Twenty reasons to vote against Trudeau on September 20, 2021

A patriotic Canadian voter expresses a sentiment that’s increasingly popular

by Think for Yourself

Right now, the vaccine passports are perhaps the worst item on the list. It’s curious that Trudeau thinks he can win an election by promoting segregation and discrimination on race and vaccines. It’s such a cynical move on his part. Hopefully he will lose on the 20th, and hopefully if he does, Erin O’Toole as PM won’t succumb to the pro-vaccine passport advocates. There are so many other things wrong with Trudeau’s administration. We can’t cover them all, but this is a start.

1) Promoting vaccine passports.
2) Over $1 trillion in debt; fiscal irresponsibility.
3) Irresponsible mass migration; coddling terrorists.
4) Censorship laws; acting like a reactionary ideologue.
5) Dividing Canadians over race
Manufacturing racism; calling Canadians “racist.”
6) Various corruption scandals; Trudeau Foundation bribes.
7) Bribing the media, especially the CBC.
8) Legislating Orwellian newspeak re: pronouns.
9) Allowing surveillance of Canadians.
10) 23) Anti-democratic shutting down of Parliament.
11) Promoting abortion and euthanasia.
12) Criminalizing conversion therapy;
promoting transgender conversion in children.
13) Violating Charter rights & freedoms.
14) Perpetrating lockdown deaths.
15) Buffoonery on the world stage.
16) Trying to bribe the UN Security Council.
17) Supporting BLM; lockdown hypocrisy; “diversity” agenda.
18) Attacking “old stock” Canadians, attempting a replace them.
19) Anti-Christian rhetoric; saying that arson of churches is “understandable”.
20) Committing treason against Canada, with China.
Selling Canadian mines and oil to China; allowing Chinese troops
onto Canadian soil; pro-Communist attitude; excusing China’s genocide.


[1] Vaccine passports.
Trudeau promotes violation of informed consent, medical privacy and medical freedom of choice. It is discriminatory and only serves to divide and segregate Canadians. It’s a human rights violation. And it is not medically justifiable for a disease with a relative low mortality and transmission rate.

“Trudeau’s vaccine passports are an affront to liberty”

“Why Vaccine Passports Go Against Everything Canada Is Supposed To Stand For”

Purposely inflammatory headline in the Toronto Star, which seems to encourage hatred of the unvaccinated. It is evidence of the divided society Trudeau is encouraging.

[2] Amassing over $1 trillion in debt / fiscal irresponsibility, effectively bankrupting Canada. A lot of Trudeau’s profligate spending was during the ill-advised lockdowns:

“Canada’s GDP contracted by 5.4 per cent in 2020, which is quite a catastrophe even in the background of the pandemic-induced downturn … [Trudeau] inherited a rich Canada with a prosperous economy from his predecessor … but in a matter of just 6 years, Trudeau has done some unprecedented damage to the Canadian economy.”

Perhaps this will make it easier for China to buy Canada, as they have done with Italy and other countries through the Belt & Road Initiative?

[3] Irresponsible Mass migration from war-torn countries, and coddling terrorists, and supporting Islamism. Is it for the purpose of destroying Canada from within? Mass migration into a welfare state is an untenable situation, economically, yet it seems to be one of Trudeau’s main initiatives:

Just after being elected, one of the first things he did is re-patriate and personally award convicted ISIS terrorist Omar Khadr $10.5 million:

Candace Malcom has written two books on why mass migration from largely Muslim countries is a bad idea. and

We can see from the experience of the EU and the UK that it has not turned out so swell. The Gatestone Institute is a good site on this (e.g., and there is a good book on it by Douglas Murray: The Strange Death of Europe Islamic terrorism is a real threat in Canada:

According to a UK survey, about a quarter of Muslim immigrants continue to believe in values that are antithetical to Western values, such as support for sharia law and Islamic theocracy, and repressive beliefs regarding women and gays: Trudeau seems to support cultural relativism, both with regard for sharia law and Chinese Communist human rights violations.

Shafia verdict prompts debate: Was it an honour killing ...
Two daughters were murdered by their parents in Montreal in a honour killing.

[4] Unprecedented censorship and violations of free speech through numerous Orwellian “hate speech” bills (e.g., C-10, C-36), designed to censor Canadians who oppose the government’s bad policies.

[5] Dividing Canadians over race. Canada is one of the least racist, most multicultural nations ever, but Trudeau has done his best to call Canadians racists and to manufacture racial division where none existed previously.

He has promoted collective guilt in order to demoralize and divide Canadians. and

Recently, on the campaign trail, Trudeau responded to critics by calling them “racists.”

[6] Numerous corruption scandals and some involving kickbacks to the “Trudeau Foundation” (run by his brother)

This slideshow provides detailed information the various corrupt scandals and lack of transparency:

[7] Bribing the media, especially the CBC. Corrupting the media with bribes, turning them into state propaganda machines like the USSR’s Pravda or Chinese state media. If it were not for media support, Trudeau could not have got away with his corruption scandals. Fortunately, there is independent media in Canada who tell the truth, including Rebel News and True North.

In this video, Trudeau jokes about “greasing the wheels a bit” by buying “stellar headlines” with $600 million: Except that it’s a bit too close to the truth to be a joke. And the actual amount is $1.9 billion for CBC. In 2020, Trudeau also authorized payments for all MSM in Canada with emergency power funding.

“How Trudeau bought the media: Through a long process of regulation, licensing, and cash handouts, Trudeau has managed to bring nearly the entire Canadian media under government supervision.”

[8] Legislating Orwellian newspeak re: transgender pronouns. “The bill adds “gender expression” and “gender identity” to Canada’s Human Rights Code and to the Criminal Code’s hate crime section.”

In Orwell’s 1984, this is called newspeak. In Trudeau’s censorship laws, the phrase “hate speech” is purposely vague. One could argue that the real purpose of these laws is not to uphold human rights or oppose discrimination as much as to enforce cultural Marxism through intimidation by the state. The core of psychology professor Jordan Peterson’s argument against this bill is that the state should not be in the business of legislating language.

If Titanic sunk in 2016: Sorry sir, women and children ...

A related issue is the outlawing of criticism of Islamism (Bill M-103), which is also purposely vague and which even some Muslims objected to because it might be used to prohibit legitimate criticism of Islam. It passed even though most Canadians were against it:

“Islamophobia is a fear of Islam. The point is that a million Muslims came to Canada because they have a fear of Islam.” – Tarek Fatah on M103

[9] Surveillance of Canadians through data capture, imitating China. This too is Orwellian. Ubiquitous computing means the end of privacy and growth of the surveillance state and technocracy.

[10] Anti-democratic shutting down of Parliament, to cover up WE scandal. Ironically, Trudeau was critical of his predecessor Steven Harper for doing the same thing, but then did it himself as PM. At the same time, he was criticized for using emergency powers to implement spending without oversight, in collusion with the NDP.

[11] Promoting abortion and euthanasia. Funding abortions in third-world countries, promoting abortion and euthanasia in Canada. has numerous articles detailing Trudeau’s pro-abortion activities, including:
Between 83,000 and 100,000 abortions occur in Canada, annually.

Canada, under Trudeau, is also very pro-euthanasia, despite numerous ethical objections to it — including the fact that it can be abused:

[12] Criminalizing conversion therapy; promoting transgender conversion for young people.

Irreversible gender transition surgery can ruin lives if there is regret later, yet Canada will not permit counselling prior to “transition.” 60 Minutes did a tv piece on the de-transitioning: 11% women de-transition and 4% men: Depressed woman removed breasts, now regrets doing so:

As well, Trudeau’s policies results in some bizarre and dangerous situation like this one:

[13] Violating rights & freedoms of assembly, speech, and religion during lockdowns. Also, violating medical privacy and medical freedom of choice with vaccine passports. The Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms was blatantly violated by the lockdowns, using the emergency powers loophole contained in it. The Justice Centre is engaged in numerous Charter challenges to the lockdowns:

Petition · Free Pastor James Coates ·
Pastor James Coates

One of those cases, involving a violation of freedom of religion, was struck down in court, unfortunately. The courts have assisted the government in violating Canadians’ rights.
The reason the judge gave is that the restrictions are based on health orders, but the Justice Centre is also trying to demonstrate that such orders are unjustified and unreasonable:

Forcible incarceration at the border (quarantine hotels) also violated inalienable rights: People were imprisoned (at their own expense) for up to two weeks in these facilities. This did not manage to stop the spread of Covid variants (they’re created by ADE reaction to Covid vaccines).

[14] Perpetrating lockdown deaths: more people under 65 died from lockdown deaths than Covid-19. and

The full social and economic impact of the lockdowns is still being assessed but early reports suggest the cost in terms of lives is high.

[15] Buffoonery on the world stage; making Canada a laughing stock on the international stage through numerous gaffes and puerile stunts. and
“The Trudeau family repeatedly donned elaborate colored costumes during an eight-day trip to India in February 2018 [even though] many of the Indian officials he met were wearing suits.”

[16] Trying to bribe the UN Security Council (and failing).

[17] Supporting BLM; lockdown hypocrisy. BLM is a Marxist terrorist organization that is nonetheless supported by major corporations. It has nothing to do with civil rights or advocating for equality. It promotes anti-white racism, violent riots, murder of police, arson, and theft. Trudeau kneeled with BLM activists in 2020 – like many other virtue-signalling Leftists, hypocritically ignoring his own Covid restrictions (for social distancing) while doing so.

Trudeau gets heckled, kneels before protesters | True North

[18] Deliberately undermining Canada’s traditional identity through “post-nationalist” rhetoric: “Justin Trudeau has said he wants Canada to become the first Post-National state. He wants us to be a country without nationalism, replacing a shared national identity with his ‘diversity is strength‘ rhetoric.” In other words, globalism. and through mass immigration:

[19] Anti-Christian rhetoric; saying that arson of churches is “understandable, given the shameful history” of the church , viz. residential schools.

Yes, Trudeau said this; see interview:

Elites now "comfortable" with political violence: former ...

Above: Gerald Butts, Trudeau’s best friend and advisor, also tweeted that arson of churches is “understandable.” Article: “Elites now ‘comfortable’ with political violence: former ambassador to China”

Other examples of this phenomenon (state sanction of violence): South Africa’s president endorsing the murder of Boer farmers; the Democrat Party in the U.S. endorsing violent riots by Antifa/BLM; Communist China’s endorsement of violence by the Red Guard during the Cultural Revolution; the Nazi Party’s endorsement of anti-Semitic violence by brownshirts.

[20] Collusion with Communist China and Cuba; trying to make Canada into a Communist nation.

Taking bribes from Chinese billionaires to sell Canadian mining and oil rights.

Chinese investments are now global, giving them imperial power over large parts of Africa and Europe, largely through mining and infrastructure development:

Abstaining from the vote to condemn the genocide in East Turkestan, in deference to the CCP; excusing genocide with cultural relativism.

Allowing Chinese PLA troops onto Canadian soil for “winter warfare training”: and


Additional articles:

“Justin Trudeau is destroying Canada from the inside out”

“The unauthorized list of Trudeau untruths, outright lies, evasions, non-answers, and other equivocations”

And there is so much more that his administration has done not listed here. Email me points to add to the list.

Some sources for pro-freedom and/or conservative journalism in Canada *

Spence Fernando:
[anti-Communist blog; anti-Trudeau Canadians news]
True North:
[anti-Trudeau, conservative news]
Rebel News:
[pro-freedom; anti-Trudeau conservative focus; advocacy for wrongly fined and arrested due to Covid restrictions, online; numerous videos]
[online and print newspaper; pro-freedom; Covid/vaccine focus]
[blog; pro-freedom, Covid/vaccine focus]
Epoch Times Canada:
[full newspaper; many topics, international news; anti-Communist focus]
Canada First media
[conservative news]

* This is not an exhaustive list. If you have suggestions for more sources, please comment below.

Canada Malcolm Show

“When far-left protesters are “angry,” the legacy media celebrate them and push their causes. When far-left protests get violent, the legacy media cover for them and pretend their violence is somehow justified. That’s what happened for activists protesting climate change, calling to defund the police and those who burned down churches and toppled statues in the name of reconciliation. But when protesters demand freedom, Trudeau calls them every name in the book. And, when some stupid idiot decides to throw a rock at Trudeau, he uses it as a political opportunity to flex his progressive bona fides. Candice Malcolm exposes the left’s hypocrisy and shows how Trudeau is using these protests as a political weapon.”

CAP for Canada commentary on the same story (grassroots backlash at Trudeau) “Trudeau Brands Protestors Racists, Women-Haters After Gravel Thrown In Protest”


Trudeau is doing his best to make Canada more like Communist China, through censorship, autocracy, social engineering (e.g., lockdowns, vaccine passports), dividing people over race
(divide & conquer), and sweeping away history in order to usher in a new era.
Above: the “two Michaels” held in China; Omar Khadr, convicted
ISIS terrorist receiving a $10.5 million cheque from Trudeau

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A reference to his ridiculous use of the neologism “peoplekind” instead of “mankind.”

Not that Erin O’Toole, Trudeau’s main opponent, is better on many issues, but his one saving grace is that he is not Trudeau. If only we could vote for dogs!


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