With new federal Emergency Act, Canada now officially becomes a police state dictatorship

Below: some police are quitting. Trudeau has gone too far.

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Ottawa freedom movement: hold the line!

There are three major developments in the last few days:

(1) On Feb 13th, at the Ambassador Bridge, police made 23 arrests and cleared some vehicles after a tense standoff, under a state of Emergency for the province of Ontario.

Premier Doug Ford on Ontario declared an state of emergency and promised “severe consequences” against truckers. In doing so, he sounded more like a third-world dictator than a leader in a liberal democracy. Ford has been one of the worst medical tyrants in the world.

(2) On Feb. 14th, there was a vote in Parliament on a bill on whether or not to end the mandates. 151 Conservatives and at least one Liberal MP voted for for it, and 185 Liberals, NDP and Greens voted against it. The mandates continued indefinitely.

The Bloc Quebecois joined the CPC in voting for the motion, which was defeated. Liberal MP Joel Lightbound supported the motion (to his great credit). 

(3) But far the biggest development is that Trudeau announced that he’s imposing the Emergency Act for Canada in order to deal with the trucker protest through the use of surveillance and police force and surveillance and seizing bank accounts and assets – and possibly military force.

All three developments are terrible for Canada and the world.

Emergency Orders to crush the freedom movement represents a new phase in the globalist plan

Rather than bring an end to the life-crushing medical apartheid many millions of Canadians continue to suffer under – which he could have done and should have done — Trudeau has taken a page from the Chinese Communist Party he so admires.

He has imposed a national state of emergency, giving the federal government unlimited powers to crush peaceful protests against his corrupt government.

In response, one of the convoy organizers, Tamara Lich, told fellow truckers to “hold the line.” The truckers to their credit understand that this has always been about fighting dictatorship and it could cost them everything. They are truly courageous.

Ezra Levant has a good spin on this. Here’s summary of what he says: “This is the greatest infringement on civil liberties in our history.”  Canada is now a true dictatorship.

For example, truckers are now “terrorists” and I am now a “terrorist financier” because I gave a small amount of money to the truckers so now my bank account can be seized.

I will likely be spied on too, and possibly fined or arrested for speaking up for freedom through this blog – which they would call “misinformation” because it defies the state narrative.

Homeland Security in the U.S. recently listed those who speak out against medical tyranny through “misinformation” as “domestic terrorists.” Now Trudeau will do the same, though that’s unconstitutional.

Constitutions apply to all people in a nation, universally, not just to those who vote for you or agree with you. Trudeau’s error is to exclude people he doesn’t like and see them as enemies to be destroyed.

Trudeau “is building a database of enemies” Levant says. “Banks will be ordered to seize the bank accounts of Trudeau’s enemies.”

The claim that this is temporary is false. They said it would be two weeks to flatten the curve. That was years ago. And yesterday they voted in Parliament against ending the mandates – i.e. to continue them. So mandates continue.

Provinces may scale back but Trudeau has found the pandemic politically useful, so I doubt he’ll give up the powers it confers willingly.

The CBC says this does not violate civil liberties. That’s such an obvious lie. The CBC is so utterly corrupt. So is the rest of the legacy media.

These are not journalists. They’re state propagandists, supporting dictatorship for a liberal democracy.

This could well lead to Western Canada splitting off from Canada and Canada breaking up: Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan.

It could also lead to China seeing its opportunity to finally take over Canada. They already have soldiers and billions of dollars invested in Canada and they are intent on world domination. The last I hope not, but it’s possible.

We can certainly expect riot police approach to Ottawa and Coutts, Alberta and wherever else the convoys are. New Zealand recently used violence against peaceful protestors by ‘kettling’ them and then arresting them — and also the arrests at the Ambassador Bridge.

Rather than meet with those objecting to endless mandates and restrictions — which clearly never were about public health to begin with — now the globalists have moved onto their next phase: police state repression of the growing freedom movement. They are supported by the corrupt legacy media in this.

The globalists feel threatened by the freedom movement and will use the media and police and bogus “emergency” powers to crush it. In doing so, they reveal their true intent: global tyranny. The entire pandemic was obviously the first phase in their plan to accomplish this.

From now on, globalist elitists in control of governments, police and media will face off the the global freedom movement and independent media.

This has been nonviolent on the part of the freedom movement but that may change if agent provocateurs in service to the state act violently. The state would like that. The state is bringing a massive threat of violence now — against peaceful protests.

The argument that such things “could never happen in Canada” no longer applies.

I am glad to see some of the Conservative premiers oppose Trudeau and hope this could spell an end to his reign.

After this move, he is deeply hated in Canada – but if he has dictatorial power and the use of the police, does it matter? Sadly, there are many people who support dictatorship here.

I am re-posting Epoch Times, True North video on it and a Rebel News articles on it. This is a good discussion from True North:

Below: comment by CPC MP Pierre Poilievre. He is good on all points except for his statement against blockades. He gives one hope that his part (CPC) may be able to force Trudeau to back down and end this and agree to end the mandates (one hopes). It’s hard to say at this point.

Comment (below) by opposition (CPC) leader Candace Bergen. She notes that JT’s approach is the wrong one and that Liberals were against the CPC motion to end the mandates. I’m not with her on wanting to end the protest but she is right that Trudeau’s approach is wrong. He’s made things worse, not better. I think his handlers see this as an opportunity to become a full-fledged dictatorship, a police state, necessary to implement the WEF/CCP vision that the last two years really about.

From MP Randy Hillier, who is an close ally of the trucker movement:

From Ezra Levant, a very good discussion (probably the best statement out, yet). He says it threatens civil liberties:

The Emergencies Act is martial law. But what’s happening in Canada is not an emergency:

Someone commented below this video: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” – John F Kennedy

and “This is a very sad day for the people of not only Canada, but also the western world. What is it with these power crazed politicians?”

From Rebel News:

Multiple Canadian premiers oppose Trudeau invoking Emergencies Act

Starting with Scott Moe, provincial premiers began speaking out against the federal government’s potential plan to invoke the Emergencies Act in response to Freedom Convoy protests.

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe has been making headlines recently, first for standing in support of the truckers convoy, then for being the first premier in Canada to announce an end to vaccine passports in their province.

A few other Canadian premiers followed shortly after, with Progressive Conservative Premier Heather Stefanson announcing the planned loosening of restrictions in Manitoba as well.

Now, both premiers, followed perhaps somewhat surprisingly by Quebec Premier Francois Legault, are taking a strong stance on the recent news that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is likely to invoke the Emergencies Act as a response to the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa and supportive protests happening across the country along the Canada-U.S. border.

Others premiers are rumoured to follow suit.

First, in a statement on Twitter, Premier Moe said:

The illegal blockades must end, but police already have sufficient tools to enforce the law and clear the blockades, as they did over the weekend in Windsor. Therefore, Saskatchewan does not support the Trudeau government invoking the Emergencies Act. If the federal government does proceed with this measure, I would hope it would only be invoked in provinces that request it, as the legislation allows.

The relatively new Conservative premier of Manitoba, Heather Stefanson, also put out an official statement this afternoon, sharing it on Twitter with the caption:

I am proud of Manitoba’s law enforcement officials and have full confidence in them to protect our communities. The proposal from the federal government to use the Emergencies Act is not helpful to the situation at the Emerson Border

Quebec Premier Francois Legault, who has been much more strict on COVID-19 restrictions and vaccine mandates, also spoke up, stating We don’t want it in Quebec territory.”

Later in the day, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney also announced his opposition to the use of the Emergencies Act.

“This morning I told Prime Minister Trudeau that Alberta’s government is opposed to the invocation of the federal Emergencies Act,” Kenney wrote on Twitter.

“We have all of the legal tools and operational resources required to maintain order. The Act would add no relevant additional powers or resources.”

While the country waits with bated breath for potential military involvement and enforcement in Ottawa and elsewhere, some convoy supporters are now likely breathing a small sign of relief that their premiers do not support this federal over reach upon citizens.

Douglas Murray on how globalist ideologues Jacinda Arden and Justin Trudeau are morally callous and willing to resort to violence to crush the working class and impose tyrannical rule over them:

President Xi will exploit Canada’s descent into dictatorship and make Canada a satellite of China:

Trudeau Declares State of Emergency Over Protests Against COVID-19 Mandates

by Noé Chartier and Omid Ghoreishi, Epoch Times, Feb. 14, 2022

The Canadian federal government has declared a state of emergency due to the ongoing protests against COVID-19 mandates and restrictions by truckers and their supporters.

In a press conference on Feb. 14, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the protests aren’t peaceful and are harming the economy, while measures are needed to strengthen law enforcement agencies.

[My comment: They are peaceful, actually. As for harming the economy, that’s a disingenuous concern, given that Trudeau’s lockdowns and mantes and profligate spending and irresponsible debt creation did far more harm to the economy than anything in recent memory.]

“On Friday, Ontario invoked a state of emergency to respond to the blockades. This was the responsible and necessary thing to do. Today, to continue building on these efforts, the federal government is ready to use more tools at its disposal to get the situation fully under control,” he said.

Trudeau said the application of the Emergencies Act will be limited in time and will be used in a targeted and proportionate fashion. He added that the act will be used to protect critical infrastructure such as airports and cross-border crossings.

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland announced a number of measures to reduce funding to the protests. These include broadening anti-money laundering measures to crowdfunding platforms and digital currencies. Banks will also be able to freeze accounts of entities involved in the protests.

Freeland also said that for companies whose trucks are used in blockades, their corporate accounts will be frozen and their insurance suspended.

Trudeau is the first prime minister to invoke the Emergencies Act.

In 1988, the Emergencies Act replaced the War Measures Act, which Trudeau’s father, then-Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, used in 1970 during the October Crisis when Quebec separatists kidnapped and killed Quebec cabinet minister Pierre Laporte.

The premiers of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Quebec stated that they don’t support the prime minister’s use of the act.

“We have all of the legal tools and operational resources required to maintain order. The Act would add no relevant additional powers or resources,” Alberta Premier Jason Kenney wrote on Twitter on Feb. 14.

“The illegal blockades must end, but police already have sufficient tools to enforce the law and clear the blockades, as they did over the weekend in Windsor,” Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe wrote on Twitter.

“Therefore, Saskatchewan does not support the Trudeau government invoking the Emergencies Act. If the federal government does proceed with this measure, I would hope it would only be invoked in provinces that request it, as the legislation allows.”

Manitoba Premier Heather Stefanson also wrote in a tweet that invoking such powers isn’t needed in her province.

“I am proud of Manitoba’s law enforcement officials & have full confidence in them to protect our communities. The proposal from the federal government to use the Emergencies Act is not helpful to the situation at the Emerson Border.”

Quebec Premier François Legault struck a similar stance, saying he doesn’t want the act to apply in Quebec, as it’s an unnecessary and divisive measure, reported La Presse.

In a press conference earlier on Feb. 14, Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich said the protesters will continue demonstrating until their demands are met.

“We will remain peaceful, but planted on Parliament Hill until the mandates are lifted,” Lich said.

Brian Peckford, former premier of Newfoundland who is acting as a spokesperson for the Freedom Convoy, said at the press conference that the protest in Ottawa has been peaceful and questioned the justification for declaring a state of emergency.

“Looking at the situation, especially as it relates to the Convoy 2022, which is here in Ottawa … is peaceful. The streets are clean [and] crime is down since the truckers arrived,” Peckford said.

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, which is providing legal representation for the organizers, said in a statement ahead of the declaration that it would “immediately file a court application seeking to overturn such a declaration.”

[That’s encouraging! I truly hope they succeed. The JCCF is doing so much for Canada right now]

“Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau used the War Measures Act in 1970 to deal with violence, kidnapping and murder committed by terrorists in Quebec. Today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is considering using the Emergencies Act to deal with bouncy castles and ball hockey,” Justice Centre litigation director Jay Cameron said in a statement.

“Peaceful protesters who feed the homeless, shovel snow, pick up garbage, dance in the streets, play street hockey, wave Canadian flags, sing the national anthem and set up bouncy castles for children do not ‘seriously endanger the lives, health or safety of Canadians,’ nor are these peaceful activities ‘of such proportions or nature as to exceed the capacity or authority of a province to deal with it.’”

Emergencies Act

The Emergencies Act defines a national emergency as “an urgent and critical situation of a temporary nature that a) seriously endangers the lives, health or safety of Canadians and is of such proportions or nature as to exceed the capacity or authority of a province to deal with it, or (b) seriously threatens the ability of the Government of Canada to preserve the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of Canada.”

The act lists four different types of emergencies: public welfare, public order, international emergency, and war.

Trudeau invoked a Public Order Emergency citing “threats to the security of Canada.”

Typically, an emergency expires in 30 days unless it’s revoked or prolonged by the government.

The act grants powers to the government to strip citizens of the right to assemble if there is a “reasonable expectation” it may lead to a breach of the peace.

Citizens can also be prohibited from traveling to or within designated areas or from using specified property. The government can also assume control of public utilities and services and direct people to render essential services.

In the current context of blockades or occupations, the government will be able to compel tow truck companies to remove vehicles blocking streets or lanes, which they have previously refused to do in relation to the protest in Ottawa.

Failure to comply with the act can lead to, on summary conviction, a fine up to $500 or imprisonment for up to six months, and on indictment, a fine not exceeding $5,000 and imprisonment up to five years.

The City of Ottawa and the province of Ontario have also declared states of emergencies in recent days.

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From Free 2 Fly

“Freedom is valued not only for its intrinsic worth, but what it costs. And a people to whom liberty is given will never prize it as highly, defend it bravely, or wear it as proudly as a nation that wrenched it from the hand of tyranny.”-Frederick Douglass, 1868

We share your anger and disgust with the government’s misappropriation of power through invoking the Emergencies Act and we unequivocally condemn the same. Our thoughts and prayers are with each of you and your families as you wrestle with a dark and troubling season for our nation.

Please familiarize yourself with the contents of the Emergencies Act. It begins by affirming the supremacy of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Canadian Bill of Rights, and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. It then defines the nature of the sort of National Emergency that would precipitate this extraordinary and historic action. It outlines one which:

seriously endangers the lives, health or safety of Canadians and is of such proportions or nature as to exceed the capacity or authority of a province to deal with it, orseriously threatens the ability of the Government of Canada to preserve the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of Canada

Neither has been the case. Worse, vast powers are being seized by a petulant government that has refused any dialogue whatsoever, throughout.

So what now?

We take a deep breath. We knew things would get worse before they got better, and here we are. We wake up and put our clothes on, love our families and nurture healthy habits like we did yesterday. Then, 40,000 men and women in Free to Fly ask themselves what they can do, each day, to make a difference.

This may sound hopelessly idealistic, especially when we see repeated and egregious violations of democratic norms. But the goal is defeating authoritarian impulses and if we each impacted 2 others every day for a week, there’d be half a million more wanting to do the same. Doing nothing while slipping into a permanent state of defeatist anger will also change nothing.

So, we relentlessly pursue elected officials, while boldly exercising our God-given freedoms and our Charter rights. We stay informed on the issues and learn to sift facts from rumour. Perhaps we ask respectful questions of friends in positions of power or influence about how they see their role, given what’s happened. Open dialogue and courageous action need to happen more than ever, as we seek to be agents of change.

We prepared this 8-minute video below outlining some of the same. May God keep our land glorious and free:

Hauntingly Familiar : Papa Trudeau in the 1970’s , Junior Trudeau in 2022 —War Measures and Emergency Powers

by Brian Peckford

And we could all seeing it coming. 

It makes no difference if you are exercising your legitimate rights  and freedoms. Just get a blanket power to cover everything. 

Ottawa has less crime since the truckers arrived . Where is the justification?? 

Anyone who walked the streets of Ottawa these last few day would have to be impressed with the truckers. One person remarked to me how happy everyone seemed to be. Last night others prowled the streets at 9 PM —-how peaceful and clean!! My walks to the Hill to speak all saw peaceful protests , decent people with signs exercising their rights.

This over reach is already opposed by 4 Provinces representing 37% of the country’s population. 

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms , a Constitutional Measure , is the Supreme Law of Canada, Section 52 of the Constitution Act of 1982. It is there to protect the Rights and Freedoms of all individual Canadians. This is no peril to the state . This is a manufactured fear . Section 1 over ride does not apply. 

Even if Section 1 of the Charter applied allowing for override there are four tests Governments have to meet. The first is demonstrably justify . How can the Canadian Government demonstrably justify this applying to Ottawa when the crime rate has gone down since the truckers arrived , who have been helping citizens of Ottawa, and moving trucks from residential areas .

Oh , yes, the power , the over reach —statism out of control 

The truckers and those who support them now must make representation to all MP’S  and all Senators , all Political Parties in Parliament to stop this madness in the Peoples’ House .

And then we must reestablish the Charter through the courts as being the bastion of freedom for every single Canadian . 

Good rant against Trudeau:

The police state in NZ:

Cartoon by Ben Garrison, adapted by Think for Yourself

Convoy! by Robert E. Wright, American Institute for Economic Research

Americans aged about 45 or older may dimly recall a song from the mid-1970s called “Convoy.” It was a campy part of the genre called Outlaw Country that leveraged the CB radio and lingo (10-4 good buddy) crazes then sweeping the country. I could explain every line to you in intricate detail, even the one about swindle sheets, but here instead concentrate on the song’s climax, when a mighty convoy of a thousand screaming trucks crosses the Jersey line by crashing the toll gate doing 98.

Like Paper Lace’s “The Night Chicago Died,” a pro-po po ballad narrated from the perspective of the son of a police officer involved in an epic shootout with Al Capone’s gang, “Convoy” doesn’t depict a specific incident but rather evokes folk memories to stir the mood of the masses. “Convoy’s” lack of specificity potentially endows the song with a timeless quality, but few have invoked it in reference to the epic convoys currently protesting Canada’s Covid policies in Ottawa and several border crossings. Frankly, Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Going to Take It,” sung here by protestors in Ireland, is much catchier.

But of course the Freedom Convoy is about so much more than finding the right anthem for the anti-mandate movement. What began as a very belated show of mutual commitment has evolved into a grown up version of an “occupy” movement, like the ones that swept major U.S. cities in 2011 and chopped up Seattle and Portland in 2020. 

I say “grown up” because the truckers are not living in tents on the sidewalk, snapping their fingers, or chilling in warm weather while making meaningless declarations of independence or vague policy demands. The truckers are honking their horns in dangerously frigid temperatures while seriously disrupting Canada’s domestic and international trade. Most importantly, they have a single, clear and just demand: freedom!

The convoy protestors want freedom from senseless, unscientific Covid restrictions and mandates and freedom from a ruling class that ignores their own rules and treats everyday Canadians with derision and disrespect by painting what are truly mostly peaceful protestors as members of a deranged fringe of white supremacists. Instead of using the protests as a way to save face while lifting their senseless Covid policies, Canada’s leaders have doubled down yet again. That is too easy to do today when the worst that happens to politicians is that they lose their jobs.

Canada has a long, though mostly forgotten, history of protest against corrupt leaders, including the rebellions of 1837-38. Like Americans, Canadians would not hesitate to subject wayward politicians to nightly charivari or “rough music.” In the most egregious cases, they destroyed politicians’ personal property, including torching their houses or pulling them down with ropes, which was safer for neighbors and lowered rebuilding costs. The notion was that politicians must pay, personally, if they, and those who follow them into office, are to relearn the lesson they had forgotten, that they are the servants of the people, not their overlords.

As servants of the people, leaders should resign in disgrace if they ever anger enough people enough to induce them to take extreme actions like blockading the seat of government for weeks. Prime Minister Trudeau fled the capital, not out of fear for his life but out of shame. The moment those 10,000 screaming trucks entered Ottawa, his leadership failure became palpable to all. 

Thousands of Canadian citizens have been calling (literally, on the phone) for Trudeau’s ouster ever since. Perhaps another vote of no confidence, the parliamentary equivalent of a recall, will free Canadians from the vaccine mandates, which at this point make no more sense than amputating the arms of New Yorkers to stop the recent spate of subway platform murders

But if getting kicked out of office into lucrative book, TV, and speaking deals is all that happens to tyrants, what is to prevent the next PM, like the new governor of New York, from continuing unconscionable and failed policies? I recently suggested “fizzlicking” (replacing) failed health agencies, but what can be done with their leaders? 

Nobody wants to contemplate violence, even libertarians who know the non-aggression principle is a tit-for-tat strategy and not absolute pacifism. So I am going to suggest, once again, implementation of a bonding mechanism. Instead of a mere oath to uphold the Constitution (or Canada’s Charter of Rights), politicians should pledge their entire net worth that they will not violate the law. That should make them timid when it comes to policy experimentation, like lockdowns and forced mass vaccination during a pandemic, which is exactly the check the people need.

Videos . . .

Health officials and politicians and teachers groups that made them wear masks committed child abuse. The children were never in danger from the virus. The government was just trying to socially condition them to be obedient to the state, which compromised their health and immunity (masks are damaging psychologically and physiologically). Those who pushed the mandates should lose their jobs. The key ones should be prosecuted.

“So basically, this is a long war we’re all in, a very serious war and we are starting to win this first big battle but not without huge casualties.”

This is a must-watch video by a soldier, Major Stephen Chledowski, about why the mandates are wrong are tyranny:

This video was originally on Youtube but earlier today they censored it:

After Two Years Of Lockdowns, Restrictions, & Wrecking The Value Of Your Money, The Establishment All Of A Sudden Pretends To Care About The Economy (Spencer Ferndando)

Police regain control of Ambassador Bridge area following days of protests

Arrests are happening at the Ambassador Bridge Freedom Convoy 2022

Heavy police presence returns to Windsor Sunday morning

Trucker protests: Windsor police begin clearing out Ambassador Bridge blockade

Convoy protesters react to increasing enforcement at Ambassador Bridge

Milk River blockaders say they’re united, peaceful and not giving up

Good summary . . .

Below: Good summary, though in the panel they include someone who takes a position against the truckers and have a debate on it.

A good comment: 90% of Canadians are vaccinated.” 95 percent of carpenters have hammered their thumb but that doesn’t mean they want to keep doing it, let alone having government mandate the practice.

Good report by True North, which reveals an important aspect of what’s happening: the elites are treating the people with total disregard, without awareness of the harm they’ve caused:

Memes on “the science”

Two articles by the Babylon Bee . . .

U.S. Border Overwhelmed With Refugees Trying To Escape Canada

WINDSOR—ICE agents are overwhelmed as thousands of desperate refugees from Canada have flooded the U.S. northern border to claim asylum. The crowd, now numbering in the tens of thousands, is attempting to escape fierce political oppression by Fidel Castro’s tyrant son in Ottawa.

“Hey, come on there buddy, just let us in, eh?” said asylum-seeker Tim Pokadoke. “So sorry to bug ya but Trudeau’s killin’ us up here, ya know?”

Intelligence experts confirmed that Canadians are facing unprecedented political and religious persecution. They also confirmed early intelligence reports that indicated Trudeau is a “sad, scared little girly man who has to oppress working people to feel like a big boy.”

Canadians at the border are hoping their requests for asylum will be granted so they may breathe the sweet, pure air of American freedom. 

UPDATE: U.S. officials informed the Canadian refugees that the border was closed and that they would have to sail down to the southern border and cross there like everyone else. 

Indisputable, Irrefutable, Unquestionable, Unchanging Science Changing Again

UNITED STATES—After nearly two years of life-altering restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, leaders across the nation are granting citizens a slow return to normalcy after hearing the wonderful news that the indisputable, irrefutable, unquestionable, unchanging SCIENCE is changing again. 

“While this isn’t the first time incontrovertible SCIENCE has turned out to be controvertible, we don’t want anyone to assume that undebatable SCIENCE should ever be seen as debatable because it is not,” said CNN’s medical expert Dr. Leana Wen while sticking a butter knife in a toaster. “Yes, the unmistakable SCIENCE on masks, vaccine effectiveness, treatments, lockdowns, and comorbidities was actually mistaken, but don’t forget that this pandemic has been prolonged only because people doubted the SCIENCE.”

The abrupt change in unchanging SCIENCE has occurred at a serendipitous time for democrat politicians heading into midterms, as recent polls have shown an overwhelming desire to no longer be ruled by strict, ever-changing SCIENCE-based policies.

This new variant of unvarying SCIENCE may be seen as vindication for the thousands of medical experts who were summarily shamed, berated, mistreated, discredited, demoted, or even fired for ever doubting the indubitable SCIENCE or ever suggesting the SCIENCE may change, which it has done and continues to do. 

“I suppose I feel vindicated. I hope our nation finally remembers that SCIENCE has always been an ever-changing, imperfect process of seeking answers about our physical world,” said one former doctor from his cardboard home deep in a hobo camp.

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