Letter to a provincial politician in Canada

Feel free to use any or all of these arguments to write to your MLA in support of the truckers


Dear _______

MLA for [find your MLA here]

We writing today with regard to this article, which says there is a push to cancel the licenses of the truckers doing protests:

Canadian Transport Minister Says Provinces Should Cancel Licenses of Truckers Involved in Protest Blockades

I truly hope this provincial government would not actually consider doing that? We are writing to oppose, in the clearest possible terms, such a draconian and repressive move. It would clearly violate the right of free protest and expression as guaranteed by the laws of this nation. It’s probably not legal. It’s certainly immoral.

Canada is not a repressive totalitarian regime, though under Trudeau and this corrupt media establishment it’s quickly going in that direction.

Why are Trudeau and the mainstream media acting this way? It’s beyond disgusting. We also saw that Ottawa police and Children’s Aid want to go after the children of the truckers and supporters in Ottawa! It seems there is no tactic too low for them. And they took their fuel away too and people were arrested trying to bring it to them. That’s wrong as well. This move by police is illegal according to the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms.

The federal government appears foolish and wicked to the entire world to try to demonize and punish peaceful protestors. Everyone with any sense knows the media is lying about them. The Trudeau government and Ottawa’s City Council appear to have lost their collective minds. I hope this province will not do the same.

It’s beyond time for these mandates to end. Scapegoating and punishing working-class Canadians who are standing up for all of us is absolutely wrong. The truckers are true Canadian heroes. The world thinks so, even if the entitled political class in Ottawa does not.

Any government that tries to harm the truckers now comes across as wicked and repressive. Many commentators are calling Trudeau out now. For example, see this excellent summary from the U.S.

The whole world knows the mandates are not just ill-advised but criminally wrong. They don’t work and have hurt people needlessly. They contradict the actual science – that which is based on empirical data, not government and media propaganda — which tells us that the mRNA injections don’t work to stop transmission or infection (see the testimony of Roger Hodkinson MD and Paul Alexander MD below).

As many European nations – and Saskatchewan – have now acknowledged, we all have to *live with* rather than try to destroy this respiratory disease and treat it like any other disease of its kind, i.e., with normal treatments for those who are actually sick, not by punishing healthy people who are in the legal and moral right to object to forced medical procedures.

A zero-Covid policy doesn’t work and is too destructive. A “live with” policy and ending all mandates is the right path forward. See Growing Number of European Countries Rolling Back COVID-19 Restrictions.

No matter how much force a government uses against its own people, and no matter how many censors and paid “fact-checkers” work day and night to silence them, it cannot suppress the truth.
The truth is that the science is on the side of the truckers and it will vindicate them and cast Trudeau and those who follow him to the curb – as is happening in the UK right now. It’s time to take responsibility, not dig further into the hole of denial by punishing those who speak the truth.

The Trudeau government, drunk of power, is scapegoating truckers for its own failings and is consequently the laughing stock of the world right now. Any provincial government that does Trudeau’s bidding will share in his enormous guilt for the most stupendous failing of any Canadian government in our entire history.

Any politician who goes along with this does not deserve to be in office and could very well find themselves on the receiving end of class action suits by injured citizens for years to come – as is starting to happen in other parts of the world.

This has to end now — as two defecting Liberal MPs have now indicated. The Trudeau government has gone too far. This province should not follow him down the wrong path. All politicians in Canada should drop the mandates and thank the truckers for standing up for what’s right and just.

All the media editors and journalists who have violated all standard journalistic ethics — which is unfortunately too many of them — should be ashamed for what they’ve done to this nation these last two years — and especially now to the truckers.

One Danish newspaper editor apologized for whipping up mass hysteria for two years. Now the BBC in the UK is starting to print stories about how wrong the medical coercion of the last year was. All the media here need to do the same, to make amends.

In Canada, the media have become corrupt ad bloated on taxpayer money, and have abandoned journalistic ethics; they should be defunded.

The Emergency Orders need to be rescinded, as they have been in the UK and numerous other European countries now. Trudeau is resisting because his hold on power is threatened. The corrupt media, tragically, are on his side in this, which is very wrong – and millions of people can see that. They can see that our government and media have failed us for two years and continue to do so.

This is not a minor failure but an immense and tragic failure. Many lives have been needlessly destroyed by the government’s actions. Good people are being defamed for standing up for all of us. Canada is divided and weary and going further down the wrong path under Trudeau. It needs to stop now. Your provincial government could bring it to an end and should do so immediately.

Please stand up for the truckers and oppose any move to penalize them. They deserve the highest honour for their service to us. Don’t arrest them. Don’t take their licenses or their children. Don’t freeze them out. Don’t defame them. Do what they ask and what is needed at this time: end the mandates now.

Thank you for listening.


Please see this speech a couple of days ago by Roger Hodkinson MD and Paul Alexander MD in Ottawa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNZi0LTQpxs

Dr. Alexander says the Omicron variant follows an evolutionary path to survive by becoming milder (and more contagious) and not killing the host. This eventually provides us with herd immunity:

“The government should accept this gift: this is your exit strategy,” he says. Another physician said “Omicron is the vaccine we should have invented.” The point is that now that it’s here, the pandemic is over. It’s time for all this to end.

Dr. Alexander continues: “The truckers don’t just have common sense: they have the real scientific data behind them. The federal government is wrong to say that the mRNA injections (‘vaccines’) are way out of the pandemic.”

Trudeau’s view “does not comport with the existing data” from leading epidemiologists around the world who tell us that “the vaccine is not working and it carries risks, e.g., “Iceland’s Top Epidemiologist: COVID Vaccination Has Not Led to Herd Immunity: Switching gears to treatments instead of desperately clinging to vaccines may be the winning approach.” Numerous European nations are following suit.

“The highest level of infections and hospitalizations and deaths now are among the double and triple vaccinated [as numerous studies are now showing]. They are getting more infected than the unvaccinated; they are harbouring massive viral loads and transmitting them.” In other words, you are more likely to get Covid if you’re vaccinated now.

“The vaccines are non-sterilizing: they do not stop transmission or infection. You will never be able to cut the train of transmission … we have the ability to treat infections properly by means other than the ‘vaccine.’” Trudeau, who has had three shots, apparently was just infected, is a case in point.

It’s true that when the mRNA shots came out they mitigated the worst symptoms and saved lives for those with pre-existing conditions, but their effectiveness was short-lived, and their negative side-effects numerous (many still unknown).

Natural immunity was always superior (as this study shows) but wrongly dismissed by state health officials. The healthy should never have been quarantined in their homes, and the various vax mandates and passports should never have happened.

It’s the same with the mask mandates, since we know they don’t work to prevent transmission and actually cause harm, especially to children.

The ‘vaccine’ was never needed for healthy and younger people — especially children — for whom the risk of taking them was greater than the risk from Covid. Then with the advent of the Omicron variant it was clear to the ‘vaccines’ limited efficacy was completely gone (case counts are higher than they’ve ever been — especially in the most vaccinated nations, such as Israel) and was only being promoted for the wrong reasons. It was only being promoted for pharmaceutical profit and to bolster government power. They did this by removing our basic rights and freedoms, and socially conditioning us to accept state tyranny.

Alternative treatments, by the way, were actively suppressed over the last two years, in order to sell more mRNA injections, which may very well have cost many people their lives. This was done not for the health of patients but for the profit of pharmaceutical corporations since many of these treatments have been proven to work.

This was never a public health emergency

Dr. Hodkinson, a Canadian pathologist with several distinctions and honours, is one of many thousands of physicians and scientists who are trying to tell the truth about the science, despite the massive censorship taking place.

He says “this never was a public health emergency. That was a lie.” It gave the federal government an excuse to introduce an experimental drug to the public, i.e., the mRNA ‘vaccine.’ “Before that we had these ridiculous mandates which everyone knew would fail: masks, social distances, hand sanitizing, travel bans, lockdowns, and now vaccines.”

I would add that this is because it’s medically impossible to contain contagious respiratory diseases with our current methods. The use of mRNA technology was a huge gamble, an experiment. It should never have been done. It never was properly tested.

The epidemiological data we have over the last two years shows us clearly that SARS-CoV2 spread to where it wanted to go and was lethal mostly for those who had pre-existing conditions, in its original form — as it was predicted to do by numerous physicians.

Now the milder variant Omicron is largely non-lethal, so even if there was an emergency before (and there was not, as former Newfoundland Premier Brian Peckford argues in his lawsuit against the federal government) there certainly isn’t now.

The restrictions are causing immense damage and need to end

Dr. Hodkinson continues: “Every single one of those [restrictions] could have been predicted to fail.” See the Barrington Declaration, signed by thousands of physicians, which did predict this.

The restrictions “have not just failed. They have created gigantic stress and death, globally. A huge number of people have died because of the mandates: suicide, despair, bankruptcies. [called “lockdown deaths“]

“Children are losing so much of their essential educational experiences: non-verbal communication due to masks; being afraid of people; suspicious; afraid to hug people, crossing the road if they see someone with a mask. Children have suffered the brunt of this mad reaction. It will sadly be with them the rest of their lives . . .

“The ‘vaccines’ were not needed because this was never a public health emergency, to begin with. Some of the most esteemed epidemiologists have said this is nothing more than a bad seasonal flu. The vaccines were not needed.”

The mRNA ‘vaccines’ “were introduced with great speed — within nine months. Most vaccines go through a five to ten-year period of assessment. This was a brand new technology [mRNA spiked proteins] that was almost guaranteed to have serious complications but was introduced in a short period of time for a reason that was unneeded.

“The vaccines have had terrible consequences. It’s not just that boys and soccer players died of myocarditis . . . [there are many known and documented harms and “adverse events”] “We don’t know what the vaccines are doing to pregnant women and their babies. We haven’t a clue.”

He then brings up Thalidomide, brought to market for pregnant women, as an example of how serious medical errors can happen when proper clinical trials are not done. Thalidomide caused horrible deformities and is an example of a product with unknown side-effects being rushed to market for profit, followed by a cover-up – which was eventually stopped but not before many peoples’ lives were destroyed.

The long-term consequences of what’s been done are still unknown

“What we don’t know [about the long-term consequences] is gigantic. For example, we don’t know the effect of this vaccine on fertility. We do know [from Pfizer data] that the vaccine selectively attacks the ovaries of rats. That should have been investigated before children started being injected.”

I would add that the lack of oversight by state/provincial health officials is not just wrong; it’s medical malpractice on an unprecedented scale and any government that continues to support these mandates and restrictions implicates itself even more in the crime.

Dr. Hodkinson adds: “we don’t know if it will bring cancers and heart failure and dementia in 10 or 20 years because of the test showing that there’s diffuse blood coagulation taking place in 60 percent of vaccinated people.” He’s referring to the “D-dimer tests that show at least 62 percent of mRNA “vaccinated” patients have microscopic blood clots, reports Dr. Charles Hoffe M.D.

“And yet it’s being injected into billions of people for no good reason, despite a known terrible safety profile. This should stop immediately, as well as the vaccine passports.”

This well-written letter to health officials in B.C. provides even more scientific data in support of rescinding all mandates.


  1. Bruce Sanders says:

    I want to also add that deaths from Omicron in New Brunswick and Texas differ by 0.1 deaths per day per 100,000 people. That is a statistical tie. Texas has had no restrictions, which includes a ban on mask mandates for schools for almost 1 year now (349 days). New Brunswick amped up there restrictions of movement of people, of business, and of separating families on the Friday before Thanksgiving and have increased them ever since and Higgs added more yesterday and he will keep the injection and mask mandates; which have been in place now since September 25 (5 months now). I moved from New Brunswick (Canada) to the USA and Texas in May of last year. One of the best decisions of my life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ungekrzte says:

      I have thought of moving to the U.S. too but my life is here now (Nova Scotia). However, if they got to the point of a `health tax` (as Quebec proposed) and arresting people and snitch lines, I would go (if I could even leave, which I`m not sure one can in Trudeau`s Canada without the jab – a bit like North Korea that way). But the truckers gave me hope that it will end — for now. I love the truckers for giving us all hope. My only fear is that if the mandates end this time — which seems likely (Trudeau will have to relent eventually) — what`s to stop him next time the CCP and Fauci release another disease on us? mRNA shots are here to stay. The globalists and CCP have figured out how to scare humanity into submission and who the troublemakers are and how to isolate them with a social credit system — so I expect this will be an ongoing war for freedom for many years to come — between the freedom movement and the medical fascists.


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