On the evening of Monday, Feb. 21, 2022, all signs to point the the fact that Canada as a liberal democracy will cease to exist. It will officially be a dictatorship.

The freedom movement was crushed by an onslaught of negative government propaganda and Trudeau’s divisive rhetoric. Now it’s being criminalized and Canada turned from a liberal democracy into an actual dictatorship, thanks to the media.

If you too are concerned, you can write a short email to these Liberal MPs asking them to vote against the motion to adopt the Emergency Act, at these emails.

Here are some arguments: (1) we’re not in a state of emergency so this is uncalled for; (2) it’s unnecessary inasmuch as police are moving the Ottawa protestors now (if that’s the real issue); (3) it’s damaging to civil liberties, no matter what the PM claims to the contrary; (4) it could easily lead to human rights abuses by those who are too overzealous to enforce their newfound powers; (5) it will continue to divide Canadians, and could even lead to Canada falling apart as a nation (i.e. Quebec, Western provinces); (6) it’s generally bad for Canadians and the economy. In short, ending Canada as a Western liberal democracy is a tragedy that must be averted. It’s a rejection of our entire history and way of life. This should not be happening.

But construct your own message. It can be emailed or faxed or phoned in.


Reflections on our current crisis in Canada, by Think for Yourself

The evening of Mon. Feb. 21, 2022 is when the vote will be taken in Parliament to confirm the use of the War Measures (Emergency) Act. Trudeau has the majority of votes need to pass it, despite the objections from the CPC and Bloc Quebecois.

The Act is already in force but the vote will allow it go forward longer. It’s supposed to be reviewed but Trudeau has the votes to keep it in place for as long as he needs to quash all political opposition — which could be in perpetuity, permanently. I do not believe he intends to relinquish his power.

It will no longer be Canada. It will become an imitation of China (Chinada as some call it).

Jagmeet Singh, the NDP leader, and Trudeau have conspired — at the behest of whoever they answer to (the ruling elite, the globalists, the CCP) — to turn a Western liberal democracy into an actual dictatorship. This is their opportunity and they seized it.

Those two have already been acting like dictators during the lockdown, shutting down Parliament and going on a massive spending spree with no oversight in 2020. They’re already drunk on power.

Trudeau says his use of powers will be limited but why would he limit them? Why should we take his word for that? What’s to stop him from using these powers to arrest his opposition and destroy anyone he wished to? With the banks, media and police onside, nothing.

The hateful rhetoric against the unvaccinated and now the truckers indicates a complete unwillingness to act with anything like decency or honour. Trudeau is scapegoating the truckers and criminalizing their peaceful dissent in complete violation of normal rules of a liberal democracy.

The idea that the Charter will still be honoured if the War Measures Act is in force is laughable. The Charter is mentioned in the Act, but there it seems left up the government how to interpret it. Freezing assets is already a violation of the Charter.

It is specifically being used to strangle efforts at constitutionally protected peaceful protest, without which it’s no longer a liberal democracy: “The government is also using the threat of financial ruin to prevent more anti-mandate protests from popping up at other sites.”

The Charter has been repeatedly violated over the last two years under lockdowns and mandates — violating freedom of religion, assembly, speech, medical privacy and medical choice. Trudeau has shown no willingness to honour civil rights during his tenure. Why would he now?

All the evidence points in the other direction — that he will expand his powers in the direction of doing what all dictators do: arrest of political enemies, censorship (he’s already got a good head start on that), the creation of political prisoners, and use of state-sanctioned torture and murder.

His government hasn’t engaged in torture and murder yet but with the media and police help they will create false flag terror operations to justify human rights violations before long. The Coutts arrests could well be the work of agent provocateurs. We know it’s not part of the main movement but such arrests are used to target everyone. Talking about “extremists” is the setup to this.

Some police may disagree with this violation of their oath? Some have said so and quit the force. No problem, the government will just appoint others who are willing to do those kinds of dirty jobs. Police without ethics or qualms about violating rights can always be found, unfortunately.

I am skeptical that enough people of good conscience will step forward to stop this, though I hope I’m wrong. The truckers and supporters tried. They had the courage to try even as the academics and people who should have known better were silent or complicit. And for their bravery and courage, they are being crushed, criminalized, imprisoned, scapegoated — like the pro-democracy protestors at Tiennamen Square.

Those in the media who support this and who demonized the truckers — those “journalists” and editors are guilty of betraying Canada and of destroying a Western liberal democracy. They are party to human rights violations during the pandemic and whatever happens from now on.

Though I also appreciate Tamara Lich’s Christian message of love and forgiveness towards those who oppress the truckers. It’s what Jesus would wish us to do. Rome did this to the early Christians as well. Trudeau reminds me a lot of Nero as this article argues.

I wonder if a blog like this would be considered illegal and cause for arrest because it conveys the “unacceptable views” of a “fringe minority”? The prudent thing to do is to take it down and lay low, as many are already doing. But I’ve always taken on just causes whether they’d lose or not. This cause is just.

They’ve started arresting the truck convoy leaders now. They will be political prisoners for years to come for daring to challenge Trudeau. I hope note. As will Artur Pawlowski, and many others who spoke out are now in jail.

This sweep could also include many ordinary citizens as well who contributed to the GiveSendGo fund, I predict. The government is being encouraged by the media to attack Canadians who crush anyone who dissents. Several thousand people contributed. Are they next?

Trudeau has the ability under the War Measures (Emergency) Act to do whatever he wants. Claiming that he has to abide by the Charter just because it says so in the Act is a joke and anyone with any sense knows it. Has Trudeau ever abided by the Charter or respected it? He has a history of violating the Charter over the last two years especially.

I am not too happy with people I personally know who should have known better, people I warned about this two years ago. One says it was “a conspiracy theory.” Another said “I will sit this one out.” My friends and family did not believe it. Do they believe it now? What does it take to convince people that what’s happening is wrong?

People could hide behind the denialism that Covid restrictions were medically necessary (though now it should be evident to everyone that they’re not and never were) — but how do you defend the outright seizure of absolute power?

Trudeau pretends this is temporary and limited. I don’t believe him. This is the end of Canada as a free nation (if it passes and it seems likely to at this point). It was killed from within by people who do not understand what a Western liberal democracy is and seem willing to trample on individual rights and freedoms and demonize their neighbours. That’s what happens in Communist regimes: the citizens are used against each other.

This is real fascism that we’re facing now – ironically justifying itself by calling pro-freedom and democracy activists “Nazis” (without a shred of evidence to back it up). Those in the media who attacked the truckers and supported Trudeau are most to blame. They abandoned all journalist ethics and standards.

There is nothing to stop Trudeau from going after everyone who spoke out against him and or who contributed to the truckers’ financially. I expect the worst because it’s within his power and he is an ideologue. I fear this is the end of Canada. And it’s happening faster than anyone expected.

It could not have happened without the legacy media: as Ezera Levant says, “So the government journalists at Trudeau’s CBC state broadcaster are responsible for the greatest attack on our civil liberties in a generation. Never let them call themselves “journalists” ever again. Any more than Axis Sally or Tokyo Rose were journalists.”

Any Canadian who doubted this — which is most of them — should wake up now because no one is safe under this kind of government. Anyone can be taken away by police. There’s nothing to stop it. Your “good” behaviour doesn’t protect you in a dictatorship. “That can’t happen here” is a stupid argument, a form of denial. It can happen to anyone.

All dictators fall eventually — and I suppose they will go to Hell in God’s Final Judgement and those who are evil will be made to face what they’ve done — but in the meantime, because of free will, many needlessly suffer in this world. And that will be the case here, as in so many other third-world dictatorships and Communist regimes.

Few imagined that it would happen here but it has, because people allowed it and were in denial. Now, barring many MPs in the Liberal Party getting some common sense and courage and voting against this on Monday — it appears to be too late.

As for the truckers, their last stand for freedom reminds me a lot of the Ghost Dance of the native Americans as their culture was being wiped out. They got together one last time to celebrate their culture, which was being extinguished, knowing it (and they) would soon be gone. They celebrated who they were and are with each other a final time — just as they did in Ottawa and Coutts.

The media at the time looked down on them as “savages” whose behaviour (in their view) was inexplicable. Today the term for those you don’t like is “racists” or “extremists.” It’s the same happening today. The idea is to disparage and demean. The Ghost Dance now makes sense to me.

Above: interview with a shop owner who is being doxxed and scapegoated and threatened just for donating to GiveSendGo.

Romanian-Canadian Trucker: Trudeau Has Caused ‘Civil War,’ Turned Canada ‘Communist’

Christian, a trucker  in Ottawa participating in the Freedom Convoy demonstration [said] Trudeau is sowing seeds of hatred between Canadians and changing the country into a communist state.

“I feel so sorry that we got where we got,” Christian said. “This is not Canada, anymore. This is a communist country. [Trudeau] is dividing people, hating people.”

He added, “It’s a civil war between us lovely people, and that’s what really, really hurts because we are all united.”

[see Trudeau’s Ceauşescu Moment]

Christian noted how coronavirus vaccine mandates — ostensibly issued for the purposes of “public health” and “public safety” — imposed by provincial and federal levels of government are destroying people’s livelihoods and denying their rights to earn a living.

Government decrees marketed as measures to address COVID-19, he said, had caused businesses to close, driven individuals into bankruptcy and forced others into losing their jobs.

Christian remarked, “We need to put food on the table. We need everything. We need to survive. We need to keep our jobs, but now we lose everything because of [Trudeau]. He will not let us live, to come back to our jobs, to come back to our families, [or] to live the way we lived before.”

“When I came in this country, I thought it’s beautiful,” Christian reflected. He praised Canada as filled with [good] people.” He lamented, “And now look at us hating each other. My son cannot see his grandfather, because he vaccinated and my is not vaccinated. He’s not allowed to go to his house. He’s sad.”

We can still openly laugh at Trudeau but for how long?

This ‘democratic’ nation has turned into a dictatorship

by Rachel Marsden

Canada’s treatment of Freedom Convoy protesters like terrorists allows it to bring in a social credit system via the backdoor.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet were urged by their American counterparts last week to put an end to the disruption of trade between the two countries caused by the Canadian Freedom Convoy truckers and their supporters, who were hanging out on the Ambassador Bridge that links Detroit, Michigan with Windsor, Ontario, and carries about a quarter of all trade between the two nations by value of goods. 

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg poked their noses into Canada’s domestic affairs and suggested Trudeau should “use federal powers to resolve this situation,” according to CNN. 

[I’m sure President Xi was instrumental in this too]

The truckers want freedom from mandates. These US officials want freedom to profit. So, all Trudeau had to do is give everyone the freedom they seek by dropping whatever is left of federal vaccine mandates which require, for instance, presentation of a digital ID linked to anti-Covid jabs in order to travel anywhere within or outside of the country. Then the truckers would go home, the protests would end, roads and bridges between the two countries would decongest, and life would go on as before the rapidly fading pandemic. 

But Trudeau apparently did not understand the assignment – unless he thought the assignment was to do a poor imitation of a tinpot authoritarian. He had a choice. He could have responded to the American officials’ call to use “federal powers” by declaring a complete repeal of all remaining federal health restrictions. Instead, he took the term to mean a crackdown on protesters, and invoked a rare law that’s directly associated in the minds of Canadians with terrorists. 

Outside of the two world wars, the War Measures Act, which became the Emergencies Act in 1988, was invoked exactly one time in the history of Canada – by Trudeau’s father, former prime minister Pierre Trudeau. He used it in the context of the October Crisis: a series of events in October 1970 that saw Quebec separatists kidnap a British diplomat and murder the province’s deputy premier. In other words, during a period of domestic terrorism. 

Allowing for the suspension of civil liberties, the law is designed to be declared in the event of insurrection, invasion, or war. It gives the federal government special powers at times of national emergency to do things that the law would normally disallow. Like, for example, cutting off the funds of anyone it decides is involved in the protest movement. 

The new rules targeting the Freedom Convoy declare it a duty of Canadian institutions to “determine on a continuing basis whether they are in possession or control of property that is owned, held or controlled by or on behalf of a designated person,” meaning “any individual or entity that is engaged, directly or indirectly, in an activity” related to the protests or convoy. The institutions that are required to block the assets of these individuals who dare express themselves peacefully against Trudeau’s sanitary authoritarianism include banks, companies, trusts, loan providers, and fundraising platforms.  

In other words, if the government doesn’t like your political views, it has now introduced a mechanism by which it can deprive you of your own resources or prevent you from acquiring any. With Trudeau apparently fighting tooth and nail to maintain Canada in this state of perpetual emergency at federal level, he is ensuring the maintenance and indefinite prolongation of digital identities under the guise of health passports (at least in order to travel or, in some cases, work).

And now he has just introduced a means by which the government could leverage this declared emergency to ultimately associate someone’s identity with their political beliefs and behavior. Tack on the digital identity of the federal health passports, and you have a means of preventing people from living based on political beliefs as decided by government with just one push of a button somewhere in an increasingly interconnected and harmonized electronic system. And all without any immediate means of recourse or appeal.

The fact that the updated War Measures Act has even entered Trudeau’s mind as an option to deal with a bunch of people honking and cheering for freedom, while racking up seatbelt infractions, is incredibly troubling . . .

Trudeau’s actions will create a chilling effect on Canadian free speech. People will think twice before expressing support for anything other than a cause that the government has deemed “lawful” – a definition no doubt subjected to the whims of those in power, like the sanitary restrictions.

Indeed, the extent to which Trudeau’s government now feels comfortable extending its reach was demonstrated when Justice Minister David Larnetti rather alarmingly said, “If you are a member of a pro-Trump movement who’s donating [to the convoy]… you ought to be worried” about your bank account being frozen. This is the talk of a dictatorship.

It’s a far cry from the Canada that Trudeau himself promoted as an opposition member of parliament when he reminded then Prime Minister Stephen Harper of his own words from 2005. “When a government starts trying to cancel dissent or avoid dissent is when it’s rapidly losing its moral authority to govern.”

Trudeau isn’t just trying to cancel peaceful dissent under the guise of security. He’s single-handedly imposing a brutal systemic crackdown on it. Welcome to the very first iteration of a Chinese-style social credit regime in the Western world.

The scary banking aspects of Trudeau’s power grab

in The Toronto Sun

It’s more than a little rich when defenders of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s controversial decision to invoke the Emergencies Act for the first time in our nation’s history claim that there will be no civil liberties violations.

How are they so sure? Oh, they rush to tell us — because the law says that the Act is still subject to the Charter. Excuse us while we use a little online lingo here: LOL.

Just because a process is supposed to obey the Charter doesn’t mean it will. By that logic, the mere fact the Charter exists should mean there will never be Charter violations. That obviously isn’t true.

No, what’s going on is that Trudeau now has carte blanche to do what he wants to people who not only participated in border blockades and the Ottawa truck convoy, but to anyone merely suspected of being involved and showing support.

Does this include those day protesters who showed up for a few hours to wave Canadian flags in support of ending the mandates? Maybe. We have no assurances that it won’t.

After all, there is no oversight of the Emergencies Act right now — it doesn’t go before Parliament until next week and no court orders are required.

One of the scariest aspects of what Trudeau has brought in are the banking measures.

As Bloomberg News described it: “banks would be required to report relationships with people involved in blockades and would be given the authority to freeze accounts without a court order, among other measures.”

The financial news organization explained that there was confusion in the banking world about what exactly this entailed, but that banks — always keen to be in government’s good books — may overreact so as to not let transactions the government disapproves of slip through.

What does this all mean? Nobody knows. For now, it appears that the Liberal government has broad discretion to seriously mess with the finances of anyone even suspected of being involved in anti-mandate protests.

This is a serious problem. It’s wrong. And it’s not necessary.

Even if the Liberals don’t make use of the more extreme powers now at their disposal, the fact it’s gotten to this point where we’ve even talking about it is scary.


The arrests have started as of yesterday (Feb 17th)

“Hold the line”: Truckers defiant as police arrest two convoy organizers

OTTAWA–As police move to secure a perimeter around downtown Ottawa and arrest two key convoy organizer, many of the truckers protesting in front of Parliament Hill are planning to stay in place.

Police arrested Freedom Convoy fundraising spokespeople Chris Barber and Tamara Lich Thursday, several hours apart. True North cannot confirm whether they were charged or are still in police custody.

Tamara Lich arrested last night in Ottawa (Feb 17)
This woman is a hero for starting this movement. It’s wrong to arrest her and criminalize her.
Organizer Chris Barber arrested in Ottawa, Feb, 17, 2022.
Will he face severe charges like the J6 in the US and become a political prisoner for years?

This is Tamara’s video:

[And an update from CBC today, Feb. 18: “police [have] continued to issue formal warnings to protesters telling them to leave the area, and the city’s interim police chief said a safe end to the 21-day illegal occupation of downtown streets was a matter of when, not if.” — which is even more evidence that the Emergency Act is unnecessary, if its real purpose is to clear Ottawa — though I believe it’s being invoked for more nefarious reasons]

As news of the arrest made its way among the protesters, many seemed unfazed. “I’m not surprised,” one trucker told True North. “I bet he (Barber) wasn’t either.” One organizer told True North the arrests were likely to embolden the truckers.

“They want to demoralize us,” the organizer said. “It won’t work.” Shortly after Barber’s arrest and before her own, Lich urged supporters to “hold the line.” It’s a phrase that’s become a rallying cry for protesters in recent days as police ramp up enforcement efforts.

There were at least two other arrests Thursday afternoon. 

One man was arrested after several complaints to the police by supporters of the convoy, who told True North he was often aggressive towards other demonstrators, including allegedly spitting on them. Convoy protesters applauded as police subdued him after a short struggle and carried him into a police car.  The protesters then thanked police for removing him.

A speaker up on the convoy site’s flatbed stage implored the crowd to give the police space, and said the man had been arrested because he was “not being safe.”

Another man was arrested after a large group of police entered a crowd of demonstrators. Police on the scene were tight-lipped about why they were making the arrest.

Thursday morning, Ottawa police established a “secure area” covering most of the city’s downtown. Police have said they intend to question anyone entering the area to ensure they have a “lawful” reason for doing so. They maintain under the federal government’s emergency declaration that joining the protest is illegal.

Inside the secure area, protesters continued to be in high spirits, dancing, barbecuing, and hot tubbing well into the evening – despite sleet and forecasts of 30cm of snow overnight.

Live stream from Ottawa from Feb. 17:

Here are actual scenes from a live stream just, Thurs. Feb. 12, 2022 p.m. At Parliament Hill

The scene when the protest started and things were more hopeful

Below: good report. The Trudeau spokesman mentions violence. That’s a lie.

Trudeau is marching Canada down a dark path

by Candice Malcolm True North

True North writes: Why did Trudeau give himself the most drastic and sweeping powers available to a Canadian prime minister? What was his justification for weaponizing war-time measures against peaceful protesters?  The short answer is because he hates the truckers.

[And I would add that now it gives Trudeau the status of actual dictator, and I have no doubt that he will engage in a reign of terror and arrests now and quash all opposition — which could be everyone who ever spoke up against him]

He is using the full power of the state to quash his political enemies. This set’s an incredibly dangerous precedent and marches Canada down a dark path. 

On today’s episode of the Candice Malcolm Show, Candice is joined by lawyer Ryan O’Connor to discuss what this means for Canada and our liberal democracy.


Here is my summary of the True North report above, and some thoughts on it:

The economic argument the government is making is disingenuous (my word, not his) because the government itself imposed economic hardship during the pandemic far greater than any disruption the blockades have caused.

The CBC reported that the government felt that the protest was an attempt to overthrown the government. Of course it is not – though I’m sure many people would like Trudeau to resign. But saying that is not insurrection. It’s normal political discourse in a liberal democracy.

The CBC reporter refers to a “cache of weapons” but the reality is that the protest movement has been nonviolent. Those arrested for this are not associated with the larger movement. This is hardly would what constitute a national emergency.

My theory is that the Trudeau was told to use this law in order to quash the protest and impose outright tyranny. I don’t think he’ll ever relinquish use of it. I do not believe it will be limited in scope, as he says.

The lawyer says if you disagree with the government, that’s what happens in a liberal democracy and it should not ever be used to justify sweeping laws that could freeze bank accounts without official authorization.

One commentator says:

This is a “flagrant lack of ethics: Freezing protestors’ bank accounts is in violation of the constitution, and simply morally wrong. Frozen funds could mean people can’t pay their rent or mortgage and end up homeless. It could mean not being able to heat their homes during the coldest month of the year. It could mean not being able to buy food for themselves or their families.

“The protesters have not committed any acts of violence, or even threatened any. They have done nothing but exercise their right to peacefully assemble, as detailed in the Canadian constitution. To hold this financial threat over them is unforgivable. And it won’t stop here.

“Now the precedent has been set, in future other acts vaguely defined as “domestic terrorism” could incur the same penalty. Refusing a vaccine, for example. The specific rules don’t even matter, they will likely change based on what the establishment narrative demands, but the punishment will stay the same: Play along, or we’ll take your money. This amount of control is exactly why they have been pressing so hard for a cashless society the last few years, and why that needs to be resisted at all cost.”

I would add that this is really the Trudeau government and its backers (the WEF/CCP) acting ideologically as part of its coup d’etat of the West. A cashless authoritarian society is what they wanted. Yes, he was elected PM but the last two years and now this use of the Emergency Act is the end of Canada as a liberal democracy.

Moving towards a “basic dictatorship”
I believe it’s the CCP who will take over Canada — soon

There is a very bad intention here. Trudeau and the MSM and pundits clearly seek to implement an authoritarian biosecurity state. I and others spoke up against it, but it wasn’t enough.

The lawyer says this is broad legislation that does allow wide latitude to do the kinds of things the government wants it to do. Some of those have very serious civil liberties implications.

The lawyer says that even if you oppose the truckers now, what’s to stop the government for using it in the future against a cause or group you believe? It could become normalized. This should give us pause. (That’s an understatement!) We would all be the poorer for it in a liberal democracy if that were to happen.

She asks why are some conservatives going along with a huge power grab by a Liberal PM? (My answer: they all work for the same ruling elites). He notes that no one who is advocating this now was for the suspension of civil liberties in 2020 when protests also affected traffic and infrastructure.

And she notes that statues being pulled down by mobs do not evince the same concern, even though the Ottawa protest does not result in the same damage. Why does the PM treat left-wing groups so differently that pro-freedom working-class groups?

He says: “No one should approach this [Act] from a political perspective; they should approach it from a civil liberties perspective. For the PM this is a political emergency” (for him). It’s not a national emergency. “This should only be invoked if there’s a war or major natural disaster” not for this “partisan gain.”

Comments online:

This is the last desperate act of a man who knows he has lost all credibility and all control. This move just destroyed international trade for all of Canada. Who would invest in a country who can arbitrarily seize private bank accounts.

I hate to say it but I suspected this coming down the pike as soon as they said “2 weeks to blah blah blah”. The banking aspect was a surprise but the rest of this… I knew it when he said he admires the CCP. Keep up the great work Ezra + Rebel employees! Canadians owe you a great debt for the risks you take. Thank you!

Great observation Ezra. Saddest thing is that there are people (also Canadians here in Oz that I know) who think that Trudeau’s Lib. party is absolutely great and would vote for him don’t matter what . . . I lived my young years in a Communist Eastern bloc country and escaped the tyranny that was nothing comparing to what is beginning to happen in Canada and also here in Australia (hope not) . . . “WHERE WILL YOU EASCAPE TO” our Canadian Friends? Freedom is crumbling all over the world because we do not support people who are prepared to protect it.

The banks should all tell trudeau to go pound sand. If an American bank gives up their American customers to trudeau they would not be immune to lawsuits in the US, no matter what the Canadian law says.

Totalitarian leaders, whether of the right or the left, know better than anyone else how to make use of Divide and Conquer. They thrive on the infighting. During unrest in national politics, they are most at ease. The strategy of Divide and Conquer is one of their most valuable tactics.


Ottawa Police says anyone protesting in Ottawa now “breaking the law”

[No they’re not, but the police say they are]

The Ottawa Police Service (OPS) has ordered people participating in the Freedom Convoy to exit the city or risk being arrested.

Live stream from Ottawa

Civil liberties groups take Trudeau government to court over Emergencies Act

The Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) have announced separate legal challenges against the Trudeau government for invoking the Emergencies Act to crush trucker protests across Canada . . .

[Encouraging but I don’t know how far they’ll get. If Trudeau has absolute power, the judges will side with him to protect their careers]

“Prime Minister Trudeau has set a dangerous precedent by invoking the never used before federal Emergencies Act to address the current situation,” said CCF legal director Christine Van Geyn in a press release. “The high threshold for declaring a public order emergency in the Emergencies Act has not been met.” 

Van Geyn said that the Canadian government has invoked the Emergencies Act as “a matter of political convenience.”  This move, she said, is “illegal and violates the rule of law. That is why we are challenging it in court.” 

Comments online:

The entire political class in Canada and around the world have damaged our countries beyond repair. I’m surprised it’s taken so long for such a major protest. You can see how happy people are to be out celebrating because they’ve been locked down for so long. The temperatures were so cold but thousands went out to support the Truckers. The governments over reach during this covid has been a massive over reaction. Non of the lock downs did any good. I’m afraid of what the future holds for Canada.

Crowd funding sources hacked, convoy protestors names released to the public by none other then the CBC. Nothing suspicious here. That is scary enough, but several of the people whose names were released have been terminated by their employers, just for supporting a Peaceful Protest against the tyranny of the current government. Our illustrious leader has gone as far as to brand the entire Conservative Party as naxi supporting racists who are trying to undermine democracy in this country. The biggest threat to democracy in Canada is the man in the big chair who does not debate or negotiate with opposition but instead governs by decree. He is one scary individual.

Yes, extremely scary. And all of this because we wanted to be safe. So, how safe are we from continual government overreach?

We are doomed. His highness insults every Jew in Canada and refuses to apologise. He accuses Conservatives of standing with “people who wave swastikas”. There will be a run on banks thanks to Freeland. The Ottawa city council has lost there way with most on the brink of tears. The world is watching Canada become a banana republic.

 In but a few short years this boy-child, foul mouthed, trust fund brat has completely destroyed what was once one of the most wonderful places to live and work. How was this even possible???Thank you Toronto, part of the GTA, Quebec and the Eastern Provinces. What were you thinking?????!!!!! [by voting for him]

I’m told they will still allow banking IF you give the straight arm salute.

Freezing finances of those who speak out against Trudeau, hacking and doxxing donors so they lose their jobs or business all because of one man’s ego – this will not end well.
[I personally think it’s bigger than him — someone higher up]

How do you know this government won’t target you and me simply for being critical of them? Especially those of you vocal on social media. I don’t trust these people at all and it would not surprise me one bit to find out they monitor their vocal critics.

[The following is a great comment and I think in a sane world this argument would work but there’s something flawed with Canada right now and we’re moving towards a very dark place]

Have we reached the point where it is time for the Liberal Party caucus to remove this Prime Minister and to vote against any measure to invoke the Emergencies Act now that 7 of 10 provinces comprised of nearly 50% of the population do not support it?
Invoking the Emergencies Act will:
(1) cause investment and investors to flee Canada,
(2) cause the US to return manufacturing from Canada to the US,
(3) cause the Canadian Dollar to decline against other currencies,
(4) and erode Canada’s standard of living.

Author William Henry Chamberlin laid out the modus operandi of communists in his book, Communist Basic Tactics ‘Rule or Ruin‘. Our Prime Minister appears to have embraced the ‘Rule or Ruin’ axiom of Communism. Our Prime Minister has failed to act as political leader who has the support of the majority of Canadians. His actions with respect to dealing with the protest have been a failure. Finally, he decided to use the most severe and blunt weapon available to a government in resolving the impasse. It is up to the Liberal Party caucus to take the appropriate action to stop the madness. [But will they?!]

Thank you for posting that. I am going to copy and send to every Liberal MP! This might get through to a few hopefully. We need to convince about 20 to break with the Party. This sets a disastrous precedent for the entire West and is a step closer to global domination by China. The harm this will cause cannot be overstated, not just for Canada but the world.

That’s what the Communists did. Seized assets from everyone that did not tow the party line justified as enemies of the “prosperity of our socialist state”.

I get the feeling that Trudeau & company are enjoying all the negative news. From his elected beginning, it seems like anything leading to stress, disorder, and nonsensical things was the path he was on. Defund the police, kick out members of his party that didn’t agree with things. All the newest negative news is giving him more power. Looks like an easy way to achieve his goal of turning our country into something else.

Trudeau and the Caucus still in support of him needs to be gone if there is anything left to save of Canada.. Something which now looks like a doubtful prospect. CANADA.. WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!!!!!??????

Trudeau Turns Canada’s Anti-Terror Laws Against His Own People

Established in response to foreign terror organizations, our PM unleashes anti-terror laws against Canadian citizens.

by Brad Salzberg [edited]

The Canadian Anti-terrorism Act was originally passed by the Parliament of Canada in response to the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States. 

Since then, the government of Canada has banned more than 52 terrorist organizations.They include Al Qaeda, Taliban, Armed Islamic Group, International Sikh Youth Federation, Hamas, Hezbollah and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

In January 2010, an immigrant named Zakaria Amara was sentenced to imprisonment for life for his role in the 2006 Toronto 18 terrorism case. It is the stiffest sentence ever given under the Act.

. . . Canada’s anti-terrorist laws were created in response to a wave of international terrorism. The attacks on the World Trade Center, attributed to mastermind Osama bin Laden, has served as the catalyst.

Generally speaking, the impetus is based on the behavior of Islamic terror organizations. In Canada, its most extreme invocation applies to Zakaria Amara and the Toronto 18, charged with a plot to detonate truck bombs, storm the Parliament of Canada building, as well as the bombing of CSIS headquarters.

Has Justin Trudeau’s application of the Emergencies Act placed Canadian truckers on the same level as the Toronto 18? Let us explore the idea:

Canada’s terrorist financing laws are contained in two statutes: the Criminal Code and the Terrorist Financing Act.  Under the Criminal Code, it is “an offence to knowingly deal with any property or provide or facilitate any financial or related service for any terrorist activity or any terrorist group.”

Legal provisions apply to reporting entities, including banks, financial institutions and credit unions. This week, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland announced government’s invocation of the never-before-implemented Emergencies Act. 

“The government is directing financial institutions to review their relationships with anyone involved with the blockades and report them to the RCMP or CSIS. As of today, a bank or other financial service provider will be able to immediately freeze or suspend an account without a court order.”

We draw a conclusion: the Trudeau government has designated the Ottawa protestors as terrorists. If this were not the case, the freezing of personal bank accounts could be considered a breach of the law.

Is it fair and reasonable to place the truckers, their children, and their children’s bouncy castles on a similar level to those who plotting to bomb Parliament?

If one didn’t know better, one might draw an ominous conclusion: Justin Trudeau has taken anti-terrorism laws intended for foreign terror organizations, and unleashed them on law-abiding Canadian citizens.

. . . [This is a] government attack upon their own people . . . not all people– only those who disagree with government policy. Just as society is structured in communist nations such as China and Cuba.

True or false? The longer Justin Trudeau remains prime minister, the further our country walks down a path to Canada’s conversion to an authoritarian state.

Introducing some young Canadian HEROS! They fought off the mask mandate at their school in Ontario Watch the video of our young Save Canada Heros on our telegram, which is a channel of real Canadian daily freedom news!  https://t.me/savecanadaarmy/534 True North Strong and Free!


Good discussion in the video below from Randy Hillier, Bruce Pardy and others in Ottawa.

  • Discussion about frozen bank accounts and tickets and police putting fencing up.
  • The corruption of science and so-called “misinformation” (which is code for censorship) — good comments by Pardy.
  • Monday night is the vote on the Emergency Act so until then any police state actions are premature.
  • “The willingness to debate is on the downward trend because those in power believe they know the truth.” In other words, there is ideological rigidity backed by state power.

“The Police presence ramping up . . . This may go down” soon.

Government uses emergency powers to freeze bank account of Freedom Convoy supporter

It looks like Justin Trudeau is making good on his promise to freeze bank accounts of Freedom Convoy supporters. 

We now have the first confirmed instance of a bank enforcing new federal powers under the Emergencies Act invoked by Trudeau on Monday. 

Yesterday, Shaun Zimmer, a Fight The Fines alumnus, received a phone call from a director at Assiniboine Credit Union informing him that he can no longer access his account.

Shaun has been publicly defying pandemic measures since they came into effect. You may remember that back in September, Manitoba police issued Shaun $5,000 in fines for running an outdoor fitness boot camp, breaching Manitoba’s COVID restrictions limiting outdoor gatherings. 

Like so many others, Shaun came down to Ottawa with the Freedom Convoy and had been providing moral and financial support for the truckers and their families. 

Click here to listen to the phone call Shaun received from his bank.

Shaun has bills to pay, including the mortgage on his house. But he’s standing strong and refuses to fold under the government’s blatant fear tactics.

Trudeau has gone too far — this emergency order is a vindictive and obvious power-grab. 

If you agree and want to see an immediate end to the Emergencies Act, please sign our petition at EndEmergencyOrders.com.  

We will remain your most trusted source for news from the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa. To follow our reports, please visit ConvoyReports.com, and if you can pitch in a donation to support our coverage, please do so by clicking here

In the 60s the Leftists were protesting and talking about love. Now the new Leftists have turned into entitled smug vicious authoritarian fascists and hate-mongers who clamour for a police state against the working class. The new Left believes in violating human rights by removing freedom of religion, assembly, speech and medical choice. They will punish and crush you if you disobey them. But they’re all for “inclusivity” — which is code for do as we say or we’ll destroy you. I am with the truckers!

The Canadian MSM has abandoned them and is urging politicians to crush them. Except for True North and Rebel News, which are independent. The only big tv stations left to tell the truth are Fox News in the US and Sky news in AU. Pretty soon, after the tickets, expect the riot police to move in as they did in NZ recently.

Pretty reasonable request from truckers and unreasonable response by the Trudeau government.

God bless these men and women. Please say a little prayer for these people. Just a quick one will help.🙏🏻

My heart is breaking for these people and for all Canadians. Our country will never be the same. Shame on Trudeau and his henchmen. Talk about going from 0 to 100 in a blink of an eye. He does nothing but insult us for over two weeks and now this. He is a failure as a leader. He needs to go be a husband and father and let an adult with wisdom take over. I am so proud of the truckers and the truth seekers for not attacking Trudeau’s wife and children though. Every child deserves protection, even his. They may fight dirty but we can’t sink to their level. God bless you in your efforts to save our beautiful country.

We here in Kentucky we are on the side of the truckers! God Bless!

God bless all truckers farmers and.all Patriots!!! 👍🏻🙏♥️

God bless the truckers standing for the freedom we have always had.

Freezing bank accounts, depriving people of their earned money is like sending these people to the Gulag concentration camps.

We pray for our Canadian friends peacefully protesting for their freedom of choice!

I agree with the truckers. I am not from Canada but I believe in freedom of choice. The truckers are NOT violent what so ever so there’s no reason not to have a simple talk with them. Hats off to the truckers. Much love sent for them to stay safe. 👍❤

Seven provinces against this move by Trudeau — but Trudeau has the votes in Parliament to move ahead nonetheless

I saw Brian Peckford’s blog entry about this last night. He says seven provinces are against it. The legacy media report just three provincial opponents. Which provinces are for or against Trudeau’s use of the War Measures (Emergency) Act? It’s not front page news. I still have not found where he gets seven provinces from. We know that Ontario and B.C. supported the use of the Emergency Act.

Meanwhile, what was the MSM reporting: a supposed poll that claims that two thirds of Canadians oppose the convoy and support the use of the Emergency Act to remove it. If so, that’s immensely disappointing – though it doesn’t mean the truckers are wrong. If true, it would just mean that 2/3rds of Canadian are letting the MSM think for them. And it means that Canada is completely lost and will become a fascist state in which there are no rights or freedoms and a social credit system is used to enforce state degrees. But I am not sure that the poll is true.

As an online comment says:

“Polls can be inaccurate and misleading. Used in contested political situations, they’re often not neutral. A poll can be written in such a way as to skew the narrative in one direction. The pollster, John Wright, makes some remarks that in my opinion show bias. For instance, Wright says “If you have supported this, it will come and haunt you” and implies that the truckers bring “international shame” to Canada.

“Actually, if you look at the international coverage, it’s Trudeau who is bringing shame to Canada by treating patriotic citizens as enemy combatants whose lives need to be destroyed. All for daring to engage in peaceful protest against unjust decrees, which it’s certainly their lawful right to do after two years of having their lives destroyed by the government. I hope politicians do not take this poll seriously. Allowing polls and the MSM to determine politics is the blight on society.

“This move towards authoritarianism is destroying Western liberal democracy. We need a return of basic principles, including respect for individual rights and freedoms — which have been trampled for the last two years by medical tyranny. Canada is going to a dark place now due to these scapegoating tactics and violations of human rights.”

Let me add to that: polls taken before the 2016 U.S. election showed that Hillary Clinton would win, and it was widely assumed by the MSM that she would. The elites were shocked and in disbelief when she lost. Political polls not neutral. They’re designed to push a narrative.

The pollster, John Wright, inverts the morality of the situation, arguing that those who support truckers will regret it. Wow. That’s hardly the view of a neutral pollster.

This article and poll badly mispresent the truth. It’s supporting state fascism. Of course, the National Post gets money from Trudeau. The only thing the pubic will regret, years from now, is believing the MSM.

Other comments online in response to this slanted story:

The conspiracy theorists were right: we went from two weeks to flatten the curve to the war measures act.

The general feeling is exactly the opposite. People are scared, not of the truckers, of the the government.

After a dictator seizes sweeping powers that could be used to invade and control the lives of the citizens this is the type of poll they enjoy reading.

If the LPC stays in power, the West will leave. We have reached the breaking point.
Many of us will go with you. Many of us will not live under a tyrannical fascist liberal traitor.

Online polls are complete garbage. The writers and the National Post KNOWS this. Pure click bait trash.

Last week media was telling us that 44% of Canadians supported the truckers. This week Trudeau’s PMO pressured the media and they tell us the opposite. Truckers RULE!

I do not believe the polling numbers for a minute.

I very much doubt 2/3 of Canadians support pampered over paid Ottawa residents over basic civil rights. As Churchill said, polls are useful to dogs.

National Post pushing the propaganda. Disgusting. I’m done wasting my time with this outlet.

Legacy media=Pravda enjoy your daily dose of propaganda’

One could compare what is happening in Canada right now to what happens in a Stalinist dictatorship, except that the slogans are different. In the Eastern bloc, they used to talk about solidarity. In Canada, they talk about diversity. (Tucker Carlson)

“Why 300 people decide life for 30 million?” – Romanian ex-pat, now a trucker protesting Trudeau

Trudeau police state: Where the government defamed citizens then deletes their bank accounts if they complain.

Hardly surprising that another poll likely conducted at the XiBC cafeteria in Moronto is in favour of expanding the “Coward in Chief CCP puppet PM BIPOC phace’s police-state. Freedom is Slavery. [a line from Orwell’s 1984]

This should be public knowledge: Pfizer-BioNTech uses BC based Acuitas Therapeutics lipid nanoparticle technology. The Trudeau Foundation owns a 40% stake in Acuitas, through both direct ownership of shares and indirect ownership through shell companies.

Who’s coming up with these polls? Even if it means “people who will not leave may get hurt, or worse.” What’s ‘worse’? Go truckers.

NDP needs to be dissolved. [They are propping up Trudeau right now]

[There are actually more comments against the article and poll than the number of people polled. It’s obvious that the poll is a lie being created to give Trudeau the justification to seize dictatorial power. There’s no way that 2/3 of Canadians want this. More like that that 2/3 do not want it. The pollster warns people they will regret not going along with Trudeau. Not the words of a neutral pollster. It’s a warning of what’s to come]

Graphic by Think for Yourself
Leftists find this comparison objectionable because they idolize King but in reality they are
now closer to his oppressors than to him in how they think and act.

Below: legal expert Jonathan Turley defends the practice of nonviolent civil disobedience, correctly comparing it the civil rights movement. It actually is a civil rights movement, I would add.

Take this headline, by the same “journalist” who wrote the biased article above. It seems to imply that opposition parties are upset with Trudeau for not cracking down on the protest. In fact, people are upset with him for not speaking with the truckers and for smearing them. People are upset with the legacy media for doing the same.

‘Proof of failure’: Opposition parties react to Trudeau’s call for Emergencies Act

“As a leader of a minority government, Trudeau needs the support of one the opposition parties to have the Act passed by Parliament within seven days.”

That means that if the NDP support it – which they say they will – Trudeau can use this Act to become dictator of Canada. I do not believe he will ever revoke that power. They can just keep manufacturing “terrorists” out of thin air to justify a never-ending war against the people.

Apparently the NDP leader J. Sing said, “Prime Minister let the siege of Ottawa go on for weeks and weeks without actually doing anything about it” Singh told reporters.

So does that mean Singh supports brutal police tactics against unarmed civilians? What has the NDP become?

Interim Conservative Party of Canada leader Candice Bergen said she was “very concerned” by Trudeau’s decision, calling it “ham-fisted.” “Provinces are not in agreement with what the Prime Minister is proposing,” Bergen said. “We have seen the Prime Minister continually wedge divide and stigmatize Canadians who he doesn’t agree with. And by doing so, he creates so many barriers in terms of trying to solve this problem.”

[Bergen is right, of course]

Bloc Québécois leader Yves-François Blanchet said he was “surprised” to find out the Prime Minister planned on invoking such serious measures and that he has “serious doubts” that Emergencies Act powers are necessary to deal with any part of the protests across the country.

[Why would anyone be surprised by Trudeau employing fascist tactics after the dehumanizing rhetoric he used in the last year? That type of rhetoric by a nation’s leader typically leads to state-sanctioned violence and human rights violations]

Ontario Premier Doug Ford was one of the few who came out in support of Trudeau’s decision to invoke the Act . . .

[Doug Ford is a tyrant, so it’s not surprising]

Ford: “The world is watching us right now, wondering if it’s a stable environment to open up businesses and expand businesses.”

[Actually the world is wondering if Canada will continue going down the path of being a third-world dictatorship. Going from being a Western democracy to Zimbabwe doesn’t look very good]

On the same day RCMP agents arrested 11 people and seized a cache of weapons linked to convoy blockages at the Alberta border, the province’s Premier Jason Kenney warned that use of the Act could “escalate a tense situation.”

[I believe the weapons were planted. The timing is too perfect]

Manitoba’s premier said: “The sweeping effects and signals associated with the never-before-used Emergencies Act are not constructive here in Manitoba, where caution must be taken against overreach and unintended negative consequences.”

Quebec’s Premier took a similar position, arguing that the province had handled convoy protesters in Quebec City two weekends ago just fine on its own.

Phil Boyle, associate chair for legal studies at the University of Waterloo, said that the federal government can expect some legal challenges to the new measures being invoked.


This is a clever montage of videos showing the contrast between Trudeau’s remarks and the reality on the ground:

Below is a good piece from Tucker Carlson (from minute 16:22 to 21:10). In the first 12 minutes of this video Carlson mocks the Democrat proclivity for its hysteria, which can give us some insight into the hysteria of the Liberals and Canadian MSM over the truckers.

Why are they and the bought and paid for media (and the entrenched managerial class they seem to represent) treating the peaceful trucker movement as though they’re enemy combatants and an existential threat?

Instead of addressing the situation with a measured tone — such as meeting with the truckers and hearing their complaints — they acted as though thousands of ordinary working class Canadians engaged in peaceful protest (as is their lawful right) are committing “sedition” and “insurrection” and represent an “occupation” worthy of invoking the updated War Measures Act!

To be clear, Trudeau just declared war on Canadian citizens. It’s almost beyond belief.

Police are ticketing protestors in Ottawa now in order to clear the streets. But it is their legal and constitutional right to be there, doing that, and such tickets can be contested in court – and I hope they will be. Bankrupting and stigmatizing citizens seems to be the playbook for medical tyrants over the last two years. Thousands of fines were imposed for going to church, not wearing masks (they don’t work), and now for exercising the right to free speech. The Emergency Act is illegal. This should not be happening.

Below is an interview with the Canadian MP, Melissa Lanceman, whom Trudeau insulted in Parliament yesterday by saying she stood with those who wave swastikas. The only person who waved a Nazi flag was (I believe) an agent provocateur sent by Trudeau’s deep state contacts to deliberately misrepresent a peaceful protest and obviously not representative of its character or goals. The exchange backfired on Trudeau because the MP is Jewish and thus took offense to the inference.

Some good online comments:

Calling Canadian convoys ‘violent’ is like calling BLM protests ‘mostly peaceful.’

“They” are not waving swastikas, “They” are waving the Canadian flag. You, Mr Prime Minister, are wearing the swastika. [A reference to the fact that Trudeau is a medical fascist]

Question: Why do they not issue a no confidence motion against him in Parliament. Answer: Far left NDP party will protect him even though he has a minority.

The strangest thing is he fully believes he’s right. No self awareness whatsoever.

JT was born with a silver spoon. He does not relate to the average Canadian. He should have talked to the truckers from the very beginning.

Trudeau is truly amazing. He committed suicide without dying. [No he is dictator now]

Someone wrote: “Canadians have been shown to be the most polite, accepting all inclusive loving people. They deserve a leader that reflects them.” I replied: “Right now we’re losing that image: a lot of Canadians are turning against each other right now. It’s unprecedented. The divisions stoked by the PM and media are terrible. It’s dividing families. It started with Trudeau promoting racial divisions (that don’t really exist here), then pitting vaccinated against unvaccinated, and treating those who peacefully protest for freedom from medical tyranny as enemy combatants in a war! The corrupt media here support all this, in complete violation of all journalistic ethics. It’s evil what’s happening. The same thing is happening in the U.S. sad to say. This is a globalist coup d’etat to divide us against ourselves and then take over.”


Below: This trucker got an opinion piece printed in Newsweek, which is part of the MSM. In the comment section you can see the opinions are divided for and against. It’s a good piece (below). Here is an interview with him from Feb. 12th.

Here’s the op-ed he wrote:

Elites Are Smearing Truckers Because We’re Doing Their Job Representing the People

by Gord MaGill, Newsweek

Forty-eight hours after an impromptu rave party erupted at the the biggest truckers’ protest the world has ever seen, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed me and my fellow Road Warriors from a secret location he had been spirited away to, out of a fear that our peaceful protest against vaccine mandates would turn into Canada’s January 6.

“I have attended protests and rallies in the past, when I agreed with the goals, when I supported the people expressing their concerns and their issues,” our prime minister said. “Black Lives Matter is an example of that. But I have also chosen not to go anywhere near protests that have expressed hateful rhetoric, violence towards fellow citizens, and a disrespect, not just of science, but of the frontline health workers, and quite frankly, the 90 percent of truckers who have been doing the right thing to put food on our tables.”

Like the hysteria that preceded Trudeau’s flight, his comments were pure propaganda; Ottawa Police reported no incidents and not a single arrest—at a protest topping 100,000 souls; indeed, the mood was absolutely festive. The peaceful protest included flags and signs in both of Canada’s official languages and with more than a few four-letter words.

Of course, Trudeau is right that there was hateful rhetoric, too. Everyone has seen the photos, because like Trudeau, the media chose to focus on it. They found the single Confederate flag, and the single swastika flag, and they made their stories about 100,000 people peacefully protesting about the two among them who did so with hate.

[My comment: I believe these were agent provocateurs, not real protestors. The Confederate flag did not use to be a symbol of hate. Flags are symbols that can have different meanings. For many rural Southerners its a way to honour the memory of their ancestors. It symbolized Confederacy during the U.S. Civil War and was honoured by people who fought in that war — on both sides — for years afterwards. You will still find it used commonly in Southern states to honour the dead or to imply regional identity, not slavery. Ever since the civil right era it has been appropriated by SJW activists on the Internet to imply hate. I suspect the person who flew in Ottawa was trying to convey the negative implication in order to smear the protest, which is why he was chased off. Someone comments online, re: the man carrying that flag: “The protestors were not amused and were distancing from him. The guy had a full face mask on. If it was me I would pull it off him and have someone take his picture. I think he was a plant.” And someone else: “Trudeau’s personal photographer was caught taking pictures right beside him” And someone else: Police have been caught on video in hotels with cartloads bombmaking materials. It’s all a setup.”]

These flags and the sentiments they represent are ugly and reprehensible, and many of my fellow truckers suspect these two people were plants. But even if they weren’t, tarring a demonstration that drew in excess of 100,000 people as racist and full of fringe extremists based on the actions of two people is quite a reach, proof of nothing so much as the fact that the media is clutching at straws to smear us—which are in short supply.

The question you should be asking is not how two racists managed to find their way to a protest of 100,000 people, but rather, why is it that the media who pretend to care about the working class, who until very recently were absolutely lavish in their praise of “essential workers,” have turned on us?

The Freedom Convoy was originally envisioned by Albertans Tamara Lich and B.J. Dichter as a smallish group of truckers, farmers, their families and supporters, who planned to head to Ottawa and express their discontent with lockdowns and vaccine mandates. The Federal government was requiring all truckers crossing the border to provide proof of vaccination to continue hauling goods back and forth, despite the fact that truckers have been doing so without this requirement for the entirety of the pandemic and with no evidence that truckers, alone in their rigs, spread COVID-19 any more or less than any other group. It was estimated that the mandate would put 30,000 truckers out of work; because of Canada’s enormous trade relationship with the United States, most truckers in Canada haul south, and the domestic freight market would not be unable to absorb this many unemployed drivers.

But what was supposed to be a small protest soon ballooned, thanks to social media. Lich and Dichter started a GoFundMe, and news of the planned convoy began to spread, and spread quickly. Within a few days, many more truckers were pledging to join the convoy, and the GoFundMe attracted thousands of small donations from regular Canadians, often in amounts of only $20 or $50; many of those same contributors wound up on the side of the road, waving flags and showing support to the convoy once they began to make way for Ottawa from all corners of the country.

Videos of these roadside support rallies only increased donations, and further increased the number of Canadians turning up to bid the convoys well. At the time of this writing, the GoFundMe has received $9,626,550, a fundraising feat that exceeds the annual sum raised by Canada’s third largest political party, The NDP.

The Freedom Convoy might be one of the largest truly grassroots movements we’ve ever seen, and it’s taken on a life of its own, exceeding the expectations of the organizers and touching something deep in the collective psyche of Canada.

The vast majority in attendance at Parliament Hill were not truckers at all. In Ottawa, at the protest and online, I have heard from many that it wasn’t even necessarily about the truckers or their particular beef with the mandates, but a general feeling of having had enough—enough of lockdowns and coercion, enough of lives interrupted, enough of masks, enough of families divided over the questions of vaccines, of children’s upbringings being marred by this psychological warfare.

The media, bless them, and many of the rest of those in their class—unions and other labor organizations, various government entities, and Canada’s political parties—had nothing to do with this movement, and they have no control over it. They were left out. They are viewed with disdain by the public, because they lost touch with the fact that people have had enough of this. What they call a “fringe minority” of upstarts did what they were supposed to be doing: representing the concerns of the many millions of people whose lives had been impacted by government overreach.

And now that this Freedom Convoy has reached the capital and set a fire across the world, all of these managers, these elitists, this media and email-job class who hid at home while the working class continued to keep society functioning, are clutching at straws to cast aspersions on those of us who want to move forward.

With no gain for the managers of society to be had from this and no credit for them to take from it, they have chosen to smear us instead. But they should tread carefully; over and above the peril to already frayed and fragile supply chains, the working class of Canada have been inspired to action, and it is ever more obvious that we have no need for the assistance or approval of the classes who think they are so far above us.

Gord Magill is a trucker with over 25 years on the road across 4 different countries. You can find him on twitter @ghostofgord.

Trucker's convoy

There seems to be a lack of understanding of the importance and value of nonviolent civil disobedience (NVCD) for bringing about positive social change. If anyone should get that it’s those who purport to stand for women’s rights, gay rights, worker’s rights, civil rights, climate justice, etc. They have used NVCD for decades – that is until they gained managerial and political power. Now it’s “insurrection” and “sedition” and peaceful protestors are treated like enemy combatants and the War Measures (Emergency) Act is invoked. The two most well known defenses of the use of NCVD is Martin Luther King Jr’s Letter from Birmingham Jail and Thoreau’s On Civil Disobedience. It’s the height of hypocrisy for Trudeau to march for BLM and claim to be for social justice but then act like a fascist. His tweet against the truckers and supporters is telling: he accuses them of every -ism and -phobia in the book (unjustly), then says Canada stands for inclusivity. Are the millions of Canadians who support the convoy to not be included. Therein lies the ethical problem with Trudeau’s vision of Canada: it’s not universalizable — meaning that it excludes certain people. It is discriminatory. Trudeau has already come out with hateful rhetoric against the unvaccinated and before that “old stock” Canadians. But if you are elected to represent a nation, it’s everyone in that nation. Dividing people against each other and scapegoating groups you don’t like is not good leadership. In particular, scapegoating those who object to two years of pointless and harmful restrictions deepens the divide between the elites and the people even more. Now we’re seeing many defectors from the ranks of what Thomas Sowell would call “the anointed.” They are rightly bothered by the dehumanizing rhetoric they witness and would rather risk losing status among the elites than their souls. Here are a few I can name:

Journalists: Tara Hensley, Alex Berenson, and Rara ___
Scientists and physicians: Robert Malone, Byram Bridle, and many others listed here


It’s not hard to understand why he’s doing this. It’s part of the WEF plan to impose a social credit system as in China. It’s to take complete control over all of us. They will never end this once it’s passed. Then we’ll have a dictatorship, shared with the NDP. It’s the end of Canada as a liberal democracy.

How the CDC abandoned science

Mass youth hospitalizations, COVID-induced diabetes, and other myths from the brave new world of science as political propaganda

by Vinay Prasad

The main federal agency guiding America’s pandemic policy is the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, which sets widely adopted policies on masking, vaccination, distancing, and other mitigation efforts to slow the spread of COVID and ensure the virus is less morbid when it leads to infection. The CDC is, in part, a scientific agency—they use facts and principles of science to guide policy—but they are also fundamentally a political agency: The director is appointed by the president of the United States, and the CDC’s guidance often balances public health and welfare with other priorities of the executive branch.

Throughout this pandemic, the CDC has been a poor steward of that balance, pushing a series of scientific results that are severely deficient. This research is plagued with classic errors and biases, and does not support the press-released conclusions that often follow. In all cases, the papers are uniquely timed to further political goals and objectives; as such, these papers appear more as propaganda than as science. The CDC’s use of this technique has severely damaged their reputation and helped lead to a growing divide in trust in science by political party. Science now risks entering a death spiral in which it will increasingly fragment into subsidiary verticals of political parties. As a society, we cannot afford to allow this to occur. Impartial, honest appraisal is needed now more than ever, but it is unclear how we can achieve it . . .

[I am skipping ahead to the conclusion]

. . . So why does the supposedly impartial CDC push weak or flawed studies to support the administration’s pandemic policy goals? The cynical answer is that the agency is not in fact impartial (and thus not sufficiently scientific), but captured by the country’s national political system. That answer has become harder to avoid. This is a precarious situation, as it undermines trust in federal agencies and naturally leads to a trust vacuum, in which Americans feel forced to cast about in a confused search for alternative sources of information.

Once that trust is broken, it’s not easily regained. One way out would be to reduce the CDC’s role in deciding policy, even during a pandemic. Expecting the executive agency tasked with conducting the science itself to also help formulate national policy—which must balance both scientific and political concerns and preferences—has proven a failure, because the temptation to produce flawed or misleading analysis is simply too great. In order to firewall policymaking from science, perhaps scientific agency directors shouldn’t be political appointees at all.

Ultimately, science is not a political sport. It is a method to ascertain truth in a chaotic, uncertain universe. Science itself is transcendent, and will outlast our current challenges no matter what we choose to believe. But the more it becomes subordinate to politics—the more it becomes a slogan rather than a method of discovery and understanding—the more impoverished we all become. The next decade will be critical as we face an increasingly existential question: Is science autonomous and sacred, or a branch of politics? I hope we choose wisely, but I fear the die is already cast.


It’s all about power. Not to be a cynic but I believe the authoritarian Left is shifting the narrative yet again. They’re not giving up. They’re moving to suppression of the freedom movement and scapegoating of it as “terrorists” now. They got away with medical tyranny for 2 years. That’s over (for now – it could come back later with another variant or disease).

Now they’re focused on repressing the convoys and those who prefer basic rights over state despotism. That’s why the War Measures Act is being used and fake polls are being created to support it. We have to shift gears to the defense of civil and human rights against the targeting of those in the freedom movement.

If they can freeze your bank account for disagreeing with the state (a social credit system as in China) they have total control over all of us and we’re in Chinada. And that’s what all this has ever been about — not Covid. That was always just a means to an end which is absolute power.

Olympic Games in China ‘A Huge Political Theater’: Latvian Team Coach

The Beijing Games and the pandemic will make everyone realize that ‘we cannot sell our souls,’ the coach says. As Chinese soldiers stood to his right, in an interview with Latvia’s national public broadcasters Latvian Radio and Latvian Television, Rubenis called the Beijing Olympics “political theater.” “This is a huge ‘spectacle,’ and for me, as an Olympian, my heart aches watching this,” Rubenis told the Latvian media. [I have a feeling the soldiers did not know Latvian and thus did not stop the interview for that reason; I hope the article was not published until he was back in Latvia!]

The Canadian Truckers Are the True Inheritors of the American Founding

by Roger L. Simon, Epoch Times

The COVID era we have been living through has been yet another reminder that, basically, there are two kinds of individuals in the world—those who are more comfortable obeying authority no matter its dictates and those who prefer to think for themselves.

Obviously, it’s not quite that simple—there are degrees and it’s a sliding scale, as with so many things.

Many people veer only slightly one way or the other. Still, others make decisions only to enhance their power and can flip-flop with ease. (These are the public officials we see suddenly changing their views on COVID because the public is no longer being so obedient.)

[e.g., Erin O’Toole, a real flip-flopper]

But, at base, most people fit somewhere in these two large categories.

We could call them the communists and the freedom lovers.

Some of the former group squawk at that appellation, not considering themselves Marxists and regarding that as a smear, but that subset would be more upset at a name that is yet more accurate to describe them—conformists.

Nobody likes to be called that. A significant number of these people thought of themselves as non-conformist rebels in their youth, yet have become the most abject conformists as they age (cf. Neil Young). They are ready and eager to sign on to such things as government-approved shots without questioning or examining “the science.”

These very people tend to believe the science, even, actually especially, when their knowledge of science is scant. They also “conform” to various forms of the conventional left-wing politics we see that are often masks for greed or personal advancement.

Others, a larger subset, are simply conformists by personality, either afraid to go against authority or simply emotionally predisposed to obey. They are, therefore—although most don’t realize it—also predisposed to be loyal future members of authoritarian societies, prepared to ignore the many behavioral strictures, near-complete lack of privacy, and even the atrocities that may be committed.

The Canadian truckers are the opposite. They are freedom lovers by dint of personality and character, by their very souls, if you will, and therefore the natural inheritors of the American founding, although few may have read either the U.S. Constitution or the Federalist Papers.

Their nemesis, Justin Trudeau, is practically the paradigm of that quasi-Marxist conformist so common now in the upper reaches of Western politics in North America and Europe. They are, as some have written, what happens when those who used to attack The Man become The Man. They are people whose authenticity disappeared long ago, if it was ever there.

They naturally would hate the truckers, do anything possible to stop them, because the truckers are authentic people and in no way fake. In a sense, they unmask the Trudeaus of the world as phonies by comparison. Nothing like that should be allowed to happen. Arrest them! … And they do.

The proximate cause of the truckers’ protest is lifting the vaccine mandates. Worthwhile as that is, what they are really fighting for, what many of us see in them, is something more transcendent, even more crucial—the fight for the freedom of the individual against tyrannical government.

They embody the goals of the Founding Fathers to a remarkable degree, speaking out for their rights in peaceful protest.

There is no greater cause than that in these times when tyrannical governments and über-government globalists, enabled by the terrifying capabilities of modern technology, conspire to eliminate freedom from our lives and dominate us to a degree never before possible in human history.

Standing beside these leaders, as always with autocrats, are all the conformists of the world of various stripes, of whom there are, alas, many.

The brave Canadian truckers aren’t necessarily the last stand, but they are the greatest stand so far, capturing the public imagination. We can hope they are the beginning of something even bigger.

This struggle between these two sides—the conformists and the freedom lovers—has been going on in different forms from time immemorial, yet you have the sense the battle is heading to a crunch point, if not a conclusion. Some would call this moment religious in nature and they may be right.

Authoritarian governments, led by communist China, are taking progressively more global control at the same time as democratic governments, including the USA, are becoming more authoritarian.

Although there has always been internal conflict, in our lifetimes, America, for the most part, represented freedom lovers. That role isn’t as clear now. The Democratic Party has become almost entirely a party of conformists led by authoritarians. The Republicans have a number of such people within their ranks as well.

[The same is true of the Canadian political parties]

What do we do about it? We fight for our freedoms—what else? And maybe we borrow a phrase from the left: “By any means necessary.”


Patricians Versus Plebeians: The Realignment

by Jeffrey A. Tucker, Epoch Times

[This is a good article on how the Left went authoritarian and against civil liberties they use to champion]

[In the last three years] big business consolidated and centered on tech and finance. Then it became entrenched. The laptoppers educated at woke universities ported their values into the workplace, gained managerial control, and deployed HR departments as their mechanism of control. The politics of these industries followed, and now it is the base of the Democrats.

It’s strange because I’m old enough to remember when everyone on the left defended: civil liberties, freedom of speech, the working classes, schooling, small business, the poor, public accommodations for everyone, peace, and democracy. It opposed witch hunts, segregation, class privilege, big business, war, and dictatorship. Or so it seemed.

Anyone paying a modicum of attention to modern political trends knows that this is no longer true, and that accounts for why so many on the left are disaffected (and that includes many writers at Brownstone). The evidence is everywhere (the apostasy of Noam Chomsky and Naomi Klein come to mind) but sealed by two reliably left publications: The Nation and Mother Jones. The former’s push for forever lockdowns has been relentless while the latter just launched an anti-trucker campaign against what everyone used to think were basic civil liberties. (Both sites are hard to navigate for all the pop-up ads and commercial pushes.)

All of this happened almost imperceptibly sometime after the turn of the millennium, and set the stage for the rise of Trump in all his working-class appeal. That cemented the deal. The Republicans lost the backing of the most influential sectors of economic life, and the Democrats could count on the backing of the most highly capitalized and powerful players in the whole information economy.

Which is to say that the Democrats are the party of the rich. And the entrenched rich somehow found themselves on the side of lockdowns and mandates.

The Democratic Party was built by people who have for many decades pretended to be the champions of the poor, the vulnerable, the workers, the proletariat, and so on. They built huge systems to address them and serve them. Then it changed. They became the champions of closures. They shut the schools and churches, and wrecked small businesses. Their policies imposed unconscionable burdens on the very people they claimed to support.

Comments Jacob Siegel of the Tablet:

It’s not simply that the rich have gotten richer, though that’s certainly true as America’s billionaires added $2.1 trillion to their net worth during the pandemic. It’s Silicon Valley corporations with close ties to the Democratic party, like Google, that have benefited most.

While the tech companies have few actual employees compared to older productive industries, their largesse now directly subsidizes whole sectors of the professional class economy, including journalism. Individual professionals may not have become richer during the pandemic but, unlike hundreds of thousands of American workers who lost their jobs — many of whom worked in the small businesses that were shuttered over the past two years — their employment was mostly secure.

Perhaps it’s not surprising, then, that those professionals would instinctively internalize Covid policies that enriched their tech oligarch patrons as a personal victory and defense of their own status.

As a result, the Democrats have massively alienated their voter base, leaving them with only strongly reliable support among elite classes.

And what of the Republicans? I can sum it up in a word: truckers. The policies of the last two years relied on them fundamentally but forgot about them otherwise. They were pushed too far, in all countries. Now they have said: enough. They are in revolt, as a proxy not only for transportation workers but the whole of the working class, including independent businesses.

Don’t forget that the number of “excess deaths” among small businesses during the pandemic in the United States was 200,000. One of the most striking facts is that 41 percent of black-owned businesses were destroyed. It really amounted to a kind of slaughter that has fundamentally shaken the whole commercial sector in the United States and all over the world. What you see on the streets of Ottawa today (also in D.C. and Jerusalem) is the result of this realignment.

It feels like class war because it is. It’s not the one Karl Marx dreamed of, where the workers and peasants rise up against the rich to demand their surplus value. It’s the rich working with the government, media, and tech to put down the demands of the less privileged in society who are calling for a restoration of simple freedom and rights.

Among the less privileged are workers, small businesses, moms pushed out of professional life during lockdowns, religious people who still have an attachment to their communities, and generally people who value their personal independence.

All this kindling was in place when the vaccination mandates finally lit the fire. Forcibly jabbing people with a medicine they do not believe they need is a good way to alienate people forever. They might go along to keep their jobs, but they will come out on the other side more furious than ever.

That fury is boiling over around the world today. Some mayors are responding by getting rid of all controls and mandates. This happened in D.C. this week, without explanation. The real reasons likely trace to the hospitality and restaurant industry in D.C., which had been devastated by the mandates that have driven so many people to surrounding states. In addition, the large African American community in D.C. seriously resented the mandates. Among D.C. whites, 71 percent are vaccinated but that’s true of only 56 percent of blacks. The appalling reality is that nearly half of the blacks in D.C. were banned from public accommodation under the mandates. That’s truly untenable.

We’ll likely see New York and Boston flip soon too. Meanwhile, other governments are taking the totalitarian route. Justin Trudeau in Canada has invoked emergency powers to become the would-be dictator over the whole country.

Long an admirer of China’s authoritarian, one-party rule, his new dictatorship seems completely untenable, but we shall see. We thought that rule by the Chinese Communist Party looked untenable in light of the masses gathered at Tiananmen Square. We know how that ended. Will Trudeau attempt a Tiananmen solution?

To top it all off, most of the country is on the verge of experiencing double-digit inflation, a policy that is utterly wrecking the poor and reducing the purchasing power of everything. Despite all the promises and predictions that the worst would be over by now, the worst certainly lies ahead.

People yesterday were once again pretending to be shocked at the Producer Price Index, which saw a one-month increase of 1 percent and a 9.7 percent increase year-over-year. That can only translate to ever higher prices for the consumer.

Check out this chart on who is being hurt the most.

Epoch Times Photo

[The answer: 20 percent of households that earn less that $40K annually experienced severe hardship due to inflation — which was exacerbated by the lockdowns and mandates. The wealthier you are the less hardship]

This might be the most portentous moment in our political lives: the commercial elite, the new Patrician class, is drifting full fascist, while the Plebeians (the ancient designation of commoners) are pushing for uncompromised freedom. That’s an upheaval that realigns nearly everything.

All of this should remind us that the history of liberalism (in its traditional sense meaning freedom) is a history of revolt against elites. It was a brief moment in history in the twentieth century when liberal values reliably overlapped with the interests of big business—and hence why there remains such confusion today in the world over what is liberal, what is conservative, what is left, and what is right.

Lockdowns and mandates have reshuffled political alliances, it would appear. They have created a clearer demarcation than we’ve seen in our lifetimes between the Zoom-class Patricians and the freedom-loving Plebeians. Engaging that struggle with intelligence and clarity is what’s necessary to recapture the cultural affection for, and the political practice of, the liberty we once knew.

Comments online in response to this article:

You want your freedom back America? You are going to have to reject your nanny state which you for some unexplainable reason you continue to vote for while you complain about the controls and tyranny it exercises over you. Stop asking for (or demanding) that the nanny state (administrative bureaucracy/deep state) solve your pathetic and self-imposed (for the most part) problems for you and provide you material benefits which you did not earn at the expense of others who did. Until you open your eyes and see very clearly what we have all done, we will go the way of Rome and all other totalitarian dictatorships of history.

There are not enough freedom fighters to turn the tide, but I will do my part anyway.

The amount of cognitive dissonance that leftists have to climb over any more to open their mouths and argue any point is staggering.

Some of us are living in the Zoom-class Patrician world, but are clamoring for the same thing as the freedom-loving Plebians.


Comment: It’s all about power. Not to be a cynic but I believe the authoritarian Left is shifting the narrative yet again. They’re not giving up. They’re moving to suppression of the freedom movement and scapegoating of it as “terrorists” now. They got away with medical tyranny for 2 years. That’s over (for now – it could come back later with another variant or disease). Now they’re focused on repressing the convoys and those who prefer basic rights over state despotism. That’s why the War Measures Act is being used and fake polls are being created to support it. We have to shift gears to the defense of civil and human rights against the targeting of those in the freedom movement. If they can freeze your bank account for disagreeing with the state (a social credit system as in China) they have total control over all of us and we’re in Chinada. And that’s what all this has ever been about — not Covid. That was always just a means to an end which is absolute power.

I can’t stand authoritarianism from any camp, right or left. Progressive authoritarianism really irks me due to its hypocrisy. The people who should be protesting Big Pharma and this abuse of power are all silent.

There’s a great article by Allie Stucky’s The Religion of Leftism — on how Leftism is cultish and has more to do with correct belief than moral responsibility.

The irony is that most of my views are ‘progressive’ on issues such as the environment, animal rights, peace and social justice — but the foundation is always liberty and egalitarianism and universal rights — whereas the foundation for the new Left is collectivism – which leads to illiberal censorship, coercion, ideological conformity, loss of autonomy of the will (and bodily autonomy) and is based on fear and aggression.

It’s frightening. Many of them are fascists who are scapegoating the truckers as criminals. Thus when I hear Leftists authoritarians call the working class “fascists” and claim that by crushing them they are defending “democracy” I have to conclude they don’t know what those words actually mean. Trudeau is a fascist. The truckers are exercising true democracy. The MSM spins it the other way around.

I fear all this is going to end very badly. Western liberal democracies are being turned into technocratic biosecurity states modelled after China. If it’s not stopped, there will be few places good left to live in the world. It’s enough to make one cry. The truckers gave me hope but now they’re being crushed by a police state and vile corrupt MSM in Canada – or as some now call it Chinada.

Trudeau Having Difficulty Teaching Canadian Mounties To Goose-Step

OTTAWA—As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues his effort to impose authoritarian rule in Canada, he is beginning to face some challenges. “The Royal Canadian Mounties are just not that good at goose-stepping,” said a disappointed Trudeau. “For some reason, it doesn’t come naturally to them, which is such a shame since goosestepping is very intimidating to racist, homophobic insurgents calling for ‘freedom,’ whatever that is.”

Reports have begun to surface that a new “Intro To Goose-Stepping” course has been made mandatory at the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) Training Academy in Regina, Saskatchewan. Training instructor Reginald Breslin told reporters, “It’s true. We’ve begun the goose-step training, as ordered by our Dear Leader, that’s what we have to call him now. And it’s not going great. The high leg kicking thing done in perfect formation is not easy. Especially when on horseback. But we’ll get there. It’s what The Gardener Of Human Happiness—we can also call him that—says he wants, so we have to do it.”
Apparently, goose-stepping is not the only area in which Prime Minister Trudeau is turning to German history for inspiration. He recently raised the possibility of “Anschluss” (reunification) with Austria, but aides explained to him that such a move might not be feasible at the current time, so plans were tabled for the moment.

[The Babylon Bee jokes but it’s no laughing matter, in reality. This is real]

Liberal Emerges From Home To Face Eerie Dystopia Of People Living Normal Lives

CLAREMONT, CA—Sources have confirmed that local assistant professor of Applied Gender Entanglement Studies, Spenther Dillstump, unsealed his front door for the first time in two years then, clutching his emotional support Fauci Doll and whispering a prayer of righteous safetyism to Dr. Rachel Walensky, emerged from his home to face the eerie dystopia of people living normal lives.

“Eeek! What’s that horrific monstrosity! We’re all gonna die!” yelled Dillstump according to witnesses who reported him pointing at the unmasked smiles of an older couple walking past. The quadruple-masked adventurer was also seen trying to ward off the couple with a printout of outdated CDC guidelines while shouting long-disproven facts about natural immunity.

Numerous eyewitness accounts describe Mr. Dillstump as frantically scurrying behind trees and dumpsters whenever humans passed by in their threatening states of happiness and normalcy.

Onlookers later described police arriving at the city park in search of terrorist groups acting violently, as described by an anonymous 911 caller. All they saw were a few families enjoying the fresh air, children laughing and playing, and a crazed man behind some bushes gargling hand sanitizer. Underfunded and overworked, the officers were unable to question the individual—identified by onlookers as Dillstump—as dispatch sent them away to the 39th carjacking that day.

Exhausted and overwrought, Spenther Dillstump eventually snuck back to the eternal safety of his home, having never found a store that sold hazmat suits and still mandated masks, vaccines, social distancing, and BLM attire.

Nation Prepares To Celebrate 2nd Anniversary Of Two Weeks To Flatten The Curve

U.S.—The nation is preparing to celebrate what has become a beloved annual holiday: Two Weeks To Slow The Spread Day, to be held in March every year.

“This time of year we like to come together to remember the historic day two years ago when we put on masks and locked ourselves down, trusting that the lockdown would be over in just two weeks,” said local man Paul Christof as he stared out his window longingly, his three masks securely in place. “This year, I’m going all out with a Zoom party with no more than five of my closest friends—I mean, closest, figuratively speaking, of course. We’ll be literally far apart, because I want to stay home and stay safe, and I don’t want grandma to die.”

Traditional festivities for the newly christened American holiday include remote Amazon gift exchanges, ordering DoorDash feasts for just yourself, and the customary binging of the Netflix. Historians believe the holiday will become a hit, and people will continue to wear masks and stay home throughout the year as the festive day is celebrated for hundreds of years to come.

Above: according to this fellow the guy with the Nazi flag was using it to illustrate what Trudeau wants to make Canada into. If so, that’s true — Trudeau is a fascist — but the protestor badly misjudged how it would be interpreted. Trudeau has used that flag to defame truckers even as he resorts to fascist tactics (scapegoating rhetoric, martial law, censorship, coercion, police state tactics).


Below: they discuss the disparity between the Trudeau MPs embracing actual jihadist terrorists but demonizing and criminalizing ordinary Canadians for peacefully standing up for their right of freedom of medical choice. Now Children’s Aid is moving in on the kids. It’s obvious that some sort of police action and mass arrest will happen soon, much to the delight of the fascist class (i.e., authoritarian Leftists) in Canada. Sheila has some good remarks on the elites hypocrisy and condescending attitudes. The nanny state is going fascist. This is a class war. They’re taking the dogs too.

How Liberals Left the White Working Class Behind: White working-class anger has been simmering for decades, due to globalization, wage stagnation, and the myth of meritocracy. [Good article on class war; quite applicable to what’s happening in Canada now]

Above: A Compilation of Six Canadians Speaking Out at the Protests across Canada up to February 2022. They talk about lessons from history, ending mandates, fake health emergencies, and holding the line. One man tells a story of a newfie offering his truck to a stranger in Ottawa. Another man describes a tear jerking experience with a child who was simply happy to see his unmasked face. Protests and Canadians uniting behind the Trucker Convoy continue across the nation.

Protestors say why they are out with signs: for my daughter, freedom of choice. It’s part of a series called Why are you here?

Image tagged in change buzzword liberal justin trudeau ...

Humour . . .

Here’s an example of how rotten the MSM is. I will add comments after each line:

State Swamp With The Media Out To Get Civil Disobedience —Not One Interview With A Trucker —Just Read This Twisted Piece

by Brian Peckford

Ottawa police issue new warning amid convoy blockade: ‘leave the area now’

By Amanda Connolly Ahmar Khan Global News

People still participating in the so-called “Freedom Convoy” blockade of downtown Ottawa are being warned by police to “leave the area now” as questions heat up about when police will act to remove the demonstrators who have paralyzed the nation’s capital for 20 days.

[Notice they say “so-called” to disparage it]

The police warning came as Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino urged anyone thinking of coming to the city on the weekend not to do so, and said that “extremist” leaders are now on the ground in Ottawa.

[That’s a lie, unless standing up for freedom of speech and medical choice is “extreme”]

“You must leave the area now. Anyone blocking streets, or assisting others in the blocking streets, are committing a criminal offence and you may be arrested. You must immediately cease further unlawful activity or you will face charges,” reads a notice issued by Ottawa police on Wednesday morning.

[Police are violating freedom of assembly and speech, the right to peaceful protest]

“The people of Ottawa are being denied the lawful use, enjoyment and operation of their property and you are causing businesses to close. That is mischief under the Criminal Code.”

[MLK would say a higher law is in order than a mischief charge, which is the law of man. What about the Charter? I though it was still supposed to intact? Or is that a lie? Obviously it is]

Protesters are ‘organized, driven by extremist ideology,’ says public safety minister following arrests

[Extremism is wanting freedom of medical choice and to retain a Western liberal democracy?]

Mendicino said during a press conference that Canadians need to resist the urge to look at the blockades as isolated incidents. “We need to be clear-eyed about the seriousness of these incidents. Indeed, several of the individuals at Coutts have strong ties to a far-right, extreme organization with leaders who are in Ottawa,” he said.

[It’s not illegal in a Western democracy to have a political belief. The real extremism is arresting people in violation of their Charter rights]

“We’re talking about a group that is organized, agile, knowledgeable, and driven by an extremist ideology where might makes right. And this is completely contrary to our democratic values.”

[The Trudeau government is the one violating democracy. The truckers are exercising it]

Mendicino did not name any particular group or individual.

[Because it’s a lie]

Also on Wednesday morning, an Ontario Superior Court justice in Ottawa granted a 60-day extension to the injunction issued last week which banned the use of air horns and train horns by the convoy. That injunction had initially been granted for just 10-days and was set to expire.

[Horns and hot tubs and bouncy castles. All serious threat to democracy]

Both the injunction extension and the new warning to convoy participants come after the federal government invoked the never-before-used Emergencies Act on Monday amid intense frustration and anger among Ottawa residents over police handling of the convoy so far.

[Ottawa residents who want Trudeau to act dictatorially will later regret it when they’re arrested or living in fear of being arrested; they think they’re safe but in a Communist dictatorship, no one is]

Peter Sloly resigned as chief of the Ottawa Police Service on Tuesday, and federal officials have for days offered increasingly clear rhetoric that the blockades are now “illegal,” and that police must end them.

Yet demonstrators have remained defiant in the face of the Emergencies Act, with hundreds still parked in blockades along residential streets of downtown Ottawa and vowing to remain.

[They are going down with the ship, so to speak. It reminds me of the natives who did the Ghost Dance as their culture was being destroyed]

The convoy organizers originally said they wanted to force elected officials out and force an end to all public health measures in place to limit the spread of COVID-19, most of which are under provincial — not federal — jurisdiction. Organizers later removed references to calls to remove elected officials from their websites, and have since claimed they never called for such action.

[I don’t believe that]

Some of the convoy organizers have ties to white nationalism and histories of racist rhetoric.

[More smears and innuendo, of course]

In the order invoking the Emergencies Act, the federal government explicitly warned about fears of “serious violence” from blockade participants motivated by political or ideological goals.

[Another lie; it has been a nonviolent movement]

While the order did not use the word “terrorism,” that language mirrors the Criminal Code definition of terrorist activity, and convoy organizers removed a journalist from a press conference this week for asking whether they are aware of any firearms among participants.

[This is a false portrayal of the freedom movement, similar to how dictatorships work to suppress similar freedom movements in dictatorships — exactly the same]

Earlier in the week, RCMP arrested 13 people and seized more than a dozen long guns, hand guns, ammunition and body armour from what they described as a small organized group within the larger Coutts border blockade in Alberta.

[The main group disavowed this and left. I believe the weapons were either planted and it was a set up]

“The group was said to have a willingness to use force against the police if any attempts were made to disrupt the blockade,” RCMP said in a news release.

. . . Under the terms of the Emergencies Act, police warned that people are also prohibited from coming to Ottawa in order to join the demonstration, and that police can seize any vehicles taking part in it.

[Police are now violating the Charter]

“Anyone who commits these illegal actions could face fines or be required to appear in court,” the notice continued. “Commercial vehicle drivers’ licences and private drivers’ licences can be suspended or revoked.”

Bringing children to the demonstrations is also prohibited, with a potential fine of $5,000 or up to five years in prison as a result. That provision of the new emergency powers came after Ottawa police said roughly 25 per cent of the vehicles in the blockades have children in them.

Child welfare authorities have been involved, police said, and on Wednesday the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa issued a warning to parents.

[The state is now seizing children; not far off from the CCP who are doing this to the Uyghar]

Convoy is a ‘stain on our city,’ says councillor. With police handing out notices to convoy supporters, members of city council are thankful that some action is being taken.

[That City Council is a stain on the city!]

Kavanagh added that convoy’s occupation of Ottawa needs to end and that the longer it carries on, the worse it looks on the city and leaders.

[Trying to suppress is looks bad on the city and its leaders]

“This has been a real stain on our city, on our nation that it was allowed to come in in the first place and settle — they’ve practically put down roots … I want it to be over,” she said.

[The freedom movement are heroes. Ottawa city council are villains for going along with the end of democracy and turning Canada into a dictatorship]

Bill Blair, the federal emergency preparedness minister, said the additional measures granted under the Emergencies Act are “targeted, temporary and proportionate to the threat that exist in our country.”

[The only threat to the country is people trying to suppress democracy, like Blair]

Canadians will never view the legacy media the same again

by True North

By invoking the Emergencies Act and giving his government sweeping powers, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accidentally revealed how weak he really is.

[I don’t think so. Candice is underestimating this situation. By becoming a dictator, Trudeau has destroyed Canada]

Meanwhile, the legacy media continues to do Trudeau’s bidding by doxxing and harassing individuals who supported the freedom convoy.

Despite the Establishment’s desperate attempts to stop the convoy, the truckers continue to win — provinces are dropping their mandates and the convoy is making their voice loud and clear.

Candice Malcolm says the freedom convoy will go down as one of the most effective and powerful protests in the history of the western world.

[I believe it signals the end of the Western world]

Trudeau Is Simultaneously Wrecking Our Democracy & Our Economy

by Spencer Fernando

Take a moment and imagine that you flipped on the news, and saw the following headline about some foreign country.

“Amid surging inflation, government invokes emergency powers as protests spread.”

What image comes to mind?

What part of the world or what country do you imagine?

Perhaps somewhere in the Middle East?

Perhaps in Africa?

Perhaps in some authoritarian state you usually hear about whenever something horrible is taking place there.

All of this is to say, you usually wouldn’t think of a headline like that in a country like Canada.

But here we are.

In many ways, Canada now increasingly resembles the kind of authoritarian state that we usually watch on the news and feel some sort of distant sympathy for, while being grateful “that it couldn’t happen here.”

But of course, it is indeed happening here.

The two big events recently are both connected, in a way that is actually quite obvious but has been ignored by much of the media and political establishment.

Surging inflation, surging unrest

History shows that rising inflation often leads to significant civil unrest and deepening of political divisions.

This makes sense, because inflation – particularly when caused (as it is being caused now) by deliberate government policy and money printing – represents the state robbing the Citizens of their earning power.

Inflation is a way for governments to increase their own power, as they drain more and more wealth away from those who actually produce.

Governments love this for a few reasons.

First, it is able to weaken individual Canadians, families, and entrepreneurs, which helps to bleed away wealth and independence.

Second, it is often hidden, or at least not nearly as obvious as a tax increase.

When taxes are raised, it’s obvious, and people can directly see how much the government is taking away.

For example, when the GST was introduced, it was immediately obvious to Canadians that a new tax was taking away 7% of their money on every purchase.

It was politically toxic, so toxic that even the tax-hiking Trudeau Liberals haven’t raised it back up after Harper lowered it to 5%.

Yet, we are watching inflation surge in Canada, now hitting 5.1% according to government figures (the real rate is likely even higher).

Here’s what BNN Bloomberg had reported on the highest inflation since 1991:

“Canadian consumer price inflation accelerated to a new three-decade high in January, adding to pressure on the Bank of Canada to start raising interest rates as early as March 2.

Annual inflation was 5.1 per cent last month, up from 4.8 per cent in December, Statistics Canada reported on Wednesday in Ottawa. Economists were anticipating inflation would be unchanged in January.

The average of the central bank’s core measures — often seen as a better indicator of underlying price pressures — rose to 3.2 per cent, also the highest since 1991.

The report will reinforce expectations that policymakers, led by Governor Tiff Macklem, will start a rate-hike cycle at the next policy meeting. Markets are pricing in as many as seven increases in borrowing costs over the next 12 months.”

And even worse, not only is inflation surging, but it is surging in almost every category:

“Consumer price pressures aren’t just accelerating, they’re broadening — and that could spell trouble for the Bank of Canada.

It’s getting difficult to argue the acceleration of inflation to three-decade highs is transitory or being imported from abroad. Nearly 80 per cent of the 48 subcategories in Canada’s consumer price index are now rising by more than 2 per cent, according to Bloomberg calculations on data released Wednesday by the national statistics agency.

That’s the highest proportion since 1991, far exceeding the 50 per cent average. Around two-thirds of prices are rising more than 3 per cent, the upper end of the Bank of Canada’s targeting band.”

Now, just imagine if the government brought in a new 5% tax on everything.

People would be up in arms – especially considering how difficult it has already been for people to make ends meet.

Inflation is the exact same thing, except there isn’t a clear notice on your bill that says ‘inflation tax.’

This lets politicians get away with stealing your earning power.

And yet, that doesn’t stop people from being poorer, and it doesn’t stop the level of anger in society from rising. It just makes it more diffused and scattershot.

It’s why you see movements like the Arab Spring kick off amid surging prices, as people feel more and more fed up with what is happening.

That brings us to the protests we see in Canada.

Our country has been subjected to draconian restrictions for close to two years, restrictions that were much harsher and much longer-lasting than in many parts of the world.

When people pushed back against those restrictions, they were attacked and demonized.

Politicians with the courage to speak out were quickly booted out for ‘daring’ to go against the establishment orthodoxy.

Even the key ‘opposition’ party, the CPC, was suppressed by their own leadership, with Erin O’Toole refusing to listen to the party base or many of his own MPs, meaning opposition to Trudeau’s increasingly authoritarian agenda was almost non-existent in Parliament, at least until O’Toole was removed with Candice Bergen, who has been much tougher and stronger in her opposition to Trudeau:

All in all, Canadians have been suppressed in nearly every possible way over the past two years. That suppressed energy doesn’t go away, it simply gets bottled up, particularly when the social norm in this country (a social norm that is now thankfully being wiped out) was to never discuss anything controversial and cover up our differences with a fake veneer of ‘niceness’ and ‘politeness.’

That bottled up emotion was on top of the fact that Canadians have lost their jobs, lost their earning power, and lost their businesses in huge numbers. We’ve seen a growing mental health crisis, and a surge in drug overdose deaths. We are seeing ‘deaths of despair’ in this country.

During this entire time, government officials and politicians were insulated from all of this.

They didn’t lose their jobs.

They didn’t lose their earnings.

And they kept their cushy pensions that we all pay for.

State-run and state-funded media also got more and more money throughout this time, protecting their job security with your tax dollars.

And then, when Canadians started to speak up, Justin Trudeau demonized people in the most ruthless and brutal terms, seemingly trying to intentionally stoke more and more rage and anger in the nation.

Finally, after all of this, Trudeau refused to even speak with or acknowledge the protestors, and went directly from doing absolutely nothing, to imposing the Emergencies Act, an authoritarian power-grab that takes away our rights and freedoms and is completely out of proportion to the actual situation.

Trudeau is now being condemned worldwide for his dictatorial actions, and the Trudeau government is being taken to court by civil liberties advocates in this country:

“The Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) has announced it is launching a legal challenge to the federal government’s invocation of the Emergencies Act. The challenge will be by way of urgent application for judicial review at the Federal Court.”

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association also announced legal action against the Trudeau government:

Canada looks like a third-world authoritarian country

So, we now have surging inflation, government policies that take away freedoms and crush the economy, and emergency powers being used against those who protest.

Under Justin Trudeau – a known blackface enthusiast and someone who has repeatedly praised Communist Dictatorships – Canada resembles a third-world authoritarian country where freedom and economic opportunity are stolen away from our Citizens by the government.

With Justin Trudeau’s anti-freedom attitude, and with his destructive economic policies, Canada will be keep getting poorer and poorer until Canadians take our country back by defeating the Trudeau Liberals in the next election.

Trudeau’s Trucker Terrorists: Why the Emergency Powers Endanger the Rights of All Groups From Truckers to Marchers

by Jonathan Turley

[This appears to be a defense against a huge attack by the Left in the U.S. against his perfectly valid comparison of the civil rights movement and the truckers freedom protest — a comparison I myself made and can rationally defend.

The objection to that comparison is fueled by ideology not reason. Of course Leftists will object to an icon (MLK) being compared to the truckers but at the core, the freedom movement IS a civil rights and human rights movement, against medical segregation and for freedom to choose. It’s an objection to scapegoating and dehumanization.]

For the first time in history, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act to crackdown on what he has described as an attack on democracy itself in Canada.

While civil libertarians in Canada have condemned the move as threatening core free speech and associational rights in the country, the [Democrat, i.e., pro-Communist] American media and legal commentators have largely supported Trudeau in the use of these extreme measures.

Indeed, I triggered a tsunami of outrage in stating that Canada could have used such powers to cut off donations for the Civil Rights Movement and arrest Martin Luther King today for such protests . . . there was also an objection that there is no equivalency between the truckers and the Civil Rights Movement.

[But indeed there is an equivalency; the convoy IS a civil rights movement]

Again, that is not the point of the reference:  it should not matter if you agree or disagree with the underlying cause. The concern is that the Canadian government could declare such an emergency to crackdown on any group engaging in civil disobedience through blockades or occupation protests.

It could even happen to Dr. King today if marchers sought to repeat historic marches in Canada. Without meaningful limits under the law, they could also be unilaterally declared threats to Canadian “sovereignty, security and territorial integrity” by Trudeau for acts of civil disobedience.

With the emergency powers, Trudeau can now prohibit travel, public assemblies, conduct widespread arrests, and block donations for the truckers. This also includes freezing bank accounts and ramping up police surveillance and enforcement.

[This is happening]

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association objected:

“The federal government has not met the threshold necessary to invoke the Emergencies Act. This law creates a high and clear standard for good reason: the Act allows government to bypass ordinary democratic processes. This standard has not been met. The Emergencies Act can only be invoked when a situation ‘seriously threatens the ability of the Government of Canada to preserve the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of Canada’ & when the situation ‘cannot be effectively dealt with under any other law of Canada.’”

Such voices have been drowned out by media demonizing the truckers as racists or insurrectionists.

As civil libertarians, it is less important what people are saying as their right to say it. That includes people who speak through their financial support or donations. Millions in such donations were blocked by GoFundMe or the Canadian government in this crackdown.

It is often tempting to ignore the implications of such extreme measures by focusing on your disagreement with a given group.

To understand the scope of this law you can simply look to how widely revered movements could be treated under the same provisions.  For example, the Civil Rights marchers also engaged in civil disobedience in shutting down bridges and occupying spaces.  As I stated on Monday,

“Now, when you put all of that together, you’ve extinguished the ability of thousands, perhaps even millions of people to express themselves through a form of civil disobedience. And according to Prime Minister Trudeau’s definition, he could have shut down the Civil Rights Movement. He could have arrested Martin Luther King. He could have arrested any number of figures that we now celebrate today as visionaries.”

On Tuesday, I returned to that same point and noted that Canada could easily use the same law against the marchers and Dr. King today. Trudeau’s government could cut off all funding for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) while arresting figures like Dr. King. I noted that “I thought [the use of the Emergency Act] was quite excessive. This is an act of civil disobedience. That is a standard tactic of groups going back to the civil rights movement and even earlier to block bridges and streets, to do what was referred to as — quote — ‘good trouble.’ By this rationale, they could have cracked down on the Civil Rights Movement. They could have arrested Martin Luther King.”

The “they” is clearly the Canadian government in its use of these emergency powers today — not a reference to arrests in the past in the United States.

As is evident from the entire interview, I was referring to how the Canadian government could use these powers against an array of different groups for similar acts of civil disobedience. I was not saying that Dr. King was never arrested. Of course, he was. I have previously discussed those arrests, including in recent columns (here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here).

To critics in our hair-triggered political environment, it did not matter that I have referred to MLK being arrested repeatedly any more than the fact that I was clearly referring to the Canadian government today in making such arrests.

The point is that it is not just truckers who can be the targets of such Canadian emergency powers. The sweeping language would allow Trudeau to shutdown a contemporary civil rights movement and a leader like Dr. King as easily as he did the convoy. Yet, even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joined in.

The second objection, however, is far more interesting. People objected to any analogy of these truckers and their cause to Dr. King and the fight for civil rights.

Brooke Binkowski@brooklynmarie

Turley here is simultaneously conflating human rights advocates such as Martin Luther King with a bunch of assholes shitting up international borders because their disinformation handlers told them to and telling racists that white people get the worst treatment.5:17 PM · Feb 15, 2022·

[This person writing this is an ideologue and can’t see that her dehumanizing attack on the convoy is the moral equivalent to the character assassination of MLK and the civil rights leaders and that she is in fact comparable to the racist segregationists of that day, who attacked those who stood for civil rights and freedom — as the truckers do]

Of course, I was not saying that the truckers are the like of MLK. I doubt the truckers would say that. [In fact, I think many of them would, as I do]

Rather, I was comparing forms of civil disobedience. The protection of forms of protest should not depend on whether we support or oppose the underlying message.

[Turley is taking a defensive position here against an onslaught of Leftist vitriol it seems. The truckers’ are being incredibly misrepresented in the nasty statement by the SJW above. Arguing for freedom of medical choice and freedom in general is the issue — and that is the same as MLK arguing for equality. The convoy is a human rights movement. There is actually no difference]

People objected to the very notion that the Civil Rights marchers could be viewed as akin to the truckers. But that is the point. The law does not have any distinction. It could be used today against Dr. King just as it was used against the truckers. Indeed, Dr. King was accused of being a communist and a traitor by government officials during the crackdowns and arrests of the period. The Canadian law, however, would allow the federal government to  use such claims to freeze funding and order arrests under the Emergencies Act today, including a figure like Dr. King for acts of civil disobedience.

We should be outraged by the use of such measures against either civil rights marchers or the Canadian truckers. As the Canadian Civil Liberties Association correctly noted, there is no limiting principle in Trudeau’s use of these powers. Trudeau simply declared that the convoy “seriously threatens the ability of the Government of Canada to preserve the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of Canada” without any substantive support for that finding.

These are sweeping emergency powers that could be used against some of our most celebrated figures and shutdown some of our most revered causes. Under this law, the only thing preventing Trudeau from shutting down movements — even historic movements like the Civil Rights marchers — is his affinity for the cause as opposed to the underlying conduct.

[Trudeau and the SJWs are really the equivalent of Bull Connor — but infinitely more powerful]


My comment: What this is really about is imposing a social credit system as they have in Communist China, to penalize protest of the government and impose whatever Trudeau thinks is best to run your life.

That’s what the entire pandemic and lockdown and mandates were about: to social condition us to obey the state. Canada is now a dictatorship. It will never end. If the challenge to this is not successful, it’s the end of Canada as a western liberal democracy.

Canada is not an authoritarian technocratic biosecurity state. Or more precisely it wasn’t until Trudeau made it one.

As for Doug Ford and all the medical tyrants, they should resign in shame for what they’ve done. His admission of the failure of the mandates is too little too late.

In the video above, the guy who defended Trudeau’s actions has no idea what’s happened in Canada. The Emergency Act is being implemented after all the “economic disruption” at the borders was cleared by the police. All this is now is a way to punish those who peacefully protest. It’s a social credit system as in China.

The protest is a last resort by thousands of people against a government that was not listening — and in fact was imposing more mandates. Now it’s all being lifted slowly thanks to the truckers’ efforts — but until they stood up nothing was happening in Canada. Quebec was imposing a discriminatory “health tax”!

Massive street protests were being ignored. Court cases were being dismissed. The opposition parties said nothing. The people were left with no alternative but to protest. This is the modern civil rights movement. The truckers are heroes but the government is treating them like terrorists and is trying to destroy them now.

Now Canada is becoming a fascist state. The same will happen in the US under Biden I predict — unless enough people work to stop it.

“We are not taking away your right to protest… We are taking away your money, insurance, and fuel”

Canadians exhausted all option before they took action. The opposition parties and media were worse than useless. Now the CPC steps up but until the truckers we had a jellyfish named O’Toole who bent with the wind. The media are corrupt and bought off, like Pravda. And Trudeau was pushing for even more mandates — a “health tax” for the unvaccinated! That’s when the truckers took action, thank God. They are heroes. They turned everything around – but for their troubles they are treated like terrorists.

Online comment:

I’m a French Canadian (so sorry if my English isn’t perfect) and if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that the government’s anti-covid measures over the past two years have been far more deadly for our economy than the freedom convoy protest. Especially here, in the province of Quebec, where they kept closing, then reopening, then closing, and reopening again businesses considered non-essential, causing the permanent closure of many of them. Lots of people have lost their dream, what they had spent a lifetime building. The depression and suicide rate has never been so high. To criticize the first thing that gives us hope because it affects our economy shows a poor understanding of our situation.

Excellent spot on pointers and analysis by the Five! Having lived in Canada and observed Canadian culture and history my take on Canada’s situation is the following: The horrendous abuses of governmental power in Canada, that the world is witnessing, is exactly why the American Founding Fathers, the Framers, who justifiably successfully rebelled against the British Crown’s arbitrary tyranny created the US Constitution with the Bill of Rights, which recognized pre existing inalienable natural rights. As such the US Constitution with the Bill of Rights, are all part of Checks & Balances that are supposed to limit, curtail the parameters of government power in overreach against, into the common people’s lives. Canada, as a nation, has it’s lineage as a British Commonwealth nation. All of the Common Wealth Nations have seen the erosion and loss of fundamental rights of Englishmen and their own Crown Subjects that are enshrined in the English Charter of the year 1215 known as the Magna Carta. Coupled with this is the fact that over many years, International Socialists, Neo Communists have entered Canada, having been deeply entrenched themselves, in the critical organs which run, have influence in Canada; with the Political parties, especially with the Leftist Liberal Progressive Political parties, News Media, Education system etc. Thus having more in-depth influencing focus on targeting multiple generations of Canadians with the planting and cultivation of toxic corrosive, Neo-Marxism. Then is in the USA.

“Government IS NOT the solution to OUR problems.. Government IS THE PROBLEM” — Ronald Reagan

“When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.” ― Nelson Mandela

I am amazed at how the Canadian government is addressing this crisis of their own making, it is absolutely disgraceful.

The Canadians have been so reasonable that they have smiled their way out of freedom. Donations from Canadians are votes, free speech, and freedom of association. Basic rights. Donations from the US and the rest of the world are brotherly love. The government has launched a coup against democracy and is grinding it beneath its heel. The looming question is whether the Canadians still have the critical mass in their population to maintain their freedom and restore their founding principles. Or have they been captured by the benefits seekers and those who came to power by pandering to them and increasing their number?

GiveSendGo regarding the Freedom Convoy, talk to one of the owners, Heather Wilson.

Vancouver-area radio loses popular host Kid Carson after speaking truth about Freedom Convoy: Carson says he’s received thousands of messages of support after speaking out publicly. In today’s report, I sit down for a candid interview with a longtime favourite in British Columbia, mainstream radio broadcaster Kid Carson. Vancouver’s Z95.3 radio station has recently parted ways with the popular host, after Carson aired his support for Canada’s Freedom Convoy movement in Ottawa.

“If you think the trucker convoy in Ottawa is a racist movement, you’ve been tricked” was just one of the trigger-worthy truth bombs dropped by Carson on what proved to be his last time on the airwaves for the radio station.

Carson is not the only high profile individual to speak out against the Trudeau approved narrative on the freedom movement, which is now in its third week of protesting against COVID-19 mandates outside of Parliament.

Many federal Conservatives — like Pierre Poilievre, who says he is “proud of the truckers” and stands with them — have pointed out that the movement consists predominantly peaceful Canadians who just want their voices heard.

The party’s motion to “give Canadians their lives back” by having the Trudeau government release a plan to “follow the evidence; follow the science, and table a plan to quickly end all federal mandates and restrictions” was supported by the Bloc Québécois, but voted down by the Liberals and the New Democratic Party.

Despite Carson knowing that speaking out in support of freedom on Z95.3’s Kid Carson Show would mean his contract with the station wouldn’t be renewed, and thus his days in mainstream radio would be numbered, Carson says he’s “received thousands and thousands of messages of people just saying thank you for saying it somewhere publicly, in mainstream media where it hasn’t been spoken about.”

That gratitude was displayed organically during our interview, as a passerby who recognized Carson while I was speaking with him stopped to thank him for saying what he said on air.

With his new found freedom to speak to issues that matter to him, Carson is shifting his focus to his Kid Carson Show podcast. His most recent episode happens to be titled “Why is Justin Trudeau so weird”.

[I believe they’ll arrest him in this new dictatorship]

Institutions are already secretly giving every citizen an “environmental, social, and governance” score. What was once a rating metric reserved for businesses and lenders – the ESG score – is now rather alarmingly coming to individuals as well. These attempts at “convergence” of tracking and evaluating people and business entities is by no means unique or new, but if reports are to be believed, it is gaining momentum – while private citizens seem to be largely oblivious to it.

Below: a freedom supporter’s thoughts:

Trudeau’s House Of Cards Is Crumbling; He’s Getting Shouted Down Repeatedly In His Own Parliament [VIDEOS]

This (below) is an article from four years ago by Canadian thinker David Solway. The struggle with Canadian identity reflected in it seems rather quaint now. Canadians were reminded of their real identity in the freedom movement, but seemingly too late. Had it been found prior to any of the times Trudeau was elected or re-elected, we might have saved Canada.

As it is, I fear that authoritarian Leftism has won, through sheer force of will, forever dividing the country. Fascism has been defined as “might makes right.”

The Canadian Mind: A Culture So Open, Its ‘Brains Fall Out’

The Canadian national temper is a funny thing, riddled with contradictions. It is plainly an abstraction, and yet it does seem to have discernible traits. Some jokingly regard it as absurdly apologetic — a Canadian is someone who says “sorry” when he is jostled. Canadians are polite and amiable, pacifist by nature; they are the world’s peacekeepers. Canadians regard themselves as morally superior, especially with regard to Americans. Canadians are inwardly attracted to failure, as Margaret Atwood contended in Survival — Canadians have a will to lose as powerful as the American will to win. And so on.

Canada is a huge but under-populated country. The wind echoes in our ears. Much has been made in our literature of the hardiness and resilience necessary for existence in a punishing climate and of the harsh labor required to extract the benefits of a resource-based economy. Susanna Moodie’s Roughing It in the Bush is an early classic detailing the rigors and challenges of domesticating an unforgiving milieu. Canadian fortitude is a national foundation myth.

One recalls Northrop Frye’s analysis in The Bush Garden of Canada’s “garrison mentality,” the fear of “being swallowed by an alien continent,” the fight for survival in inclement surroundings, and the feeling that events and achievements of significance must be happening elsewhere. Naturally, Frye’s thesis has been contested in a rising swell of self-importance and postmodern speculation. In Studies in Canadian Literature, Sherrie Malisch points out that many critics have taken umbrage with Frye, advocating for the replacement of the “myth” of the garrison mentality by something called “ecological logic,” by feminist sensitivity to the environment, or by an aboriginal sense of ‘wholeness.”

Similarly, writing in the Town Crier, André Forget, for example, thinks that Frye’s analysis is passé, that the “garrisoned mind” has opened up to an anonymous urban and Internet landscape which “has done away with most of the practical limitations geography used to enforce.” Canadian writers in particular have become more sophisticated. His argument is not entirely without merit and may be initially persuasive. Yet any reading of our literature and study of our culture and politics would strongly suggest that the Canadian imagination remains for the most part local, indigenous, imitative and mired in a state of general insipidity.

Everywhere one turns one sees a tendency toward mimesis — we tend to copy rather than invent — qualified by intellectual emptiness. In other words, it may be that the vacancy of the Canadian mind reflects the vacancy of the Canadian landscape. Of course, much of the land is variegated — lakes, rivers, forests, the impressive mountain ranges running down the length of “beautiful British Columbia” — in the same way, metaphorically speaking, that we can boast a number of resonating exceptions to the staple of tepid cultural and intellectual sameness.

One thinks of novelist Mordecai Richler, poet Irving Layton, critical minds Harold Innis, Marshall McLuhan and Northrop Frye, musicians Leonard Cohen and Gordon Lightfoot. Our founding father, Sir John A. Macdonald, was the ne plus ultra of our political class; there has been none like him since, which may explain why he is now on posthumous trial for war crimes and a hue and cry has gone up to remove his statues and rename eponymous schools.

The constitutive factor, however, exceptions aside, is the “howling emptiness” of a vast landmass that may partially account for the emptiness of our intellectual topography — if, as Jared Diamond had argued in Guns, Germs and Steel, geography governs the development of culture and spirit.

Any nation the preponderance of whose citizens regularly elects left-wing political parties; accepts single-payer healthcare; believes in the efficacy of the welfare state; endorses the hoax of global warming (as does even Sherrie Malisch, above); [my comment: is it a hoax?] accommodates swarms of third-world immigrants and refugees who have no love for or understanding of a country becoming an open-to-all multicultural tombola with the highest proportionate rate of immigrants in the Western world; has allowed its educational industry, from pre-school to graduate school, to be corrupted possibly beyond retrieval by lockstep Leftism, “diversity and inclusion,” and “social justice” claptrap; has caved to the feminist and campus-rape fable; dutifully takes CBC Leftist propaganda as gospel; has fallen for the 16th Century meme of the “Noble Savage” in its dealings with the aboriginal peoples; extravagantly celebrates a second-rate rock band like The Tragically Hip and names a street after it; reads (when it does read) tedious scribblers like the acclaimed Joseph Boyden and Ann-Marie MacDonald; and gives a complete ignoramus like Justin Trudeau a majority government on the strength of name and coiffure, cannot be regarded as informed, well-educated or in any way distinguished. Unlike the U.S., there are no cracks, to quote Leonard Cohen, where the light gets in. The Canadian political, cultural and academic spectrum has gone dark from end to end.

True, America elected a fraud like Barack Obama, but then reversed course with Donald Trump — something that could never happen on a federal level in Canada. Nor would a Brett Kavanaugh ever be confirmed here. We have nothing like the First Amendment; our Supreme Court is a Leftist institution par excellence and has even decreed in effect that truth is no defense in cases where “protected groups” are insulted or offended. Paragraph 140 of a 2013 Judgment finds “that not all truthful statements must be free from restriction. Truthful statements can be interlaced with harmful ones or otherwise presented in a manner that would meet the definition of hate speech.” Section 15 (2) of the Constitution Act of 1982 abridges the rights that section 15(1) guarantees Canadian citizens.

Further, our Human Rights Tribunals are Soviet-style shadow courts that discard due process in adjudicating cases of supposed discrimination or “hate speech.” As Canadian Human Rights Commissioner Dean Steacy said: “Freedom of speech is an American concept, so I don’t give it any value.” Openness to everything except freedom of speech, chartered principle and practical reason is the hallmark of our justice system, as it is of the nation. As Carl Sagan quipped in The Demon-Haunted World: “It pays to keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out.”

As far back as 1904, novelist Sara Jeannette Duncan in The Imperialist had the measure of the country, especially in her character Alfred Hesketh, soon to be a naturalized citizen. Hesketh’s “open mind” was ironically being filled “to capacity,” which augured very little of substance though the act was accompanied by “satisfaction.” He would make a good Canadian. The Canadian mind was always “open” in the pejorative sense, but it has inflated exponentially in the current era. Regrettably, the opening of the Canadian mind does not signify an expanding hospitality to the world of truth, fact and reason but, on the contrary, a growing vacancy of disciplined thought, creative virility and common sense.

Susanna Moodie felt there was great hope for this country — her heart, she writes, “bounds with glee to hail thy noble destiny.” Philosopher George Grant in Lament for a Nation thought Canada was bound to disappear. I side with Grant. Indeed, I would argue that Canada, in both an intellectual and spiritual sense, disappeared a long time ago. My heart contracts with sadness when I contemplate its destiny.

[My comment: And now it is gone, forever stained by the hate and division sown by Trudeau and his seizure of absolute power. It is not the country I grew up in. It has been taken over by a dictator, who has divided us and trampled on human rights.

It seems the working-class never really lost a sense of who they were, but the move of the middle-class to self-loathing and scapegoating and Leftist groupthink and now medical tyranny and corporate Communism — it’s the end of Canada as a liberal democracy, a good place to live. A great shadow has fallen over the country.

I am overcome with a feeling of great sorrow at the end of this country. My friend who is age 79 says, also with sorrow, “I always thought it would happen after I was gone.”]

Finally, here’s a short piece by a senior citizen who was in the Navy and RCMP. He laments the loss of Canada. He seems pro-mRNA shots, so I don’t agree with him on that (which is fine; disagreement is okay, censorship and coercion is not) but I agree with his lamentation:

“It is said and written that leadership begins at the top and in Canada today, it is evident that the top in this case has no understanding or even a smidgen of understanding of what leadership is. None is evidenced in Ottawa currently and none is seen shining through the politicization of the military leadership. Oh, Canada, we weep for thee . . . Alas, where has the strength of Canada and thus Canadians gone? The backbone . . . that was so evident early in the 20th Century has up and gone in the 21st Century as evidenced by the attitude of its younger citizens these days . . . it can only be seen as a failure – an immense failure.”


From the video message from Tamara Lich from Feb. 16 (she was arrested the next day). It’s a Christian message of forgiveness:

“What is happening, and what has transpired against my fellow Canadians breaks my heart — it is breaking my heart. You guys, I just want you to stay strong. I want you to continue to be unified and spread the love . . . When you see the reporters in the street, be kind and show them love. We don’t have to agree with what they are doing. But it upsets me when I see people upset with them, even though, after all they’ve done, I know it is frustrating, but we still have to have love in our hearts. Please show respect to them. Show respect to our police officers. A lot of these men and women — although I know it is not an excuse — are probably just trying to feed their families. I’ve said it from the start, and I’ll say it again: please pray for them and forgive them for they know not what they do. At least I have to believe that.

“And I know that there is a lot of anger at our government; there is a lot of rightful anger at our government. But I want you to know that Justin Trudeau has three beautiful children. So remember that. You don’t have to like what he does. But I’m going to ask you to pray for him too. And I’m going to ask you when you fly a ‘F*ck You!’ sign [to remember] he has three kids — just like me. I pray that you all find forgiveness in your hearts. And I pray that you all find love, even when we don’t understand it because there are lots of things that I don’t understand.”

Tamara also apparently believes she will be arrested and imprisoned:

“There’s a pretty good chance — well, I think it is inevitable at this point — that I’ll probably be going somewhere tomorrow where I’ll be getting three square meals a day. And that’s OK. I’m OK with that. And I want you to know that I am not afraid. I’ll probably get some sleep finally. Just please: stay peaceful and please take care of each other and know that this, too, shall pass.”

“There are a lot of things at work here that need to prevent this from being a success. The only way that this is going to succeed is if we always come from a place of love. I’ve always said as human beings we make choices from one of two places. We make choices from love or we make choices from fear. That’s it. That’s the bottom line. I pray and I hope that you will make choices from love. You have to know that they are trying to provoke us. You hear their language and the verbiage that they’re using — and that is not coming from love. I know you guys all know that, but we can only win this with love. And we can only win this together and it is time to stand together. If you can come to Ottawa and stand with us, that would be fantastic. And if you can’t, pray for us.”

“I just want you to know that this is my hill and the hill of so many brave men and women I can’t tell how how amazing these people are. And they are going to stay and fight for your freedom as long as they possibly can.”

“I’m so damn proud of all of you. Every single one of you. And not just in Canada, but all around the world. Who knew this was going to take off in this way. So please, try not to be angry. Keep love in your heart. Stay strong. Stay unified. Stay proud. We are so proud of you. The love that we have felt in the last 19 days . . . all across this country: it was the likes of nothing I have ever seen before. And that was you guys. That was all you.”

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