Medical tyranny news digest for Jan. 14, 2022

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From The Gateway Pundit

[This one is interesting because it shows how crazed the fear-mongering in the media has become, resulting in divided families, broken friendships, and social breakdowns. In this story, a professor turns against his students, accusing them of being “vectors of diseases” and telling them to stay home]

Ferris State University Professor Is Put on Administrative Leave After Showing Up for Class in a Glass Bubble — Goes on Profanity-Laced Tirade (VIDEO)

BRACE YOURSELF! The ‘Mother of All Supply Chain Shocks’ Is Coming as China Shuts Down Major Ports Due to Pandemic [via ZeroHedge]


From True North

Saskatchewan premier says it is “now clear” lockdowns aren’t working

Ontario first province to correct misinformation on COVID hospitalization numbers


From Babylon Bee (satire)

Supreme Court Sets Dangerous Precedent Of Letting The American People Make Medical Decisions For Themselves

SCOTUS Rules Healthcare Workers Are The Only People Who Can’t Make Decisions About Their Own Health

Pfizer CEO Condemns SCOTUS Ruling As A ‘Clear Violation Of Our Constitutional Right To Produce Experimental Drugs And Use The Full Power Of Government To Force The Entire Population To Inject Them Into Their Bodies’

Pfizer Announces Revolutionary New Vaccine To Protect Against Free Thinking

And a serious message from The Babylon Bee:

Did you know Facebook is now banning jokes? They started out banning people for spreading so-called “misinformation.”

[In the past] we got Facebook to apologize and admit that there’s a difference between fake news (which is intended to mislead) and satire (which isn’t). But [now] they’ve decided it’s not as simple as giving satire a blanket exception. There need to be rules [says Facebook] There need to be limits and restrictions on the kinds of jokes you’re allowed to make. We’re not kidding.

In a recent announcement, Facebook said they’re developing and rolling out “a new satire framework.” This framework will be used to determine what counts as “true satire” and what doesn’t . . . Comedians who self-censor in deference to that power are themselves a joke. You certainly won’t find us doing it. We’re going to keep making jokes on the internet. And we’re going to keep punching back—not down—at the Left’s progressive agenda and their endless efforts to silence us.


From Stand4Thee [a Canadian site against vax mandates]

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Use these legal provisions to RECLAIM your rights!

[A sample]

TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS JUDICIAL REVIEW: The Feds are trying to limit our ability to travel freely in and out of Canada. Join us to fight back and take back OUR RIGHTS

NOTICE OF LIABILITY TEMPLATES: Ready to use self-serve templates to as use recourse for harms caused to you due to the emergency measures. Includes zoom recordings.

et cetera

From Eugypius

UKHSA Vaccine Efficacy Statistics: Week 2: The UK is past their Omicron peak. This is as bad as it’s going to get there

 Graph from the latest UKHSA vaccine surveillance report

[The graph seems to indicate that the vaccinated group represents more cases of infection (called breakthrough cases) than unvaccinated. With this many cases, it’s obvious the ‘vaccine’ does prevent infection]


From Undercurrents

Dr Steve James: I’d sacrifice my job over vaccine mandates. [This is a good commentary on a UK healthcare vax mandate. It’s dissent from a physician. He says he has natural immunity and doesn’t need or want the vaccine. “The science isn’t strong enough,” he says.]

COVID-19: Bulgaria protesters try to storm parliament during rally against restrictions

Protesters scuffled with police as the officers held off attempts to enter Bulgaria’s parliament building in Sofia on Tuesday during a demonstration against COVID-19 measures in the country.

‘Fun Day For The Administration’: Social Media Erupts After Supreme Court Strikes Blow To Biden Vax Mandate

There’s Something Much Bigger Going On Here | Dr Robert Malone 2022

Dr. Robert Malone, co-inventor of the mRNA technology explains how tens of thousands of physicians & scientists are being canceled simply for questioning the official narrative.

Malone is part of a group called The Global Covid Summit. It is self-described as “Over 15,000 physicians and scientists who are against giving mRNA shots to children and who are also in favour of natural immunity.

You can read their detailed statement and supporting scientific evidence at this link.

Supreme Court Blocks Business Vaccine Rule, Declines to Stay Health Care Worker Mandate

Rand Paul vs. Fauci: Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., addresses the ongoing feud with Dr. Anthony Fauci and confusing guidelines surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

Do you sense the tide is turning with people now seeing the REALITY of COVID?
“Hi, I’m Suneel Dhand. I am a physician . . . I have been censored by Big Tech on multiple other platforms.”

Behavior Modification: What You Need to Know. Neuroscientists have been working on a number of advanced techniques with military applications . . . [One] area of behavioral modification is “digital vaccines,” which is special software for behavioral change. Source: [NB – This sounds a lot like the kind of research that may have been used in advance of the behaviour modification psyop we’ve all endured for two years]

CDC Finally Admits COVID PCR Test is a Sham. Since the beginning of the pandemic, experts have warned that the PCR test is not as a valid diagnostic . . . [The CDC] now admits the PCR test can remain positive for up to 12 weeks after infection. For this reason, they say most people don’t need to retest negative before ending their quarantine. The CDC also admits the PCR cannot identify active infection or measure contagiousness people who are double-jabbed . . .


From Rebel News

Battleground Melbourne depicts a city’s fall into tyranny under Dan Andrews. The tragic story of medical tyranny – upheld by a police force intended to protect the people of Victoria – has been put together by documentary maker Topher Field. Battleground Melbourne . . . reveals that Covid was not just a virus, it became a political cataclysm unleashed on Victoria.


WA Premier’s HARSH new restrictions on the unvaccinated [Australia]. As other Australian states relax restrictions, Western Australia’s leader bans the unvaccinated from hospitals, bottle shops and play centres with no end in sight.

Maxime Bernier weighs in on the COVID restrictions in Quebec while attending a lockdown protest. Several thousand people gathered on January 8 — an extremely cold day — in the Old Port of Montreal to express their frustration with the ever-increasing measures.

‘We’re fed up’: Montreal pizzeria vows to reopen in violation of COVID-19 restrictions

What life is like in Quebec, the only province in Canada with a COVID curfew

Quebec introduces an unvaxxed tax and the COVID cult cheers it on

Iron Energy Gym owner’s fight to #SaveBC by defying Public Health Order

Hospitals hiring more travel nurses (at higher costs) after firing unvaxxed staff

INTERVIEW: Former Premier of Newfoundland Brian Peckford on Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms


From Megyn Kelly

“We got him on the run again” Sen. Marshall torches Fauci on military docs released by Veritas


From Peckford42

COVID-19 Taking Québec Nursing Homes by Storm, Despite Full Vaccination

Allergic To The Sunshine Of The Truth. [commentary]
Some ‘so-called polling experts’ are reporting that the mood of the country, and for that matter the whole world, is changing to the negative side [against the Covid vaccine mandates and restrictions] . . .

Booster Bust: Medical Establishment Changes Its Mind [commentary] There is a tectonic shift underway in the medico-scientific establishment: they are starting to walk back boosters . . . “there is no need for now for people to have a fourth shot, British health officials said on Friday.”

In Canada Court Punishes A Person’s Free Speech, And Parent Rights To Visit Their Children. Judge rules father can’t see son over anti-vaccine Facebook posts
[NB – for every case like this that is publicized there are many that are not: the parents don’t want the publicity because they’re afraid of the judge’s reaction]


From The World We Live In

British Government Used ‘Propagandistic’ Fear Tactics To Scare Public Into Mass Compliance. The British government used “propagandistic” fear tactics to scare the public into mass compliance during the first COVID lockdown, according to a behavioral scientist who worked inside Downing Street.

Reiner Fuellmich Gives An Update On What’s Happening With The Nuremberg 2.0 Trial. The Parliamentary hearing in Poland is wrapping up and the criminal trial for Crimes Against Humanity is set to begin in just a couple of weeks. Fuellmich outlines how the Covid-Crime Against Humanity is a deliberate and premeditated mass-murder of unprecedented proportions.

Why The Elites Are Obsessed With The End Of The World. In 1999, a young PhD candidate in philosophy named Nick Bostrom published an article in Mind entitled “The Doomsday Argument is Alive and Kickin.” . . . Human extinction was back on the menu . . . Largely thanks to Bostrom and a battery of his associates, the study of “existential risks” — threats that could bring about human extinction or permanent civilizational collapse — has become an interdisciplinary academic cottage industry.

[NB – This relates to medical tyranny insofar as this apocalyptic thinking underlies the urgency of the Great Reset effort by the WEF and the Good Club]

It Is Now Infinitely Easier To Control A Billion People Than It Is To Kill A Billion People. How many people do you personally know whom spend their creative efforts in life seeking ways in which to control or kill people? They’re out there . . .


From Reclaim the Net

Five Queensland police officers arrest woman who didn’t show vaccine passport: The video has gone viral around the world.

US police departments are using tools to monitor your social media posts

Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski speaks out against Canada’s “concerning” internet censorship bill

300 doctors come together to demand Spotify censorship

Germany considers attempting to ban Telegram after it became popular with Covid restriction opponents

UK spies were blasted for using pandemic as an excuse to ignore spy laws. The country’s (in)famous spy agency GCHQ was among those with great power who resorted to using the pandemic as an excuse to break the rules, only to promise to catch up, and “do better.” This is happening across many countries.

President Biden tells social media companies to “deal” with “misinformation” . . . Biden called on social media and media outlets to “deal” with Covid “misinformation and disinformation.” This comes months after the White House said it was be flagging misinformation about the pandemic on behalf of social media companies, raising First Amendment violation questions.


From American conservative cartoonist Ben Garrison


IGNORING THE OBVIOUS: Vaccines don’t work





Refuse the Jab

Conservative commentaries

[Below: True North interview on Trudeau’s unhinged rant against the unvaccinated. On the title of the video “Is Justin Trudeau losing his grip on reality?” someone comments “he never had a grip on reality.”]

[Popular commentator Matt Walsh on Biden vax mandate loss in court. Walsh covers ‘the culture war’ more than electoral politics, usually, but here he comments on the mandate. He often uses the “die on this hill” motif in his videos]

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