On Larry Elder, media corruption, BLM andthe CCP, and race in America

Babylon Bee headline

There is a clever spoof from the Babylon Bee on the Leftist character assassination attempt against Larry Elder — who is black but is labeled a “white supremacist” by the LA Times because he’s a conservative.

See this article on the LA Times attempt to take down Elder.

Why is this being done? Democrat-controlled mainstream media in the U.S. has financial ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The LA Times, which printed the hit-piece on Elder, is among the news outlets in the U.S. that had private dinners with CCP officials. News media in the West is heavily influenced by the CCP, through its United Work Front division.

The CCP is very active in influencing elections in the U.S., in favour of the Democrats, whom they fund and who are deferential to them.

See this article on Tucker Carlson’s defense of Elder against the LA Times.

As of this writing (August 2021) Larry Elder poses a real challenge to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s reign in California in an upcoming election (Sept 14).

Newsom is a terrible governor who has nearly destroyed California, his critics allege. They say he is a petty tyrant, imposing lockdowns and mask mandates.

Such mandates are really nothing more than social engineering tools, designed to seize power and make the populace obedient. Lockdowns are not effective at curbing the spread of Covid-19, according to some epidemiological studies, and we now know that they kill far more people than they save, and that the models the lockdowns were based were flawed.

Science columnist John Tierney writes, “Now that the 2020 figures have been properly tallied, there’s still no convincing evidence that strict lockdowns reduced the death toll from Covid-19. But one effect is clear: more deaths from other causes, especially among the young and middle-aged, minorities, and the less affluent.”

Unfortunately, the Babylon Bee spoof is actually how white (il)liberal SJWs think. They think that if you’re not a Leftist, you’re not black enough (to paraphrase Biden’s infamous remark: “if you’re not a Democrat you ain’t black”).

Race ideologues equate skin colour with political ideology, which itself is a racist idea. It reduces an entire group of people to an ideology and looks at them only as a collective, not as individuals.

Democrats are losing the black vote for a reason

BLACK TRUMP SUPPORTERS call Hillary Clinton a "racist"

In the 2016 and 2020 U.S. elections, it greatly disturbed Democrats that a growing number of black Americans voted against them. They did so because they opted for the American Dream over the false narrative that the USA is still a racist nation.

They recognized that the USA is the land of opportunity and relative prosperity, as compared (for example) to many African nations, where black people live under real despotism and grinding poverty.

Many voted for Trump in 2020 because they didn’t buy the false narrative that he’s a racist and they acknowledged that under his administration there was record low black unemployment, and economic opportunity.

The Democrat party reduces black people to the status of victims, which is an injustice to them. There is no real opportunity to get ahead, we’re told by neo-Marxists, except through systemic change, i.e. Communism. But all that does is put a small party elite in charge of the masses and make everyone poor. It’s a ruse.

The only people who would profit from the world BLM wants are the professional race-baiters such as Al Sharpton or BLM professional activists – who in 2020 raked in approximately $100 million. And the CCP, which is working behind the scenes.

BLM co-founder used donation money to buy several houses for herself

In Communist nations, only the Party elites profit while everyone else starves or is murdered or sent to gulags. That’s the kind of world we’re’ heading to now unless there is a huge backlash against the Trojan horse #plandemic. For that to happen, more people need to ignore mainstream media propaganda and become aware of the underlying dynamics. It’s a question of freedom or tyranny at this point.

Many SJWs and BLM activists are openly critical of Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, and Candace Owens — all conservative black Americans who have spoken out against race-baiting to some degree or another.
Morgan Freeman, for instance, says that to really end racism, we need to stop talking about it. That sort of talk enrages SJWs to no end.

But how can the USA be racist when it had a black president, innumerable black mayors, and the greatest number of black millionaires in the world?

There’s a new documentary on the life of Justice Clarence Thomas that explores the attempt to character-assassinate conservative black Americans.

BLACK REPUBLICAN BLOG: Tonight on PBS: Created Equal
Clarence Thomas documentary

Perhaps not surprisingly, the documentary was censored by Amazon, which is a corporation that defers to the Left and promotes racial division by funding BLM.

There is another documentary by Larry Elder on the same topic. If you look up his movie on Youtube, it has been censored by them: censorship of alternate views is now standard operating procedure for the Left.

Black patriots and conservatives are called vicious names such as “Uncle Tom” and accused of being race traitors. Rather than honestly debating their ideas, the Left scapegoats them and engages in ad hominem attacks.

MLK himself was against the Black Power movement, which is the precursor of BLM. MLK’s ideas were predicated on egalitarianism, racial integration, and Christian love and nonviolence. He would have stood against BLM’s pro-violence segregationist ideas.

BLM activists hate MLK’s admonition to “judge based on the content of character rather than the colour of skin” and they wrongly condemn “color blindness” as racism. They prefer anti-white racism, which is actually racism. Many BLM activists are openly critical of MLK now.

At concerts and in classrooms and rallies in the U.S., the new race ideologues divide people into white and black groupings – which is blatant segregation. This is done to supposedly teach anti-racism — which really means anti-whiteness. But anti-whiteness is just a form of racism.

BLM is a Marxist pro-violence group that wants to kill police. BLM riots burned down black neighborhoods and assaulted people during the 2020 riots. In some cases, they murdered people on the streets for being white.

But BLM leaders don’t say anything about black abortions, or black-on-black crime. BLM supports Cuban Communists against black Cubans. It’s also a profit-making scam, designed to promote and prey on white guilt and fear for financial reasons.

On Newsom and lockdowns

HYPOCRISY: Dems IGNORE Their Own Covid Rules While Calling ...
Gavin Newsom and Nancy Pelosi meme

The brutal lockdown in Australia illustrates why allowing authoritarianism for even a moment (through emergency powers) is dangerous: if state officials won’t abdicate their new powers, even if there is no emergency, it’s a recipe for endless tyranny, as Tucker Carlson points out. This seems to be the real objective of the lockdowns, worldwide.

Australia lockdown protests: What is happening in ...
Australia, lockdown and protest

The only real emergency was that which was generated by media-driven mass hysteria, since the disease itself was relatively unremarkable.

Newsom is also for vaccine mandates, which are unconstitutional and would segregate society, and which violate the inalienable right to informed consent to medical procedures, and medical privacy.

The election is happening because of a recall ballot in CA, charging that Newsom is a disastrous governor, due to his economic and social policies.

Newsom is also a hypocrite, being caught violating his own Covid regulations while attending social functions, in which no masking or social distancing was practice — not unlike many other Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi and Barrack Obama. Newsom is widely viewed as an elitist and petty tyrant by his critics.

But interestingly, Mark Steyn points out that it’s not really hypocrisy or a double-standard in the sense that there’s actually one standard in this new order of things: the elites do not have to operate on the same rules they apply to us because in their minds they are far superior to us. We are like caged animals to them, Steny notes. We are there to laugh at and control – and ultimately to imprison or exterminate if we become too troublesome.

Nancy Pelosi speaking at fundraiser in violation of her own Covid restrictions

Steyn comments that “our rulers are not bound by the rules they impose on us.” In other words, egalitarianism and equal justice for all is out the window. We’ve returned to hierarchical feudalism. And worst of all, this is being imposed on Western nations founded upon the Enlightenment principles of freedom and opportunity for all.

Leftists teach children to be racists

BLM and CRT are teaching a new generation of children to think in racial terms and to be anti-white racists. White children are being taught to hate themselves because of the colour of their skin. Black children are being taught to view themselves as victims and to hate white people. All of which is racism, to put it bluntly.

This is why so many parents are now pulling their children out of public schools, where such toxic ideas are taught, and teaching them through homeschool.

What Did You Say? | Perspectives; Thoughts; Comments ...

Homeschooling, in some cases, is also to get children away from harmful mask mandates and transgender ideology, which is harming untold numbers of children, convincing them to undergo gender reassignment surgery — many of whom regret it later and try to de-transition. Many end up committing suicide.

Promoting this agenda is blatant child abuse — but federal governments in both the US and Canada have criminalized so-called conversion therapy, which urges teens to reconsider before doing something drastic such as hormones and surgery that could ruin their lives.

BLM and the Chinese Communist Party

In 2020 BLM was used by major corporations such as Wal-Mart and Amazon to destabilize the West through race riots, in order to impose a new authoritarian global regime. It is also being financed by the Chinese Communist Party for the same reason, as part of its asymmetrical war on the U.S.

For example, boxes of assault rifles were intercepted in Louisville Kentucky by US Border Control in 2020.

NFAC militia, Kentucky; weapons courtesy of the CCP/PLA

They were being sent from China to a militant branch of the anti-white movement (called the NFAC), which made headlines by parading with the weapons in order to taunt “white militias”, trying to provoke them into conflict.

Such a conflict would have played into the hands of the Democrats in an election year, so the militias did not bite. They saw through the ploy, especially after something similar was pulled on Jan. 6 by the FBI, an obvious false flag event set up by agent provocateurs.

Trying to destabilize society in order to create a crisis and then impose authoritarian rule over is called the Cloward-Piven strategy for creating communism in the U.S. and the West: a plan to do everything possible to discredit every institution, every belief set, every aspect of America – economic, military, social welfare, political – to create an impossible set of crises that would bring the country low, force the middle and working classes on to dependence on the state.

People would have an ersatz life on the welfare plantation of a guaranteed annual income (UBI) as long as they follow the ever-shifting dictates of the Left and comply with its rule.

It’s the kind of society that Orwell described in 1984, where state propaganda shifts constantly, which disorients the populace, who must keep up with the latest propaganda or risk being purged.

Former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov revealed the plan in the 1980s, alleging that the USSR had been working for years to destabilize the USA from within by amplifying racial divisions. Much of what he said is coming true.

The CCP has been done the same in recent decades. BLM is funded by them.
This is why our leaders — Biden and Trudeau — constantly try to inflame racial divisions and race hatred through talk of “systemic racism” and support for BLM and by trying to impose collective guilt. They are following a script written by the CCP.

Larry Elder debunks CRT scholar

Personally, I like Elder and hope he wins the governorship of CA. His videos are great, e.g., Critical Race Theory pushback.

In this, he points out that the leading scholar of CRT, Ibrahim Kendi, can’t even define racism. Kendi defines “racism” as “racist policies.” This is called the circular reasoning logical fallacy.

If Kendi were to honestly define racism, it would have to include the original definition: discrimination against others on the basis of skin colour — which definition would condemn Kendi himself as a racist, because of his anti-white views.

Keep in mind that Kendi’s bad ideas have influenced the White House’s policies and are taught in public schools in America, and are endorsed by the Pentagon as reading for the military. But the man is fundamentally dishonest and a racist.

Here is another of Elder’s many videos on race issues in America: “Race is no longer a problem in America.” The Left emphasizes racial division in the same way the USSR emphasized class division: as a way to establish a totalitarian dictatorship through the division of oppressor and oppressed.

Leftists are the biggest racists in the sense that they want to keep black people down by framing them as victims. Elder and others call this the “welfare plantation” and urge black Americans to get off it.

Kendi and CRT talk about “systemic racism” – a term now widely adopted. But it is a faulty idea. There is no actual systemic racism in the West anymore, except for affirmative action. There are individual racists, but their ideas are not reflected in law.

Equality of outcome and “equity” — the basis of affirmative action — is a Marxist agenda to eradicate a meritocracy through social engineering.
Rather than seeing the world systemically, framing everyone as an oppressor or oppressed, conservatives see the world in terms of moral choices based on free will, which places emphasis on moral responsibility for one’s own actions. Black people are not victims.

Leftists infantilize black people by viewing them as victims. The best thing for black people, as many black leaders point out, is hard work and responsibility, not viewing oneself as a victim and pursuing the American dream – which many black people have succeeded at. There’s nothing more racist than creating a victim narrative for black people. This is just a ploy to gain political power.

Elder debunks a number of Leftist myths, including the false claim that blacks are being especially victimized by the police through police shootings:
Elder’s video channel is worth viewing. He’s both informative and entertaining.

He seems to be aligned with the Epoch Times, which is a great news source, originally founded by Chinese ex-pats to oppose Chinese Communism.

Trudeau promotes racial divisions in Canada

Trudeau inflames race issues through reference to residential schools and native people, and also his stance against “Islamophobia” — going so far as to create new “hate speech” laws to outlaw criticism of the mass immigration of millions of people from war-torn countries – many of whom are known to be jihadists.

This cynical use of both native people and Muslims is meant to destabilize Canada, in order to justify an increasingly authoritarian regime, otherwise known as creeping totalitarianism.

The disastrous mass immigration of Syrian Muslims into Western Europe in 2015 is being replicated in Canada, which already has unprecedented numbers of Muslim migrants, brought in at the taxpayer’s expense. We are now going to get a new wave: Afghan economic migrants posing as refugees, and some of whom will undoubtedly be secret Taliban militants.

Such migrants do not typically assimilate into the existing cultural values of the West; instead, they try to impose sharia law and their own values onto the society they settle into. Early in his reign, Trudeau apologized for a government pamphlet that called honour killings “barbaric.” Apparently murdering a girl is okay in his eyes? And burning down churches is “understandable” according to the PM’s office.

Trudeau is okay with jihadists being in Canada; he even said so.
He thinks jihadists can be reformed by writing poetry. He doesn’t have the slightest clue about the actual history of Islam or how it is thought to spread in incremental stages until it takes over the host society, as it is doing right now in the EU and UK.

Trudeau’s condemnation of residential schools is both a way for him to virtue-signal his supposed moral superiority and also try to create a sense of collective guilt. But it is often predicated on lies and half-truths: for instance, the recent graves found in B.C. were wrongly portrayed as “mass graves”, implying mass murder. In fact, they were likely child victims of TB, which also claimed countless white children in the 19th century – so not as sinister as Trudeau would portray them.

Trudeau got away with this because the mainstream media in Canada, which is now heavily subsidized by the federal government, echoed his views uncritically. But they got many points wrong, as True North points out. True North are real journalists, unlike the CBC, which simply echoes state-sanctioned propaganda.

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