Medical tyranny and human freedom news & view for Feb. 9, 2022

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(1) Trucker news protest: Ottawa fuel returned? Children’s Aid threat. Ambassador Bridge.
(2) Coutts Alberta update. Kenny’s speech disappoints. Cowboys join.
(3) Israeli truckers start their own convoy for freedom! Yay!
(4) Humour
(5) Miscellaneous videos worth viewing
(6) “Reasonable men” by Jestre
(7) With Hundreds of Thousands of Unnecessary Deaths, Is It Time to Lock Up the Lock-Downers?
[This is the kind of conversation that needs to happen in Canada!]
(8) Miscellaneous news items from CLG News
(9) Johns Hopkins Study: 99% Of All Covid Prior Infections Resulted In ‘Natural Immunity
(10) Do they know what democracy is? Or fascism for that matter? A reflection
(11) Faces of protest: good photos that humanize the protest
(12) Religious leaders of Quebec ask government to remove vaccine passports
for religious services. This was always a violation of freedom of religion.
(13) More miscellaneous videos worth viewing
(14) Trudeau Government Threatens to Criminally Target Americans Who
Donated to the Freedom Convoy 2022 (they’re really desperate)
(15) A message from No More Lockdowns: Blue Collar Convoy being organized
(16 ) Why Weren’t These Vaccines Put Through the Proper Safety Trials For Gene
Technology, Asks a Former Pharmaceutical Research Scientist (good question)
(17) Indiana life insurance CEO says deaths are up 40% among people ages 18-64
(probable answers: lockdown deaths; vaccine injuries)
(18) Bill Gates’ email: new pandemic book (and a new plandemic as well?
(19) Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec: the hypocrites begin to dismantle
their unconstitutional measures (Brian Peckford)
(20) Pastor Artur Pawlowski reacts to most recent arrest (this is the 4th time!)
(21) Why do intelligent people fall for medical tyranny? A good answer
(23) Liberal MP Joel Lightbound Shows Significant Political Courage & Pushes Back Against Trudeau’s Divisive Approach (Spencer Fernando)
(24) Some recent True North reports worth reading
(25) A Brave New World Without Rights: Dropping Mandates Does Not Strip Government of the Ability to Do This Again (Julius Ruechel) (good point!)
(26) Media as a tool for the state to suppress freedom: another example: a reflection
(27) International Group Of Attorneys Proceed With Covid-19 Crimes Against Humanity Grand Jury Nuremberg 2.0 trial update
(28) Facebook censoring the USA – DC convoy page, so organizers move to other platforms
(29) SJW counter-protests of freedom movement and vile hate speech against truckers
(30) A letter to the Mayor of Ottawa and to his political representative, from a Canadian citizen
(31) German hospital bills show cases of serious vaccine injury increased twenty-fold


(1) Trucker protest news

(i) Ambassador Bridge (Windsor-Detroit)
(ii) Fuel stolen, fuel returned?
(iii) Children’s Aid joins police in targeting truckers
(iv) The war on bouncy castles (and children)
(v) My letter to family about this action
(vi) Videos on Ottawa protest worth watching

Now the Ambassador Bridge between the US and Canada is blocked by the truckers!

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Below: This is a biased MSM report that gives only one side of the story but it’s valuable to see what’s happening on the ground.

This is an important action which we hope will force the Trudeau government to admit what the whole world knows by now: the vaccines are a failure and people need their lives back and all restrictions must end. Beyond that, the Charter must be affirmed (and that loophole in Section 1 plugged up, so as to never allow this to happen again).

And ideally, Trudeau and a number of people responsible for this (i.e., Tam and the other health commissars) should resign and a new election called. Also, we must never ever have lockdowns or vax passports or mask mandates again. That was a complete abuse of government authority.

February 07, 2022 BREAKING: Windsor-Detroit border crossing blockaded by trucks protesting restrictions (Rebel News)

Fuel returned?

I’m not sure if the story below is true or not. I could find not any verification for it: Judge orders Ottawa police to return all fuel they seized from Truckers. It could be fake news, but it got sent around the Internet. So as far as we know, they’re still seizing fuel and have arrested many people who tried to get fuel to the truckers. Some people are sneaking it anyway but not through gas cans but through other types of vessels.

Here’s a statement from some lawyers working with the protestors (as reported in the Epoch Times):

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF), a legal group representing the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa, said “police would be breaking the law if police attempt to intimidate or arrest people who bring food or other supplies to truckers who are peacefully exercising their Charter rights and freedoms in Ottawa.”

‘People who bring food, water, gasoline or other supplies to peacefully protesting truckers are not breaking any law. There is no basis for this police threat,” JCCF lawyer Nicholas Wansbutter said in a statement.

‘In a free and democratic society that is governed by the rule of law, citizens can freely associate with each other, including the giving and receiving of goods and gifts. There is no law that would allow the Ottawa Police to arrest people for giving fuel or food to another Canadian.”

Protest organizers say they are willing to talk with the government, but so far no government representatives have contacted them. ‘The first thing they’ve got to do is call us. … We’re sitting here, we’re waiting by the phone,” protest organizer Benjamin Dichter said in a press conference in Ottawa on Feb. 6.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said he won’t be meeting with the protesters.

February 07, 2022 Ezra Levant on Tucker Carlson: Ottawa trucker protest a problem Trudeau doesn’t know how to solve  (good summary)

Also: now they want to take away the trucker’s licences. I will write to my MLA about that, since licenses are a provincial matter.

Thousands of truckers say they can’t use social media or email anymore to communicate

Children’s Aid joins the police effort to scare truckers into submission

According this report, the government and police now want to use Children’s Aid to take the kids in Ottawa — or at least the threat of it, to intimidate. This was in the CBC apparently. And it’s reported here as well. It’s real.

Nothing is too low for the Trudeau government it seems. The videographer theorizes that it’s an attempt to provoke violence so the police have an excuse to crack down.

Of course the other side views the children being there to begin with as wrong and calling for their seizure. If the police do that, they will lose even more support. Right now they’re only considering it — I think in order to scare truckers.

This video above is from Clyde Do Something, who has a lot of great videos on the protest.

This trucker below reports on meeting a child who told him, upon seeing him mask-less:
“I really like your face. And it got to me, the damage we’re doing to children. It’s not normal for them to see a human face. God bless you truckers. Hold that line . . .”

And now there are several studies on the damage to children from masks, developmentally, psychology and physiologically.

This immigrant thanks the truckers for defending freedom. She is on youtube also. She’s a police officer. I hope they don’t fire her!

The war on bouncy castles (and children) in Ottawa

The police are also trying to stop bouncy castles. You can’t make this stuff up.

This is based on the Mayor of Ottawa’s mention of them:

“Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson described the presence of children playing in bouncy castles at the Freedom Convoy demonstration as “disturbing” in a video interview with CTV News on Sunday. Watson is 60, unmarried, and without children.” Source

bouncy castle ottawa mayor
The Mayor of Ottawa actually came out against bouncy castles. Now the police are targeting them.
Canadian MSM Punts The Fear Porn: Ottawa 'under siege ...
An actual bouncy castle in Ottawa: obviously an insurrectionist plot!

I personally think it would be a great experience for children to be part of the freedom movement. It’s certainly better than what they government and schools have put them through for two years. The protest in Ottawa could not provide a better education on the important of civic duty and patriotism — which any sane government would encourage. Our leaders seem to hate their country and the people in it.

The government has been waging a war on children through masking and injections and social distancing — the long-term negative effects of which are serious. Children are not susceptible to Covid-19 so it’s clearly about socially conditioning them to be obedient.

And there’s also the poverty caused by lost jobs affecting children also. And not least, the despair and suicide of young people in record numbers due to the lockdowns and mandates.

A comment below the video quotes the videographer: “They’re not thinking about the children; they’re thinking about tactics.” And adds “That sums up the last 2 years.”

Below: as usual, a good analysis by Candace Malcolm. She says the establishment’s propaganda and hate (a “coordinated smear campaign”) is not working but it’s not working. More people are showing up anyway, despite that. She says that if you look at the convoy support you find a lot of young people, diverse, immigrants, people who came from despotic countries and value freedom and want to protect it.

This is an email I wrote to my family to try to bring them around:

As Canadians, you should know the truth about what’s happening in our country vs. the lies the corrupt and contemptible mainstream media are spreading.

This is about freedom vs. tyranny. I am on the side of human freedom as protected in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms — which these despots have wrongly suspended for two years, to seize absolute power. So are millions of others right now — and much of the world is watching.

This goes well beyond traditional left-right politics. It’s about freedom from a real and growing global tyranny.

Billionaires increased their wealth 54 percent in the last two years (over $4 trillion went from us to them) while regular people lost jobs and had their basic rights violated. It’s all about money and power. It never had a thing to do with disease. That was a pretext, a complete lie, as the epidemiological data coming in from around the world now make abundantly clear.

The data showed that lockdowns didn’t work and that the so-called vaccine doesn’t work and Omicron is relatively benign anyway, so all mandates and restrictions should end – as they have in the UK and Denmark and soon in Saskatchewan.

A dozen other nations have signalled a loosening of restrictions, which is a problem for those
who want the ‘Great Reset’ — a Utopian ideal that in practice means totalitarianism via technocracy.

[See More European Countries Roll Back COVID-19 Restrictions]

If you want to see the data I have collected (such as this revealing study), just ask. I have much more from reputable scientists — the ones who spoke out and were censored for straying from the officially mandated narrative — which has proven so disastrously wrong it’s actually a crime against humanity. Science in service to state power is corruptible.

What we’ve just been through is a massive exercise in medical fascism. Epidemiologist Neil Ferguson’s models, which started all this, were so disastrously wrong and the consequences so damaging that lawyers in the UK and Germany have started a trial called Nuremberg 2.0 to try the

Voltaire is reputed to have said ‘If you want to know who controls you, look at who you are not allowed to criticize.” There is a huge display of power going on now — through censorship and propaganda and mandates — but I am not afraid of or intimidated by it. These cover-ups are not to protect us; they’re to hide the truth from us.

But mostly I wanted you to see the unity, love and patriotism of the hundred of thousands in Ottawa, despite the media and government attacks (which are desperate and pathetic). It’s the revival of a real sense of what Canada means. I am going next week to join it. You should too if you can.


Another letter:

There’s a travel warning in the U.S. against going to Ottawa, but the travel warning is stupid. It’s perfectly safe. I am going next week and you should consider coming up for it too. It’s history in the making. It’s patriotic, fun and there’s a feeling of unity as Canada has never had before. Tens of thousands of people lined up on the highways to wave the truckers on, on Jan. 27th. It was incredible.

The media and establishment are beside themselves with hatred and venom, trying to make this an “insurrection” but in fact, it’s mostly people singing “Oh Canada” and dancing and honking horns and children playing. Quite peaceful and friendly. But the media want to portray it as rabid racists. You have to ask yourself why? Why are they misrepresenting it so much? What are they hiding?

Canada under Trudeau has become incredibly corrupt – in the last two years especially – with $1.4 trillion debt made worse by hundreds of billions in recovery spending earmarked for ordinary Canadians — much of it stolen by Trudeau and handed over to his billionaire friends who happen to own and control the media. He had absolute power and little oversight and there are numerous ethics violations against him.

Plus Trudeau pays the media incredible amounts ($1.2 billion for CBC and $600 million for the rest) from our taxes to lie to us. The super-rich got 54 percent richer, on report says. That’s a lot of money. Trudeau used the Emergency Orders to accomplish this. It’s the same in the U.S.: a massive theft occurred while we were all under house arrest (lockdown) and believing all the lies and fighting amongst ourselves. And Trudeau is handing over Canada, piece by piece to Chinese corporations (most recently Nunavut for gold mining).

The convoy is about restoring the real Canada that we grew up in and getting rid of the mandates — which are fundamentally wrong. Forcing a medical procedure is a violation of human rights. If it were not for the truckers, all of Canada would be moving to mandatory vax for all people right now: Quebec proposed it but there was such a backlash they backed down as soon as the convoy started. And before that there were many marches and rallies against government overreach.

The truckers inspired similar convoy protests going in dozens of countries and now a dozen nations are easing restrictions in response. It’s probably the most important thing Canada ever did on the world stage — but it’s specifically Canadian truckers and their supporter who did it. The Trudeau government and media have done nothing but try to stop it.

Protest is needed to keep Canada free. But some very evil people have other ideas. So it’s important to support this. Otherwise, we become like China (Chinada). That won’t be good for the environment either. It’s not like China is eco- or animal friendly. They have a genocide taking place right now there. People say it could never happen in Canada, but it can if no one protests the government taking all our human rights away.


Below: This is a good assessment of the situation in Ottawa as of Feb. 7, 2022. I like Levant’s phrase “going full Castro.” In other words, will Trudeau use brutal police force? Yes, eventually, I believe he will. But first his side will likely try to orchestrate a false flag / agent provocateur / Jan. 6 / Reichstag fire type event to justify it. I also like Levant’s observation that police stealing the fuel is not legal. Levant is a lawyer so he would know.

Below: This is an excellent, must-see video on what’s taking place in Ottawa and the class war being waged on the working class by elitists like Trudeau and the Democrats who recoil in horror when confronted by the people they’ve been oppressing and pretend to be morally superior to them.

Below: an inspiring music video showing the convoy across Canada. This really is Canada’s national awaking. It’s also a religious revival for many: an answer to their prayers, a feeling that God is acting in the world through this unity and togetherness. I honestly feel bad for those who listen to too much CNN and CBC and are missing out on this historic moment. I don’t think Trudeau’s going to win this. He’s already lost and doesn’t know it.

My friend adds (facetiously) “Boy, those Canadian protesters are such bad people. We should thank the Prime Minister and the media for pointing that out for us. And did you notice those American flags in there? That’s because we love our American friends. I suppose that’s bad too. Shame on us! Seriously Guys and Gals: is God good or what? Let’s not stop talking to Him. He does such awesome things, don’t you think?”

Below: interesting conversation from Liberty Coalition Canada, which ]is a Christian group for freedom of religion. They discuss the GoFundMe debacle. They oppose the rise of fascism in Trudeau’s Canada.

(2) Coutts, Alberta update

This update is from Rebel News, which is embedded with the truckers. All the Premiers (with the exception of Scott Moe of Saskatchewan) seem to be speaking with a forked tongue these days, implying they might drop restrictions but delaying actually doing so — probably under pressure from Trudeau. He has some sort of pressure on them. Really disappointing are the supposedly conservative premiers such as Ford, Kenny, and Houston (in NS), who have betrayed their constituents. They should all resign in shame.

Ezra Levant reports: Tonight (Feb. 8, 2022) Alberta Premier Jason Kenney denounced the truckers blockading the Alberta-Montana border, while those truckers watched his speech on a big-screen TV at the border town of Coutts.”

[A foolish move on his part since the blockade has huge popular support in Alberta]

And standing right next to them was Kenney’s own MLA for Taber-Warner, Grant Hunter. Hunter gave an exclusive interview to our Rebel News reporter, Sydney Fizzard. Click here to watch his incredible comments:

BREAKING: Coutts-area MLA says convoy has 'inspired the world' to

'fight for freedoms'

Hunter told Rebel News that he was down there to “make sure that everybody’s healthy and strong.” “I just want to make sure that this is a peaceful protest,” he said. “They have inspired nations, the world really, by what’s going on here.”

Hunter said that he had visited the blockade on three previous occasions and even brought his family down with him, too. He said the truckers were “a movement of the people and as it continues to grow, politicians will have to get on board.”

Hunter expressed his gratitude to the truckers. “The message is, thank you very much for inspiring people to fight for their freedoms, their liberties. I think that’s absolutely critical for our children.” Hunter said he stood with the truckers despite hostility from “other media outlets” because “it’s really important… to understand how to stand up for that freedom.”

[Hunter is a politician who gets it. Maybe he should be Premier, not Kenny!]

While Kenney did announce the end of the hated Alberta government vaccine passport — a restriction that Kenney himself admitted was “damaging” — he refused to end the medical surveillance database underneath it, or the province’s official QR codes.

This will allow any other entity in Alberta, including cities and towns, and private businesses, to use that QR code for their own vaccine passports. Kenney specifically said he was fine with that and had no moral objection to it, though he later said that discriminating against the unvaccinated was tantamount to discriminating against people suffering from AIDS.

We’ll keep reporting this story in the weeks ahead, including Kenney’s leadership review at his party’s convention in April. As the most unpopular premier in Canada, Kenney’s future lies in the hands of grassroots party members — including Grant Hunter, and quite a few truckers.

[Kenny seems quite conflicted. He was initially against the vax passports then flip-flopped. What hold do they have on him, I wonder?]

 February 08, 2022 BREAKING: Farmers block Canada-U.S. border at Coutts, Alberta  (Rebel News)

Huge Team Of Cowboys Ride To The Trucker Convoy In Alberta! (VIDEO)

Below: the cowboys join the blockade

(3) Israelis to join Canada, other countries in ‘Convoy of Freedom’

by ADAM ELIYAHU BERKOWITZ | Israel 364 News, Feb 1, 2022

He who sows injustice shall reap misfortune; His rod of wrath shall fail” – Proverbs 22:8

Israeli trucks carrying diesel and fuel entering Kerem Shalom crossing on the Israeli Gaza border, southern Israel, on May 27, 2021

The Freedom Convoy that began on Saturday in Ottawa Canada has caught on in other places around the world and now, a grassroots movement is planning on taking the protest to the holy city of Jerusalem. Though the initiative began on Friday with the posting of a Facebook page and no precise time or place, over 25,600 people have already signed on with the number quickly rising.


A massive convoy of trucks set out from British Columbia on Sunday, January 23, and arrived in Ottawa on Friday ahead of a two-day protest scheduled in the city for Saturday and Sunday against the pandemic measures taken by the government including vaccine mandates. About 2,700 trucks arrived, lining up in front of the Parliament buildings. 

The convoy was sparked off by a new rule that took effect on Jan. 15 requiring truckers entering Canada to be fully immunized against the coronavirus. The United States has imposed the same requirement on truckers entering that country. Truck drivers working the cross-border routes had previously been exempt from mandates, considered essential workers.Over 80% of the eligible population in Canada is fully vaccinated, one of the highest rates in the world and the Canadian Trucking Alliance estimates that 85% to 90% of the 120,000 Canadian truckers who work cross-border routes are vaccinated and said on Saturday that it appeared many of the protesters in Ottawa have no connection to the industry. The measure could remove as many as 16,000 drivers from those routes during a period when the supply chain is being challenged. 


The premier of the province of Quebec is proposing to tax the unvaccinated. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dismissed the massive protest, saying it was a “very troubling, small but very vocal minority of Canadians who are lashing out at science, at government, at society, at mandates and public health advice.”

As a result of the protest, Trudeau and his family were moved by security from their home in Ottowa to an undisclosed location. A top official overseeing security for Canada’s House of Commons sent email warning members of Parliament to “go somewhere safe” and hide if they witness demonstrations near their residences or offices, CTV News reported.

The protest enjoys powerful popular support and The GoFundMe campaign raised over $5.4million from over 99,000 donors.

EMERSON, CANADA – JANUARY 29, 2022: Freedom Convoy 2022. Truckers and supporters protest mandatory vaccinations in Canada. The protest, which was started in Canada, has caught fire worldwide.

Convoys are appearing in Canada, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands. And Israel is now joining the ranks. Still in the planning stages, the locations and times of the convoys will be announced within the next few days. An organizer spoke to Israel365 News about the initiative. He preferred to remain anonymous as not to detract attention from the cause.

“We began with a Facebook group on Friday,” he said. “There are currently over 27,000 members and that number grows every time I check.”

“Any vehicle can join,” he said. “We will begin with small gatherings in separate locations around the country with the intention to join together in Jerusalem to show the government that the people will not accept these mandates anymore.”

“Our message is the same as the other convoys around the world. The government needs to stop entirely all of the restrictions related to the pandemic. The government must stop classifying this as a national emergency. This is the first stage of what the government must do.”

The group is not making any declarations regarding medical procedures.

“This is an issue of government and freedom. Each person should make their own considerations when deciding whether to vaccinate. But the rules pertaining to how to work and how to travel that are enforced on the general public must end.”

The protests come just as a new and extensive study released by Johns Hopkins concluded that lockdown measures and mask mandates used by governments worldwide to reduce the death toll from the pandemic had little or no impact on COVID-19 mortality. 

It should also be noted that on Sunday, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s cabinet voted to extend the controversial Green Pass mandate by one week despite expressed opposition from hospital officials.

The convoys and the anti-mandate movement has been criticized for not caring about public health.

“We care deeply,” he said. “We are not anti-vaccine. We are not anti-mask. We are pro-freedom of the individual. We believe people can make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

“The media have labeled the movement, ‘anti-vax’,” he said. “There is no connection between our cause and objection to the vaccine. We object to the government mandating regulations that take away individual rights for no reason. They have not worked so they need to be stopped immediately.”

“The last two years have shown that nothing the government has done has helped the situation. In fact, the government measures have just caused damage. Especially to children who have been prevented from going to school for no reason.”

Despite being an international phenomenon, the convoy movement has been underreported misrepresented in the media. Pressure has also been employed in other ways. It should be noted that there have been no reports in the Israeli media about the initiative and the interest so far has been developed via grassroots channels.


The Israel Freedom Convoy group recommends that people who are interested in updates should also join their group on Telegram as such initiatives have been censored and removed from social media in the past.

As a convoy arrived in Canberra, the capital of Australia, GoFundMe froze access to more than $160,000 in funds raised by supporters over four days. 

“The funds will be held safely until the organizer completes the verification process, and is able to provide documentation to our team about how funds will be distributed,” a spokesperson from the funding website said.

(4) Humour

Babylon Bee satire of the fact that GoFundMe withdrew from the truckers who were peaceful but kept funding BLM which definitely was not: 4D Chess: Truckers Loot Nike Stores, Burn Some Cop Cars So GoFundMe Will Reinstate Them. It’s a send up of elitist hypocrisy.

OTTAWA—Truckers taking part in the Freedom Convoy have had their GoFundMe page reinstated after employing a clever tactic: burning cop cars, trashing minority neighborhoods, and looting Nike Stores to trick GoFundMe into allowing them back on the platform. Smart!

“Er — racial justice or whatever, eh?!” shouted one trucker disguised in a bandana, holding a fist of justice into the air. “We’re fightin’ for them, you know, them black folks and what-not, I tell you what, eh?  . . . All cops must die!” he added, before quickly adding, “Sorry.”

After seeing the police cars burning throughout Ottawa, the smoke rising from black and brown neighborhoods around the city, and thousands of truckers running off with appropriated Nike boxes and Gucci bags, GoFundMe relented and allowed them to continue raising funds.

“We hadn’t realized these truckers were actually noble activists on the right side of history,” said GoFundMe spokesperson Mel Samurott. “We’ve immediately reinstated their account once we saw them punching cops, throwing bricks at conservative journalists, and kicking pregnant ladies.”

“We apologize for the error” said GoFundMe.

Trudeau Orders All Geese Rounded Up And Shot For Honking In Solidarity With Truckers

OTTAWA—Prime Minister Justin Trudeau signed an executive order on Friday authorizing the Canadian Mounted Police to have all geese rounded up and shot for honking in solidarity with truckers. The “freedom convoy” of truckers has been a thorn in the tyrannical Canadian government’s side since January 29th, but Trudeau and his cabinet are confident that annihilating avian support will demoralize the truckers and send them packing.

Mounties began chasing geese on Saturday, following them around with burlap sacks and wacky oversized nets. Captured geese are being blindfolded, lined up, and shot—sometimes in mid-honk. 

“We now view the Canada Goose as an enemy of the state,” said Trudeau in a statement over Zoom. “If you see something, say something. We must end this fascist honking once and for all.”

Trudeau, visibly shaken by honking geese, claims the attack on his tyranny has exacerbated his fake COVID diagnosis. “I may never be able to meet with the truckers face to face and it’s all because of these hateful geese, not because I’m afraid,” he said.

by Think for Yourself
trudeau mandates
justin trudeau hiding trucker convoy

Elitist hypocrisy memes


(5) More Miscellaneous videos

Below: Trudeau pretends to care about the citizens of Ottawa but he showed no such concern for the lives of the people he destroyed for the last two years with pointless lockdowns and restrictions.

Below: Interview with Dr. Simone Gold, who was the first high-profile physician to oppose lockdowns in the U.S. (and was right to do so) and was persecuted for her efforts.

Below: the freedom movement spreads everywhere!

Below: this clip from the film The Truman Show reminds me so much of what the truckers are going through now. Trudeau, like Cristof, is hammering at them, trying to break their morale, through police harassment and media lies, but like Truman they will persevere. And like that movie, the whole thing is being witnessed by the whole world, and the end result is the same: freedom.

Some more videos (on Roxytube)

Australia Truckers Convoy Showing Support Across the World

Brilliant Scene in Australian Capital Canberra as Aussies Unite Against COVID Tyranny

Finland Convoy Against Tyranny and Mandates

Trucker interviews What is really going on with the industry and why they went to Ottawa. A Must watch video.

Part 2 of Interviews with Truckers if you want to know what is really going on

Part 3 Trucker Interviews Exploring Coventry Road Rigs and gofundme Update

Australian Convoy 2022 Has arrived at the capital

Netherlands, Canada, Bolivia Convoys 2022

What the truckers want people to do Jan 29 2022 Lets help them with this

Canadian Trucker Convoy to Ottawa 2022 is Massive Part 2

Canadian Trucker Convoy to Ottawa 2022 is Massive

A video that argues we are all essentially good people and don’t need government regulations:

Mike Huckabee has great reports on this:

Below: a good opinion piece by Laura Ingraham. She’s always good.

Below: a statement by public intellectual Jordan Peterson on Trudeau.

An American police officer speaks against the police actions in Ottawa:

They want to go home but the Canadian government is still not budging:

Below: the video is of an Ottawa politician calling for more police action against the truckers – from CityTV, which is paid by Trudeau to lie. What’s interesting are the many comments below the video in support the truckers:

VIDEO of Brian Peckford speaking about the Charter, in Ottawa:

Body languages tells us a lot about our leaders:

(6) Reasonable men

by Jestre

There was an article the other day that, roughly summed up, posited that attacking the freedom convoy is “good politics” for Trudeau. I don’t see how.

It isn’t about people protesting Trudeau. It’s about the kind of people protesting Trudeau. These aren’t college kids angry about tuition costs and they aren’t political enthusiasts wearing political slogans. Nor are they protesting something that is considered politically controversial, ie., something that has an opposing viewpoint large enough that it doesn’t matter what a politician says, roughly half the people will support him (think the pro-choice vs. pro-life debate).

No. The people going out to these protests do NOT protest. They are working class people wearing work clothes. The kind of people who are usually too busy to go out and protest because they are working long, hard hours ensuring our country continues to function.

The people protesting are the rugged backbone of Canadian society.

Sure, government workers in government jobs on government pensions may have their predispositions about them. Trudeau’s inner circle and the media class secretly cheer on his demeaning attitude. However, when people see a broad brush painted on people that look like them, talk like them, act like them being called racist and every other -phobic or -ism under the sun, they naturally understand that the insults are not directed at individuals but at the types of individuals being insulted.

Even worse for Trudeau, when people see something completely out of the ordinary, like reasonable men doing unreasonable things, it leaves a lasting impression. They start to second guess themselves. Maybe they’ll continue to think the vaccine works, though once they are see themselves or their family infected even that fleeting position should fade. Maybe. But, at the very least, the impression changes the cost benefit formula in many eyes. If only by centimeters at a time.

Populism doesn’t really have a home in Canada — and a lot of people stay home or protest vote because of that fact. Well, Trudeau has ignited a populist movement completely separate from Trump populism, say. This isn’t about protectionism, immigration, climate change or any other entrenched issue. It’s about freedom. Try finding lasting opposition to that in a Western country when nearly every other Western country is opening up.

Even the safety argument is on the outs as public health officials are quietly, and sometimes openly, admitting that the vaccine does not stop transmission. The only safety issue that can be argued is about personal safety (for those believe the counterfactual argument of the vaccine preventing severe disease), and that is an argument easily extinguished when someone understands that the risks of driving on the highway are higher than the risks from this virus for anyone without comorbidites.

All that is left on display at this point is the Liberals’ hypocrisy. They attack the hanging of a Canadian flag, upside down or not, on the Terry Fox statue an attack on democracy. No one who did not already come to the table with an immutable position believes that poorly framed argument.

[The above use of the statue is selectively attacked; the bottom use of it is not]

Even worse for Trudeau is his Hail Mary argument — that the protesters are violent — has fallen apart. The only violence in nearly two weeks has been a terrorist attack by a 42-year old left-wing, failed musician, who was more well known for being a rapist and a pervert than anything else. It is also quite possible that he was a member of Antifa and more likely that he was radicalized by Justin Trudeau’s own rhetoric. For his part, Trudeau, to my knowledge (please correct me if I am wrong), did not say a single word about the attack. He did not express regret, compassion, or empathy for the victims. Not a good look.

Instead, the protests in Ottawa, aside from some noise, have been peaceful. The Ottawa mayor compared the protests to a “fun carnival” with bouncy castles, hot tubs, and saunas even as he claimed personal disgust. But, to be honest, I have never been to a carnival as clean as the freedom convoy has left downtown Ottawa.

There have been no appearance of Nazi flags since the ones taken in what appear to be staged photos on the first day. There are ample examples of the truckers feeding the homeless after an uncorroborated story about them stealing from the homeless; and, possibly, the only theft captured on video has been of the police stealing fuel on a cold winter night.

This, may in fact, have been one of the most peaceful protests in history up until this point. And that is probably because, as mentioned before, we have on display the men and women that do not normally protest: people who work in jobs that at their very essence require hardened discipline.

So I will counter that attacking this protest is not good politics for Trudeau. Even the Liberals in the House of Commons could not muster more than a few claps as leader of the House argued the Trudeau position today. They don’t want to be on the record as being anti-freedom. That little title will be Trudeau’s burden to bear and he is no roughneck to carry any sort of burden for long.

(7) With Hundreds of Thousands of Unnecessary Deaths, Is It Time to Lock Up the Lock-Downers?

[My comment: This story is about lack of access to medical care under the lockdowns. I believe the reason why Trudeau is cracking down is that he knows if he relents, the truth will emerge and the avalanche of anger from it will come down on his head; in other words, he knows he’s guilty of a great crime and is trying to silence those who by their act of protest expose his shame.

In the UK the truth is emerging, as this article below reveals: the lockdowns did nothing other than ruin lives and kill people . It didn’t save any lives. Governments by their actions cannot control repository diseases. But it was never about disease. This two year episode will go down in history as a crime against humanity. That’s why the Nuremberg 2.0 hearing is occurring.]

A report that warned the UK government of high numbers of non-COVID-related deaths as a result of adopting lockdown measures similar to those used by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in 2020 was hidden from the British public for three months, until after the restrictions were lifted.

The UK government was told that more than 200,000 non-COVID deaths could occur if it implemented the first lockdown, but it chose to proceed, and it has since enforced two more.

The Department of Health, Office for National Statistics, Actuary’s Department, and the Home Office compiled the report that predicted the first lockdown, which began on March 23, 2020, could lead to hundreds of thousands of non-COVID deaths.

It stated that in the first six months, there could be as many as 25,000 extra deaths because hospital beds would be prioritized for COVID-19 patients, while people with other health issues would go undiagnosed for not wanting to burden the National Health Service (NHS) during the pandemic.

The report further estimated that fatality numbers could rise by a further 185,000 in the medium- to long-term and, added to that, thousands of suicides resulting from isolation and economic pressures, along with a rise in domestic violence.

The first two months alone saw elective hospital appointments fall by a quarter and, by May, NHS England had revealed more than a half-million patients had been waiting more than six weeks for a key diagnostic test, after having been already been referred by their doctor.

“There were almost 76,000 more deaths from all causes and in all locations (hospitals, care homes, private homes and elsewhere) in England and Wales in 2020 than the five-year average,” according to the Office of National Statistics.

Of those, its report states, “There were around 167,000 deaths from all causes in private homes in England and Wales in 2020, compared with an average of 125,000 between 2015 and 2019.”

That equals 42,000 extra fatalities that year in private homes—which was a rise of one-third on the previous five-year average—leaving 34,000 excess deaths in hospitals and care facilities.

The ONS report clarifies that “The majority of deaths due to COVID-19 occurred in hospitals and care homes, while deaths from other causes, such as breast cancer and prostate cancer, happened in private homes.”

Proof that many more people died of cancer at home that year than of COVID-19 in hospitals due to lockdown restrictions.

The government concealed the report’s findings for months until most of the first lockdown restrictions were lifted on July 4, 2020. One week later, its chief scientific adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance, informed a parliamentary select committee about the report.

The report received little follow-up and scrutiny in either the media or Parliament, and its scary numbers were accepted as collateral damage in the fight against COVID.

The now-disgraced government adviser, professor Neil Ferguson—also known as “The Master of Disaster”—already had scared UK leaders that 250,000 people could die unless the drastic steps were taken.

Just six days after the report was revealed, the now similarly disgraced health secretary, Matt Hancock, imposed the UK’s first localized lockdown in the city of Leicester, and by October, the whole nation was in its second national lockdown.

But a new report by Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore, is challenging those lockdown assumptions. It asserts that the communist-inspired restrictions “imposed in many US cities in the spring of 2020 led to a reduction of COVID deaths by 0.2 percent.”

Dr. Martin Makary, a professor of surgery at Johns Hopkins, told Tucker Carlson on Fox News that represents “about 1,800 individuals” whose lives were saved. But he added that was out of a total figure of “124,000 excess deaths in year one. So, over two years, it was about a quarter-million people who died.”

Of those, he estimated 60,000 to 70,000 died from substance abuse, others from deferred cancer care, self-harm, and other side effects of lockdowns.

Now, compare the UK media’s response to hundreds of thousands of possibly preventable deaths with its current furor over the “Partygate” revelations, for which Prime Minister Boris Johnson was forced to apologize in the House of Commons over a “bring your own booze” garden party at Downing Street, which Johnson attended with his wife during the first lockdown on May 20, 2020.

Whatever contempt people may feel for politicians and health experts who are caught breaking the very rules they have enforced on others, causing the unnecessary deaths of so many of their electorate is in an altogether different league. It’s certainly not ruling by consent.

It took almost 20 months before news leaked of the Downing Street parties, which has now led to a police investigation, the resignations of five government advisors, and calls for Johnson to follow suit. But where are the calls for inquiries, resignations, and criminal investigations into the huge numbers of lockdown-related deaths?

It took the efforts of Dr. Sam White, a young doctor whom I have previously reported about, and his legal team, to persuade the Metropolitan Police to even begin an investigation into the government’s response to the pandemic.

While that’s now spawned a nationwide campaign to try to get other police forces around the country to begin their own criminal probes, they face an uphill task taking on the establishment and there are no guarantees of success.

But with so many nations having embraced the CCP’s draconian measures, the non-COVID excess death rate will be enormous around the world.

Preventable deaths on such a huge scale cannot be ignored and those responsible must surely be held to account.

(8) Miscellaneous news items

From CLG News:

Ottawa Police Seize Fuel From Freedom Convoy Protest Site, Make More Arrests | 7 Feb 2022 | Police in Canada’s capital have begun to seize fuel and say they have made multiple arrests after issuing a statement saying that those trying to bring supplies to support the thousands of protesters.

Ottawa mayor declares state of emergency as police threaten arrests for bringing gas to Freedom Convoy –Approximately 500 vehicles remain in the Canadian capital | 6 Feb 2022 | Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson declared a state of emergency Sunday afternoon as approximately 500 trucks and vehicles with the “Freedom Convoy” continue to linger in the streets of the Canadian capital to protest vaccine mandates.

Thousands of people show up to support huge Edmonton anti lockdown truck convoy –Thousands of supporters braved a snowstorm to cheer on the truckers and farmers in the noisy spectacle against lockdown restrictions. | 7 Feb 2022 | Dozens of tractors, one school bus, and 10 hay bales joined hundreds of trucks in a convoy near the Alberta legislature grounds on Saturday afternoon in a symphony of honks and freedom. The Edmonton convoy drew truckers from across Alberta and was organized in support of the Ottawa Convoy for Freedom that has settled in for a second week in the nation’s capital. What started as a movement of truckers against vaccine mandates to cross the border has now grown into a nationwide movement to reject vaccine passports, forced masking and other lockdown limits on freedom. The Edmonton convoy and protest, like the one in Ottawa, and the others in cities and towns across the country, was largely peaceful with police intervention only needed for a handful of jaywalkers with Canadian flags on hockey sticks.

Alaska ‘Freedom Convoy’ held in support of Canada truckers’ anti-mandate protests –Alaska Freedom Convoy traveled from Anchorage to Eagle River | 7 Feb 2022 | A truckers’ convoy traveled across Alaska on Sunday to show support for the Canadian “Freedom Convoy” that’s been protesting in the country’s capital of Ottawa for nearly two weeks straight. In an event dubbed the “Alaska Freedom Convoy,” which was organized by Anchorage Assembly member Jamie Allard, more than 100 drivers in trucks and personal vehicles traveled from the parking lot of a sporting goods store in Anchorage to the Eagle River Alaska Lions Club, Anchorage Daily News reported. “We want to support our truckers,” Allard told KTUU. “Without them, we’re not getting our supply. We need to get our supplies here. People need to be recognized for everything we’re doing here in our city.”

GoFundMe backtracks on redistributing contributions for Canadian truckers, under threat of fraud investigation –Crowdfunding platform says it will automatically refund 10 million in donations | 5 Feb 2022 | Facing a potential fraud investigation by the state of Florida, GoFundMe reversed a decision …

University That Funds Biden’s Think Tank and Hosts FactCheck dot Org Has Contract With BioNTech, Gets Paid for Vaccine Sales and FDA Approvals | 6 Feb 2022 | Documents obtained by NATIONAL FILE show that the University of Pennsylvania, which hosts and funds Joe Biden’s think tank [“think tank?” LOL! A misnomer if ever there was one] called the Penn Biden Center, directly profits from the sale of Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna Coronavirus vaccines. The University gets more m-ney if more vaccines are sold. The University of Pennsylvania also gets “milestone payments” when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves a Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. BioNTech pays the University of Pennsylvania Board of Trustees directly, and the university is protected from civil liability if people try to sue for “bodily injury” or “death” caused by BioNTech vaccines [of which there are hundreds of thousands, truth be told] …

Virginia Supreme Court Rejects Lawsuit Seeking to Reinstate School Mask Mandates | 7 Feb 2022 | The Virginia Supreme Court rejected on Feb. 7 a lawsuit that challenged Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s order barring mask mandates in state schools. The lawsuit was filed in January by a group of parents in Chesapeake against the governor’s mask order, which stipulated that parents should have the right to choose whether their children should wear masks while in class. Youngkin and Attorney General Jason Miyares both described the ruling as a victory for parents in Virginia. According to the Supreme Court ruling, the justices wrote that they have “no opinion on the legality of EO 2” and dismissed the lawsuit on procedural grounds.

Three states set timelines for the end of school mask mandates | 7 Feb 2022 | The Democratic governors of Connecticut, New Jersey and Delaware have set timelines for the end of their states’ school mask mandates in a sign of the receding wave of Covid-19 and the country’s move toward a “new normal.” New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy announced Monday the state’s mask mandate in schools and child care settings will end on March 7. Similarly, Delaware Gov. John Carney announced that the state’s universal indoor mask mandate will end on February 11 and that school mask mandates will expire March 31. And Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont recommended ending the statewide mask mandate in schools and child care centers there, effective February 28, saying further decisions should come from officials at the local level.

Stacey Abrams slammed for maskless pic surrounded by masked kids | 6 Feb 2022 | Democratic star and Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams has sparked outrage after tweeting a photo of herself posing indoors with masked-up students — without wearing a mask herself. Abrams, 48, joins many of her Democratic peers including California Gov. Gavin Newsom and San Francisco Mayor London Breed, who have been seen gallivanting indoors without masks despite supporting strict face-covering mandates. The former state minority leader initially tweeted the photo herself at Glennwood Elementary School in Atlanta Friday… Not only were the pictured students wearing masks, but all the adults in the room also appeared to be masked. Abrams’s tweet was later taken down, but users posted pics of the pol answering questions sans mask during a Q&A and posing for more photos without a face covering. Abrams, who is vaccinated, has been a vocal supporter of mask mandates throughout the pandemic.

Preventive Use of Iver Reduced COVID Mortality By 90%, Study Found –A peer-reviewed study published last month found the prophylactic use of iver reduced COVID mortality by 90% among more than 223,000 study participants in a town in Southern Brazil. | 7 Feb 2022 | A peer-reviewed study published last month found the prophylactic use of iver reduced COVID mortality by 90% among more than 223,000 study participants in a town in Southern Brazil. The study, published in the Cureus Journal of Medical Science, also found a 44% reduction in COVID cases among those who took the re-purposed drug. Between July 7, 2020, and Dec. 2, 2020, all residents of Itajai were offered iver. Approximately 3.7% of iver users contracted COVID during the trial period, compared with 6.6% of residents who didn’t take the drug. Based on the results, Dr. Flavio Cadegiani, one of the study’s lead authors, said, “Iver must be considered as an option, particularly during outbreaks.” Dr. Pierre Kory told The Epoch Times the results of the study “should convince any naysayer. What they found was astounding.” [Gee, looks like the “horse dewormer” worked after all.]

On Australia where mandates still cripple the country needlessly: “As a result of the federal government’s abdication, Australia’s population has experienced oppressive measures, which replicated the worst excesses of the People’s Republic of China, with border closures, lockdowns, innumerable emergency orders, while all the time instilling fear in people. This fear was nourished by the media that incessantly reported on the alleged dangers associated with the virus and the deaths that resulted from infections. Alternative ways to treat the disease were never really considered nor tolerated by the political and medical mandarins.”

Below: the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security now lists purveyors of “misinformation” as domestic terrorists. Since Biden continues to say that mRNA injections are “safe and effective” when in fact they are demonstrably not, they should arrest him for “misinformation.”

(9) Johns Hopkins Study: 99% Of All Covid Prior Infections Resulted In ‘Natural Immunity’ That Lasted At Least 650 Days

CDCCOVID-19deceptionFDAJohn HopkinsNatural ImmunityNIHStudy  February 6, 2022.

Johns Hopkins university this week dropped a quiet bombshell of a study that went widely ignored in the mainstream media [as always!]. Dr. Marty Makary, spearheading a team at Johns Hopkins to do the work that the CDC and NIH refuse to do, showed that 99% of unvaccinated people known to have Covid infections had robust “natural immunity” that did not diminish for at least 650 days.

A Health Public Policy Nightmare. Vaccine spike antigen and mRNA persist for two months in lymph node germinal centers… protein production of spike is higher than those of severely ill COVID-19 patients . . . Protein production of spike is higher than those of severely ill COVID-19 patients. Immune imprinting, breadth of variant recognition and germinal center response in human SARS-CoV-2 infection and vaccination. Highlights (per the journal)

  • Vaccination confers broader IgG binding of variant RBDs than SARS-CoV-2 infection
  • Imprinting from initial antigen exposures alters IgG responses to viral variants
  • Histology of mRNA vaccinee lymph nodes shows abundant germinal centers
  • Vaccine spike antigen and mRNA persist for weeks in lymph node germinal centers

To get to the full paper to download, click here.

(10) Do they know what democracy is? Or fascism for that matter?

Jan. 6 Committee Members ‘Devastated’ Over Zucker’s Departure from CNN. Four unnamed representatives who sit on the House’s seven-member Jan. 6 Committee described themselves as “devastated for our democracy” after CNN president Jeff Zucker was forced out of the far-left cable-news network, National Review reported.

The J6 committee and Trudeau don’t seem to know what democracy is. They are fascists who punish those who exercise democracy through free speech. They really seem to believe the protecting their fascist rule is “democracy.” They also call the truckers “fascists” while in fact acting like fascists. The truckers are true representatives of democracy in action. In this upside down world evil is called good and good is called evil.

The Bible says “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness”
– Isaiah 15:20

And “woe to those who enact evil laws” (Isaiah 10:1) Vax mandates are evil.

I think this is in Toronot

(11) (i) Faces of Protest — photographs
and (ii) A night with the untouchables (a word portrait of the truckers)

This is a great photo collection of portraits of people in Ottawa right now. It humanizes the protest. Views of the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa. Photograph by Dan Aponte. Go to the link above to seem them all.

A night with the untouchables

by David Maybury

I live in downtown Ottawa, right in the middle of the trucker convoy protest. They are literally camped out below my bedroom window. My new neighbours moved in on Friday and they seem determined to stay. I have read a lot about what my new neighbours are supposedly like, mostly from reporters and columnists who write from distant vantage points somewhere in the media heartland of Canada. Apparently the people who inhabit the patch of asphalt next to my bedroom are white supremacists, racists, hatemongers, pseudo-Trumpian grifters, and even QAnon-style nutters. I have a perfect view down Kent Street – the absolute ground zero of the convoy. In the morning, I see some protesters emerge from their trucks to stretch their legs, but mostly throughout the day they remain in their cabs honking their horns. At night I see small groups huddled in quiet conversations in their new found companionship. There is no honking at night. What I haven’t noticed, not even once, are reporters from any of Canada’s news agencies walking among the trucks to find out who these people are. So last night, I decided to do just that – I introduced myself to my new neighbours.

The Convoy on Kent Street. February 2, 2022.

At 10pm I started my walk along – and in – Kent Street. I felt nervous. Would these people shout at me? My clothes, my demeanour, even the way I walk screamed that I’m an outsider. All the trucks were aglow in the late evening mist, idling to maintain warmth, but all with ominously dark interiors. Standing in the middle of the convoy, I felt completely alone as though these giant monsters weren’t piloted by people but were instead autonomous transformer robots from some science fiction universe that had gone into recharging mode for the night. As I moved along I started to notice smatterings of people grouped together between the cabs sharing cigarettes or enjoying light laughs. I kept quiet and moved on. Nearby, I spotted a heavy duty pickup truck, and seeing the silhouette of a person in the driver’s seat, I waved. A young man, probably in his mid 20s, rolled down the window, said hello and I introduced myself. His girlfriend was reclined against the passenger side door with a pillow to proper her up as she watched a movie on her phone. I could easily tell it’s been an uncomfortable few nights. I asked how they felt and I told them I lived across the street. Immediate surprise washed over the young man’s face. He said, “You must hate us. But no one honks past 6pm!” That’s true. As someone who lives right on top of the convoy, there is no noise at night. I said, “No, I don’t hate anyone, but I wanted to find out about you.” The two were from Sudbury Ontario, having arrived on Friday with the bulk of the truckers. I ask what they hoped to achieve, and what they wanted. The young woman in the passenger seat moved forward, excited to share. They said that they didn’t want a country that forced people to get medical treatments such as vaccines. There was no hint of conspiracy theories in their conversation with me, not a hint of racist overtones or hateful demagoguery. I didn’t ask them if they had taken the vaccine, but they were adamant that they were not anti-vaxers.

The next man I ran into was standing in front of the big trucks at the head of the intersection. Past middle age and slightly rotund, he had a face that suggests a lifetime of working outdoors. I introduced myself and he told me we was from Cochrane, Ontario. He also proudly pointed out that he was the block captain who helped maintain order. I thought, oh no, he might be the one person keeping a lid on things; is it all that precarious? I delicately asked how hard his job was to keep the peace but I quickly learned that’s not really what he did. He organized the garbage collection among the cabs, put together snow removal crews to shovel the sidewalks and clear the snow that accumulates on the road. He even has a salting crew for the sidewalks. He proudly bellowed in an irrepressible laugh “We’re taking care of the roads and sidewalks better than the city.” I waved goodbye and continued to the next block.

My next encounter was with a man dressed in dark blue shop-floor coveralls. A wiry man of upper middle age, he seemed taciturn and stood a bit separated from the small crowd that formed behind his cab for a late night smoke. He hailed from the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. He owned his own rig, but he only drove truck occasionally, his main job being a self-employed heavy duty mechanic. He closed his shop to drive to Ottawa, because he said, “I don’t want my new granddaughter to live in a country that would strip the livelihood from someone for not getting vaccinated.” He introduced me to the group beside us. A younger crowd, I can remember their bearded faces, from Athabasca, Alberta, and Swift Current Saskatchewan. The weather had warmed, and it began to rain slightly, but they too were excited to tell me why they came to Ottawa. They felt that they needed to stand up to a government that doesn’t understand what their lives are like. To be honest, I don’t know what their lives are like either – a group of young men who work outside all day with tools that they don’t even own. Vaccine mandates are a bridge too far for them. But again, not a hint of anti-vax conspiracy theories or deranged ideology.

I made my way back through the trucks, my next stop leading me to a man of East Indian descent in conversation with a young man from Sylvan Lake, Alberta. They told me how they were following the news of O’Toole’s departure from the Conservative leadership and that they didn’t like how in government so much power has pooled into so few hands.

The rain began to get harder; I moved quickly through the intersection to the next block. This time I waved at a driver in one of the big rigs. Through the rain it was hard to see him, but he introduced himself, an older man, he had driven up from New Brunswick to lend his support. Just behind him some young men from Gaspésie, Quebec introduced themselves to me in their best English. At that time people started to notice me – this man from Ottawa who lives across the street – just having honest conversations with the convoy. Many felt a deep sense of abuse by a powerful government and that no one thinks they matter.

Behind the crowd from Gaspésie sat a stretch van, the kind you often see associated with industrial cleaners. I could see the shadow of a man leaning out from the back as he placed a small charcoal BBQ on the sidewalk next to his vehicle. He introduced himself and told me he was from one of the reservations on Manitoulin Island. Here I was in conversation with an Indigenous man who was fiercely proud to be part of the convoy. He showed me his medicine wheel and he pointed to its colours, red, black, white, and yellow. He said there is a message of healing in there for all the human races, that we can come together because we are all human. He said, “If you ever find yourself on Manitoulin Island, come to my reserve, I would love to show you my community.” I realized that I was witnessing something profound; I don’t know how to fully express it.

As the night wore on and the rain turned to snow, those conversations repeated themselves. The man from Newfoundland with his bullmastiff, a young couple from British Columbia, the group from Winnipeg that together form what they call “Manitoba Corner ” all of them with similar stories. At Manitoba Corner a boisterous heavily tattooed man spoke to me from the cab of his dually pickup truck – a man who had a look that would have fit right in on the set of some motorcycle movie – pointed out that there are no symbols of hate in the convoy. He said, “Yes there was some clown with a Nazi flag on the weekend, and we don’t know where he’s from, but I’ll tell you what, if we see anyone with a Nazi flag or a Confederate flag, we’ll kick his fucking teeth in. No one’s a Nazi here.” Manitoba Corner all gave a shout out to that.

As I finally made my way back home, after talking to dozens of truckers into the night, I realized I met someone from every province except PEI. They all have a deep love for this country. They believe in it. They believe in Canadians. These are the people that Canada relies on to build its infrastructure, deliver its goods, and fill the ranks of its military in times of war. The overwhelming concern they have is that the vaccine mandates are creating an untouchable class of Canadians. They didn’t make high-falutin arguments from Plato’s Republic, Locke’s treatises, or Bagehot’s interpretation of Westminster parliamentary systems. Instead, they see their government willing to push a class of people outside the boundaries of society, deny them a livelihood, and deny them full membership in the most welcoming country in the world; and they said enough. Last night I learned my new neighbours are not a monstrous faceless occupying mob. They are our moral conscience reminding us – with every blow of their horns – what we should have never forgotten: We are not a country that makes an untouchable class out of our citizens.

(12) Religious leaders of Quebec ask government to remove vaccine passports for religious services

The government of the Canadian province of Quebec imposed a vaccine passport mandate on places of worship. A group representing leaders from the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim communities has asked the government to lift that mandate.

Places of worship were allowed to reopen for the first time since December. However, they are now required to demand proof of vaccination from congregants.

The Assembly of Quebec Catholic Bishops expressed their support for the measure. However, the Table interreligieuse de concertation du Québec said some members “express deep discomfort with the imposition of the vaccine passport at the entrance to these essential places, whose mission involves unconditional reception.”

The Catholic bishops are also represented by the Table Table interreligieuse de concertation du Québec.

The statement from the Table to the Montreal Gazette read: “The imposition of the vaccine passport represents a considerable problem for several communities of faith, even if some of them accept it as a compromise granted temporarily in the name of the common good.

“The Table would like this obligation to be lifted as soon as possible for all places of worship and that religious gatherings be governed by rules similar to those of community self-help and support groups, for which no vaccination proof is required. An acceptable temporary compromise would be to return to the rules that prevailed until mid-December 2021, which gave communities the choice to request the vaccine passport or not. Each option implied that a distinct number of people could be admitted to the place of worship.

“Reception in places of worship is generally carried out by volunteers, motivated by their faith and their concern for others. Since the start of the pandemic, these volunteers have been explaining and enforcing the health protocols established in collaboration with public health (wearing a mask, distancing, hand washing, etc.)”

Many of these volunteers find it inconceivable to find themselves in the legal obligation to refuse access to a place of prayer, meditation, and communion, to anyone who does not have a valid vaccination passport.

The Table also noted that some communities of faith are opposed to vaccines.

“The members of the Table also note that the question of the vaccine passport deeply divides certain communities of faith. It, therefore, invites all communities and all people of faith to show patience and solidarity with each other in these difficult times for all.”

(13) Miscellaneous videos worth viewing

Corporal Bulford resigns from his position of personal security of Trudeau:

Canadian Firefighter FIRED for making this video – Peter van Oordt – Puslinch Fire & Rescue Ontario

Brian Peckford: Talks about Canadian Charter Rights & Freedoms

RCGT Park: Breaking news police confiscating fuel supply from new base camp 2-6-2022

Freedom Convoy brings Canadians together

“We came from communism. We want a free country.”

Pat King – Interview with Trudeau’s Half Brother

Canadian Freedom Convoy! The People Have Spoken! (Explicit)

Freedom Convoy 2022 Has Taken The World By Storm!

YMCA Dance in Ottawa:

Trucker Convoy In Ottawa Being Starved Of Resources!

What Canadian Elected MPs and Transport Ministers are Saying about the Freedom Convoy 2022

Freedom Convoy 2022 Press Conference (audio problems fixed 5 minutes into video)

False Accusations on Freedom Convoy 2022 Explained

Ottawa Government Paying Hotels To Not Rent Rooms at The Freedom Convoy?



The Beijing Olympics Will Embolden the CCP, Just as the Berlin Games Emboldened Hitler. The Winter Olympics, or as some prefer, “the Genocide Games,” are in progress in Beijing, with participation from 91 countries. I generally eschew hyperbole, but my mind keeps straying to the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, the first time in Olympic history that a boycott was proposed—but failed to launch—on human-rights abuse grounds. Hitler took international rejection of the boycott as a sign that his persecution of Jews and expansionist policies would be tolerated if he accelerated them after the Games. He was right . . .

For years, the world has watched the slow-moving ethnic cleansing of the Uyghur Muslims, through confinement in re-education camps, forced abortions, and sterilizations. A government program amounting to a mass rape has Party cadres cohabiting with Uyghur families to speed assimilation. The U.S. State Department has determined that taken together, these policies constitute genocide and crimes against humanity. But if even genocide and crimes against humanity are insufficient to trigger meaningful, non-violent action that would shame the perpetrators, then what good is this declaration other than to dumb down such definitions and/or to admit Western impotence?

Related: CCP using Covid restrictions to cheat in Olympics: China Accused of Using COVID Quarantines to Rig Olympics

(14) Trudeau Government Threatens to Criminally Target Americans Who Donated to the Freedom Convoy 2022

[This is a real sign of desperation!]

The Trudeau government is now threatening Americans who donated to the massive GoFundMe to support the Freedom Convoy 2022.

[And some American states are going after GoFundMe for fraud!]

The grassroots movement raised $10 million dollars until GoFundMe took it down and announced they would steal the donations and turn it over woke groups of their choosing. GoFundMe later backed down after several US Attorneys General announced they will open investigations on the radical leftist company.

On Monday Canadian officials said they will investigate Americans who donated to the Freedom Convoy 2022. They say they will look at “the intent” of the donors who were trying to undermine public safety. It’s not clear how they are going to prove intent of the donors but certainly, the FBI will be more than happy to help out.

Via Conservative Treehouse.

TRENDING: BREAKING BOMBSHELL: Fusion GPS Didn’t Only Work on Steele Dossier, They Worked on Nearly Every Key Anti-Trump Narrative Coming from DOJ and Mueller Gang

Reading from a prepared statement, Justin Trudeau’s Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino stated the Canadian government intends to target any American who may have donated to the Freedom Convoy protest effort.  Apparently, the Canadian government wants to scare Americans away from donating to support the Freedom Protest in Ottawa.  [Full Presser Video Here]

Minister Mendicino identified the Ottawa protest group as a “violent”, “hate” group.  The Ottawa truck drivers were described as an “angry, loud, intolerant and violent crowd,” who “threaten the national security of Canada.”

Below: a sing from a convoy in New Zealand, in response to PM Jacinta Arden, who is one of the ideological Covid tyrants like Trudeau or Australia’s government.

New Zealand convoy protesters clog streets near Parliament ...

Trucker Convoy 2022 - Matt Orton's Blog

(15) A message from No More Lockdowns

Last weekend, MPP Randy Hillier and No More Lockdowns Canada organized a series of tractor convoys to downtown Ottawa in support of the truckers. This weekend, we’re doing it again,  by organizing a “Blue Collar Convoy” of working class Canadians and their work vehicles headed  for downtown Ottawa. Join us this Sunday February 13th for another weekend of activism.

To join with our Blue Collar Convoy, please visit our facebook page. Bring your hard hat and safety vest! Detailed route information for multiple convoys can be found in the events section for the page. Tag & Invite your friends, like and share, join the public facebook group.

The Freedom Convoy continues to hold strong in Ottawa, and many more demonstrations are happening at every provincial capital and at border crossings across the country.  Since the convoy has been in place, we have witnessed rapid changes in the political environment throughout Canada.

Since we called for a motion of non-confidence; Erin O’Toole has been removed as leader of the CPC. The Quebec government removed taxing the unvaccinated citizens. Premier Scott Moe of Saskatchewan has dropped vax mandates and a path for removing all COVID-19 restrictions, and PEI soon to follow. Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has ended the vax pass. And finally, we have witnessed a Liberal MP, Joël Lightbound, breaking ranks from Justin Trudeau and speaking out against mandates. 

The freedom movement is on a decisive path to victory, and we must continue to hold the line. No More Lockdowns Canada will continue to play a leading role in supporting these efforts to fully regain the freedoms that our governments stole from us these past 2 years.

(16) Why Weren’t These Vaccines Put Through the Proper Safety Trials For Gene Technology, Asks a Former Pharmaceutical Research Scientist The Daily Skeptic 7 February 2022 by Dr. John D. Flack

This article by the daily skeptic does a great job at documenting that appropriate studies have not been done and even attempts to answer the question why:

Are we perhaps clutching at straws too in claiming that these ‘vaccines’ are preventing serious disease and death? Have we not learnt anything over the past two years in treating Covid symptoms with conventional therapeutic drugs?

Perhaps this has driven Big Pharma to pursue a new more profitable model based on protecting the healthy rather than treating the sick? Enter the era of the gene-based ‘vaccines’. The new technologies have had a long and difficult gestation period with several stillbirths. But perhaps their time had come with the ‘unprecedented’ virus from the East. A declared worldwide health emergency demanded a technological response, and it was there in waiting. But have we been blinded and duped by technology and lost sight of the end game of providing safe and effective medicines? Was it a judicious use of the PCR, rapid antigen test technology and information APP technology to drive the test and trace fiasco?

Was the gene technology ready to be used in a mass world-wide vaccination programme without a thorough examination of the potential problems of short- and long-term safety of this previously untested technology?

In my view, technocracy has trumped the sound principles, established over decades and centuries, of basic medical practice, immunology, virology, pharmaceutical sciences and public health generally. In the process, political democracy, personal freedoms, free speech and choice have been dangerously sidelined and even censored.

(17) Indiana life insurance CEO says deaths are up 40% among people ages 18-64.

The head of Indianapolis-based insurance company OneAmerica said the death rate is up a stunning 40% from pre-pandemic levels among working-age people.

“We are seeing, right now, the highest death rates we have seen in the history of this business – not just at OneAmerica,” the company’s CEO Scott Davison said during an online news conference this week. “The data is consistent across every player in that business.”

OneAmerica is a $100 billion insurance company that has had its headquarters in Indianapolis since 1877. The company has approximately 2,400 employees and sells life insurance, including group life insurance to employers nationwide.


(18) Bill Gates’ email: My new pandemic book is coming soon

[I might get it just in order to understand what madness he has in store for us next. The fact that he is speaking of a “next pandemic” should frighten all of us — not because of the disease, but how he and the worlds’ governments will use it to further control us and ruin our lives. I really do believe we have to arrest and put all these guys on trial for crimes against humanity before they can do it again] At the end of his email he says “Thank you for being an Insider.”


(19) Don’t Look !! Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec —The Hypocrites Begin To Dismantle Their Unconstitutional Measures! And The Mainstream Press Creeps Back In


Have you ever seen anything like it?

Double crosser Kenny, double speak Moe , and that guy in Quebec LeGault who doesn’t know where he is on most days , are dropping their unconstitutional Provinces’ mandates etc .

So while we are at the beginning of the end for unconstitutional measures we are almost at the beginning of the beginning to restore our Democracy.

We must show that what these ill informed , one size fits all , so called leaders , violated our Charter of Rights and  Freedoms. That using Section 1 of the Charter as they did was not what was intended. That even if Section 1 applied the leaders failed the tests in Section 1. 

Without a restoration of the Charter we will have failed the first big democracy test under it. 

Let there be no mistake this misuse of the Charter is one of the gravest acts against our democracy since the country was formed in 1867.

And the mainstream press are so soft —-even in the face of the country’s leader calling some of his citizens racists and misogynists . Their refusal to deal with the Charter head on also shows their cowardice and lack of understanding of the Supreme Law of the Land. They demean the very word democracy . 

Please stop the foolishness Darren.

Talk to the Freedom Convoy Leaders. Call for a public discussion of the science and medicine behind your government’s COVID response. There are top-level doctors and scientists connected to the Freedom Convoy like Dr. Paul Alexander and Dr. Roger Hodkinson. They, in turn are connected to thousands of doctors and scientists that can give you alternative, creative solutions.

The convoy is not just truckers. It is all of us supporting them.

Please reply and indicate how you intend to be a solution to Canada’s COVID mess.


(20) Pastor Artur Pawlowski reacts to most recent arrest

[How many times has Pastor Artur been arrested now? Four times. All for daring to stand up the medical tyranny. At this point, it’s just harassment]

Pastor Artur Pawlowski was recently arrested yet again by police, this time after attending a rally in Leduc, Alberta. He was released shortly thereafter, and this time around he was not forced to spend the night in jail.

Pawlowski was pulled over while driving home and the arresting officer informed him that a warrant for his arrest had been issued by Calgary police for a series of charges including disturbing the peace and trespassing. After a brief conversation with the officer, the pastor was placed in the back of a police cruiser before being released after agreeing to appear in court.

We met with Pastor Artur Pawlowski at a massive Calgary rally in support of the truck convoy that has rolled into Ottawa opposing vaccine mandates.

Pastor Artur filled us in on all the details of the arrest, including the apparently-bogus trespassing charges levied against him for attempting to collect his mail from a Canada Post office without a mask, despite him having a medical exemption.

According to Artur, he was never served notice that he must leave. In fact, he himself contacted the police seeking help in an effort to retrieve his mail. Pastor Artur filed a human rights complaint about his being refused access to his own mail and thought that was the end of it, but instead, police decided to put out a warrant on him.

This is the fourth arrest of Pastor Artur since the onset of COVID-19 nearly two years ago. It is a ridiculous and targeted campaign of harassment that, despite international embarrassment, shows no sign of slowing down.

Fortunately, and thanks to your incredible support at, Artur knows he is never alone.

Through this crowdfunding initiative, we are able to keep the brilliant Sarah Miller, who has been serving as legal counsel to Artur at no cost to him since his first arrest, working hard to keep Pastor Artur out of jail. Please go to now if you can chip in a few dollars to help.

(21) Why do intelligent people fall for medical tyranny? A good answer

[I did not write this; I found it online. It’s worth sharing]

The question is not why most people, even highly intelligent people, have fallen for the COVID-19 scam, but why others have been able to shake off the constant deluge of propaganda.

I’m sure that most people reading this are familiar with the concepts of cognitive dissonance, and confirmation bias. These and many other endemic warpings of human thinking, presented and illustrated most fully in Nobelist Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking Fast and Slow, go a long way to explaining why intelligent people, and even experts, routinely go off the rails and get things wrong.

Furthermore, the fact that all of us are at bottom animals who are motivated and largely directed by our emotions (in this case fear being the dominant one), which constantly threaten to swamp our rational thinking, take us the rest of the way.

The split brain studies of Roger Sperry and Michael Gazzaniga have shown that what humans are really good at is, not reasoning, but rationalizing: confabulating stories and arguments on the spot to justify what our emotion-directed unconscious makes us want to do.

The more intelligent among us are better than the less intelligent at doing this, and thus in convincing themselves and others that their spontaneously emerging, yet half-baked, opinions are valid.

To fully realize our humanity is to learn to think critically, not only about the viewpoints that are constantly being foisted on us, but even about the opinions that we ourselves have accepted and taken to heart. As Nietzsche put it (my paraphrase): It’s not having the courage of one’s convictions [that’s admirable], but rather having the courage to challenge one’s convictions.

But doing this requires an uncommon amount of mental development (not just IQ intelligence), but even more, high standards of intellectual integrity that few people develop, especially in our [increasingly] degenerate society.

In fact, all of our social institutions and especially our educational establishments, have done all they could to stifle critical and creative thinking about what “everyone knows”, and the longer one has spent in the government madrassahs, the less likely that even the most mentally gifted of us are to have developed, or retained, minds of our own.

It follows from this critique that when we come out on the other side of the looming collapse of our society, that a radical reformation of our system for schooling our youth needs to be among the first orders of business.

Even though we humans have brains that fall for certain characteristic illusions, there is no reason we can’t learn to identify and surmount illusory thinking of all kinds. For example, as Dorothy L. Sayers discovered in her research into medieval schooling (and recommended as a corrective for our own), the pre-eminent subject for secondary school education was the study of rhetoric (including simple syllogistic logic): the art of persuading people with words to believe whatever we wish them to believe.

To this I would add the study of statistics, so that otherwise intelligent people aren’t so easily taken in by the skilled liars with numbers. If high school graduates were proficient in both rhetoric and statistics, and their abuses, they, at least, could reasonably be trusted to vote, to sit on a jury, and to occupy a responsible job, which only a minority of people (including us) are qualified to do today, regardless of their IQs or their advanced degrees.

(22) Liberal MP Joel Lightbound Shows Significant Political Courage & Pushes Back Against Trudeau’s Divisive Approach

by Spencer Fernando

In yet another significant development in the rising revolt against authoritarianism in Canada, Liberal MP Joel Lightbound has broken ranks with Justin Trudeau’s divisive approach.

In remarks in Ottawa, Lightbound spoke in nuanced terms.

He both called out what he disagreed with in the protest, and sharply critiqued the approach being taken by the Liberal government.

It must be said that he has shown immense political courage in this instance.

He also acknowledged that the Liberal government made a deliberate decision to wedge and divide Canadians ahead of the election:

“Liberal MP Joël Lightbound calls out Justin Trudeau, saying that the “policies of my government changed drastically on the eve, and during, the last election campaign.” Lightbound says that “a decision was made to wedge, to divide and to stimatize.””

Lightbound also says there are others in the Liberal Caucus who agree with him:

“”I made my views known in caucus many times,” Quebec Liberal MP @JoelLightbound says he’s still hopeful that the government will change course. He says there are other Liberal MPs who share his discomfort with how the Trudeau government has divided Canadians.”

Here are some key parts of what he said:

“I’ve heard from parents worried to see their kids sink into depression and slowly lose their joy of living. I’ve heard from pediatricians in tears telling me about their young patients’ despair, anxiety, isolation, as well as the stunning increase in school dropouts they are observing. I’ve heard from artists are on the brink of mental and financial collapse after two years, barely enough work to get by. I’ve heard from social workers answering suicide hotlines who are overwhelmed by the number of calls they’re receiving. I’ve heard from entrepreneurs and restaurant owners who are contemplating losing but they’ve spent their whole lives building — that’s when it hasn’t happened already.

I’ve heard from fellow Quebecers who are rightfully appalled that in our province 2022 we’re locking up triple vaxxed seniors for days on end. I’ve heard from fellow Quebecers appalled that in Quebec, January 2022, we have locked up kids aged six to 10 years old for up to 10 days in windowless rooms. Kids who tested negative who had no symptoms, who had been in contact with someone, though, who had the virus.

So let me repeat in Quebec in 2022 we locked up kids aged six to 10 for up to 10 days in windowless rooms.

Let that sink in. This was a public-health measure that had been drafted, approved and applied. I’ve heard from people worried that we seem collectively to have forgotten the population’s health is kind of like a pie, and Omicron is but a slice of that pie. Economic health, social health, mental health must be accounted for.”

Later, he said this, about how Canadians are confused watching our government act so differently than much of the rest of the world:

“They’re confused when they see the undeniable trend around the world whereby, for instance, the World Health Organization recently recommended dropping or alleviating many border measures, including vaccine requirements, as they’ve proven to be ineffective in fighting the propagation of the Omicron variant. That’s the World Health Organization.

They’re confused when they see countries around the world like Ireland, Sweden, Norway, (inaudible), the Czech Republic, Brazil, Denmark, Spain and the U.K., who have either dropped almost all restrictions or fast moving in that direction. All countries, I note, with lower vaccination rates than us.

Now while folks are hearing and seeing all of this, they’re left rightfully wondering, ‘where the hell are we heading here in Canada?’”

Later, Lightbound calls on the government to provide a roadmap to lift all restrictions:

“First, I believe the government should provide quickly a roadmap with clear and measurable targets (to) lift all restrictions within its purview. To be clear, I do not necessarily believe that all measures should be lifted immediately. But I do believe that we must have a clear and measurable benchmark for when measures will be lifted. For instance, at what point can we lift restrictions while respecting the capacity of the provinces’ health-care systems?

Second, I believe that if more and more Canadians find it hard to comply with the restrictions, it’s not because they lack solidarity. It’s because increasingly Canadians don’t understand the measures. And they don’t understand them because governments no longer care to explain them. It’s a lot easier to comply when you understand, particularly when these restrictions impact your day-to-day life.”

He then rips the vaccine mandate for truckers as a policy that even goes against WHO recommendations and which has caused higher inflation:

“The vaccine requirement for truckers to me is a good example. And if we forget about the demonstrations, and we forget about the convoy for just a second, and look at that policy for what it is. This is a policy that now goes against the World Health Organization’s recommendation and for which no epidemiological studies and projections have been provided.

While the industry is clear, when this measure took effect, the price of transport for fresh products from the United States went up by 15 to 20 per cent on average. Now I understand there are many factors contributing to inflation, but inflation happens over time, not overnight. This is not a small consequence, given that Canadians are already facing the highest inflation in 30 years. And unfortunately, it affects more of the most vulnerable amongst us.”

He concludes by calling for a unifying approach:

“Last, I think it’s time to stop dividing Canadians, to stop pitting one part of the population against another. I can’t help but notice with regret that both tone and the policies of my government changed drastically on the eve and during the last election campaign.

From a positive and unifying approach, a decision was made to wedge to divide and to stigmatize. I fear that this politicization (of) the pandemic risks undermining the public’s trust in public-health institutions. This is not a risk we ought to be taking lightly.

And this last year, Canada has reached one of the highest levels of vaccination in the world, something we should be proud of. It is something we should be celebrating. Yet here we are more divided than ever.

Time to stop with the division and the distractions. It’s time to choose positive, not coercive methods. It’s time to unite. Finally, why am I alone voicing these concerns publicly today? I can tell you that I’m not the only one who feels varying degrees as I do within our ranks.

I remain hopeful this call for more humanism, for more reason, for more hope will be heard. Thank you all for your attention.”

Significant political courage

At a time when the establishment media and the Trudeau government are trying to demonize the truckers and dismiss anyone who questions government policy, Lightbound is going in the opposite direction.

He gave the speech that Justin Trudeau should have given, and in breaking with the divisive approach of Trudeau has chosen to put the interests of the country ahead of his own political interests.

As Tristan Elliott said on Twitter, Lightbound has shown more political courage than much of the CPC Caucus:

“So basically, a Liberal MP from Quebec, @JoelLightbound, has been braver than half the CPC caucus, and our entire Quebec caucus. Do I have that right?”

MPP Roman Baber also praised Lightbound:

“MP @JoelLightbound is a hero. He wasn’t afraid of the party leader or damaging his career. He put people before politics.

I hope that @JustinTrudeau will not remove Joel from caucus like @fordnation removed me for opposing the lockdown. Listen to this gentleman.”

A changing nation

In the past weeks, we’ve watched as Canadians – known for being submissive and meek before authority – awaken to a newfound strength and willingness to speak our minds and push back against the government.

The Convoy, the rising power of Independent Media, the revolt in the CPC Caucus against O’Toole’s weakness, and now Joel Lightbound’s courageous remarks are all examples of how this country is changing, and how we are leaving the submissive attitude behind.

All of us – regardless of party – should stand together in support of our rights and freedoms and maintain the courage that is helping to put the corrupt authoritarians on the defensive.

Focused Protection: The Middle Ground between Lockdowns and “Let it Rip”

Second Liberal MP Publicly Questions COVID Policies

Feb. 9, 2022 – Liberal MP Yves Robillard is following his colleague Joël Lightbound in publicly criticizing his government’s COVID-19 policies, a day after Lightbound accused his party of politicizing the pandemic and using the issue of vaccination as a wedge to divide Canadians.

Robillard, who represents the riding of Marc-Aurèle-Fortin in Québec, told The Hill Times in an interview that Lightbound “said exactly what a lot of us think” and that he agrees with everything he said.

Lightbound had called a press conference on Feb. 8 in which he listed the harms caused by COVID-19 restrictions and proposed several solutions, such as creating a roadmap for the lifting of all restrictions under the federal government’s purview, such as vaccine mandates.

Robillard told The Hill Times he spoke with Lightbound on Feb. 9 and expressed his support. He said the two would be working together on the issue.

(23) Some recent True North reports

Below: an interesting and valuable analysis. The healthcare system in Canada is bankrupt, so something will have to change soon.

(24) A Brave New World Without Rights

Dropping Mandates Does Not Strip Government of the Ability to Do This Again

by Julius Ruechel, Feb 9, 2022

The ongoing Truckers for Freedom convoy in Ottawa has triggered a shockwave that is reaching all around the world. Even as our authoritarian federal regime continues to double down on measures and threatens to use brute force tactics against peaceful protesters, many provinces are nervously beginning to lay out a timeline for ending mandates.

But there is something important missing from the conversation surrounding the end of mandates. If the mandates are simply dropped today without calling out the underlying legal and ethical fallacy that was used to justify them, government overreach will have become normalized. We will be left without the legal protections to stop them from doing this to us again after the truckers go home.

All it will take to put us back in a cage is for the government to point at the next wave, the next virus variant, or the next non-Covid emergency. We will have normalized that our rights, our freedoms, our bodily autonomy, and even access to our lives are conditional privileges, subject to opinion polls and technocratic impulses, and that they can be withdrawn again at any time, “for our safety.”

In March of 2020, in violation of the principles embedded in our constitutions, governments around the world convinced citizens to give their leaders and public institutions the authority to overrule individual rights in order to “flatten the curve.”

That impulse went unchallenged under the false assumption that human rights violations could be justified as long as the benefits to the majority outweighed the costs to the minority. By accepting this excuse for overriding unconditional rights, we transformed ourselves into an authoritarian police state where “might makes right”. That is the moment when all the checks and balances in our scientific and democratic institutions stopped functioning.

Liberal democracy was built around the principle that individual rights must be unconditional. In other words, they are meant to supersede the authority of government. Consequently, individual rights (such as bodily autonomy) were meant to serve as checks and balances on government power. They were meant to provide a hard limit to what our government can do to us without our individual consent.

If the government cannot override your rights to bend you to its will, then it will be forced to try to convince you by talking with you. That forces government to be transparent and to engage in meaningful debate with critics. Your ability to say NO, and to have your choice respected, is the difference between a functioning liberal democracy and an authoritarian regime.

The natural instinct of fearful people is to control those around them. Unconditional rights force people to negotiate voluntary participation in collective solutions. Thus, unconditional rights prevent the formation of echo chambers and provide an important counter-weight to rein in uncontrolled panic.

When no-one has the option to use the brute force of State power to force others to submit to what they think is “the right thing to do”, then the only path forward is to keep talking to everyone, including to “fringe minorities” with “unacceptable views”. When we allow rights to become conditional, it is virtually a certainty that during a crisis, panicked citizens and opportunistic politicians will give in to their worst impulses and trample those who disagree with them.

Unconditional individual rights prevent governments from taking unwilling citizens on crusades. They prevent scientific institutions from transforming themselves into unchallengeable “Ministries of Truth” that can double down on their mistakes to avoid accountability. They ensure that the checks and balances that make science and democracy work do not break down in the chaos of a crisis. In the heat of an emergency when policy decisions are often made on the fly, unconditional rights are often the only safeguards to protect minorities from panicked mobs and self-anointed kings.

If we allow our leaders to normalize the idea that rights can be switched off during emergencies or when political leaders decide that “the science is settled”, then we are giving the government terrifying and unlimited power over us. It gives those who control the levers of power the authority to turn off access to your life. That turns the competition for power into a zero-sum game: the winners become masters, the losers become serfs. It means you can no longer afford to allow the other side to win an election, at any cost, nor agree to a peaceful transfer of power, because if you lose the winning team becomes the master of your destiny. And so, a zero-sum game of brutal power politics is set in motion. Unconditional individual rights are the antidote to civil war. Liberal democracy collapses without them.

Withdrawing mandates because “the Omicron variant is mild” or because “the costs of continuing the measures outweigh the benefits” does not undo what has been normalized and legitimized. If the legitimacy of mandates is not overturned, you will not be going back to your normal life. It may superficially look similar to your life before Covid, but in reality you will be living in a Brave New World where governments temporarily grant privileges to those who conform with the government’s vision of how we should live. You will no longer be celebrating your differences, cultivating your individuality, or making your own free choices. Only conformity will enable you to exist. You will be living under a regime in which any new “crisis” can serve as justification to impose restrictions on those who don’t “get with the program” as long as mobs and technocrats think the restrictions are “reasonable”. You will no longer be the master of your own life. A golden cage is still a cage if someone else controls the lock on the door.

Politicians and public health authorities MUST be forced to acknowledge that mandates are a violation of civil liberties. The public MUST be confronted by the fact that liberal democracy ceases to exist without the unconditional (inalienable) safeguards of individual rights and freedoms. The public MUST recognize that science ceases to function when mandates can be used to cut off scientific debates. Our governments and our fellow citizens MUST be made to understand that unconditional rights are especially important during a crisis.

If the legal and ethical fallacies that were used to justify mandates are not called out as inexcusable violations of our constitutional rights, we will have inadvertently normalized the illiberal idea that, as long as someone in a lab coat says it’s okay, this can be done to us again, at any time, whether to fight the next wave of Covid, to take away freedoms to fight “climate change”, to seize assets to solve a government debt crisis, or simply to socially engineer outcomes according to whatever our leaders define as a “fairer and more equitable world”.
How we navigate the end of mandates determines whether we win our freedom or whether we allow our leaders to normalize a Brave New World with conditional rights that can be turned off again during the next “emergency”.

A reader’s comment:

I’m particularly pleased with the undercurrent in this essay where you (rightly) point out that the public is largely as responsible for this wave of tyranny as the government. The millions of masked Karens, so out of their mind with fear as to lock their children in bedrooms and car boots and duct tape masks to their mouths and call the police on elderly people gathering in groups larger than 5 to be dragged into the snow in the dead of night by police. In their desperation to be “saved” from “the deadliest pandemic in human history,” they applauded the shredding of constitutions across the first world.

My comments:

An example of the thinking of governments who impose mandates, below. This was just before Quebec dropped the proposed health tax in response to overwhelming public opposition. Had the populace been quiet, the Premier would have continued with the discriminatory health tax. Protest works. But as the author above states, governments can come back in the future to do the same thing. In fact Bill Gates has a book out now, on “the next pandemic.” They’re already planning the next one! In the meantime, they will try to crush the emerging freedom movement by painting it in the MSM as “extremist” and violent and “far-right”, “racist” etc.

(25) Media as a tool for the state to suppress freedom: another example

The mainstream/legacy media in Canada — and now in the U.S. — has untrue, alarmist headlines like this one regarding the convoy: “MSNBC: Canada’s ‘nationwide insurrection’ is bringing together an unlikely and alarming alliance.” One could list hundreds of such misleading stories. They are ubiquitous.

Now MSNCB, CNN, Washington Post, NYC, et al are against the protest — which tells millions of Americans who distrust the MSM that the Canadians truckers are the good guys. They hope to quell a similar freedom movement in the U.S. by painting it with the broad brush of “insurrection” – as they did with Jan. 6 protestors (some of whom are still in jail over a year later!)

There is no shortage of example of how the ruling class (who own the media) are misrepresenting the protest, which is overwhelmingly peaceful and not as they portray it. The people, after two years of government restrictions that made no senses (and did far more harm than good) simply want their freedom back.

The ruling class, through their propaganda machine, instead, stigmatizes and defames them. It made me think of other times in history when this has happened. The most recent example is the fight for freedom and democracy in Hong Kong. But in many other times and places, it’s been the same, even going back to the Reformation when the papacy attempted to quell a people’s movement seeking freedom from feudalism endorsed by the church in the name of stamping out religious heresy.

The media has often been the voice of the rich and powerful. But somewhere along the line there grew the tradition of the intendent journalist who told the truth the ruling class did not want told. In Canada, we have Rebel News and True North filling that role now. Alex Berenson, Spencer Fernando, and Tara Henley are other examples.

And now anyone can write a blog or post a video. This has those in power frantic to censor and silence the growing army of their critics. There are many of us. It will be interesting to see how they plan on doing that. I predict they won’t succeed in the end. The desire for freedom is too strong to crush with fear and censorship.

(26) International Group Of Attorneys Proceed With Covid-19 Crimes Against Humanity Grand Jury

[This is also called Nuremberg 2.0]

A group of attorneys from around the world have convened a model grand jury in Germany in order to provide testimony from various expert witnesses attesting to the crimes against humanity committed amidst government responses to covid-19.

• The various witnesses, consisting of professors, doctors, journalists, military, and government officials will testify regarding a number of topics including Project Dark Winter, psychological operations, economics, eugenics, and more.

A collective of lawyers and attorneys, and one judge, from around the globe representing an independent organization known as the Peoples’ Court of Public Opinion on behalf of the German based Corona Investigative Committee, have come together to begin criminal investigation proceedings to present what they allege to be evidence of crimes against humanity committed by policy makers in response of the covid-19 pandemic.

The Grand Jury is a model proceeding, meaning that at the present moment it holds no legitimate legal standing.

However, the aim of this undertaking is to provide to a grand jury, in this case the general public, throughout the proceedings, legal statements and evidentiary materials — including testimony, affirming that willful criminal activity took place on behalf of the accused.

Nuremberg 2: Corona Investigative Committee Grand Jury Statements Day 1

Nuremberg 2.0 – Reiner Fuellmich Corona Investigative Committee Day 1: Opening Statements, Experts & Evidence Submitted to the Public Grand Jury for International Courts over Coronavirus Measures. ft World Premier on Terrain Theory vs Germ Theory! February 6th 2022 Grand Jury Proceeding for Covid-19 Crimes Against Humanity – “The Court is Open”.

February 5th 2022 Attorney Reiner Fuellmich’s & Council Member Opening Statements @ Grand Jury, Court Of Public Opinion

Grand Jury | Tag 1 (German) ( – Grand Jury | Day 1 ( 

Version en français: Reiner Fuellmich s’adresse au Grand Jury. ( – Retrouvez-les vidéos sur

February 5th 2022 Before the International Criminal Court (ICC). The Corona Virus “Vaccines”. Nuremberg Code, Crimes against humanity, War Crimes and Crimes of Aggression”



(27) Facebook censoring DC (USA) convoy page, so organizers move to other platforms

US truckers slam Facebook for removing page organizing DC freedom convoy: ‘Censorship at its finest’ –Truckers plan to drive from California to Washington, D.C., in protest of vaccine mandates. | American truckers are following Canada’s lead and organizing a protest against vaccine mandates. The U.S. group’s Facebook page, however, was removed early Wednesday in a move that the organizer called “censorship at its finest.” The group, titled “Convoy to D.C. 2022,” acted as a place for truckers to plan and coordinate their trek from California to Washington, D.C. Jeremy Johnson, who set up the Facebook group, said his personal account was also removed, prompting him to contact a civil rights attorney to discuss the next steps. “They like to silence people that speak the truth,” Johnson said of his Facebook ban.

This is their video and announcement:

Convoy to DC – Live With Grassroots Organizers February 3rd, 2022

“The Facebook one will be taken down. they are making things vanish. Not new of course. Youtube is also starting to censor. Never keep all your eggs in one basket. To everyone one out there rescue the videos before they vanish. The Nothingness is about to take over again. They did that with anti-war stuff too [I guess they mean opposition to the pro-war rhetoric from the Democrats viz. Russia? or before that?] Very old this vanishing act of theirs is. Very Old indeed.”

[This is why it’s important to stand up for free speech]

Convoy to D-C 2022 new Telegram page
Convoy organizer Brian Brase on Facebook
Convoy organizer Brian Brase’s new GETTR page
FreedomConvoyUSA2022 on Instagram
ConvoyToSafeAmerica on Telegram
Canadian Freedom Convoy on Instagram
DVS7.0, a convoy organizer on Instagram
Attorney Leigh Dundas working with some of the American convoy organizers
Watch all my uncensored news coverage on my website and TV app
Ivory Hecker bitchute channel.

(28) Statement by pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson

Above: Ottawa interview Feb. 8th 2022 with Drs. Hodkinson [MD] and Alexander [MD] on why the mandates must come down. Here’s the Facebook link to video. And link to youtube video of the same.

It’s half an hour long. First, Dr. Alexander gives some details of his past. He was advising the Trump administration but broke with them over the mRNA injections. He then says that Omicron offers the exit strategy.

The virus, he says, follows an evolutionary path to survive by becoming milder (and more contagious) and not killing the host. This eventually provides us with herd immunity. “The government should accept this gift: this is your exit strategy.”

The truckers don’t just have common sense: they have the real scientific data behind them, he says. The PM is wrong to say that the ‘vaccines’ are way out of the pandemic. How is it that Trudeau took three shots and still was infected? His view “does not comport with the existing data.”

Data from Israel, UK — and many other countries — tell us that “the vaccine is not working and it carries risks: it has failed on Omicron [meaning that it doesn’t stop transmission or infection].

“The highest level of infections and hospitalizations and deaths now are among the double and triple vaccinated. They are getting more infected than the unvaccinated; they are harbouring massive viral loads and transmitting them.

[Though I don’t see the harm in that, if it ends up conferring herd immunity faster. Another point: natural immunity can last up to two years, according to one report. We should be treating it like any other mild respiratory disease (i.e., the common cold). [But of course governments are benefiting from the power they’ve stolen from us, through the illegal use of Emergency Orders, to bypass constitutional rights, so they’re not willing to give those powers up easily, and they have the corrupt media and (unfortunately) the police on their side. In other words, the entire weight and power of the establishment]

He says policies that Canadians can’t go on with the lives unless their vaccinated does not fit with the science. Everything the truckers have done turns on that simple statement.

The vaccines are non-sterilizing. They do not stop transmission or infection. You will never be able to cut the train of transmission … we have the ability to treat infections properly by means other than the ‘vaccine.’

[These are treatments that were actively – and criminally – supressed over the last two years, btw]

Below is a paraphrase of the testimony from Dr. Roger Hodkinson, who is a pathologist with several distinctions and honours.

He is one of many thousands of dissident physicians and scientists who are trying to tell the truth about the science, despite the massive censorship taking place.

He says “this never was a public health emergency. That was a lie. That gave them [the government] the excuse to introduce anything into the public that experimented. Witness now the vaccine. Before that we had these ridiculous mandates which everyone knew would fail: masks, social distances, hand sanitizing, travel bans, lockdowns, and now vaccines.

[My comment: this is because it’s medically impossible to contain contagious respiratory diseases; SARS-CoV2 apparently spread to where it wanted to go and was lethal mostly for those who had pre-existing conditions, in its original form; now the milder variant Omicron is largely non-lethal, so even if there was an emergency before (and there was not) there certainly isn’t now]

Every single one of those [restrictions] could have been predicted to fail. [See the Barrington Declaration, which did predict that]

They have not just failed. They have created gigantic stress and death, globally. A huge number of people have died because of the mandates: suicide, despair, bankruptcies.

Children losing so much of their essential educational experiences. Non-verbal communication. Being afraid of people, suspicious, afraid to hug people, crossing the road if they see someone with a mask. Children have suffered the brunt of this mad reaction. It will sadly be with them the rest of their lives . . .

[Related story: Children ‘Struggle to Recognize Masked Faces:’ Study]

The ‘vaccines’ were not needed because this never was a public health emergency. Some of the most esteemed epidemiologists have said this is nothing more than a bad seasonal flu.

The vaccines were not needed. They were introduced with great speed — within 9 months. Most vaccines go through a 5 to 10 year period of assessment. This was a brand new technology [mRNA spiked proteins] that was almost guaranteed to have serious complications but was introduced in a short period of time for a reason that was unneeded.

The vaccines have had terrible consequences. It’s not just that boys and soccer players died of myocarditis . . . [there are many known and documented harms and “adverse events” ]

What we don’t know [about the long-term consequences] is gigantic. For example, we don’t know the effect of this vaccine on fertility. We do know [from Pfizer data] that the vaccine selectively attacks the ovaries of rats. That should have been investigated before children started being injected.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 0fDG2iwPtvDuplz-jHha7TZuNtbN1qyv6xRehFC5SGInnGNFZVx29o_WHfO2k-7nrRqGhZlhSPcudh1ZwUaZWZBHMBOcm10gHrAe-5W08TXfeFBbdeRQZKPWN0BzxuXlzrk2n-xsyhvd-gngRrbiJg43VVdSsGhJ-JWVWAqCYf2eZV-AGZ4Hp_HsUNkoIS345rkEyO5LVgN1BWS7zqZjkMFFaSUVcNMNXsDMOC1LyYIWSrCCWcBfETiLU2xaiKWa1IWHPT35CmlspSWy9TyqzxniXxJ_RBsfBtSRKXt782fkSM6ymuli1TdOcShT2Ew1O4_Rfwbzod4_xCOOvbnuw3LKqQ=s0-d-e1-ft

[My comment: This information was released in early 2021 but was attacked by an army of ‘fact-checkers’ paid by Big Pharma, the Gates Foundation, Facebook, and other vested interests. It’s the Japanese bio-distribution study here. This is in Japanese. What it says is that vaccine-derived spike proteins could enter the bloodstream and settle on various tissues, particularly the ovaries.

Here I have listed a number of articles on my blog about the use of mRNA shots on children and why it’s wrong.

In a nutshell, they don’t need it for this particular disease – they are almost immune — and the potential negative side-effects that we do know of are serious and the long-term side effects unknown.

Yet there is right now a massive marketing campaign endorsed by governments to inject children – and even babies. The lack of oversight by state health officials is medical malpractice on an unprecedented institutional scale.]

We don’t know what the vaccines are doing to pregnant women and their babies. We haven’t a clue.

[He then brings up Thalidomide, brought to market for pregnant women and caused deformities, and is an example of a product with unknown side-effects being rushed to market for profit, followed by a cover-up – which was eventually stopped but not before many peoples’ lives were destroyed]

We don’t if it will bring cancers and heart failure and dementia in 10 or 20 years because of the test showing that there’s diffuse blood coagulation taking place in 60 percent of vaccinated people

[He’s referring to the “D-dimer tests show at least 62 percent of mRNA “vaccinated” patients have microscopic blood clots, reports Dr. Charles Hoffe M.D.]

And yet it’s being injected into billions of people for no good reason, despite a known terrible safety profile. This should stop immediately, as well as the vaccine passports.”


This is following the testimony of Dr. Paul Alexander who gives us details on the failure of the mRNA injections to stop transmission or infection.

Not only that but epidemiologists and government data from around the world now reveal that those who got vaccinated with this shot are more likely to get infected than the unvaccinated.

Which is of course the opposite of what people were led to believe. This is due to reduced immune levels, I suspect.

And it makes me worried for what will come next; that is, what may be planned next now that those who did this (the last two years) know that our fear of pathogens is a weakness they can exploit for money and power. This fear is our Achilles heel that some very bad people are using to try to enslave us into an authoritarian technocratic bio-security state. That truly is a threat to democracy.

The freedom movement that’s now emerged worldwide, which the ruling class is trying to crush with propaganda through the media, is a response to the common sense understanding that working-class people have that something’s fundamentally wrong and broken. And they’re right about that. Demanding back the constitutional rights that have been stripped from us in Canada is important.

The Emergency Orders need to be rescinded, as they have been in the UK. Trudeau is resisting because his power is threatened And the media are on his side because they’re owned by the same ruling elites that Trudeau himself works for. But as they tried to crush this movement and become more desperate and repressive, it only inspires others to join it.

(29) SJW counter-protests of freedom movement and hate speech against truckers

Angry anti-freedom protesters try to stop Vancouver’s Freedom Convoy
by Drea Humphrey, Feb. 8, 2022

On February 5th, Patriotic Canadians gathered across the country to attend convoys for freedom. Not everyone was pleased with the movement’s focus on ending segregation and authoritative COVID-19 policies in Canada. This includes a small, but loud, amount of counter-protesters who had made it their mission to come out and oppose Vancouver’s freedom convoy protesters.

According to a reddit thread that advertised the counter-protest, their primary goal was to “show the convoy that there are lots of people in the city who will loudly oppose them and their message” and to prevent the covoyers from ”turning left onto Broadway” to “limit their impact” on Vancouver General Hospital, and St. Pauls Hospital, despite the convoy having no intention of blocking traffic on their path from Langley, B.C. to their final destination, where they planned to loop around Vancouver CTV’s office on Robson street because they believe such media is partially to blame for the politicization of the COVID-19 virus.

Ironically, it was the small and mostly angry group of counter-protesters who blocked the convoyers at a Kingsway, and W Broadway intersection, preventing the freedom protesters and other drivers on the road.

One counter-protester, in particular, chose to block the busy street with her own body, and two children who appeared to be with her, and then turned violent by kicking one of the vehicles, and assaulting a driver trying to get through while calling him a white supremacist.

Eventually, the freedom conveyors turned around and found a different path to get to their destination which you will see in an upcoming report at Rebel News. For now, click here to see the madness that unfolded from the anti-freedom, counter-protesters.

If you appreciate that Rebel News reporters have been bringing you the other side of the story to the politically driven narrative of the Freedom Convoy’s across Canada, please continue to follow our regular updates and donate to help us continue to cover them at


And this my photo of the counter-protest in Halifax on Feb. 6, 2022. See photos of it here.

The signs say:
“This is what you look like [picture of KKK] You suck. No #FluTruxKlan”
“Honk if you’re scared of needles”
“Vaccine mandates save lives”
“We support the public health mandates and democracy”
“The are easier ways to say that you don’t care about other people”

They appear to be NDP supporters, SJWs (social justice warriors), many of whom are quite privileged and look down on working-class Canadians have who have borne the brunt of the lockdowns and mandates. I suspect that later in life, when they are more mature, some of them will look back on this moment with embarrassment. They have been indoctrinated into a hateful ideology, a kind of cult, but that doesn’t mean they will stick with forever.

Right now they’re spreading hatred and division, following the lead of Trudeau and NDP leader Jagmett Sign how referred to trucerks as “white supremacists.” So much for the NDP standing up fo rthe workigng class or social justice. It’s now a party of over-privealged elites who pretend to care justice.

As this article on The Religion of Leftism notes “While leftism may not require personal responsibility, generosity or morality, it does demand everything of its devotees. It aims to conform the mind, the heart and the soul fully to its agenda. There is no room in leftism for disagreement on abortion, gender, sexuality, immigration, race or economics. All reasoning must be guided by intersectionality. All thoughts must be centered on some vague notion of social justice. There is no tolerance for defection.”

Now mandates and the demand for loss of bodily autonomy is included in that list of correct thinking even if it conflicts with the affirmation of bodily autonomy re: abortion.

The article adds that Leftism “requires that you leave all moral, social and economic decisions up to the progressive powers-that-be. What they may soon realize, however, is that the government is not—and never has been—a merciful god.”

They are obedient to the state now, when there’s the promise of the Utopian Great Reset, and also because the health mandates are correctly viewed by them as a means for exercising control over others, as per the aphorism “inside over progressive is a totalitarian.”

But eventually, the system they create will consume them too: Leftism ultimately cannibalizes itself, as we already see with the attack on TERFS (trans-exclusionary feminists) and endless allegation of racism and sexual assault within the Left. It always devolves into an in-fight for power and prestige. Radical Leftism is an evil hate-filled ideology, one that Trudeau seems to have internalized as per his inflammatory and defamatory tweet about the truckers:

One of the signs above that says “vaccine mandates save lives” is absolutely false. So is the sign that implies that opposing mandates is selfish. One can also plausibly ague that the lockdowns and mRNA jabs killed far more people than they saved — especially now with Omicron.

Secondly, those who are part of the freedom movement are selflessly standing up for all Canadians everywhere who are being crushed under the weight of the mandates (through job loss, vaccine-related injury, mask mandates for children, etc). This is why so many people thank the truckers so profusely.

The truckers exemplify the Bible verse “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” John 15:13

This man below doesn’t quite fit into their narrative re: “white supremacy.” Nor does the fact that many supporters in Ottawa are immigrants and “persons of colour.”

Not that it matters anyway: it is by virtue of universal human rights that we’re all equal. See other people racially (as members of a race) is a form of collectivism or tribalism which denies their individuality. Critical race theory is racist and discriminatory, in other words.

The language against truckers, as with the unvaccinated, is getting extremely hateful and inflammatory. Those who promote or endorse this type of rhetoric — including Trudeau himself — are setting up the conditions for violence against truckers and their supporters. And as we’ve already seen, one protestor was run over by someone associated with Antifa.

The media are falsely portraying the truckers as hateful when they’re not, but they’re not reporting on the hate against truckers. As this article illustrates, the Associated Press said that ‘many people were outraged by some of the crude behavior.’ But there was no crude behaviour. It was lying. Our Prime Minister did this too. He smeared millions of Canadians – not just those in Ottawa, but the hundreds of thousands who waved them on and the ones who wished they could or hadn’t heard about it.  Soccer moms. Children. Teens. Natives. Restaurant owners. Shopkeepers. Hairdressers and tow truck drivers.”

This article in True North goes into the radical fringe Left rhetoric that uses the same kind of dehumanizing rhetoric used just prior the Holocaust. This was also used against the unvaccinated over the last year, online.

Anti-convoy hashtag dehumanizes truckers as “vermin, plague rats, white trash”

While overwhelming support for the Truckers for Freedom Convoy has poured in from across Canada, a malicious hashtag seeking to delegitimize the movement is exposing the deep hatred some opponents have for the convoy.

#FluTruxKlan has become a popular banner for those opposed to the hundreds of thousands of truckers and their supporters who are calling for an end to COVID-19 mandates and the deterioration of rights at the hands of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 

True North has found that in their attempts to accuse truckers of violence and racism, opponents of the Ottawa-bound convoy often used threats of violence themselves, as well as words like “vermin,” “plague rats,” “dirty,” “white trash” and other abhorrent terms.

The hashtag also showed signs of bot activity, with 33 accounts created in January, 256 accounts having fewer than 50 followers and 121 accounts following fewer than 50 users.

Twitter users who have levelled these accusations against their fellow Canadians have been egged on by legacy media reports painting the Freedom Convoy as so-called “white nationalists,” “far-right” and “domestic terrorists.” 

Mainstream journalists have paid no attention to the vitriol spread by the convoy’s opponents, but this hasn’t stopped them from cherry-picking a few bad actors who have used the peaceful protest to spread extremist ideas.

Convoy leaders have also distanced themselves from radicals seeking to attach themselves to the protest, claiming that those with extremist views are not welcome and should stay home. 

Threats of violence, calls for arrest of peaceful protestors

Threats of violence against truckers and their supporters are common among the anti-convoy crowd. Some have called for authorities to arrest them, for heavy fines and for truckers to lose their livelihoods.

. . . One woman using the hashtag explained how she taught he children to “punch Nazi’s” (sic) and those “espousing similar values” as the Freedom Convoy supporters.

Racist terms such as “white trash” made a frequent appearance.  Meanwhile, other Twitter users resorted to dehumanizing terms such as “vermin” and “ plague rats” to describe their fellow Canadians.

Others called the freedom protestors “revolting humans” and “disgusting creatures” for opposing vaccine mandates and the deterioration of human rights. One Twitter user even called the truckers “dirty, and gross and a biosecurity risk.” 

Accusations of treason and terrorism

Egged on by media reports comparing the convoy to the Jan. 6 United States Capitol attack, those who employed the #FluTruxKlan hashtag have also accused truckers and their supporters of being treasonous and engaging in domestic terrorism.

[the article gives screenshots of examples of all of the above]

(30) A letter to the Mayor of Ottawa from a Canadian citizen

[It’s a good letter, but after the way the Mayor has acted, I doubt he will listen. He has pretty much sealed in his legacy as one of the villains in this drama – although at the same time, I do hope he sees the error of his ways and repents for his actions, which are morally reprehensible. I have edited it down a bit]

Mayor Jim Watson and council,

The citizens of Canada are amazed at your negative response to the legitimate grassroots protest of Canadians in the Canadian National Capital.

We are amazed at your calling a “state of emergency” an event that clearly is not. This smacks of manipulation and deception to us who are watching you from across Canada, and the world for that matter . . .

It’s not about you and your city, it’s about the government ignoring our Canadian Bill of Rights and our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Please understand: this is about your rights and freedoms as well.

If we don’t have a right to disagree with the way governments have treated us for the last two years, if you continue to side with a government that is clearly stomping on democracy and freedom, and if they get away with it, then your rights and freedoms are also at risk. This should be a “red flag” to you!

Hear the words of Martin Niemoller who lived in the run-up years to the second world war when the red flags were waving:

  • First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.
  • Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.
  • Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.
  • Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Please rethink your stance. Please look up from your immediate personal perspectives and look at what is going on in Canada and other western countries. There is a clear assault on democracy. Please don’t help the assault.

We, free-thinking people across Canada and the world, are further nonplussed by the words used by Diane Deans, one of your council, to describe what will probably go down in history as one of the largest, best organized and peaceful demonstrations ever. Her words, which I do not even wish to repeat, were at best illogical and at worst inflammatory . . .

It’s time to stop this irresponsible and anti-citizen behavior. As you are all aware, I’m sure, these same tactics have been and are being demonstrated by the Prime Minister; but surely there is no need to follow such an egregious lead. We the people, are asking you to break with him.

Think of what’s at stake and stand up for the freedom of Canadian citizens. Please open your eyes. Freedom and democracy in Canada are under threat. Please ensure that that threat does not come from officials such as yourselves.

The citizens of Canada have had enough of removal of rights and freedoms in the name of a false emergency.  And you and your council have actually declared a further false emergency. Please understand how this looks to observers in Canada and around the world. Please realize you are doing exactly what got us here in the first place. STOP IT!

And by the same person this his political representative:

Hello, I am one of your constituents. It’s time to stand up for Canadians. One of your colleagues has already done so. Liberal MP Breaks Ranks, Calls for End of ‘Divisive’ COVID Policies.

We need leadership. Never mind party line. We, the people don’t care about that. We elected you to create an environment to help Canadians build a great Canada.

Your Government has only careened into an illogical one-track narrative that has not only been ineffective but has been downright damaging to Canada and Canadians. We want you to stop.

Stop your leader from threatening and insulting us. Many of us out here are flabbergasted at his divisive, unhelpful, backward, hateful and dangerous antics.

[If every Canadian who cared wrote letters such as this, the mandates soon be over. The government would have to capitulate to the people]

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mAO2ema2Z5C6xUzzOACZYIuZ3jtyRe144JTWWlavWgoXBCyF5QjsRS7mBYKmxpTheux4qD_aYtLfbj4d_LK1x7H6zwcOhU9-I9WQr2tkprYanhudpl1zUdxh75Jv6mL-_wTMY1wEYPAQUK4BUyZHO2wWZcQU5fWbb2sL0tioJ8jW-6QOYU1tFMB59zA7NyW541y8RAAum4CTkg6AidIVO3axLXBBkTcHXAe3X9LVRHlkP_AF4T6wFqhuqZkBAdi1ATmwwBeN-bbbUs_a-6z2JmLIV-Y0abFzXNKyxOTsa6SRLIh-fYioAuR5yUirFp79fUS6cbWV5s8NMQ_o4MtwNYi6Zg=s0-d-e1-ft

(31) German hospital bills show cases of serious vaccine injury increased twenty-fold

The German data analyst Tom Lausen has been evaluating the figures from hospitals, the Robert Koch Institute and the DIVI intensive care register since the beginning of the Covid crisis. In an interview with Milena Preradovic, he said he had calculated that based on the accounting data from German clinics, the experimental jabs have led to an alarming incidence of serious damage that has required medical treatment.

BERLIN – Hospital accounts show that in 2021 up to September more than 18 600 people with severe vaccination damage were treated in clinics. The figures from the end of the year are still unavailable. As a result, up to September alone, the cases of confirmed severe vaccine damage increased 21-fold compared to previous years.

According to Lausen, however, there haven’t been 21 times as many vaccinations as in previous years — so the difference cannot be explained by a mere increase in the doses of vaccine administered. The risk of serious side effects seems to be significantly higher with the supposedly safe Covid vaccines than with other vaccines — even if politicians and the established media try to dispute this.

At least 2000 adverse vaccination reactions were so serious that treatment in the intensive care unit was necessary. Lausen estimated that 500 to 700 more cases will be added through the end of the year. These alarming numbers do not include sudden deaths from the jabs.

Source: Free West Media via Peckford42

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