Important Canadian bill to stop firing employees on the basis of unvaccinated status in Ontario

Sign the bill here:

In 48 hours (Oct 5th, 2021) I will introduce and ask the Provincial Parliament to immediately pass into law my Jobs & Jabs Bill.

If passed, the Bill will prevent employees from being terminated or placed on leave because of their vaccination status or failure to disclose their vaccination status.

Approximately 135,000 Ontarians have signed my petition “Choice Shouldn’t Lead to Unemployment”.

This isn’t “just another petition”, but it’s in support of proposed Legislation that aims to save hundreds of thousands of Ontarians from unemployment.

Real people, who have made a lawful medical choice for their own reason, should not be subjected to threats or inability to put food on the table. Informed consent is still the law of the land.

Over the last few days you have been calling and emailing your MPPs and Party Leaders. I can assure you, they are feeling the pressure. They need to know, regardless of their party affiliation, that we will not let them get away politically with blocking my Bill on Tuesday and sentencing countless Ontarians to unemployment. We need a surge in numbers to increase public pressure on all of them.

We have two important tasks this Sunday evening: 

(1) make a genuine effort to get 3 additional signatures to the Petition. Circulate and remind your networks to fill out the Petition if they haven’t already and please follow up with your previous contacts to confirm that they already signed the Petition. Here is the link to the google form:  

2) Post a personal message on your social media with hashtag #ChoiceNotUnemployment and tag @FordNation @AndreaHorwath and @StevenDelDuca

Those who are on Twitter are asked to participate in our #ChoiceNotUnemployment Twitter storm, at 7pm tonight. Find your MPP here and google their Twitter handle – they are watching. If you lose their job, then so should they.

We are all standing together and fighting for each other.

Yours very truly,
Roman Baber  


About the bill

Roman Baber, an Ontario Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP), is introducing a private members’ bill seeking to prevent unvaccinated workers from being fired from their jobs. Baber revealed that he’s planning on filing his Jobs & Jabs Bill on October 5 – which will “prevent employers from firing or penalising employees because of their vaccination status.” The bill also seeks to protect individuals who refuse to reveal their vaccination status to their employer.

“What’s happening today with forcing employees to subject themselves to medical procedure as condition to putting food on their table – in my view is not just undignified, it’s inhumane,” Baber said. “Which is why we have to stand up against the mandates and we have to save hundreds of thousands, if not more, Ontario jobs.”

According to Baber, the public needs to put “enormous pressure” on Premier Doug Ford to pass the Jobs & Jabs Bill, or a similar bill, to protect working Ontarians from losing their jobs because of “their personal choice.”

Ontario lawmaker receives grassroots support for bill banning COVID discrimination of workers

(LifeSiteNews) — A petition to support Independent Ontario MPP Roman Baber’s proposed legislation that would stop employers from discriminating against employees who choose not to get the COVID-19 jabs has passed 120,000 signatures.

In an email sent out to his supporters Wednesday, Baber said his petition to support his “Jobs & Jabs Bill” has massive support and asked all his followers to do what they can to support his bill.

Baber said his supporters can help the bill by completing “at least 3 of the following 4 items.”

  1. Send an email AND call the office of as many people mentioned above and urge them not to cost you or your loved one their job by blocking my Jobs & Jabs Bill.
  2. Call and tell your MPP’s staff and email your MPP’s constituency office and demand that they do not cost you or your loved one their job by blocking my Jobs & Jabs Bill. To find your MPP by postal code visit
  3. Post on all your social media that Doug Ford has an option to save hundreds of thousands of jobs but if any of his MPPs block my Bill (we are watching Government House Leader, Paul Calandra) he will sentence hundreds and thousands of people to unemployment. Please tag @Fordnation/FordnationDougFord @paulcalandra @MonteMcnaughton.
  4. Write a Letter (email) to the Editor of your local newspaper or any province wide newspaper. Your letter should implore that no one should lose their job because of a personal medical choice and that MPPs will have a chance to save all jobs this Tuesday, October 5th, by not blocking MPP Roman Baber’s Jobs & Jabs Bill.

According to Baber, all it takes is one MPP to “block the Bill” which he plans on introducing on October 5 to the Ontario Legislature.

“That is why we must now, collectively, put maximum pressure on Premier Doug Ford, Minister of Labour Monte McNaughton, House Leader Paul Calandra, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, Liberal Leader Steven Del Luca and your local MPP. Your local MPP must know that you will not stand for him or her blocking Roman’s Jobs Bill,” wrote Baber.

Baber says that if his “Jobs and Jabs” legislation is passed, it will “protect workers from termination or being placed on leave of absence due to their vaccination status or failing to disclose their vaccination status.”

Ontario lawmaker receives grassroots support for bill banning COVID discrimination of workers


Personally, I believe that one day the forcing of injections of this ‘vaccine’ will be seen as a horrendous crime against humanity, similar to the Tuskegee Experiment, in terms of ethical violation but on a scale never before seen.

Tuskegee-syphilis-study doctor-injecting-subject.jpg
Premier Doug Ford


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