Good news: Denmark and other countries stop the Covid madness and go back to normal, acknowledge it’s a mild disease, and stop demonizing the unvaccinated


  1. Hyden says:

    I have read that Demark going back to normal cause at least 90% of population has been Vaccinated. they would still be in lock down if people didnt get the jab.


    1. Ungekrzte says:

      Interesting. Thanks!

      My comment: If 90% got vaccinated, that means that like Israel they’re in for more problems, inasmuch as the ‘vaccines’ lead to variants through ADE.

      I like the examples of Sweden (opting for hear immunity), Florida (prefers freedom to medical tyranny), India (prefers ivermectin to the jab), etc.

      Some leaders, to their credit, are not trying to punish and divide their citizens over a disease with a 98.5% recovery rate because they’re bribed or threatened into doing so, and not afraid of the media. The mainstream media is the enemy of the people.

      The other thing I’m worried about is that the trend of ending restrictions continues, China and Big Pharma will collude to bring us another and worse disease.

      Warren Buffet already hinted it’s been developed and is on its way. These murderers are not done with us yet – not until the world is like Communist China, which seems to be the goal — or worse, they kill off a large portion of our species.

      Eco-fascism is certainly on the mind of many. What used to be the fantasy of some radical environmentalists and misanthropes for decades seems to be motiving billionaires to undertake elaborate and complex maneuvers to subjugate us in order to effect mass depopulation for the environment.

      While I’m sympathetic with the cause of environmentalism, the means why which they’re attaining it is evil.


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