Photos of freedom rally in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Feb. 12, 2022

The rally, in downtown Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada) was held to support the freedom from tyrannical government mandates: mask and Covid vaccine mandates and passports.

This province still suffers from all three, needlessly. Nova Scotians are unique in Canada in suffering a ban on protests along the highways to support the freedom convoy: a little gift from our overly authoritarian Premier.

The event had roughly a thousand people at its peak but the mainstream media (CTV in particular) misrepresented it as having many fewer. They also gave an inordinate amount of attention to the small counter-protest at the fringes of the event.

Despite this, the feeling at the rally was celebratory and happy. The freedom movement is growing in leaps and bounds. Every time Trudeau speak against “the fringe minority” our numbers grow. Ironically, Trudeau has united Canadians against medical tyranny.

In a strange way he may have done more to spark a revival of Canadian patriotism than any politician in modern times — simply by being a tyrant and by trying to destroy Canada. It has awakened our love of Canada and the feeling that we need to save it from destruction.

Links to photos of previous freedom rallies in Halifax:

The rally started in Peace and Friendship Park downtown.

Above: Trudeau accused the freedom movement of holding “unacceptable views.”

Below: He also accused us being a “small fringe minority” even though the freedom movement in Canada now numbers in the millions.

Canadian flags on hockey sticks have become a favourite symbol of the movement.

A few policemen were there but these rallies are peaceful and there were no incidents.

There were numerous fur people in support of freedom

“Political dinosaurs love mandates.” That would make Premier Tim Houston and health commissioner for Nova Scotia, Robert Strang, political dinosaurs.

Above: Small Fringe Trucking Company

Above: there were several people who had taken the mRNA shots but object to the mandates. Freedom of medical choice is paramount in a civil society. Liberal democracies are predicated on the consent of the governed. If we do not consent, and are forced, that’s tyranny.

Above: This sign is a reference to a Christian argument against use of coerced mRNA injections, as per  1 Corinthians 3:16-17, 6:19 and 2 Corinthians 6:16. See this letter of exemption.

Above: more hockey stick patriots.

Below: these patriotic Canadians then marched from the park along Barrington street towards Halifax City Hall.

Above: “Stop violating the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. End Vaccine Mandates”

Above: verses from the Canadian National Anthem: “O Canada! Our home and native land! True patriot love in all thy sons command. With glowing hearts we see thee rise, The True North strong and free! From far and wide, O Canada, we stand on guard for thee. God keep our land glorious and free! O Canada, we stand on guard for thee. O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.”

Above: her sign is addressed to Trudeau.

Above: the sign says “Where there is risk, there must be choice.” The mRNA injections have a high-risk safety profile, with many known adverse events. They should not be coerced.

Above: Mr. Canada, a true patriot standing on guard.

Above: these gas cans are now a symbol of protest because the Ottawa police took away the truckers’ fuel.

Above: the freedom movement is diverse and includes people of different political views and lifestyles, including ethical veganism. See my article on Covid and animal rights.

Above: the sign says “No Dr. Strang, No Trudeau, No more government dictatorship.”

Above: Unacceptable Views Trucking

Above: “Division is not love. Segregation is not Canadian”

Above: this fellow is hitching a ride to Ottawa to join the movement there.

Above: “It’s not about health” This is a reference to the fact that the mandates are not really about protecting public health or fighting disease as much as they’re about profit and power for the ruling elite.

Above: the people with masks are employees of the mainstream media.

Above: there was some dance music and dancing.

Above: “Proud member, fringe minority”

Above: “Freedom isn’t free. Time to fight for it … again”

Above: There has been a First Nations presence at the freedom rallies.
Sorry for the poor camera focus in some of the shots,

This gentleman has a good sense of humour. We chatted for a bit. “Let’s go Brenda” is a play on “Let’s go Brandon.” I’ve also heard “Let’s go Brandeau.”

Above: “Enough is enough! End all mandates!”

Above: “Taking back our freedoms! We stand with freedom fighters!”

Above: “Integrity in Journalism”

There was a scuffle when a counter-protestor with a sign against “white nationalism” tried to storm the stage. You can see the edge of the sign. There were about half a dozen counter protestors but CTV tv misleadingly said there were “dozens” and at the same time tried to diminish our numbers in its biased report.

After the convoy, few people in Canada trust the legacy media anymore. It’s time for it to be defunded and held to account for its lies and deceptions — which robbed us our freedoms and killed many people in the process (through lockdown deaths and vaccine deaths).

Above: the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. “We bleed for thee” is a play on “we stand on guard for thee” in the National Anthem. Over the last two years an untold number of Canadians (thousands) died and suffered due to medical tyranny imposed on us from the ruling elites pursuing their Great Reset at our expense.

Above, right: activism against masking of children.

Above: chalking is a fun way to stand up for the truth.

Above: a message to the mainstream media

Above: This is a reference to Dr. Strang, on whose order Nova Scotia’s approximately one million people suffered two years of medical tyranny.

Above: see my article on why this comparison may be considered valid.

Below: a number of us starting walking south on Barrington because the police would not let the convoy of cars which stretched back a kilometer from getting to our location, so we walked to them and they honked.

Above and below: all these cars were there for freedom and were honking.

Above: this is a reference to the mainstream media lies.

Above: “Oh Canada. No to mandates. No to pass certificates” (vax passport)

Above: “save medically informed consent”

Above: “two years, too long. End mandates now”

Above: the Nova Scotia flag, as well as the Canadian flag.

Above: “There is no common sense in these mandates!”

Above: a convoy of cars in support of freedom, honking.

Above: the focus is off, but it says “My body my choice” and “Thank you Truckers”

Above: “I stand here today for a better tomorrow”

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