When Big Press Attacks Your Honesty—-

This is in reference to a nasty hit piece by CTV against the Honourable Brian Peckford and other advisors in TBOF (this article: https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/who-is-who-a-guide-to-the-major-players-in-the-trucker-convoy-protest-1.5776441) by someone named Maggie Parkhill.

It is meant to smear the reputations of good people and mark them for public shaming – similar to the tactics employed during the Chinese Cultural Revolution to smear alleged “counter-revolutionaries” and perceived enemies of the totalitarian state. Our “journalists” have become the Red Guard.

The idea is to justify the criminalization of those who speak up for democracy and truth against the abuses of the state. It’s propaganda of the worst sort because it attacks individuals and is used to ruin their lives. CTV should indeed by ashamed of doing this — but clearly, they are shameless.

The Trudeau regime (it is no longer a representative government of the people, but a dictatorial regime) has destroyed a Western liberal democracy and replaced it with despotism propped up by corrupt state media. This is tragic.

Those who value truth, justice and freedom and who love Canada as it was up until Trudeau took over and began ruining it with divisive tactics — are weeping with sorrow for the demise of this great nation — which state propaganda outlets like CTV helped to kill.

The so-called “journalists” at CTV, CBC, Globe, To. Star (which has violated its “Atkinson principles”) etc have abandoned real journalism and journalistic ethics and become instruments for despotism by scapegoating those who are standing up for democracy at this time.

Such “journalists” and editors have helped destroy Canada and smear the reputations of good men defending Canadian values. Do not believe the lies the MSM is telling.

Scapegoating is an old tactic used against religious and ethnic minority groups. It’s being used now against the working class in Canada who stood up against medical tyranny. This is evil and wrong.

I applaud those in TBOF who have defended Canadians in their hour of need. Unfortunately, while they are morally in the right, politically they are at a huge disadvantage.

Those who would destroy Canada and replace it with a system that emulates Communist China’s social credit system (meant to reinforce the power of the state and abolish civil liberties) seem to be winning.

The media made that happen. The legacy media helped destroyed Canada and ruined lives over the last two years. Anyone associated with it should bear that guilt and shame at having participated in something truly wicked and morally reprehensible.

Eventually, the public will wake up to what has happened but by then it will be too late. It may be already. Trudeau seems to have seized dictatorial power, with the help of the media and is using it to destroy Canada.


It gets pretty serious. Especially,when its the big boys trying to make you submissive and fearful.

It goes to the core of your being.

They have picked the wrong guy.

Take this CTV News organization trying to make a liar out of me by saying that children are not forced to get a vaccine when all around us there are ads doing just that. In schools where they are coerced by teachers and other students. We all have experiences of this.

Do they think we have all contracted the same psychosis that they seem to have contracted? Or because its the big press we will all lie does in submission.

Some chance!

But the real kicker is using the Constitution Act of 1982.

This either shows an ignorance that is hard to believe or a gall anddesperation that is something to behold.

That my name was not on the formal…

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