Urgent: contact your MP and Senator (in Canada) to urge him/her to vote against the Emergency Act – today! (Mon. Feb. 21, 2022)

This link has all the contact info. for them: http://elsasblog.com/170212-write-to-canadian-mps.html And the complete list of Liberal MP emails: https://action4canada.com/liberal/ Just cut and past into BCC of email.

And this is another bulletin (below) from Taking Back our Freedoms is to urge people to oppose the Emergency Act vote on Monday evening by their MPs.

If it passes then Canada will never be a free and democratic nation again It will be a despotic regime ruled by vindictive authoritarians similar to Communist China or many third world regimes: scapegoating and criminalizing good people who stand up for democratic values and ruining the lives. I wish I were exaggerating but that process has already started.

More than 200 bank accounts frozen of working-class people who tried to save their country through peaceful protest. Criminal charges being applied to thousands in the coming weeks for just exercising their lawful right of assembly and free speech. But this is just the beginning.

Yes freezing bank accounts is bad enough but it’s going to get much worse. Don’t think it can’t happen here. To paraphrase an old verse, from Martin Niemoller:

First they came for the unvaccinated,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I was vaccinated.
Then they came for the truckers,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I wasn’t a trucker or supporter.
Then they came for anyone who was critical of the Trudeau regime
(or whose neighbour snitched on them for any reason or who made a social media comment deemed “unacceptable”)
and I didn’t speak up,
because I didn’t want to get in trouble.
But then they came for me,
and by that time there was no one
left to speak up for me.

We are witnessing the end of Canada as a free nation, a liberal democracy. If the vote passes Monday expect mass arrests to follow — i.e, for anyone who disagrees with Trudeau: complete eradication of freedom of speech, people encouraged to report on their neighbours, arbitrary detention and imprison by state police, public shaming rituals online and in the media, and all the hallmarks of despotic regions around the world. It’s already happening.

There is every indication that those labelled enemies of the state for daring to advocate for individual rights and freedoms and civil liberties will suffer persecution and even become the victim of human rights violations.

If this all comes to pass, some people will pretend that Trudeau is a benign dictator and try to curry his favour. But ultimately no one is safe, not even the government leaders themselves. Those behind this — I believe it is Communist China — will stop at nothing to achieve domination over Canada, to own it. Those who think they’re safe now are not. No one is under that type of regime. If this is not the Canada you love, then tell your MP and Senators.

The memo below is complicated but take the time to look at it. Here are some of the arguments I have come up with. I think the MPs and Senators know why it’s wrong but many will vote with Trudeau out of fear or careerism, which is sad, but maybe there will enough who have integrity and will take their responsibility to the country seriously enough to break with their Party over this (we hope). If not, after Monday night, Canada will cease to exist as a free nation and will become a dictatorship.

It’s easy to look away and think you’re safe if you lay low, but people in the USSR did that and they were taken anyway. Under that type of government your neighbour can turn you in for any infraction real or imagined and they arrest you. They’re going after innocent people right now, freezing bank accounts and laying criminal charges against people who attended the peaceful rally in Ottawa. It’s already starting.

The media wrongly portrayed these good folks as “insurrectionists” which is a complete lie. They were objecting to two years of government overreach, understandably. The protest was an expression of pain at the things they suffered. All Trudeau had to do is meet with them and lay out a plan for ending mandates as other nations have done — and as many provinces are now doing. Instead he used divisive rhetoric to divide the nation and scapegoat and criminalize them, unjustly. In retrospect, it seems quite calculated to justify this power grab.

The implications of the Emergency Act go well beyond the truckers and those who support them. If this Act is enabled forever — and the government says they want it permanently — it means they can go after anyone at any time for any reason. There is no more rule of law or due process.

Even people who are “progressive” and agree with Trudeau’s worldview could find themselves on the wrong side of the state. No one is safe if you live in a dictatorship of this kind.

Ultimately, this is about the CCP defeating Canada by dividing and conquering it from within. Canada is a great natural resource, and the CCP want lebensraum (living room) and global dominance. I didn’t say it; President Xi did. I don’t think we should hand over this country to Communist dictators.

Here are some arguments: (1) we’re not in a state of emergency so this is uncalled for; (2) it’s unnecessary inasmuch as police are moving the Ottawa protestors now (if that’s the real issue); (3) it’s damaging to civil liberties, no matter what the PM claims to the contrary; (4) it could easily lead to human rights abuses by those who are too overzealous to enforce their newfound powers; (5) it will continue to divide Canadians, and could even lead to Canada falling apart as a nation (i.e. Quebec, Western provinces); (6) it’s generally bad for Canadians and the economy. In short, ending Canada as a Western liberal democracy is a tragedy that must be averted. It’s a rejection of our entire history and way of life. This should not be happening.

Also, one last thing: don’t believe anything in the CBC, CTV, Chronicle Herald, etc. All lies at this point. The media are corrupted and have abandoned all journalistic ethics – which is why we are in this place to begin with.

———- Forwarded message ———
Von: Taking Back Our Freedoms <donotreply@tbof.ca>
Date: So., 20. Feb. 2022 um 23:22 Uhr
Subject: Call-To-Action 2.0 | Extreme Urgent
To: <thomasyork.2020@gmail.com>

EMERGENCY CALL TO ACTION 2.0 (Canadians and those abroad)

  1. Please review, and forward to as many as possible over next 24 hours. 
  1. For those who already called and emailed your Members of Parliament and Senators, this 2.0 memo provides a reason to call and email again, with additional reasons.  Below you’ll find new info and hyperlinks that can be cut and paste for emails that you send in support of your demand that Your MP / Senator vote against the Prime Minister use of the Federal Government’s Emergencies Act.

BACKGROUND:  As you already know, Prime Minister (PM) Trudeau has invoked the Emergencies Act (formerly called the War Measures Act), doing so in response to peaceful Freedom Convoy in Ottawa.  The Emergency Act has never been used, even during Events of ‘9-11’.

This is an urgent call to action for all Canadians, to take back our freedoms and democracy.

EXTREME URGENCY:  There literally has never been a more serious time of crisis in our nation’s history than right now.  We must do all we can to defeat Trudeau’s continuance of the so-called ‘Emergency’.

The PM is required to bring this matter before Parliament (House and Senate) for approval by this Wednesday at latest.  It can come before the House as early as tomorrow (Monday night).

If you’ve not viewed our TBOF ‘Emergency Call to Action’ webcast yet (Feb 15, 2022) please do so for accurate understanding of extreme urgency of what we are dealing with.  The facts on the ground have changed since the Feb 15 webcast, which is the reason for this Call-to-Action 2.0 Update


Canadians who oppose this latest provocation should:

  1. Call their MPs at both their constituency and parliamentary offices and send them an email. You can obtain contact information by going to https://www.ourcommons.ca/Members/en and entering your postal code.
  1. For the Senate, it is urgent that you also email and write your Senators (those representing your Province) https://sencanada.ca/en/senators-list/    
  1. Spread the word far and wide. 

Non-Canadians living abroad can still help by looking up their local Canadian embassy and/or consulate and calling them. Spread the word, far and wide!

  1. Be inspired by listening to this excellent short video with segment of Premier Brian Peckford’s speech before massive gathering at Victoria BC.  It captures the true spirit and passion of Canada’s Freedom Movement… Peace, Hope and Love!
  2. Link to our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  Our rights and freedoms have been trampled upon by our political elite for near 2 years, and its’ now time to demand an end to the C-19 Emergencies and Mandates. 

NEW ITEMS TO RAISE (use any hyperlinks in your email)

  1. IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTE:   In proceedings before an Ontario Superior Court, while the Judge ruled to disallow the Freedom Convoy participants use of ‘air horns’ or ‘train horns’ in the City (Par 2), he also ruled “the Defendants (Freedom Convoy leaders) and other persons remain at liberty to engage in a peaceful, lawful and safe protest” (Par 8).   So why the violent crackdown in Ottawa?  See also Open Letter of Jeff Rath B.A. (Hons.), LLB (Hons.) Barrister & Solicitor, Director with Taking Back Our Freedoms.
  2. FREEDOM CONVOY GOOD-WILL CONCESSION:  In response to the ‘extreme violence’ unleashed upon the Freedom Convoy and their supporters, and specifically out of concern that innocent people (though peacefully gathering) may end up injured or killed by further aggressive policing actions,  the Freedom Convoy formally announced their pullout from the ‘Red Zone’ (Feb 19, 1:30 PM).  Most of the convoy participants remain in the Ottawa region, awaiting the decision of Parliament with respect Justin’s unlawful and unconstitutional ‘Emergency’ Act.  

*** With all convoys withdrawn from the borders, and no major highways closures, and with the Ottawa Red Zone now cleared, no reason remains for continuance of the declared Emergency Act.


  1. WORLD’S EYES ON CANADA: The world is watching and shocked by what they are seeing in Canada.  The following is a powerful commentary to open eyes of people on extreme measures being taken by the PM and deputy PM Chrystia Freeland.   
  2. FREEZING ACCOUNTS USING STOLEN DATA: The Trudeau regime is using the RCMP to freeze bank accounts of Canadian citizens who are found (through stolen data) to have legally donated to the Freedom Convoy.  Especially in speaking to NDP/ Liberal MPs, ask how they could justify the seizure of a single mom’s bank account for what is nothing more than supporting a cause that opposes the PM’s political policies?  This measure to seize bank accounts of citizen’s is evil to the core!  
  • How could they (any MP/ most especially the NDP) support such an extreme abuse of power against a single mom, just for donating to a cause that challenges the PM’s policies? 
  • Can they not see that if this abuse of political decent is permitted, that they are next?
  1. BUSINESSES IMPACTED BY CONVOY:  It is 100% not true that the presence of the Freedom Convoy and their supporters hurt Ottawa businesses.  Business in the ‘Red Zone’ were ordered or heavily pressured to close by authorities in Ottawa.    Those who remained open, flourished, but they are now being brutalised by extremist Ottawa citizens.  
  2. POLICE BRUTALITY:  Here are two examples of police brutality that the world is seeing but not those Canadians watching mainstream media

Again… call and write your MP and Your Senators TODAY

using the new information in this memo!

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