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Urgent: contact your MP and Senator (in Canada) to urge him/her to vote against the Emergency Act – today! (Mon. Feb. 21, 2022)

This link has all the contact info. for them: And the complete list of Liberal MP emails: Just cut and past into BCC of email. And this is another bulletin (below) from Taking Back our Freedoms is to urge people to oppose the Emergency Act vote on Monday evening by their MPs. If…More

When Big Press Attacks Your Honesty—-

Originally posted on peckford42:
It gets pretty serious. Especially,??when its the big boys trying to make you submissive and fearful.? It goes to the core of your being. They have picked the wrong guy.?? Take this CTV News organization trying to make a liar out of me by saying that children are not forced to…

On the evening of Monday, Feb. 21, 2022, all signs to point the the fact that Canada as a liberal democracy will cease to exist. It will officially be a dictatorship.

If you too are concerned, you can write a short email to these Liberal MPs asking them to vote against the motion to adopt the Emergency Act, at these emails. Here are some arguments: (1) we’re not in a state of emergency so this is uncalled for; (2) it’s unnecessary inasmuch as police are moving…More

Like Father, Like Son: How the Trudeaus Manufacture Crises to Justify “Emergency Measures”

by Matthew Ehret, Feb 17, 2022, Unlimited Hangout SOURCE The Emergency Measures Act, recently invoked by Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, was previously invoked by his father during the October Crisis of 1970. However, that event’s true history reveals important yet unsettling parallels and lessons to Trudeau’s efforts to end the Freedom Convoy and related blockades.…More

Trudeau tyranny news & opinion for Feb. 17, 2022

I have switched the headline of this newsletter from “medical tyranny” to “Trudeau tyranny” because a lot of the provinces are slowly (too slowly) phasing out restrictions — though they could bring them back anytime. We’re now facing the more immediate threat of Trudeau’s tyranny, through his use of the Emergency Act. I predict that…More

Photos of freedom rally in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Feb. 12, 2022

The rally, in downtown Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada) was held to support the freedom from tyrannical government mandates: mask and Covid vaccine mandates and passports. This province still suffers from all three, needlessly. Nova Scotians are unique in Canada in suffering a ban on protests along the highways to support the freedom convoy: a little…More

This is a spontaneous, organic movement for freedom. And it’s a challenge to the authority of the ruling class, the nanny state. That’s why they’re attacking it.

Prof. Bruce Pardy was part of this new conference of those who support the freedom movement in Ottawa. His short speech there is quite impressive and worth sharing. I have transcribed it below. You may heard suggestions that the truckers have made their point and they should pack up and go. And you may have…More

Ontario trucker news updates; letter to MP; the health ‘experts’ are lying when they say the science changed; humanizing the protestors, and more

Halifax protest planned for Sat. Feb. 12th (tomorrow) The state media for Halifax (CityNews Everywhere) gives an ominous-sounding report from police to avoid going out because “multiple groups” will come to Halifax. CityNews is one of those media outlets paid by Trudeau, and connected to the ruling class. It’s heavily slanted in favour of him…More


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