canada. He might still do that with the help of the media. It’s an ongoing struggle.

(5) It’s really a class war in disguise

Amazon, Wal-Mart and Big Pharma got much wealthier while small business and working-class jobs were cancelled: “The world’s 2,365 billionaires enjoyed a $4 trillion boost to their wealth during the first year of the pandemic, increasing their fortunes by 54%.”

Corporations in Canada, with the help of the federal Liberal government, “used the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) program to enrich itself to the tune of billions of dollars”. 389 corporations tapped into the $110 billion while laying off workers during the lockdown. The money was supposed to go workers but the allegation is that it did not and that “Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland lied about the wage-subsidy program, in an attempt to cover-up the Liberal government’s complicity in the corporate profiteering.”

Canada’s debt crossed the $1 trillion line under Trudeau in April 2021 and there is no plan to balance the budget. The Liberals are, according to one tax-payer group “on the runaway spending train.” To put it simply, under Trudeau, the rich got richer and the poor got poorer.

Trudeau used identity politic smears to marginalize and scapegoat the working class when they finally engaged in peaceful protest against his life-crushing policies.

The middle and upper classes of Canada were relatively insulated from hardship: they could work at home over computers and many did not lose their jobs. Financially secure, they listen to CBC and don’t understand what the fuss is all about. Some of them look with contempt on the working class truckers, with their traditional values, as inferior to them. The elites often pretend to moral superiority.

Government employees in Ottawa resent the truckers’ horns. Their jobs are secure. They want the police to evict the rabble-rousers, completely indifferent to what other Canadians less fortunate them themselves have been through for two years due to government tyranny.

The pandemic response largely targeted those who already were reeling from job losses due to free trade, automation, the growth of the financial sector, corporate greed and all the forces that caused the growing gap in recent ears.

To make matters worse, unions and the Left completely abandoned the working-class over the last two years and tried to stifle protest, leading to a divisions within unions between those who protested mandate and those that endorsed them through discriminatory vax mandates. Their own unions betrayed the workers.

The restrictions were meant to punish us into submission. The ruling elites understood they were exempt, as their hypocrisy over the last two years reveals: they were often caught not wearing masks, travelling, at salons, and at social gathering or virtue-signaling at the BLM rallies. Rules for thee, but not for me. This is all about class and money. It has nothing to do with disease.

When the working class protested at they were called “racists” by the limousine liberals. The same was done to Trump supporters by the U.S. mainstream media, working with Democrats: they were the “deplorables.” The pandemic was and is a war of the rich against workers and when they finally united in protest, their protest was rejected by the ruling class, who resorted to base character assassination.

In my own circle of family and friend, who are almost all “progressive” middle class people, I have witnesses a disturbing indifference to the plight of ordinary people under the restrictions. They prefer to believe this is about a disease, even though they must know deep down that that’s a lie. But it is the Leftist narrative, so they stick with it, out of self-interest.

For example I know two professors who are well paid who dismiss my concerns, even though they claim to be for social justice. They are well-paid.

Another person I know has a good job with a NGO and though believing in social and environmental justice and professing to be against forcing people to take injections, she said she’s “sitting this one out.” When long-time social justice activists become too comfortable to protest for truth and justice against real fascism, the world has certainly shifted.

What it comes down to is that the ruling class has sent a very strong message: don’t contradict our official native. If you do, you’ll be punished. And to make it clear, anyone critical of mandates risks being fired — and many have been. Huge fines are handed out, dissident views are censored, and reputations cancelled.

This is no different than any other despotic regime in history, except that it has at its command greater power in the form of technological control of information and is able to marshal a propaganda campaign more cleverly.

This class war is done in such a way as to convince people it’s all about disease control. That’s because it has to bypass the idea of individual rights and freedoms somehow. It did that through fear of disease and through propaganda and “emergency order.”

The Ottawa protest doesn’t fit in with their plan for us, so they are trying to crush it — not with tanks, as the CCP would do, but with propaganda.

Those who sit by comfortably and say nothing — or even attack the convoy as an unwelcome “occupation” of “racists” — but claim to care about social justice are not just hypocrites. They’re missing out on one of the greatest mass movements for freedom and justice in human history. They’re missing the fun!

(6) 12 Countries Roll Back COVID Restrictions

by Children’s Health Defense, Feb. 3, 2022

Europe is accelerating steps to roll back COVID restrictions as efforts to control the spread of the virus have failed and countries downgrade the threat posed by SARS-CoV-2.

Sweden and Switzerland joined Denmark, Norway, Finland, Ireland, The Netherlands, Italy, Lithuania, France and the UK in announcing they will lift COVID restrictions and open up their countries.

Top Israeli officials also announced this week they are abolishing the country’s “Green Pass” COVID vaccine passport for restaurants, hotels, gyms and theaters.

The policy update will take effect Feb. 6, Prime Minister Naftali Bennet’s government said, pending approval by a parliamentary committee. Israel’s proof-of-vaccination policy will remain in effect for events such as parties or weddings.

“To continue the green pass in the same way can create false assurances,” said Nadav Davidovitch, an epidemiologist and public health physician advising Prime Minister Naftali Bennet’s government. “It’s not reducing infections in closed spaces like theatres. It needs to be used mainly for high-risk places like hospitals, elderly care homes, or events when you are eating and singing and dancing.”

Sweden will lift all COVID restrictions by Feb. 9, the Swedish government said today. According to Politico, the Swedish Public Health Agency said it reassessed COVID as “not being socially critical” due to a better understanding of the Omicron variant, which is milder and associated with fewer hospitalizations.

“It’s time to open up Sweden,” said Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson. “The pandemic isn’t over, but it is moving into a new phase.”

[I didn’t know Sweden had restrictions; they were the one country to not impose lockdowns initially, and did no worse than others — perhaps to act as a control group in the world’s largest experiment]

The decision to open Sweden came a day after Switzerland, citing high immunity levels and the milder Omicron variant, announced it will abolish mandatory work-from-home and the quarantine rules beginning today.

The government also will lift health measures at the borders and tourists will no longer need to receive Swiss COVID certificates.

The Swiss government said it planned to phase out other restrictions after consulting with 26 cantons, employers, trade unions and parliamentary committees.

In two weeks, the government will determine the next steps to relax pandemic measures depending on the health situation, according to an official statement.

Options include a staggered exit strategy or an abrupt end to all COVID measures on Feb. 17.

Denmark to classify COVID as endemic disease 

Just days before Sweden and Switzerland’s announcements, Denmark became the first country in the European Union to lift all COVID restrictions, reclassifying COVID as an endemic disease.

Danish Health Minister Magnus Heunicke on Feb. 1 wrote a letter to the parliament’s epidemiology committee stating COVID was no longer a “socially critical disease.”

Based on the recommendations of the committee, the government decided to scrap COVID restrictions.

The “rules will lapse when the illness will no longer be categorized as ‘socially critical’ on 1 February 2022,” Heunicke wrote.

The classification of a disease as “socially critical” gave the government authority to implement broad restrictive measures such as shutting businesses and making mask-wearing mandatory.

An endemic disease circulates freely but is recognized as posing less of a threat to societies.

“No one can know what will happen next December,” Heunicke told CNN on Monday. “But we promised the citizens of Denmark that we will only have restrictions if they are truly necessary and we’ll lift them as soon as we can. That’s what’s happening right now.”

When asked about vaccine mandates, Heunicke said:

“Luckily we don’t need that in Denmark … I’m really happy that we don’t need it because it’s a very troubling path to move that way.”

Søren Brostrøm, director-general of Denmark’s Health Authority agreed:

“I do not believe in imposed vaccine mandates. It’s a pharmaceutical intervention with possible side effects. You need as an authority, to recognize that. I think if you push too much, you will have a reaction — action generates reaction, especially with vaccines.”

Danish authorities will still recommend taking at-home tests when coming into contact with large groups of people and will make PCR tests available to the public. Travelers entering the country will still be tested upon entry.

Other European Companies drop COVID restrictions 

Italy, France, Norway, Lithuania, England and Finland also relaxed restrictions, Bloomberg reported.

“We should discuss whether it’s time for us to take a different viewpoint and start unwinding restrictions even with a high number of infections,” Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin told reporters. “I hope that we can be rid of restrictions during February.”

At a meeting in Helsinki to discuss the pace of removing restrictions, the government decided to lift all limits on gatherings and ease restrictions on restaurants and bars on Feb. 14. Night clubs will remain closed until March 1. Cultural venues, events and sports will be free from restrictions.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s administration met Wednesday to discuss how to curb restrictions. The government will initially focus on quarantine rules for children and plans to cut the 10-day isolation requirement down to five.

France on Wednesday ended mandatory work-from-home rules, eliminated requirements on face masks outdoors and lifted attendance restrictions at stadiums and theaters. However the country’s vaccine pass will remain in place until hospitals are able to function normally without canceling non-emergency procedures to make room for COVID patients in intensive care, Health Minister Olivier Veran said on Wednesday.

Asked whether France would require a second booster shot, Veran said it would depend on whether there were further mutations of the virus.

The Lithuanian government is dropping its requirement to present a vaccination certificate in public areas, such as restaurants and sporting events, and unvaccinated workers will no longer be required to undergo weekly testing.

Norway followed suit and lifted restrictions on private gatherings, bars and restaurants and will not require border testing.

England last week announced it was lifting its COVID restrictions. Beginning Jan. 27, face coverings were no longer required by law anywhere in England and the legal requirement for COVID passes to enter large venues and clubs were scrapped.

The government also dropped guidance for face-covering in classrooms, advice for people working from home and restrictions for nursing home visitors.

On Jan. 26, the Netherlands reopened restaurants, bars, museums and theaters as part of a broader easing of restrictions.

Lockdowns had little-to-no benefit on public health, analysis shows

Few studies, if any, have been carried out to determine whether vaccine passports and COVID restrictions actually lowered COVID cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

However, a recent analysis published by researchers at Johns Hopkins found COVID lockdown measures implemented in the U.S. and Europe had almost no effect on public health.

“We find little-to-no evidence that mandated lockdowns in Europe and the United States had a noticeable effect on COVID-19 mortality rates,” the researchers wrote.

The researchers also examined shelter-in-place orders, finding they reduced COVID mortality only by 2.9%.

Studies assessing only shelter-in-place orders found a mortality reduction of 5.1%, but when combined with other lockdown measures, shelter-in-place orders actually increased COVID mortality by 2.8%.

Researchers found limits on gatherings may have actually increased COVID mortality. They wrote:

“[Shelter-in-place orders] may isolate an infected person at home with his/her family where he/she risks infecting family members with a higher viral load, causing more severe illness. But often, lockdowns have limited people’s access to safe (outdoor) places such as beaches, parks and zoos, or included outdoor mask mandates or strict outdoor gathering restrictions, pushing people to meet at less safe (indoor) places.”

COVID lockdown measures also contributed to “reducing economic activity, rising unemployment, reducing schooling, causing political unrest, contributing to domestic violence and undermining liberal democracy,” the report said.

[This is what critics of the lockdowns and mandates said all along, but were ignored and censored]


(7) Mike Huckabee on Trudeau’s desperate woke attack on truckers

Below: This is a great summary from the U.S. I missed Trudeau’s lame tweet from Feb. 1st in which he employs woke ideology to accuse the truckers of every pathetic -ism and -phobia he can think of. As the commentator says, it’s “desperate.” He’s attacking hard-working people who are suffering under endless and pointless restrictions that don’t work and are not needed. These people are heroes. People lost their jobs and can’t see loved ones. The ruling elites don’t care.

The people have no voice, no representation, so they had to protest and did so peacefully. Rather than acknowledge the pain and suffering he’s caused and the abysmal failure of his polices, Trudeau and his well-paid media lackeys (paid with our taxes!) attacked them viciously, causing even more pain and division — all for political power. What Trudeau and the Canadian MSM are doing is so rotten and so unforgiveable it’s hard to find the right words to condemn it.

(8) Miscellaneous items

GoFundMe caves into political pressure from Trudeau’s minions. At least the convoy is fighting back: Canadian trucker convoy seeks legal help after GoFundMe suspends fundraising page.

Now there is a new crowdfunding effort: Truckers Have New Funding Platform —GoSendGo

The ruling class (the MSM, Twitterati, NDP activist, etc) in Canada are so despicable. They remind me of little creatures who scurry about in the Mines of Moria in The Lord of the Rings.

Below: Tractors in in Toronto. The movement is not just in Ottawa, but every city in Canada now. We hope it will spread to every small town and village too. I personally protested in a small town with a sign that said End Mandates and got a lot of supportive honks. Everyone can hold a sign or send a letter to their MLA. If enough did that, it would all come to an end sooner than later.

Below: Trudeau flees to the U.S. (and possibly Cuba). Interesting American analysis. I would not say these are conservatives. They seem neutral and are just analyzing what they hear. They can’t understand the attacks on the freedom activists in Canada or Trudeau’s aggression.

Below: this is a great podcast.

The Ottawa Temper Tantrums Continue with True North. Feb. 4, 2022. It’s Fake News Friday on the Candice Malcolm Show. On today’s show, Candice Malcolm highlights and analyzes the temper tantrums coming from Ottawa journalists, bureaucrats and Liberal politicians, and contrasts it with the real story on the ground.

The peaceful, happy, positive and patriot Freedom Rally continues — unscathed by the smears coming from elites. There couldn’t be a starker contrast between the positive nature of the protests versus the increasingly deranged hateful legacy media coverage of it.  Journalists are doing Trudeau’s dirty work, and it’s all backfiring on them.


YouTube deletes Dr. Mary Bowden’s press conference announcing lawsuit against Houston’s Methodist Hospital

[This seems like an important lawsuit, if it’s able to uncover the financing of hospitals to lie and inflate case and death counts by these vested interests]

Doctor Mary Bowden, an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist, has had a video censored by YouTube. The video was her announcement of her lawsuit against Houston’s Methodist Hospital, from which she had privileges suspended last year – soon after she took to social media promoting Ivermectin as a treatment for Covid.

Dr. Bowden studied medicine at both the University of Texas and Stanford University and has used social media to push back against vaccine mandates. In one social media post, Dr. Bowden said that she was focussing her attention on treating the unvaccinated.

In November, Houston Methodist Hospital suspended Dr. Bowden and made a statement saying she was spreading “dangerous misinformation” about Covid. Dr. Bowden now says she is fighting back against what she says is the hospital’s “secrecy.”

“Medical freedom has been hijacked by hospitals, big pharma, insurance companies, and the federal agencies,” said Bowden during a press conference. Dr. Bowden’s complaint argues that state law requires non-profit corporations to provide financial transparency.

Along with an investigative reporter, Wayne Dolcefino, Dr. Bowden made a formal request for financial data from Methodist at the end of last year. They say they got no response and are now suing for the data.

Dr. Bowden’s lawsuit is requesting public disclosure of the revenue the hospital has generated during the Covid vaccination program, as well as reimbursements of payments received from insurance companies, patients, and even the government. The lawsuit also requests transactions between the hospital and pharmaceutical companies.

This week, YouTube deleted Dr. Bowden’s video of the press conference launch for “misinformation.”

[In other words, her lawsuit challenges the ruling elite so it’s dangerous to them]

This is a well spoken assessment of Trudeau’s poor leadership:

DC March to Defeat the Mandates (USA protest, Washington DC)

  • January 23, 2022, an estimated 30,000 to 50,000 Americans gathered in Washington, D.C., for a “Defeat the Mandates” rally. Speakers included scientists, doctors, academics, media personalities and COVID jab victims
  • Pfizer’s data show that if you take the COVID jab, you have a 21% increased chance of dying over the next six months, not from COVID but from other side effects, especially heart attack. For every COVID death the shots prevent, they cause four excess heart attack deaths
  • The risk of dying from COVID for those over 70 is 1,000 times greater than for those under the age of 70, and for children, the risk of dying from COVID is statistically zero
  • A shockingly large portion of Democrats favor draconian penalties for the unvaccinated; 55% are in favor of fines; 59% think unvaccinated people should be placed under house arrest; 48% say government should be allowed to fine or even imprison anyone who questions the effectiveness of the COVID jab; 45% approve of segregating the unvaccinated into internment camps; and 29% endorse removing children from parents who refuse the jab
  • More than anyone else, the media bear responsibility for stirring up this hate, creating political division and polarizing Americans against each other [for rest of article go here]
RFK in DC at the freedom march

Below: Trudeau’s half-brother makes a lot of sense! He is quite informed and articulate, talking about how the last two years was designed to consolidate corporate power and that Justin probably believes he’s doing the right thing by pushing for the WEF 2030 Agenda. That’s my take on it too. Trudeau is a not too bright ideologue who’s in the employ of some powerful interests behind the scenes: large multi-national corporations are using this to shift massive amounts of power and money to themselves. They own and control the media and health care system and view all of us as expendable. This is a class war, a huge transfer of wealth and power. Many in the middle- and upper classes don’t get this, despite claiming to care for social justice and virtue-signalling about oppressed minorities.

Below: Canada’s debt under Trudeau is enormous. Inflation is rising. Jobs destroyed. The cost of food and gas is going up. Those who pushed the pandemic narrative and insisted on restrictions have made this many times worse than it would otherwise have been. The working classes will pay dearly for this for a long time to come while the ruling elite made out like bandits, grabbing all they could from a sinking ship.

The debt clock rolls past one trillion dollars. “Our National Debt Clock no longer has enough digits to display the size of our federal debt, because nobody ever dreamed the debt would grow this big.”

Freedom Convoy Demonised – CIA-colour revolutions celebrated

by Gavin O’Reilly, Off-Guardian

[This is a good short analysis; I like the part where he refers to the irony of being called “fascists” by actual fascists. I’m not sure that Trudeau knows he’s a fascist]

Since the 22nd of January, despite receiving no mainstream media coverage whatsoever, thousands of Canadian truck drivers and their supporters embarked on a Freedom Convoy throughout the world’s second-largest country.

A mass-protest in response to the Canadian government’s decision to widen their already authoritarian Covid measures by mandating that truck drivers re-entering Canada from the United States, the world’s largest land-border and a vital component of the Canadian economy, have to be fully vaccinated – vaccine passports being a key step towards the Digital ID system as envisaged by Klaus Schwab’s concept of the fourth industrial revolution, with the World Economic Forum chairman previously highlighting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as one of the group’s ‘young global leaders’ during a 2017 conference.

With the Freedom Convoy converging on the Canadian capital Ottawa on Saturday however, the week-long media silence on the protest disappeared only to be quickly replaced by widespread mainstream media condemnation, with the use of likely agent provocateurs leading to the protest being widely lambasted, in lockstep, as ‘far-right’ and ‘fascist’ by corporate-owned outlets.

The irony of the Convoy being against the very fascist concept of the fusion of state and corporate power via the use of vaccine mandates being lost it would seem.


American support for the protest:

FaceBook Censorship Part 2 - Grrr Graphics - Ben Garrison ...

Some good news: Mark Zuckerberg loses $29bn overnight as people abandon Facebook. I say it’s good news because Facebook has been one of the worst censors in recent times. Facebook recently censored the trucker’s Facebook page. I was kicked off it — and all mainstream social media — for trying to tell the truth. It’s good to see the rise of the many alternative now: Gab, Odysee, Rumble, Librti, etc. Facebook has been under fire for some time from both Leftists and conservatives: Leftists because it did not censor enough for their liking and conservative because it censored too much.

In a famous video from 2015, Zuckerberg was seen telling Angela Merkel he will work on censoring criticism of her unpopular mass immigration policies (she let in over one million unvetted Syrians and North African to Germany in 2015, leading to a rise in sexual assaults there). Merkel called criticism of this “hate speech.” But what is hate speech? No one can clearly define it. It’s just used as a pretext for censorship by governments. The EU is notorious for stifling free speech. This is a good discussion of the problem as it applies to comedy (warning: it’s a big vulgar in places).

Graphic by Think for Yourself
Graphic by Think for Yourself

Good comment from Jordan Peterson re: Nova Scotia ban on protest (which is clearly wrong and a violation of basic civil rights and free speech):

Below: a London UK lawyer, Richard Orme, stand against mandates and for human freedom. He has a good take on this.

First, he is wearing his professional garb to dispel the false MSM narrative of “tinfoil hatters.” They also use the Trudeau tactic of dismissing us as what Hillary Clinton calls “the basket of deplorables.” But there are just ordinary people at these rallies for the most part. The media dishonestly claims otherwise.

Orme also says that this break from the mandates in UK may be temporary and we may be on the path of much worse to come. He points out that there is so much hypocrisy and dirty politics in this. Very true. “The suggest that the way to protect the protected is to get the unprotected to take a protection is complete and utter nonsense.”

The videographer had to delete the word “vaccination” to avoid being censored on YouTube. The uncensored version can be found on Odyssee.

“Rebel News: It sounds like Ottawa police declared war on the Freedom Convoy”

Below: Big Pharma, the Chinese Communist Party, and the Canadian corporate ruling class (the Trudeau as their mouthpiece) lord it over the working class — with an entire system of police, media propaganda, and courts at their disposal.

However, the people have God, truth and morality on their side — which is why the elites are trying to demoralize and lie about them to the public via the media.

Graphic by Think for Yourself

(9) New study showing lockdowns should not have happened

Below: The John Hopkins U. study says now what the Barrington Declaration said over a year ago, and which cost-benefit studies have said as well — and what freedom activists and courageous physicians like Simone Gold and thousands of others have been saying all along (but were censored and punished for saying it). But still it’s good to have it confirmed yet again, officially.

It was not only lockdowns that failed, of course, but also the mRNA shots. They accomplished very little according to the epidemiological data now coming in. In other words, all that the last two years did was make people miserable and rob them of their rights and hand over vast wealth and power to a small group of elitists. That was the plan all along, I suspect.

And yet even still, as of this writing, the lying corrupt media are gaslighting us by claiming the mRNA shots are “safe and effective” and that any statement to the contrary is “misinformation” that needs to be silence. Even now, despite reams of data to the contrary and the awareness of nearly everyone on the planet that this is the case — based on their own direct experience.

Its amazing how truth is places secondary to the officially approved narrative. This is right of out of Orwell`s 1984.

John Hopkins study concludes COVID lockdown policies should be rejected (Fox News)

There has been a full-on media blackout of the new study outlining the ineffectiveness of lockdowns to prevent COVID deaths. According to a Johns Hopkins University meta-analysis of several studies, lockdowns during the first COVID wave in the spring of 2020 only reduced COVID mortality by .2% in the U.S. and Europe. 

“While this meta-analysis concludes that lockdowns have had little to no public health effects, they have imposed enormous economic and social costs where they have been adopted,” the researchers wrote. “In consequence, lockdown policies are ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument.” [See the rest of the article here]

Below: The CDC admits that the lockdowns were designed in such as way as to impose on us “what we thought people would be able to tolerate.” mmm Why do them at all? They clearly did not work and caused far more harm than good. The people who did this should not only resign. Some of them should face trial for crimes against humanity. Nuremberg 2.0 indicts 16 people but the list is far larger.

(10) Just as in the civil right movement, nonviolence is paramount
Trudeau and the MSM want the protest to be violent.

(11) One example of the smear campaign against the truckers by Trudeau and the media and why they’re wrong

The Globe & Mail, a mainstream media publication in Canada paid by the Trudeau goverment, printed a story against Benjamin Dichter, one of the convoy organizers. Dichter appeared on Tucker Carlson recently. After that appearance, the Globe dug up a story on him: he is being sued by a Canadian Islamic group. This goes back a few years, prior to the pandemic.

That fact that the Globe did this story on him indicates that they wish to smear the convoy by association even though his views on do not reflect on the freedom movement as a whole, and even though the lawsuit is still pending (so one cannot conclude that he actually defamed the group). Journalistic standards are at an all-time low in Canada. It’s an orchestrated takedown. The same is being done to another organizer Pat King, a conservative political activist.

The tactic worked. Brad Salzberg in “Islamic Non-Profit Launches Lawsuit Against Truck Convoy Organizer” says that due to the Liberal Party’s campaign against the freedom rally, the GoFundMe $10 million dollar fund for the truckers has been suspended.

Here is a more detailed story on this: GoFundMe permanently shuts down Freedom Convoy campaign, refuses to pass in millions of raised funds.

And this GoFundMe Seizes $10 Million of Trucker Protest Fundraising, Will Give to Charities Instead. One report says it’s being given to charities suggested by the convoy organizers now, so it might not be gone after all. But another report on it says it it will give refunds: GOFUNDME TO ISSUE REFUNDS OF #FREEDOMCONVOY2022 DONATIONS AFTER MASSIVE BACKLASH.

Now there is a new crowdfunding effort: Truckers Have New Funding Platform —GoSendGo

Dichter is a respondent in a libel claim because he said that an Islamic charity is connected to terrorist groups. The Liberal Party of Canada has a connection to something called HCI, which some have alleged was sending money to terrorist groups in Pakistan (which they denied). According to this article HCI was suspended from non-profit status by Revenue Canada for that reason and have appealed the ruling. A human rights group came to their defense, saying it was an “unfair targeting of Muslim charities.”

Of course, this has nothing to do with the freedom convoy but the Globe associated it with the GoFundMe funds to try to demonstrate that organizers are what Hillary Clinton would call a “basket of deplorables” and guilty of “hate speech.” The opponents of the truckers falsely allege that the movement is a “hate campaign” — on the basis of which GoFundMe caved into them.

Now there is a new crowdfunding effort: Truckers Have New Funding Platform —GoSendGo

This is typically how Leftist attack opponents: with identity politics and smear tactics. The Ottawa protest has no arrests and has been peaceful, so the media is doing character assassination in order to discredit it. Much to his discredit, Trudeau has seized on that tactic.

According to the Gatestone Institute, the Trudeau government may have other indirect ties to terrorist groups. From the article, Is Canada’s Government Funding Terrorism?: “Members of Parliament of the Government of Canada are using their official positions to channel taxpayers’ money to Islamic Relief Canada (IRC). The IRC is a federally registered charity, so the taxpayer is subsidizing this activity.”

“IRC in turn is sending millions of dollars to Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW). Seven independent and reliable sources have gone on the public record and stated that IRW uses charitable funds to provide material support to terrorism. In most cases, this means Hamas, an organization which is listed as a terrorist entity by the Government of Canada.” — From of a letter sent to Brenda Lucki, Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).”

See this video on the same:

Canada Malcolm has written a couple of good books on the topic of mass immigration in Canada and the rise of terrorism as a potential threat: Losing True North: Justin Trudeau’s Assault on Canadian Citizenship and No Border: Justin Trudeau’s Assault on Canadian Border Security.

Trudeau has brought in millions of people from war-torn countries like Syria. This is thought to be a globalist strategy to destabilize the West and impose a new kind of society: “Trudeau adheres to the principle of globalism, according to which the world is borderless, and the idea of sovereign nation-states is both reactionary and obsolete.” Source.

Meanwhile, Canadian immigration authorities have deported Christian refugees back to Nigeria, though they face persecution from Islamists there. Conservative Christians do not adhere to Trudeau’s worldview so he’s hostile to them, e.g., In Trudeau’s Canada, Christians are Not Welcome: “Christian applicants for the youth summer jobs program, which provides grants to not-for-profit employers in order to encourage the hiring of students, must betray their conscience in order to qualify for federal funds” — by signalling that they’re okay with abortion.

Trudeau’s Liberal Party also apparently silences those critical of violence to women when the perpetrators are Islamists: Critics of violence to women and girls by Islamists have been silenced by Trudeau’s government. And Canada, under Trudeau, welcomes jihadists: “The Canadian government is willing to go to great (and presumably costly) lengths to “facilitate” the return of Canadian jihadists, unlike the UK, for example, which has revoked the citizenship of ISIS fighters so they cannot return.”

Some Muslim Canadians oppose Trudeau’s hate speech law M-103 (which passed) which can be used to outlaw legitimate criticism of jihadist terrorism and sharia law as “Islamophobia” see video below:

Salzberg says “what qualifies the Convoy as a hate campaign is nebulous at best.” Smear campaign, are ploys by the Left that have now tragically been adopted by the media. Such tactics would have been relegated to SJWs just a few years ago but now scapegoating in this way is now mainstream.

This is due to the growth of cultural Marxism in the education system. The editors and journalists in the media are people who grew up with identity politics, which they’ve’ internalized as a moral code in lieu of more traditional Judeo-Christian or Enlightenment ethics, which were the mainstay of Western norms and values for decades.

Identity politics emphasizes collective identities over ethics based on individual moral responsibility; thus people are taught to see each other not as individuals but as members of either an oppressor or oppressed class. Correct behaviour is not as important to Leftists as correct belief. That’s why they are often caught violating their own edicts, such as mask mandates, but it’s not considered a big issue. However, politically incorrect speech is punishable within cancel culture. This is used against the truckers convoy.

From a conservative point of view, these kinds of allegations are ridiculous and laughable, but for Leftists they’re deadly serious and they send a message to the public: it’s okay to attack these people, to form a online mob against them and to target their reputations and livelihoods and even to use physical force against them. Leftist smear tactics are an invitation to violence.

Even though this entitled and privileged ruling class is crushing the life out of the working classes of Canada — especially over the last two years — they still have the nerve to try to make them look like oppressors and bad people. This is a case of woke “luxury beliefs” deceptively used to try to gain the moral high ground by smearing the opponent. Here’s an example of this tactic by Trudeau from a sitting Prime Minister, no less. It’s shameful to see this.

Those who live in this ideological bubble seeing nothing wrong with this kind of woke vilification, but to the rest of the world it looks insane. Trudeau tweeting about the protestors being homophobic, racist etc — while he is destroying their lives with restrictions (and the corrupt media helping him with this twisted evil narrative) is the height of hubris.

Salzberg adds writes that “a man in the crowd waving a swastika-adorned flag. Media have gone bonkers over the issue. Included in every mainstream news article, one would believe the flag-waiver is indicative of every individual who attended the rallies . . .”

The Nazi-flag guy is a likely an agent provocateur. True North is offering a reward for anyone who can identify him but nothing has turned up yet. He was likely flown in and out for that one orchestrated photo op.

As one commentator said, they were accused of fascism but the Convoy was in fact “against the fascist concept of the fusion of state and corporate power via the use of vaccine mandates.”

Salzberg concludes, “Locked in a prison of woke political correctness, the rest of us are commanded to follow a singular order: do exactly what you are told. Do not challenge neo-authoritarian rule. Be good boys and girls, and Canada’s new breed of power-players will not condemn you as racist bigots.”

Now the legacy media are using the rhetoric of “occupation” – as though Canadians could “occupy” their own capital city. Another lie is to say the protest is a “blockade” – but as this podcast this podcast says, it’s not that.

For the government and mass media to use the full weight of their powers to crush millions of people — first through lockdowns, job losses, family separations, and discriminatory mandates — and then to refuse to listen to them even when they show up in the hundreds of thousands to protest these enormous injustices, and smear and defame them on top of it — this is nothing less than evil. It’s systematic discrimination and abuse by the government, and it is a crime.


(12) The freedom to say that 2 + 2 = 4 can be likened to the freedom to say that so-called ‘vaccine’ doesn’t work and all restrictions need to be lifted immediately

by Think for Yourself

This tendency to believe authority figures over your own ability to use reason is something I can’t understand. As Orwell says, it comes down to the question: does 2 + 2 = 4? But if Fauci says it equals 5, do you believe him? It seems that many do. They too easily defer to authority figures.

Apparently Omicron is the dominant strain of SAR-CoV2 right now. It’s similar to the common cold: highly contagious, non-lethal. It might even be the common cold for all we know. It confers natural immunity and in enough people thus herd immunity. It has brought about the end of Covid-19.

If more mRNA injections are used, it will cause new and possibly worse variants. It’s best to drop the ‘vaccines’ and as the UK is doing, learn to “live with” it rather than try to eliminate it. A zero-Covid policy destroys lives and economies needlessly. It destroys the host, so to speak.

One doctor said Omicron is the vaccine we should have invented. It means the end of the pandemic, which moved to an endemic phase. Endemic means regional outbreaks that can be treated in the sick and does not rques quarantining the healthy or shutting down society.

In the UK and Denmark it’s now just another illness like any other. It’s manageable through normal treatment, like the flu or cold, etc. The moral panic and mass hysteria are over in those countries. Trudeau and the media here are trying to keep it going as long as they can for the sake of hanging onto to power.

We also know that mRNA shots don’t work as promised. This is because there is no effective vaccine for respiratory disease. It doesn’t exist and can’t be invented They took a shot at it with mRNA drugs and failed on a massive scale. The risk of taking them over the long term is greater than the risk of the disease, especially in its current dominant variant.

When Pfizer and Modern said they were 90 percent effective, that was based on a fraudulent methodology in clinical trials. They’re not that effective. They lose their efficacy after a few months. And they don’t seem to work on Omicron anyway.

The mRNA shots are neither safe nor effective, despite what we’re told. Saying something doesn’t make it so. They were advertised as such but it’s not the case. All the epidemiological data indicates otherwise.

Highly vaxxed nations have record case counts. Even Trudeau himself, thrice injected, says he got it. Early one we were told that if you get the jab it ends the disease. It doesn’t. The disease just finds another way. This is called ADE.

We were lucky it morphed into Omicron, as it turns out. That was good luck. It ended the pandemic. Anyone who keeps the government overreach going at this point is acting criminally.

The early success of the jab — to mitigate symptoms and help avoid death — is not longer the case with Omcron — plus it doesn’ matter now that Omicron is non-lethal. The pandemic is over. But Canada is hanging on for political reasons that are not in the best interests of citizens.

There will be a few who still die from Omicron — but from pre-existing conditions. Just as old sick people die from the flu as well.

We also now know that the jab weakens the immune system and taking more shots increases risk of injury from it. If you weigh the risk of the disease now against the risk of the mRNA shot, it’s unwise to take the shot.

And since there is no protection from transmission from the jab, why segregate and discriminate against those who don’t take it? That part of the government response was especially evil. It caused a lot of suffering needlessly. I am now compiling stories on that. I found a huge list of them on Twitter.

The government has an agenda other than our health. Trudeau himself said on video this is an opportunity for the Great Reset (the WEF’s Agenda 2030) vision for the world. It’s not quite Chinese Communism but close. It is authoritarian.

If we value the rights and freedom we all grew up with and don’t want to a see Canada turn into a Communist nation, we’ll reject Trudeau’s vision for Canada as dangerous.

It’s a Utopian idea that will lead to us living in a state like East Germany where people spy on each other and there are secret police who take people away and there’ censorship and fear and the government limits where you can travel and what you can do.

Everyone in this NWO has to take the shot every year and some die and get injured from it. Those who refuse are taken to prison. In China, their organs are taken out. There are limits on how much you can earn or own. Obedience to the government is paramount and the social credit system is in place. That’s the world we’re headed to under Trudeau.

Mandates and vax passports are a slippery slope towards a world of haves and have-nots — the elites and the rest of us. As a Christian I will side with the rest of us: with the oppressed.

I am compiling stories about the suffering from segregation due to the vax passports. The answer some have to the stories above is “why don’t you just take the vaccine? It’s harmless?” But is it? For some yes, but for others no. There’s a risk associated with it that’s not insignificant.

There have been an estimated ~150,000 deaths from it in the U.S. It has caused millions of injuries. Not to mention the long-term unknown risks.

And there is the question of freedom of medical choice: the government or an employer should not have the right to tell us to undergo medical procedures. Where there is risk, there must be choice.

There’s the risk of loss of immunity which has led to an increase in the percentage of those getting Omicron who are vaccinated. Perhaps the plan was to make everyone sick for life and hook them on pharmaceutical drugs for life? I don’t take such drugs and never will. Taking them is a personal medical choice. It should not be forced on us.

mRNA shots are being forced on people for power and profit. That’s wrong. They don’t prevent infection or transmission. The unvaccinated do not pose any more risk than the vaccinated: there is no empirical evidence of that, so there is no ethical case for separating from them.

The vax passports feed off a primitive instinct in our species which is at the root of all violence: tribalism.

If loss of bodily autonomy is permitted, the government can and will take away other basic rights.

Then there’s the CCP. They covet Canada. They have said they want world domination by 2049 and they are right now aggressively pursuing it through the BRI initiative and have made inroads into Canada through Trudeau. CSIS says they represent a real security threat to Canada.

Censorship, government overreach, lockdowns, deiscmrination — it will all get worse if the Trudeau government has its way. There was a movement to stop vax passports in France but it failed. Though it’s coming back now. We could fail too if we give up. We mustn’t give up ever. “Never surrender!” as Churchill said.

Thus far the convoy has managed to repeal the Queec mandatory vax for all, persuade Saksawwach to lift restrictions, and it has led to ineffective CPC leader Erin O’Toole being ousted.

It has led to a 15 percent jump in public opinion that mandates be lifted, which is now a majority of Canadians. It has brought back patriotism and unity to a country suffering under the weight of tyranny. It’s the greatest thing to happen to Canada in my half century on this planet.

Even if the jab was benign I would not take it because the government is trying to force it on me. It reminds me of ancient Rome trying to force Christainas to burn incense to Nero and thereby commit idolatry. Seems harmless right? But if you give into power like that, you give up your soul.

Trudea sees everyone who takes it as someone who has caved into his will. It has nothing to do with public health, which he cares nothing about.

We have been lied to, censored, coerced, mistreated, and bullied by the government. That’s fundamentally wrong. It’s a crime against humanity. The people doing this should be arrested and tried in an international court for their crimes.

People have a right to refuse a pointless and harmful medical procedure and about one fifth of Canadians have. Many of those who took it regretted it and only did so in order to keep their jobs.

But the drugs have an expiry date which means if we succumb to this now, we are on a program of endless shots and booster forever, and scientists have said mRNA shots are potentially lethal the more you take them, as they produce a cytotoxin.

We should always question authority figures who do not have our interests in mind; in fact, it’s a moral duty I believe. Everyone who refused the jab is taking a moral stand against tyranny.

On the topic of families being divided it reminds me of divided families from North, South Korea meet after six decades. Some family members during this have been separated for two years. This has to end before Canada is like North Korea.


(13) A rundown of all the lies Trudeau has told about Canadian truck drivers

What lies has Justin Trudeau told us today? Let’s dive in and debunk the nonsense that the Canadian PM just can’t help spreading faster than coronavirus. (LifeSiteNews, Feb. 3rd, 2022)

You have no doubt heard the things that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been saying about the Freedom Convoy truckers and their supporters. According to him . . . the truckers are racists, Nazis, hateful, anti-science, irresponsible, and so on.

In addition, they like to desecrate historical memorials and statues, and are pretty much the worst people to ever live. This “fringe minority” in the mind of Prime Minister Blackface is a group of radical individuals with “unacceptable views” who do not represent Canadians.

I don’t really know how Trudeau defines a Canadian, but I imagine he and I would disagree . . . as is common with Marxists . . . the truth of a thing is an afterthought, and all that matters is the narrative . . .

The term Nazi has in some ways lost all meaning as it is thrown around by the left as an everyday pejorative to chastise anyone a leftist disagrees with. Everyone who holds to traditional socially conservative views is at risk of being called “Nazi” by some nutjob on the Left.

Therefore, Justin Trudeau has resorted to his old tired tricks and labeled the freedom movement sweeping the nation as something tainted by Nazis. This is because there is footage of an individual holding a Nazi flag at the protest last weekend [which] might have been a plant from a provocateur, but this is hard to verify.

However, I can tell you as someone who lived in Ottawa for years, that at every major protest there are always people waving strange flags for strange causes. I recall seeing the hammer and sickle of the Soviet Union on more than one occasion at Parliament Hill, as well as Nazi flags and flags for other terrorist organizations. Crazy people do crazy things and they like other people to see their crazy ideas in public. Whether or not there was an actual Nazi supporter at the protest is irrelevant, as the vast majority — tens of thousands — of supporters would have nothing to do with it, and it does not represent [these] patriots.

In addition, Trudeau himself was caught unwittingly signing a Nazi flag years ago; does this make him a Nazi? No, of course not. However, his dictatorial style and willingness to coerce people into medical procedures under the threat of punishment while at the same time segregating the population into clean and unclean classes — that might actually make him more of a Nazi than he would like to admit.

Trudeau has also spread the fake news that the protestors and truckers are “desecrating” war memorials and statues of great Canadian heroes. Of course, this is not true of the truckers, but it is true of groups Justin Trudeau supports.

An image of some protestors parking their cars near the steps of a national war memorial surfaced on Twitter, and a liberal commentator said the protestors used the memorial as a “parking lot.” Now, cars should not have been where they were, but downtown Ottawa was completely jammed and some out of towners tried to find a place to park, and picked the wrong spot. Thankfully, the Ottawa Police chimed in and made sure they moved, and said it was a very cordial endeavour with no issues.

Now, contrast this with what Black Lives Matter supporters have done to statues in Canada and America over the past couple of years, and what the Every Child Matters movement did to facilitate the burning of churches and toppling of statues of former Canadian ministers across Canada. Justin Trudeau fueled those movements, and they destroyed priceless patriotic and religious monuments.

Ezra Levant from Rebel News broke it down perfectly:

In addition, Trudeau says that what happened to a statue of Canadian hero, Terry Fox, was also unacceptable. For the unaware, Terry Fox was a brave young man who tried to run across Canada with a prosthetic leg to raise money for cancer research. In reality, some trucker supporters put a flag and a placard on the statue, which is hardly a desecration. Also, it is a common thing for people to dress Terry up for a cause, but of course this cause is “unacceptable.”

What is even more interesting, here is a video of the great Canadian hero lamenting how the liberal media even twisted his words in order to sell a narrative.

Nothing is sacred for the left and liberal media, not even men who give their lives to beat cancer.

Who is the real racist?

Trudeau has also called the freedom fighters “racists” for their insistence that they not be coerced into medical procedures against their will. This is absurd, especially considering one of the organizers, Tamara Lich, is an Indigenous woman from the Métis tribe, and considering the fact that there have been supporters from all races and backgrounds.

Honestly, Justin, can you really call anyone racist after having worn blackface so many times you can’t remember?

Trudeau is the real thief 

As if he hadn’t insulted them enough, Trudeau made mention of the truckers supposedly stealing from the homeless by ransacking an organization called Shepherds of Good Hope, which serves the homeless in Ottawa.

Well, turns out this is a dubious claim to say the least. Apparently, it was alleged that “members” of the freedom convoy harassed some volunteers at a homeless shelter. Now, there is no justification for harassment, this is true, however, there is no “membership” relating to the convoy by simply being in Ottawa while there is a convoy in town.

Whoever the idiots were that did something bad to a good organization, they should be dealt with. On the other hand, here is a video of the truckers actually providing food for the homeless.

Meanwhile, Trudeau has stolen two years of life from Canadians, and his policies are forcing people to lose their jobs so that they might end up in a situation where they too could become homeless. [As no doubt many have been]

Cartoon by Charlie Chisholm, slightly edited (I added President Xi)

(14) In defense of the freedom movement against mandates, and a thank you note to Trudeau, the enemy of freedom, for reminding us why freedom is worth defending (tyrants have their uses) by Think for Yourself

The mainstream media is running an endless stream of negative coverage of the largely patriotic working-class Canadians who want freedom from two years of life-crushing — and wholly unnecessary — restrictions imposed on them by self-serving politicians and bureaucrats.

These so-called “journalists” malign the joyous atmosphere in Ottawa, and like Mr. Scrooge cry ‘ba, humbug!’ when Canadians fly the flag and sign ‘Oh Canada!’ Those who believe them must be miserable people themselves. They seem to hate patriotism and freedom.

The apparatchiks in our governments and ruling class want us tell us what to do, how to think, what to say, and how to live. Whether they know it or not, they’re really just Communists. If you ask them, they’ll deny that, but let’s take a look what Trudeau has done to Canada and how it compares:

CommunismTrudeau’s Canada
Government control of media (Pravda, CBC)✅ Pravda✅ CBC, CTV, etc are
all subsidized by Trudeau
Media praise of leader (sycophancy)✅ Trudeau boast that he
paid for MSM praise
Scapegoating those who oppose the
state’s autocratic decrees
✅ Trudeau & MSM
attack truckers
Imposing a Utopian vision by force✅ Great Reset
Spending taxpayer’s money w/ no oversight✅ Over $1 trillion in debt.
Rising inflation.
No plans to rein in spending.
State propaganda through the media✅ Attack on truckers
is a good example
Censorship laws, attack on free speech✅ “Hate speech”
Suspension of parliament and democracy✅ During 2020.
Imposed limits on freedom of assembly✅ Lockdown
Banning protests
Restrictive gun laws
Destroying private businesses✅ During lockdowns
Violations of freedom of religion✅ During lockdowns
State-sanctioned discrimination against
select minority groups
✅ Vax passports
Arrests of pro-freedom activists✅ During 2020-21
“Your papers please”✅ Vax passports
Travel restrictions, social credit system✅ Vax passports
Anti-family agenda
Against individual rights and freedoms✅ Charter violations
Treating children as property of the state✅ Mask mandates, CRT
‘progressive’ education
Isolation camps built and threat of arrest
Snitch hotlines
Seizing private propertyⅩ Not yet
Suspending democratic electionsⅩ Not yet
TortureⅩ Not yet
Mass murderⅩ Not yet

Bernie Sanders, in the U.S., promotes something called democratic socialism, but it’s misguided. In the future, if Trudeau prevails, we’ll become like Venezuela, where the revolutionary dreams turned into a nightmare.

Venezuala, before and after Communism

The World Economic Forum predicts that in the future people will own nothing. In reality, the ruling class will own everything. China will enjoy world domination. Billions will be extremely poor: there will famine, more pandemics, and displacement. There will be mass protests and when those fail civil wars. There are likely to be genocides. People will be beaten into submission and become slaves living in fear, as in North Korea. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We could have a good society as well, based on freedom, if we fight for it.

The WEF also says “Western values will be tested to the breaking point” Over the last two years, this has already happened. Unless the freedom movement prevails, those values will soon be gone. Western governments have found a diabolical way to get around constitutional rights: by declaring an emergency, whether there is one or not.

The only thing standing in their way is the billions of us. If we comply, they win. If we disobey, we win. It will come down to that. Politicians are not our friends. Nor are the media. For whatever reason, they have proven to be enemies of freedom and humanity over the last two years.

But when people get together to protest, it works. The Canadian truckers and supporters have managed to spark a worldwide flame for freedom that will not easily die out. Now twelve nations are easing restrictions! A few of its accomplishments closer to home:

  • Got rid of Erin O’Toole
  • Quebec dropped the health tax
  • Saskatchewan to drop all restrictions
  • Alberta and Ontario to (maybe?) ease restrictions
  • Revealed to us who the good politicians are (i.e. those who supported the convoy)
  • Exposed how rotten Trudeau and CBC and legacy media are, how much they hate Canada
  • Exposed how entitled the Ottawa City Council and privilege elites are as well
  • Most importantly, it unified patriotic Canadians and led to the formation of a movement for a return to a free and prosperous Canada. The truckers won the respect of the world.

As the weather get warmer, the movement will get larger — unless police first evict the activists (which seems possible at this point; there will likely be arrests and non-violent civil disobedience).

The demands are to end all mandates and restrictions (mask mandates, vax passports, vax mandates, all of it). If people want to voluntarily do these things they can, but restrictions and so-called ‘vaccines’ don’t work and in fact are harmful. It should be a personal medical choice.

For two years, the media has whipped up mass hysteria over an unremarkable respiratory disease in order to provide an excuse for governments to impose authoritarian rule over us.

The joyous celebrations in Ottawa reflect happiness at having found one another, at having re-discovered what love of country is, and why it’s important to protect ourselves against government over-reach and stand up for freedom.

Governments, as it turns out, are useful for certain things (preventing crime, keeping up the infrastructure), but beyond that, they can be parasitic and dangerously autocratic. They can really harm us, as they just did. It’s important to set limits on what they can do.

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, in Canada, was supposed to do that, but our glorious leaders ignored it and violated it with impunity.

As for the loudness in Ottawa, the citizen there should join in the celebrations and recognize an historic movement when it’s on their doorstep. If I could afford to get to Ottawa right now I would!

It’s like the birth of a new nation — or more precisely the renewal of the old — but it’s the first time in my lifetime that I’ve felt a strong surge of Canadian patriotism and the hope that comes with it.

I’d rather feel that and rejoice in it that feel the despair and dread I’ve had over the last few years as Trudeau increasingly took away free speech and religion and even freedom of medical choice, and did all he could to destroy Canada and make it into just another socialist hellhole.

We were becoming more and more like East Germany or Communist China every day, through living in fear and despair. Now there is hope for a positive change, a real Canada — because real Canadians are coming together for that.

Many immigrants have joined the freedom movement too. They came to Canada for hope for a better life, for freedom from the kind of dictatorships that Trudeau wants to impose on us. They want freedom and prosperity.

Trudeau wants an endless welfare state and endless spending and inflation. He wants to kill jobs and ruin lives. He wants to control what we say and even how we think. He is 1984’s Big Brother incarnate. The globalist vision is repressive, authoritarian and cruel. We’ve had a taste of it the last two years.

The mainstream media in Canada have certainly done their best to help Trudeau by putting down the Canadians who want freedom from endless mandates. Would those have ended eventually? I don’t think so.

If this movement had not emerged — thanks to the truckers — the government would have imposed a mandatory vaccine tax on citizens, as they started to do in Quebec. They would have gone the direction that Austria did.

Now, apparently, even Austria is promising to scale back, under pressure from its own freedom movement. I suspect a lot of these politicians didn’t want to be autocrats but someone higher up pressured them into it.

In the last two weeks, we went from a world on the brink of collapse under the iron curtain of mandatory vaccines to a world in which there is hope for freedom, for a free people to prosper and live. That’s all thanks to the truckers and the freedom movement.

So when the legacy media like CBC trashes them (and does so while parasitically using their taxes, to add insult to injury) it’s insulting a civil rights moment that asked nothing more or less than the civil rights movement of the 1960s: freedom from segregation, from a two-tiered society of the ruling elite, and a society based on equality, in which here is opportunity for all.

The vaccine mandate system is ugly, discriminatory, and exclusionist. Also, it’s pointless, from a medical standpoint, if it doesn’t prevent transmission or infection. So why was it ever implemented?

I believe the point of the pandemic was always to impose authoritarianism, to transform our society from freedom and prosperity to corporate Communism. Trudeau himself admitted he saw the pandemic as his opportunity for the Great Reset.

We should take note of who betrayed us: CBC and the entire legacy media; Wal-Mart, Amazon, and much of the corporate world; those who ran the healthcare system (in contrast to the many good physicians who told the truth an were censored) and the provincial health commissioners.

The various levels of government who went along with the restrictions are also to blame, provincially and municipally, as are those who run the education system — harmed children by masking them, causing enormous despair among young people, and causing many to end their own lives. There were judges too who gave bad rulings, in violation of the Charter.

The ordinary working-class Canadians were betrayed by almost all the authority figures who were entrusted with the protection of their health and well-being, in order words. and a lot of these “leaders” know their part in this mess, that they are guilty of betraying us.

Now I suspect they seek a way out of being blamed by claiming that all they did was valuable and necessary. They don’t want to give back that power now, but they must. It’s not theirs to take. We entrusted them power to lead and they misled us. Many of them should resign in shame for what they’ve done, for the lives they harmed.

It’s my hope and fervent prayer that Canada understand this and work towards a more patriotic and unified nation under God, and that the kind of globalist agenda that Trudeau represent is purged from Cana forever. Many of us now know that tour very lives depend on it.

Trudeau was happy to take away jobs, destroy freedom, deprive us from seeing loved ones, and generally making life under his rule as miserable and horrible as he cold make it — like all other Communist dictators.

He openly stated that he hated the Canada of old and wanted to replace it with his vision of what it should be. The problem is that Utopianism of this kind entails a sort of violence against those it seeks to displace.

This was evident during the lockdowns when small businesses and churches were closed and people told to stay indoor but BLM rallies and abortion clinics permitted.

For the globalists, this was their way of destroying us by getting us to do it to ourselves, out of fear. It’s good that he didn’t quite have the chance to get as far as he’d like in that agenda — including secret police and arrests, tortures and murders. That might still come if we let down our guard.

The federal government has set up isolation camps, snitch hotlines and ex-police officers hired to arrest people. In Australia they’re using them. That nation has gone further down the road to tyranny than Canada, unfortunately – but can still clime out of the hole. The desire for freedom is strong and once awakened, won’t be quelled.

Now it feels like there’s a chance, an opportunity for freedom in Canada — all thanks to the freedom movement, to the truckers and their supporters.

In a way, Trudeau has given us a gift that dictators give to oppressed peoples; the opportunity to value freedom which we normally take for granted.

The Dalai Llama said Mao Tse Tung was his greatest teacher. In the same way, Trudeau has been our teacher: he taught many of us that we had better stand on guard for Canada or it will be taken from us by people who hate us and want to deprive us of freedom.

People on a highway overpass support the Freedom Rally and the protest of the truck drivers against vaccine mandates, in Surrey, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, on Jan. 29, 2022. (EdgarBullon/Shutterstock)

(15) The Power of Protest, by Jeffrey A. Tucker

All in less than one week, Israel has repealed restrictions and is backing off vaccine mandates, even as cases and deaths are hitting new highs, and implausibly so in the most vaccinated and boosted country in the world. The UK has backed off too. Same in Denmark, Ireland, Finland, and Norway. Switzerland has joined in, and Sweden has rolled back its plans for a vaccine passport. Saskatchewan is ending all restrictions.

We are seeing local governments and universities in the United States gradually stepping back. No new cities have joined the brigade for vaccine passports and Denver, Colorado, is stopping theirs. Poor suffering New York City, assaulted by a new segregation mandate, is reeling from the mandates, and surely a rethinking is coming. How many states now wish they had taken the path of Florida, which is experiencing a remarkable economic boom?

Monmouth University tracks attitudes in the United States toward government and media as it pertains to the pandemic response. At this point, every arrow over time slants down to the right. The number of people opposing vaccine passports outnumbers those supporting them by 10 points. A polled 70 percent say it is time we accept Covid as normal.

It’s beginning to feel like a long-overdue crumbling.

It is surely not a coincidence that all of this accelerated the same week as the trucker convoy formed in Vancouver and made the trek across the entire U.S./Canada border, in the snow, ending up in Ottawa and gathering many tens of thousands of citizens to protest. The prime minister fled the city and went to his bunker, making what looked like hostage videos that denounced the truckers with all the usual epithets.

What’s even more striking is that the media in the United States and Europe did not cover the convoy, probably the largest in history and certainly the most important protest in modern times in Canada. The topic never ended up on the front page of either the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal. And yet: the effect was hugely powerful. Public opinion in Canada swung 15 percent to create a solid majority against all restrictions and mandates.

Absolutely amazing.

And other governments around the world are paying attention. There is fear in the air. They are backing down, more already in Europe than the United States. But even in U.S. blue states, you can see evidence that the basis for restrictions and mandates is falling apart.

Let’s also mention New Zealand, the island nation that pretended it would somehow magically make the virus go away. Now with wave after wave of cases, even the crazy Jacinda Ardern is rolling back quarantine mandates and gradually reopening the country.

The great slogan is “living with Covid.” It is an implicit repudiation of everything that has happened for two years. It’s what we should have done along along. But the fanatics took over. The hysterical scream back in 2020 was that the power of the state, backed by media and corporate interests, would somehow make the virus go away. It was always ridiculously unachievable. The attempt unleashed massive abuse against the population, disrupted economies everywhere, and unleashed a tremendous amount of financial corruption that is still going on today.

We are nowhere near done with this. Massive restrictions are still in place. Travel is still a disaster. The mask mandate on transportation is as awful as ever. The segregation in D.C., NYC, and Boston is morally repulsive. Plus, so many lives have been shattered. So many businesses have closed. Public health is in shambles. The demographic disruption has been profound.

There are scandals lurking everywhere. What exactly were Fauci, Farrar, and Collins doing the whole of February 2020 instead of examining ways that sick people could get well? Why did they use burner phones? And that article debunking the lab leak in Nature, the one highly criticized later. How did that come about?

Mysteries abound about the vaccine trials. And wait until people have a look at the “Emergency Use Approval” documents submitted by the manufacturers. They will discover that the pharma companies never promised much at all. They certainly never said that the vaxx would stop the spread, keep people from being infected, much less end the pandemic. They never said that it would work against variants.

This is only a few of many remarkable shocks that will be pouring out over the coming years. Governments spent many trillions of dollars, most of which ended up in the pockets of well-connected elites in the corporate and banking sectors. The payoffs and graft connected with everything, from testing kits, to masks, to therapeutics will be alarming to behold. And wait until people figure out that all along we might have had solid generics that have a massive effective impact on early treatment.

All wars come to an end, but governments rarely think in advance about the exit strategy. Instead, they kill and destroy until exhaustion sets in and then try to sneak away hoping that everyone will just move on. That’s pretty much how things fared with the Iraq War, and the results were devastating for the whole world.

There are analogies to how governments are sneaking away from the catastrophe of the last two years. It’s been a war on people, a war on reality, and an attack on rights and liberties on a scale and scope that is without precedent in the modern age. None of it worked. Indeed, that is incredibly obvious now, and wholly humiliating and discrediting for vast swaths of the ruling class.

What kind of world emerges on the other side? There will be hatred against experts, elites, governments, media, pharmaceuticals, politicians, and deep-state bureaucrats. It’s already happening. And think of this: if it can happen in Canada, it can happen anywhere. Who would have imagined that it would be Canadian truckers who would step up and save the world?

It’s a lesson to all of us. It shows that only an active minority of people can make a massive difference, if they speak with moral conviction and courage. Everyone else follows, provided the message is clear and speaks to the reality all around us.

That, in a nutshell, is the case against despair. There is tremendous virtue right now in staying patient and letting the chips fall exactly where they have begun to fall. Yes, resignations would be ideal but regardless there will be a political realignment and a cultural rethinking.

Freedom can win in the long run. And the world will be rebuilt, on a much more solid foundation than was present two years ago. We tried an experiment in tyranny. It flopped. Despite the enormous cost of what took place, we will all find ourselves in a good position to see a rebirth of liberty, human rights, and prosperity on the other side.


(16) Why the robbery from GoFundMe for the truckers is so dangerous
by Ezra Levant,

GoFundMe’s shocking decision is cancel culture and censorship. It’s so low. It’s like someone’s stealing money from the poppy fund on Remembrance Day. Last night the San Francisco-based crowdfunding site GoFundMe seized $9 million in donations that they had been collecting for the Canadian trucker convoy.

Without citing any evidence, GoFundMe claimed that the protest was engaged in criminal acts and was an illegal “occupation”. Of course, the truckers are not doing anything illegal — they’re peacefully protesting on public property. The front lawn of Parliament is pretty much built for public protests. Honking horns might be irritating, but it’s not a crime.

The truckers are not an “occupation”, nor have they been violent in any way, despite Justin Trudeau’s wild accusations. And how would he know? Trudeau bravely fled the city a week ago.

Ottawa Police have reported no violence related to the truckers, and police statistics show that crime in the downtown of the city has actually fallen during the protests.

It’s political interference by a foreign company meddling in Canadian public affairs. It’s also fraud — until they finally relented early this morning, GoFundMe said they weren’t going to automatically refund the donations to the donors; they were going to give that $9 million to recipients that THEY trusted, instead.

I wonder if that would have included Black Lives Matter or Greenpeace?

The Canadian establishment’s reaction to GoFundMe’s highway robbery was jubilation — anything to embarrass or hurt this working-class rebellion. Even worse, many government officials — including the Ottawa Police — publicly pressured GoFundMe to seize the funds, and publicly thanked them afterwards.

[Update: GoFundMe Seizes $10 Million of Trucker Protest Fundraising, Will Give to Charities Instead: GoFundMe says it … will instead work with the organizers to send the funds to “established charities verified by GoFundMe [what charities?] . . . John Carpay, president of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) which is providing legal representation for the organizers, told The Epoch Times that the linking of protesters to violent or unlawful activity is unfounded. “I would like to see what evidence there is,” Carpay said. “That’s political spin.” Carpay said the organizers have maintained that the protests are peaceful. “It’s a constitutional freedom to protest peacefully,” Carpay said.

Now there is a new crowdfunding effort: Truckers Have New Funding Platform —GoSendGo]

Is this how it is now in Canada? That sounds more like a banana republic, like Trudeau’s beloved Cuba. Politicians and police forces pressuring financial institutions into seizing assets from the opposition — that’s the sort of thing you’d hear from police states. It’s shocking to see it happen in Canada; and it’s depressing to see the cheers from the establishment, including from many journalists. Like a banana republic, they’re all on Trudeau’s payroll too, through his media bail-out.

And even with Erin O’Toole gone, where were the so-called Conservative politicians? Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis, called GoFundMe’s seizure a “fraud” and announced that he would “investigate these deceptive practices”.

Why were all 119 Canadian “Conservative” MPs quiet? And the seven Canadian premiers who claim to be conservative — why aren’t they investigating this attempted fraud, too? Are they little mini-O’Toole’s?

So many Canadian checks and balances have been broken — the courts, the media, academia, labour unions, everything. That’s the miracle of these trucker convoys: they are beholden to no-one, controlled by no-one, and therefore cannot be subverted as the other institutions have been.

I believe that Rebel News is also free like that. We have no outside owners — it’s just me. There is no-one who can call us up to call us off. And if they dared try, they know we’d do a huge story about their attempt.

YouTube has already tried — they demonetized us last year, cutting off the $400,000/year we made from ads. That didn’t kill us, it just forced us to discover other video platforms like RumbleOdysee and SuperU, and it confirmed for us that our future must lie in crowdfunding and in paid subscriptions, directly from our viewers.

Despite the constant attacks on us by the left, and the cold hostility of establishment conservatives like Erin O’Toole, Doug Ford, and Jason Kenney, we’ve never been bigger and stronger than we are now. This trucker rebellion — that’s our spirit, those are our people. And this is our moment to live up to our motto to “tell the other side of the story”.

Today, we have Rebel News reporters on the ground in NINE different locations, all covering the trucker protests:

  • Vancouver
  • Edmonton
  • Calgary
  • Milk River, Alberta
  • Coutts, Alberta
  • Toronto
  • Ottawa
  • Quebec City
  • And even Canberra, Australia.

We have seasoned Rebels in the field; and we also have young journalists, including one in Ottawa who is doing her first reporting assignment. Rebel News isn’t just a news network. It’s a kind of practical journalism school for people who reject the woke sameness of the Media Party.

We’re compiling all of our trucker convoy stories on one website, at Please check it out throughout the day.

And if you believe in what we’re doing, and value the fact that we’re in the field, in the cold, telling the truth, please chip in. Unlike the truckers, we don’t rely on a third-party crowdfunding company — we do it ourselves, so we’re much harder to cancel. You can chip in on this page — and you can even send donations to us by cryptocurrency too, if that’s your style!

Canada and the world are in a terrible place right now. But I truly believe that our work is making a difference. It’s letting people know that they aren’t alone; it’s rebutting the lies of the Trudeau media; and from time to time we actually get involved to help people too, like the lawyers we’re crowdfunding right now to defend the truckers at the Alberta-Montana border.

Thanks for your support. And keep on trucking!

(17) Toronto sees massive freedom convoy protest packing city’s downtown

Rebel News, Feb. 5, 2022

The urban hub is on its second weekend of huge demonstrations for the freedom convoy, this time attracting counter-protesters and some unsubstantiated rumours in the press.

Toronto sees massive freedom convoy protest packing city's downtown

As the freedom convoy moves loudly into its second weekend, cities across Canada are once again seeing large protests and demonstrations in support of the convoy.

Toronto is one of these places, with massive events and also a strong city and police response.

Our RebelTamara UgoliniEfron Monsanto and AD are on the scene this weekend covering the events.

After Ottawa came out with their warning this week about a heavy police presence and potential arm involvement at any upcoming protests, Toronto Mayor John Tory also announced plans to prepare for a weekend of demonstrations.

Tamara Ugolini reported this morning that Toronto Police had indeed taken some extra measures, including blockading every vehicular access point to the protest area in Queen’s Park.

After claims (which Rebel News has yet to substantiate) that protesters were harassing healthcare workers at previous protests this week, the City of Toronto also took extra measures to prevent protesters from blocking or impeding access to hospitals, and there was even a small counter-protest made up of healthcare workers outside of one hospital.

At around noon, tensions heightened with protesters on foot trying to get through to Queen’s Park, which was being blocked by police.

[For more Twitter videos go to the source, Rebel News report]

However this didn’t dampen the spirits of the freedom protesters — what better way to beat the tension than with some music, especially reggae? In an unexpected response, the crowd broke out into a dance to Bob Marley!

There was one protest-related arrest reported by Toronto Police at around 1:15 PM. This was a 22 year old man, arrested for assault with a weapon, administering a noxious substance (smoke bomb) and public mischief.

However, according to T Lee Humphrey, founder of Veterans for the Conservative Party of Canada, the police conveniently forgot to mention that the young man was actually attacking the convoy protesters by throwing a smoke grenade in the middle of a group of supporters! Rebel News is awaiting confirmation on this information.

The sounds of honking continue to be heard across the city, despite any efforts by police, counter-protesters or angry citizens to thwart the spirit of the protesters.

Toronto people must really like their music and movement — there was even a friendly mosh pit at Bloor St. at one point mid-afternoon!

Toronto’s Mounted unit started patrolling Queen’s Park by horseback mid-afternoon also, and heavy policing followed and continues well into the late afternoon

(18) A message from No More Lockdowns Canada

MPP Randy Hillier and No More Lockdowns Canada is encouraging all of our supporters to come to Ottawa this weekend. We must sustain the convoy’s presence on Parliament Hill in Ottawa in order to support the nationwide mobilization that’s underway. You will remember these historical events forever, and the freedom convoy effort is the culmination of two long years of activism challenging lockdowns and mandates. Come for the weekend, or come for a week, the more people we have out in the streets, the sooner we will be able to claim victory and regain our freedom.  

[One can also join a protest in any number of cities in Canada]

Farmer Convoys Head to Ottawa

In support of the Truckers Freedom Convoy, NML Canada has been assisting with the organization of a series of Farm Tractor Convoys to Ottawa that will be departing on Saturday morning at various times and locations. To join the convoy and for specific information on the timing and locations, please check out the Farmer Convoy events page to get involved with local organizers and supporters. You can also view the detailed travel routes on google maps for each leg of the convoy. Get your tractors, get your farm equipment, and join these convoys to Ottawa, or show your support along the route!

Winter Wonderland

The freedom convoy is family friendly! This past week, hundreds of thousands of Canadians peacefully gathered downtown Ottawa, singing, dancing, cheering, and supporting each other. There is no shortage of activities that you can take part in by coming down and adding your voice to the call for freedom. Ottawa is home to the world’s longest outdoor skating rink, so consider bringing your hockey sticks and skates, and using the canal to access the freedom demonstration on parliament hill.

The Truckers Freedom Convoy to Ottawa is still going strong. Since the truckers rolled into town, the sounds of revving engines and blasting air horns have engulfed the downtown core. We’ve seen several provinces capitulate on the COVID-19 agenda, with Quebec backing down from the plan to tax unvaccinated citizens, and Saskatchewan announcing the removal of all restrictions and mandates by the end of the month. We’ve also seen the ousting of Erin-O’toole, the leader of the Conservative Party. 

As this unprecedented peaceful demonstration enters the second weekend, citizens across the country are joining in solidarity with the truckers and the freedom movement. Similar convoys will be arriving at provincial legislatures across Canada, including the Alberta Legislature in Edmonton, and the “Assemblée Nationale” (the provincial legislature) in Quebec City. The Coutts Alberta border blockade continues to hold strong, and some good farmers and truckers have established a similar blockade at the Sarnia border crossing in Ontario. 

The energy and momentum of our movement is unstoppable, but it’s up to all of us to continue holding the line and never give up on regaining our freedoms. 

(19) Rex Murphy: Media’s Alarmist Reporting of Trucker Protest and Trudeau’s Intolerant Rhetoric Are Shameful

“COVID has shown government officials how to do an end-run around the normal system of checks and balances. They simply need to invoke ‘science’ and declare an emergency — and then extend their emergency orders time and again. Anyone who dares challenge the emergency orders will be stigmatized as ‘anti-science,’ or they will be told they aren’t scientists so they have no right to be heard,” writes John G. West in his commentary “The Rise of Totalitarian Science.”

“Regardless of your view of specific anti-COVID policies, policymaking during the pandemic has set a terrible precedent for the future. The genie of unaccountable government power in the name of science has been let out of the bottle. Will we be able to put it back in?”

During the months of full civic tumults and riots that plagued numerous U.S. cities in 2020, mainly the work or Black Lives Matter or the newly emergent curse of the oxymoronically self-named Antifa, the U.S. press was unwonted genteel in their coverage. Recall these mobs took over the central section of Seattle, set up “guards” to determine who could enter, nightly rolled through the downtown, and terrified residents of their liberated “Chazistan.” Businesses were attacked, saw murder and violence, and of course the riots were marked with scorn for and attacks on the police. Residents of Seattle were, effectively, kept hostage in their own city, this in 21st-century democratic U.S.A.

The mayor of utopian Seattle, during an outbreak of pure lawlessness, put the capstone on the folly by describing it as the beginning of “a summer of love.” A statement—let me coin a word—of such “dim-wititude” that it should be inscribed on granite and put outside the municipal offices under a bust of the mayor. Elsewhere in so many other cities there were nightly rampages, attempts to burn down police buildings, “occupations,” vast destruction of property, and mass looting. The works.

Still the news media were, shall we say, comforting, or fully complacent, downplaying what was in front of their eyes. Everyone who followed the riots will recall the epic moment when a reporter—standing in front of a three-storey building that was one huge torch, flames leaping up into the night sky—gave the immortal judgement, on camera, live: “Fiery, but mostly peaceful.” He was employed by, of course—how could he not be—CNN.

There was six months of this, and the entire time the reporting of the riots and the looting was in the main cowardly, almost overtly supportive, and totally inadequate.

Epoch Times Photo
Demonstrators take part in the Freedom Convoy protests against COVID-19 mandates and restrictions in Ottawa on Jan. 31, 2022. (Jonathan Ren/The Epoch Times)

Here in Canada, we have had (as I am writing) six days of protest, in one city, and the dynamic is almost perfectly opposite. The protest has been actually not “mainly” but overwhelmingly peaceful, and the political and major press response, wildly alarmist and ominous.

Ottawa shops remain with their windows intact, no assaults on police stations or police being bombarded with sticks and stones, no “armed patrols” by the truckers telling people where they could go or not go, and a splendid number of rather endearing incidents that have failed to make it to national or local press.

It’s a protest after two years of COVID lockdowns, shifting standards and policies, increasing overreach of governments’ authority impinging on the civil liberties of all, and a gutting of whatever protections our once-hallowed, now hollowed-out, Charter of Rights and Freedoms guaranteed. The truckers, early on in this crisis, were, like health staff and grocery clerks, praised as civil heroes, even by Mr. Trudeau himself, and the press. Truckers delivered the necessary foods and goods during the outbreak, their courage and sense of duty a tribute to the Canadian way of supporting people in a hard time.

However, two years in, bearing the weight of the “save the world” carbon tax, increasing COVID anxieties, and vaccine mandate policies imposed without consultation with those they most affect, when they decide they must protest and execute a two- or three thousand-mile trek to Ottawa to do so, they have been piled on with the most outrageous rhetoric from the very leaders and press which once lauded them.

Our great freedom-guardian press has sought out every minor incident—and there have been only minor incidents in a protest involving thousands—to brand and colour the whole movement, amplified all criticism, taking to calling the truckers “yahoos,” wildly exaggerating slights or perceived “threats,” and for the most part studiously avoiding giving anything like a reasoned and calm account of the concerns of the citizens who constitute the protest.

PM Trudeau, having removed himself and gone into protection (he caught COVID, after receiving the vaccines and the booster, which might be seen as undercutting the need to mandate them on others), announced in the most febrile terms that they were “misogynists, racists, and science-deniers.” Further, that they are a contemptible “fringe.” On Jan. 31 he was at it again: “We won’t cave to those who engage in vandalism …. There is no place in our country for threats, violence, or hatred.” Could he be trying to—deepest sin of the Wokery Church—“marginalize a minority?”

Mr. Trudeau’s tone and terms, his condemnatory invective, is completely out of proportion. He is deliberately stimulating polarization, painting a set of working-class Canadians—who rarely protest—as villains. And, I’ll claim it as a fact, that the men and women who drove halfway across Canada are not vandals, they are not racists; indeed they are just as most other working Canadians are. And it is shameful for a prime minister—who invokes tolerance as his number one virtue every time the clock ticks another second—to sound such intolerant rhetoric over one group of Canadian citizens exercising their due right to protest. Coming from a prime minister the attack is, to use a word he must know, deplorable.

A great swathe of the press is in tune with the Mr. Trudeau. They exude a superior attitude to those they report on, some are describing the protestors as an “occupying force,” and are most outraged by the “honking.” Dear me. A wave of vandalized and burnt churches last year received far more tepid moralizing.

Let me end with this observation from Glenn Reynolds, a keen and clear observer of American politics, in a column on the Ottawa moment in the New York Post:

“In Canada, the press even tried to pretend that the thousands of truckers driving to the capital city of Ottawa were actually Russian agents. When that failed, it fell back on its old standard, calling them fascists, Nazi sympathizers and white supremacists.”

There used to be a distinction between the press and the politicians. During this last week you would need a microscope in some cases to see it.


  1. manicvegetal says:

    This is a huge multi-post digest! Was there to be a link below this paragraph?

    Below: Trudeau’s half-brother makes a lot of sense! He is quite informed and articulate, talking about how the last two years was designed to consolidate corporate power and that Justin probably believes he’s doing the right thing by pushing for the WEF 2030 Agenda. That’s my take on it too. Trudeau is a not too bright ideologue who’s in the employ of some powerful interests behind the scenes: large multi-national corporations are using this to shift massive amounts of power and money to themselves. They own and control the media and health care system and view all of us as expendable. This is a class war, a huge transfer of wealth and power. Many in the middle- and upper classes don’t get this, despite claiming to care for social justice and virtue-signalling about oppressed minorities.

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    1. Ungekrzte says:

      Thanks for commenting. I try to do an update like this every day. There’s so much going on. The video should be appearing but in case not here is the link:


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